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Research and Markets: The 2005-2014 Outlook for the Juice Market in Russia.

DUBLIN -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the "The 2005-2014 Outlook for the Juice Market in Russia" report to their offering.

In 2009 the actual volume of juice and nectar sales in Russia mounted up to the sum of 2.8 billion liters. Most of it fell on fruit and mixed fruit and vegetable juices and nectars in 2009 their sales totaled 2.6 billion rubles. However, during the period from 2005 to 2008 the share of vegetable juices and nectars in the market increased from 7.7% to 10%. It can be accounted for by the appearance of different kinds of vegetable juices, other than tomato: carrot juice, celery juice, mixed vegetable juices, etc.

From 2005 to 2009 the cost volume of juice and nectar sales in Russia became 1.8 times as much again it rose from 73 billion rubles to 132 billion rubles. The cost volume of juice and nectar sales grew up at a more rapid pace, than the actual sales volume. It resulted from the boom of juice prices: from 2005 to 2009 the average price of 1 liter of juice and nectar rose by 40% (from 33 rubles to 47 rubles).

Capacity of the juice and nectar market reached 3 billion liters in 2009. The difference between the market volume and capacity can be explained by the existence of subsistence economy. In other words, part of juices and nectars are produced in private households from home-grown fruit and vegetables and thus fall out of the turnover. Annually private households produce about 150 million liters of juices and nectars.

The 2005-2014 Outlook for the Juice Market in Russia contains the essential data, necessary to comprehend the current market opportunities and conditions and to assess the future prospects, covering such points as:

* Overall assessment of the economic situation in Russia

* Depth and capacity of the juice market

* Balance of supply of and demand for juice

* Size of population and per capita consumption

* Economic output, total exports and imports, the volume of merchandise in storage

* Cost price, import and export cost, retail price for juice

* Ratings of the industry in terms of economic output and the volume of export and import

* Financial and economic profiles of leading enterprises

In this survey the produce is categorized the following way:

By produce type:

* Fruit and mixed fruit and vegetable juices

* Vegetable juices

By flavor:

* Orange juice

* Pineapple juice

* Grape juice

* Apple juice

* Grapefruit juice

* Tomato juice

* Other juices

By juice content:

* Juice

* Nectar

The report presents an account of top juice producers, including: Wimm-Bill-Dann, Nidan-Gross, Lebedyanskiy Experimental Canning Plant, Multon, Sadi Pridoniya, Progress, Amtel Soft Drinks, Interagrosistemi, Sunfruit, Shirokiy Karamish Canning Plant 2001, Borodino, Pridonie, Leningradskoe, Nidan-Ecofruit Joint Venture, Belgorod Dairy Plant, Pokrov Canning Plant, Polyanoe, Lactis, Arta, etc.

BusinesStat carries out researches into the global juice market as well as local markets. The survey of the Russian market contains data concerned with different regions of the country.

The survey is based on the official statistics, obtained from:

* Federal State Statistics Service of the Russian Federation

* Ministry of the Economic Development of the Russian Federation

* Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

* Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation

* Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation

Key Topics Covered:

* Condition Of The Russian Economy

* Classification Of Juice And Nectar

* Demand For And Supply Of Juice And Nectar

* Sales Of Juice And Nectar

* Consumption Of Juice And Nectar

* Size And Capacity Of The Juice And Nectar Market

* Production Of Juice And Nectar

* Production Cost

* Manufacturers Of Juice And Nectar

* Retail Price For Juice And Nectar

* Trade Balance

* Export Of Juice And Nectar

* Import Of Juice And Nectar

* Economic Indicators Of The Branch Production Of Fruit And Vegetable Juice

* Economic Profiles Of The Leading Companies

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