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Research and Markets: This Comprehensive Report on Advances in Grinding and Abrasive Technology XIV is Available Now.

DUBLIN, Ireland -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the "Advances in Grinding and Abrasive Technology XIV" report to their offering.

Selected, peer reviewed papers from the 14th Conference of Abrasive Technology in China, 26th - 28th October, 2007, Nanjing, China

This work comprises a selection chosen from among more than 300 authoritative submitted papers. All of the papers were submitted for peer-review by at least two expert referees. The 117 papers selected for this volume were chosen for their particularly good quality and their relevance to the topic in question.

The resultant contents bring, to the reader, the most recent advances made in the field of abrasive technology: including the mechanics and control of abrasive processes, modeling and simulation of abrasive processes, measurement and surface-quality assessment, cooling and coolants, polishing, wheel-truing and dressing, novel abrasive techniques and novel machining techniques. The book will therefore be invaluable to production and research engineers, research students and academics working in this field.

Key Topics Covered:

- Mechanism of Brittle-Ductile Transition of Single Silicon Wafer at Different Temperatures

- Mechanism of Material Removal and the Generation of Defects by MD Analysis in Three- Dimensional Simulation in Abrasive Processes

- Study of the Wettability between Diamond Abrasive and Vitrified Bond with Low Melting Point and High Strength

- Effect of Si and Ti Coating on Interface Bonding between Diamond and Fe-Based Metal Bond

- Nanodiamond Modified with SHP

- Study on Tribological Performance of Fine-Grained Diamond Films

- The Experimental Study on Wear Performance of Brazed Diamond Grits

- Grinding Titanium Alloy with Brazed Monolayer CBN Wheels

- High Performance Grinding Zirconia Ceramics by Brazed Monolayered Diamond Wheels

- Laser Brazing of Diamond Grits with a Ni-Based Brazing Alloy

- Experimental Study on Porous Metal Bonded Diamond Grinding Wheels (II) - Grinding Performance of Porous Wheels

- Research on Interfacial Microstructure of Ti-Coated Diamond Brazed and Uncoated Diamond Brazed by High-Frequency Induction

- Study on the Wear Mechanism of Brazed Diamond Grains

- The Characteristic of Organic Bond Grinding Wheel

- A High-Speed Nickel Plating Bath for Manufacture of Diamond Tools

- Mechanical Behaviors of Metal-Bonded Diamond Abrasive Tools with Different Grit Sizes

- Vibration Characteristic Analysis of Diamond Saw Blade with Multitude Holes Structure for Vibration and Noise Reduction

- Finite Element Modeling and Blister Test to Investigate the Adhesive Strength of Diamond Thin Film

- Precision form Grinding of Ceramic Materials with Diamond Grinding Wheel

- Passivation Model of Diamond Grinding Wheel in Constant-Force Grinding of Si3N4 Ceramic

- Formation and Control of Burr in Grind-Hardening

- Experimental Investigation on Effects of Depth of Cut on Micro-Geometric Properties in Quick- Point Grinding

- High-Efficiency and Precision Grinding Technology of HIPSN All-Ceramic Bearing Race

- Experimental Researches on Precision Grinding of KDP Crystal

- Comparison of Power in CBN Grinding of Steels and Stone

- Removal Process Technology of Precision Grinding for Complicated Surface Part of High Performance Hard and Brittle Materials

- Analysis of Influence Factors for the Contact Length between Wheel and Workpiece in Surface Grinding

- Thermal Study in Diamond Grinding of Zirconia

- A New Technology of Improving Surface Quality of Engine Cylinder

- A Study on Grinding Performance of Porous NiTi Shape Memory Alloy

- Research on Grind-Hardening Temperature and Cooling Rate of 48MnV Microalloyed Steel

- Force Characteristics in Drilling of Engineering Ceramic with a Brazed Diamond Tool

- Parameters Optimization on the Lapping Process of 9Cr18 with Taguchi Method

- Study on the Control and Test of High Precision Honing Machine for Injection Nozzle

- Numerical Simulation Study on Truing and Dressing of Bronze-Bonded Diamond Wheel with Pulsed Laser

- Experimental Research on Erosion and Corrosion of WC-Base Matrix Materials for Drill Bits under Impingement of Drilling Muds

- Research and Practice on the On-Line Measurement of Cylindricity Error in a Grinding Machine

- A Calculating Method of the Least Feeding Times in Cylinder Cam's Grinding

- The Experiment Method of the Study on the Airflow Field around the Grinding Wheel in Super-High Speed Based on PIV

- Dynamic Intelligent Prediction Control in Slender Cylindrical Grinding

- Interpretative Structural Modeling for Ceramic Grindability System

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