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Research and Markets: South Africa Brand Report: Consumers of Healing Ointments is Based On the Latest Annual Consumer Sample Of More Than 20,000 People.

DUBLIN -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the "South Africa Brand Report: Consumers of Healing Ointments" report to their offering.

This comprehensive report examines the South African Healing Ointment segment : historical market sales (past 5 years), sales forecasts until 2014, local consumer/market trends, competitor analysis of key brands in the segment, detailed consumer geo-demographic profiling, consumer lifestyle and media consumption.

The consumer analysis is based on the latest annual consumer survey among a nationally representative sample of more than 20,000 people - All Media and Products Survey conducted by the South African Advertising Research Foundation.

Some of the key questions the report will help you to answer are:


* What are the historical market sales and forecasts for the next 5 years?

* Who are the key players and brands in the market and how are they positioned?

* What are the important consumer and market trends that should be included in your business strategy?

* Who are the users (and non users) of healing ointments? e.g. age, gender, affluence, life-stage, geographics

* How do you engage with them? e.g. lifestyle, internet, sports, music interests

* What media do you use to communicate to them? e.g. TV, radio, newspapers, magazines

It provides a comprehensive consumer profile of the entire healing ointment segment (minimum category sample = 12,803 consumers), as well as a detailed segmentation by brand, namely: Deep Heat, Fastum, Nurofen, Repari-Gel, Vicks, Voltaren, Zam - Buk.

It examines in detail the demographics, lifestyle, media consumption and cell phone and Internet usage of the healing ointment segment by brand, making it a vital reference report for anyone wanting to understand this segment of the market. Why purchase this market research reports?

* The report focuses on consumer-based intelligence the most valuable brand asset

* Provides a comprehensive analysis of the big picture with local consumer/market trends

* Historical sales (past 5 years) and sales forecasts until 2014

* Includes a detailed competitor analysis and brand positioning

* 78 page report with 100+ charts, graphs, tables

* Salient points and key insights are highlighted and summarised in comment boxes on each page

Key Topics Covered:

* 1. SA Population Demographic Overview

* 2. Historical Sales and Forecasts

* 3. Competitor Analysis and Healing Ointment Market /Consumer Trends

* 4. Profile of Healing Ointment Remedy Users and Non-Users

* 5. Market Trends

* 6. Brand Profile and Brand Penetration (2009): Deep Heat, Fastum, Nurofen, Repari-Gel, Vicks, Voltaren, Zam - Buk

* 7. Lifestyle (2009): Deep Heat, Fastum, Nurofen, Repari-Gel, Vicks, Voltaren, Zam - Buk

* 8. Media (2009): Deep Heat, Fastum, Nurofen, Repari-Gel, Vicks, Voltaren, Zam - Buk

Companies Mentioned:

* Deep Heat

* Fastum

* Nurofen

* Reparil-Gel

* Vicks

* Voltaren

* Zam-Buk

* Metholatum

* Adcock Ingram

* Boots Healthcare

* Byk Madaus

* Novartis

* Rose & Co

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Dec 13, 2010
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