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Research and Markets: NAND Speeds up the PC Hard Drive Report is Available Now.

DUBLIN, Ireland -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of "NAND Speeds Up the PC Hard Drive" to their offering.

Most market participants are puzzled at the outlook for hybrid hard drives and Intel's Turbo Memory technology. These approaches are new, and they could meet with challenges, but so could another market: solid state drives, which is intertwined with these two. This report carefully dissects the market for NAND HDD caches and explains who will win, who will lose, and what strategies will work best. It explains:

1. What the technology is.

2. What its failings are.

3. How it will play out against SSDs and HDDs.

4. Who are the key proponents and what their impact is.

5. Why interested parties should watch this market.

Topics Covered:

Executive Summary

Introduction: An Idea Whose Time Has Come

About Disk Caching

Is this Really a New Idea?

Why Is this Happening Today Rather than Five Years Ago?

Why the Change from Existing Technology?

The Critical Role of Software

What Disk Caching Brings to the Party

Fast Boot

Lower Power

Increased Reliability


What Are the Alternative Technologies?



Hybrid Hard Drives

Intel's Turbo Memory/NAND on the Motherboard


The Technology

How Disk Caching Works

Why Write Caching Has Not Been Used Until Now

How NAND Suddenly Became Attractive

Potential Pitfalls With Write Endurance

An Introduction to NAND Wear

How Wear-Leveling Approaches the Problem

Ramifications for the User

Likely User Perceptions of NAND Wear

The Key Players

Microsoft - The Prime Mover

Samsung - The Early Adopter

Other HDD Makers?Reluctant Followers

Intel - A Fresh Approach

Issues: Separating Hybrids from Turbo Memory

Density and Cost Trends for Each Technology

Comparing Costs: HDD vs. NAND

How Capacity Concerns Determine Which Storage to Use




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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jul 30, 2007
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