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Research and Markets: OTC Market in Poland 2007 Development Forecasts 2007-2009.

DUBLIN, Ireland -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of OTC Market in Poland 2007 Development Forecasts 2007-2009 to their offering.

The report examines the OTC market in Poland in value and volume terms from 2002-2006. It provides a comprehensive review of the market as well as an outlook for 2007-2009. Statistical data is presented in easily referenced sections, according to their relevant market segments:
- analgesics
- cough and flu preparations
- vitamins and minerals
- digestive remedies
- circulatory medicines
- medicated skincare products
- calming and sleeping OTC medications.

Each category is carefully analysed and discussed, including forecasts for 2007-2009. Also included is a coverage of top ten best-selling products in each therapeutic group. Both historic data and forecasts are also prepared for non-pharmacy sales of OTC drugs.

More info on the report

Different market drivers influencing the OTC market are exposed, from economic and demographic trends to consumer behaviour and the underlying epidemiology. Conducted with our proprietary MarketInsight methodology, first hand information direct from players is acquired and analysed with the requisite focus extending beyond the traditional. Market shares of the top ten players, by sales value and volume, are revealed. A breakdown of distribution channels is also provided.
The report comprises the following section:

Overview of the OTC market in Poland
- Key market events and trends in 2006-2007
- Size of market and forecasts for 2002-2009
- Average prices of OTC medicines

Category specific analysis of market situation, trends and best
- Analgesics
- Cough and flu preparations
- Vitamins and minerals
- Digestive remedies
- Circulatory medicines
- Medicated skincare products
- Calming and sleeping OTC medications

The largest OTC market players
- The largest OTC market players on the pharmacy market
- The largest OTC market on the non-pharmacy market

Influencing factors in the Polish OTC market
- Economic situation, including the effects of GDP growth on sales
- Demographic trends, including population growth, ageing and life
- Epidemiological trends, including prevalent health issues and
- Consumer behaviour, including self medication practises, brand
 perception and preferences

The legal environment
- Main legal acts and institutions governing the OTC market in Poland
- Main changes in the "large amendment" in the Pharmaceutical Act
- Third amendment of the Pharmaceutical Act
- Harmonisation of the registration documentation
- Legal changes in drug distribution

Distribution of OTC drugs in Poland
- Wholesale distribution: business profiles of existing wholesalers,
 key features and trend projection
- Pharmacy distribution: pharmacies, pharmacy chains
- Non-pharmacy distribution: structure of non-pharmacy distribution by
 outlet type and drug categories, main trends
- Distribution by internet: size of the market, key trends

An essential read for:
- Top management of pharmaceutical companies active in the Polish
- Strategic planners and executives of firms considering market entry
- Companies engaged in sales of OTC remedies
- Logistics and backend support businesses interested in this market.

This report is an invaluable resource for any company wanting to engage in or fortify its position in the Polish OTC market.

The Polish OTC market encapsulated - Power Point presentation

With a view to enabling our clients to prepare their own studies on the basis of the information published in the report, the author has also created an extra presentation in Power Point, which contains the key data and information from the report "The OTC market in Poland 2007. Development forecasts for 2007-2009." The presentation format facilitates both editing and copying of text, tables and graphs, making it an extremely versatile tool for use in writing reports, creating presentations and working up summaries.
Content Outline:

Report methodology
Executive summary
Overview of the OTC market in Poland
Analysis of OTC market by therapeutic groups
Key players on the OTC market
Factors influencing the OTC market
Non-pharmacy distribution
Consumer behaviour
List of graphs
List of tables
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Date:Aug 14, 2007
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