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Research and Markets: Opportunities Assessment for Hepatitis B Therapeutics Market in Indonesia.

DUBLIN -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of Frost & Sullivan's new report "Opportunities Assessment for Hepatitis B Therapeutics Market in Indonesia" to their offering.

This research service aims to provide an update on the epidemiology of hepatitis B, current diagnostic and treatment practices, as well as market landscape in terms of major participants and future trends. It covers the diabetes therapeutics market in Indonesia.

This Frost & Sullivan research service titled Opportunities Assessment for Hepatitis B Therapeutics Market in Indonesia provides competitive structure, market analysis, and future trends in the hepatitis B therapeutics market in Indonesia. This research service includes an update on the epidemiology of this disease, current diagnostic and treatment practices as well as the market landscape in terms of major participants and future trends. In this research, Frost & Sullivan's expert analysts thoroughly examine the following applications: hepatitis B drug therapies - nucleoside analogues, interferons, and vaccines.

Asian Markets to Witness Growth in Anti-virals for Hepatitis B Therapeutic Treatment Set-Off by a Rising Urban Population

The prevalence of hepatitis B in Indonesia is anticipated to decline gradually in the future once the benefits of the government's immunization initiative and awareness programs take effect. However, the number of detected chronic hepatitis B (CHB) patients is expected to increase due to a growing urban population and workforce that will have access to medical facilities. With the mounting number of diagnosed CHB patients, the number of patients treated will also increase, thereby boosting the uptake of anti-virals for treating hepatitis B.

"Government initiatives on routine childhood vaccinations for hepatitis B have reduced the incidence of the disease in children and adolescents in Asia in the less than 15 years of age category," says the analyst of this research. "This will have an overall impact on the incidence of hepatitis B virus (HBV) carriers in the medium-to-long term. "However, enhanced patient awareness and diagnosis will lead to a larger patient base being available for treatment. Patient access to current and new nucleoside analogues is improving and more patients are anticipated to gain access to drug treatments.

Government Initiatives Aid Eradication of Hepatitis B

Continuous and rigorous government initiatives such as the government's 'Healthy Indonesia 2010' program aims to eliminate hepatitis B, along with other significant diseases. Nucleoside analogues are the preferred choice of treatment for physicians in Indonesia due to their efficacy, cost, and lower resistance. Besides therapeutics, vaccines are also considered a potential market for expansion. The number of patients diagnosed and treated is on the rise because of greater awareness, improved diagnosis, and government initiatives. Domestic as well as multinational companies compete in the therapeutics and vaccines market in Indonesia. Western drugs continue to dominate the market at 85 percent penetration, although in urban areas, physicians reveal that almost 100 percent of drugs used are of western origin.

"With an expanding patient pool for treatment, there is competition from both domestic and multinational players in the anti-viral and vaccines market," explains the analyst. "Domestic companies in Indonesia face stiff competition from multinational companies." Nucleoside analogues are likely to continue to experience strong growth as most clinical trials are in the area of nucleoside analogues. There are opportunities in the nucleoside analogues, interferons, and vaccines markets. New entrants, with aims compatible with the objectives of the government, are likely to be encouraged.

Key Topics Covered:

* Executive Summary

* Hepatitis B Therapeutics Market

* Indonesian Hepatitis B Therapeutics Market

* Appendix

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Date:Jun 18, 2009
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