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Research and Markets: Novonous Indian Value Added Services Tracker 2010: Industry Value to Hit Almost $5Bn by 2015.

DUBLIN -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the "Novonous Vas Tracker 2010" report to their offering.

The "Novonous VAS Tracker 2010" is a unique product specially designed to cover the Indian Value Added Services (VAS) Industry. The goal of this tracker is to profile major VAS companies in India using a set of parameters like company information, products and services, financial information, growth strategies, company contact information and contact details of key management people in the organization.

The "Novonous VAS Tracker 2010" has covered 77 companies alongside a detailed SWOT analysis for each of the participating companies. The companies covered in the VAS TRACKER are the major organizations along the VAS value chain. The information provided in the "Novonous Vas Tracker 2010" has been collected through primary and secondary industry sources.

Although voice VAS continues to command a large revenue share, the contribution of VAS is on the rise as it remains the key differentiator for telecom operators, in the arena of falling ARPUs. In India, VAS constitutes 9%-10% per cent of the operator's revenue, which contributes 20 per cent to global telecom revenues. The VAS ecosystem involves multiple players such as the content owner, aggregator, content/application developer, technology enabler and telecom operator. In India the operators retain a major chunk of the revenues amounting to about 60-80 per cent of VAS revenue and the remaining is shared between the aggregator, application developer, technology enabler and content owner.

According to the authors, the Indian VAS will become close to a $5 billion industry in the next five years. So, the need to manage VAS offerings has become more critical than ever before and operators today are looking for a single partner to manage their entire VAS offerings and help their revenue grow. Managed VAS and advertising although in its nascent stage in India, has recently gained momentum. Telecom companies are already working on outsourcing models for IT and network infrastructure. Now with the plethora of value added services at their disposal, operators are turning toward an outsourcing model for VAS as well, in order to reduce costs.

According to the sector regulatory body TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India), there has been an increase of 8.76% in the total wireless subscriber base as of June 30th 2010, over the previous quarter. The urban subscriber base of India as of June 30th 2010 is 425.87 million (67.0%) and rural subscribers is 209.63 million (33.0%). Despite of the large pool of mobile phone users, the authors investigated that, the total number of internet subscribers has still not reached a substantial number. This proves that there is a large untapped pool of customers out there and internet on mobile can become the next wave of success on mobile especially with 3G bandwidth.

Immense opportunities exist in the rural India, with rising rural subscriptions reaching up to 209.63 million in June 2010 as per regulatory sources. The share of rural wireless subscription increased to 32.99% in total wireless subscription. This projects the untapped potential lying in the rural cities and villages of India.

"Novonous VAS Tracker 2010" covers the various changes that are enabling private players to venture into the rural markets on their own. Some VAS players are striving to differentiate themselves, by providing superior quality services/products to negotiate a better revenue share with operators. Services like advertising on mobile and multimedia gaming can be alternate sources of revenues for VAS companies in India.

According to the authors, the next wave of SMS will offer users an enhanced messaging experience with customization options. User Generated content (UGC) and other Social Networking Communities (SNC) are becoming popular with the mobile internet, amongst the Indian youth. Slowly the cost of data services are falling & operators & VAS players are trying to enhance the user experience.

The 3G mobile spectrum auctions have been also concluded in May after a long delay and wait. Seven telecom companies are looking for maximum returns on their investments of INR 50,968.3 Crore for 20 year licenses in 22 service areas. 3G spectrum will account for considerable revenues for the telecom operators in the future, who are already facing a huge crunch with the decreasing ARPU revenues in India.

According to the authors, VAS will become more and more important as higher bandwidth becomes available to customers through 3G. With 3G network, the demand for advanced VAS will pick up, which will lead to innovation in technology, devices and content. Mobile music will improve with better bandwidth that will enable full music download/upload, video streaming & video SMS.

To sum it all up in one nut shell Product innovation, ease of use, higher awareness, flexible pricing for data offerings will increase VAS users base and improve user experience. The industry will witness a much awaited hockey stick growth beyond 2010. The authors have followed a rigorous research methodology within a very short span of time, to bring out the various perspectives from the key management persons in the 77 VAS companies covered in the "Novonous VAS Tracker 2010". Scope of the Report

* Provides a detailed analysis and SWOT for seventy seven VAS companies profiled in the tracker.

* Covers the business opportunities & risks in India's Value Added Services. Sector though our latest trends, regulatory trends and major service offerings.

* Offers analysis the VAS value chain for the companies profiled.

* Identifies the key challenges and threats for the VAS industry and VAS companies in India.

* Identifies alternative ways for telecom operators to increase their revenues from VAS offerings; a substitute for the falling ARPUs in India.

* Provides the key information, products/service offering of the VAS companies profiled.

* Provides the contact details of the key people in the VAS companies covered.

* Offers analysis the unique service offerings of the VAS players profiled.

* Offers analysis the current growth rate of companies based on the findings from the key management of VAS companies.

* Provides the forecasts for the VAS industry growth up to FY 2015

* Offers analysis of the effect of 3G on VAS industry

* Analyses the effect of 3G on revenue sharing between telecom operator and VAS companies

* Addresses the key challenges and hurdles faced by the telecom operator

* Provides the assessment of applications & services of the M VAS Industry

* Analyses the proven effect of 3G on international M VAS revenues

Key Topics Covered:

* Introduction

* Company Reports

* Worldwide Records

* Analysis & Results

* VAS TRACKER Outlook for India

* Key Challenges & Hurdles faced by Telecom Industry

* Addressing Challenges & Hurdles of M VAS Industry

* Assessment of Applications & Services of the M VAS Industry

* Additional India Advantage in VAS

* Research Methodology

* Disclaimer

Companies Mentioned:

* 160 By 2/ SMS Country Pvt Limited

* 6d Technologies Private Limited

* Buongiorno Digital Innovation India Private Limited

* CanvasM Technologies Limited

* Spice Digital

* Evolve Solutions

* Frozen Digit Technologies Pvt Limited

* Geodesic Limited

* Hexolabs Media & Technology Pvt. Limited

* Hungama Mobile

* IMIMobile Pvt Limited

* Impetus Infotech (India) Pvt. Ltd.

* Mobiquest Pvt Limited

* MosPay InfoTech (India) Pvt.Limited

* Nazara Technologies Pvt. Limited

* Net4Nuts Limited

* Netxcell Limited

* Obopay Mobile Technology India Pvt Limited

* Rajshri Media (P) Limited

* TELiBrahma Convergent Communications Pvt. Limited

* TESoftware Services Pvt. Limited (TES)

* Verity Technologies Private Limited

* VoiceGate Technologies India Pvt. Limited

* Webaroo Technology (India) Pvt. Limited

* (India) Pvt. Limited

* Nano WiCoRe Labs Pvt. Limited

* WiFi Networks (P) Limited

* Worldwide Records

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