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Research and Markets: New Trends and Tools Involved in the Securitisation Process, Examined in The Global Securitisation Review.

DUBLIN, Ireland -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of Global Securitisation Review 2004 / 2005 5th edition to their offering

The Global Securitisation Review 2004 / 2005 is a comprehensive guide to securitisation activity worldwide. Written by leading players in the marketplace, the publication advances the basic knowledge and understanding of securitisation concepts, instruments, mechanics, transaction structures and participants in the market. New trends and tools involved in the securitisation process are also highlighted.

Topics covered include: Extendable note programmes, Asset - backed commercial paper market RMBS, CDOs and CMBS, while country and regional reviews focus on securitisation in: Asia, Australia, Austria, Czech Republic, Europe, France, Italy, Latin America, Luxembourg, Mexico, Nordic Region, Portugal, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland, UK and US. For the first time, a directory, listing over 300 leading companies active in the securitisation market completes this essential guide

- Are there potential housing bubbles and will they burst?

- Structured finance in the emerging markets

- European Securitisation Forum plays pivotal role in - explosive growth of asset - backed securities

- An overview of securitisation in Asia

- Australian securitisation update and outlook

- Trustees and administrative service providers: adding value to the structured finance markets

- Coming to terms with extendible notes

- What to look for in CDO analytical tools

- Recent changes in securitisation surveillance data and technology

- Islamic and conventional securitisation: challenges and opportunities for SMEs

- IAS 39: Understanding your market for securitisation better

- A review of the European CMBS Market

- Securitisation in Europe: A Director's perspective

- The role of the credit enhancer in Europe

- Securitisation activities in the Nordic countries

- Conduit facilities: warehousing a new role for European conduits?

- The European RMBS safe haven

- Role of the search consultant: Stability returns to the market

- The review of the European ABCP market: the growth of a rising star or Icarus flight?

- The UK covered bond is off to a flying start -- but will its wings be clipped?

- Securitisation - the Scottish perspective

- Overview of the French securitisation market: review of the current changes in the legal and regulatory framework

- Italian SME transactions

- New opportunities offered by the Italian corporate law reform for securitisation transactions

- Securitisation in Switzerland

- Recent trends in the Spanish securitisation field

- New trends in the Portuguese securitisation market

- The Austrian securitisation market and its legal framework

- A legal perspective of securitisation in the Czech Republic

- Cross border securitisation in Luxembourg

- Securitisation accounting - an evolution of industry practice and accounting complexity

- The US ABCP market - extendible CP, an engine for growth.

- A Sizzling CDO market

- Foresight, commitment and quality--ABS comes of age

- Recent developments in the North American CMBS market--a legal perspective

- A review of the origination and underwriting of US ABCP conduits, 2004

- Evolution and performance of LATAM structured finance

- Commercial space securitisation in Latin America

- The role of SHF in the development of the Mexican housing finance market

- Securitisation in Asia - accounting and taxation

- Developments in the Asian securitisation market from a trustee perspective

- CDOs in Asia: 2004 coming of age

- Recent trends in Japanese real estate securitisation market: development securitisation and real estate funds Directory

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Date:Feb 4, 2005
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