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Research and Markets : Five Key Principles of Corporate Performance Management - Case Studies Are From Malcolm Baldridge, Balance Scorecard Hall of Fame, Sterling, Fortune 100 Best, APQC, and Forbes Award Winners.

DUBLIN, Ireland -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of Five Key Principles of Corporate Performance Management to their offering.

Award-winning strategies to drive meaningful results in any organization

Executives today are expected to demonstrate results faster than ever before. In Five Key Principles of Corporate Performance Management, Bob Paladino shares his decades of experience to provide proven, real-world implementation insights from globally recognized and award-winning organizations. You'll discover what today's Fortune 100 companies are doing right, and how to implement their enterprise techniques and strategies within your own organization to maximize success.

Five Principles moves well beyond traditional Balanced Scorecard "how to" books to show readers how to integrate and leverage proven CPM methods.

Chapters include:

* Why Traditional Management Methods Fail;

* How to Effectively Implement and Manage Your Strategy;

* How to Establish a Successful CPM Office;

* How to Leverage GE and Motorola Six Sigma to Drive Results; and many others.

Case studies are from Malcolm Baldridge, Balance Scorecard Hall of Fame, Sterling, Fortune 100 Best, APQC, and Forbes award winners.

Praise for Five Key Principles of Corporate Performance Management

"Bob Paladino effectively leverages his considerable knowledge and experience as a management consultant and chief performance officer at Crown Castle to produce a compelling case for a Corporate Performance Management office. The CPM office becomes the focal point for translating strategic intent to operational actions. The concept is enriched by the books excellent examples from both private and public sector organizations."

--Dr. Robert S. Kaplan, Harvard Business School; co-developer of Balanced Scorecard, Strategy Focused Organization, and Activity-Based Costing

"Read this book if you want a practical guide--based on real experience--to take your organization to higher levels of performance."

--Carla ODell, President, American Productivity and Quality Center (APQC)

"Bob Paladinos observations and principles are firmly rooted in the Kaplan/Norton Strategy Focused Organization (SFO) methodology. Bob is to be congratulated for his creative extension of these principles and for the illustrative cases provided. He has successfully walked the tightrope of theory and practice--a good read."

--David P. Norton, inventor, Balanced Scorecard and Strategy Focused Organization concepts

"Five Key Principles of Corporate Performance Management presents guidance for the design, development, and implementation of a strategic planning and control system. Such a system leads toward better strategic decisions, competitive advantage, and increased profitability. Drawing on his profuse knowledge and extensive practical experience, Bob Paladino conveys a lively coverage of essential ideas and examples of ways to improve performance."

--Charles T. Horngren, Professor Emeritus, Stanford University; "Father of Cost Accounting"

"Lots of organizations are measuring performance, but few succeed in effectively managing performance. This timely book contains time-tested insight from leading companies and provides a how-to guide for jump-starting performance improvement initiatives in your organization."

--Carl DeMaio, President and founder, The Performance Institute and American Strategic Management Institute (ASMI)

Author information

Bob Paladino, CPA, founder of Bob Paladino & Associates, LLC, is a former executive and longtime implementation practitioner in the Corporate Performance Management (CPM) field. His firm advises boards of directors and executives and offers CPM services for rapidly implementing and integrating proven methodologies to drive breakthrough results. He contributes to leading research projects. Recently, as Senior Vice President of Crown Castle International in the Office of the CEO, he directed the global CPM/Balanced Scorecard program to win both the coveted Hall of Fame award and APQCs Best Practice Partner Award. He directed Drs. Kaplan and Nortons Strategy Focused Organization, Balanced Scorecard consulting division. Formerly a leading consultant for PricewaterhouseCoopers and Towers Perrin, he has a Wharton MBA and is a CPA and a member of the AICPA and MSCPA. He is published in leading journals and is among the highest rated speakers at corporate and industry events, such as FEI, ASMI, and CFO Rising.

Chapter Outline:


Chapter 1: Introduction: Five Key Principles of Corporate Performance Management.

Chapter 2: Why Do Most Companies Fail to Implement Their Strategies?

Chapter 3: Research and the Five Key CPM Principles: A Best Practice Model.

Chapter 4: Principle 1: Establish and Deploy a CPM Office and Officer.

Chapter 5: Principle 2: Refresh and Communicate Strategy.

Chapter 6: Principle 3: Cascade and Manage Strategy.

Chapter 7: Principle 4: Improve Performance.

Chapter 8: Principle 5: Manage and Leverage Knowledge.

Chapter 9: Five Key Principles Self-Diagnostic and CPM Research Resources.


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Date:Feb 2, 2007
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