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Research centre lights the way; Daresbury nets pounds 2.9m grant for pioneering experiments.

Byline: BY LARRY NEILD City Editor

CHESHIRE'S emerging importance as a science research base was given a major boost last night with a grant of almost pounds 3m.

The cash was awarded to help build a prototype known as the Fourth Generation Light Source (4GLS).

The 4GLS will be used for scientific research with a new generation of experiments aimed at discovering such things as how the next generation of computer memories will function, or how enzymes carry out their function in the body.

The near pounds 2.9m funding follows a successful application by Daresbury Laboratory, the University of Liverpool, the Photon Science Institute of the University of Manchester to the North West Science Fund (NWSF).

The NWSF is helping pioneer innovative projects that will help to speed up the transfer of scientific discoveries into world-class commercial products.

The award provides key support to the 'prototype phase' of 4GLS, under way at the Daresbury Laboratory.

If the Daresbury science team research is successful, it will place them in pole position to secure the government investment needed to enable the full 4GLS facility to be built at

Daresbury Laboratory.

The NWSF was established by the NWD A as part of its investment in the region's science infrastructure.

Steve Broomhead, NWDA chief executive, said: "Science is a key economic driver providing the impetus for investment and innovation across key business sectors, creating high quality employment and business renewal. The new NWSF will significantly improve the North West's science infrastructure, reaffirming England's reputation at the leading edge of scientific endeavour, as well as making a major contribution to UK research."

Elaine Seddon, 4GLS Project Director, said: "This award will give us the brightest T-ray source in Europe, and enable us to carry out the first experiments using a source of this type outside the US. It's great news for the hundreds of scientists."

Science is a key driver for the economy
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Feb 22, 2006
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