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Research and Markets: Industrial Organic Chemistry 5th Edition - An Excellent Source of Technological & Economic Information on the Chemical Industry.

DUBLIN -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of John Wiley and Sons Ltd's new book "Industrial Organic Chemistry, 5th Edition" to their offering.

This bestselling standard, now in its fifth, completely revised English edition, is an excellent source of technological and economic information on the most important precursors and intermediates used in the chemical industry. Both a handbook and ready reference, this volume has a uniform structure for ease of use, with a number of fold-out flow charts illustrating complex chemical processes, plus summaries and relevant statistical data in the margins. The text is rounded off by a comprehensive list of references and a detailed subject index.

From reviews of previous editions (authored by K. Weissermel/H.-J. Arpe)

"This book is an immensely comprehensive and practical work. University chemistry students would benefit from reading this book as it provides a valuable insight into chemical technology, which is often lacking in undergraduate chemistry courses. The university lecturer can obtain examples of applied organic syntheses and keep up to date with the constant changes in chemical manufacturing. It should appeal most to chemists and engineers in the chemical industry, who should benefit from the technological, scientific and economic interrelationships and their potential developments." (Synthesis - Journal of Synthetic Organic Chemistry)

"It would be unkind and misleading to call this book a poor man's Kirk Othmer, but it could almost be described as an encyclopedia... it is easy to read and one has to admire the authors' dedication and endeavor in getting so much into a single volume. They have provided a book that is interesting reading as well as being an excellent reference. It is a highly recommended book, which I hope the authors will find the energy to continue updating on a regular basis." (Chemistry in Britain)

" should be ready to hand to every chemist or process engineer involved directly or indirectly with industrial organic chemistry. It should be in the hand of every higher-graduate student, especially if chemical technology is not part of the study, like in many college universities..." (Tenside-Surfactants-Detergents)

"Whether student or scientist, theorist or practician - everybody interested in industrial organic chemistry will appreciate this work. ..." (farbe + lack)

New To This Edition:

* The fifth edition of this classic is completely revised and updated

* up-to-date- production data of the most important industrial markets (W. Europe, USA, Japan) have been taken into consideration

* Carefully chosen general and more specific references to the pertinent literature (incl. 2008)

* chemical formula adapted to ACS standard

About the Author:

Professor Hans-Jrgen Arpe studied chemistry at the Christian-Albert-University in Kiel, Germany and where he also received his PhD under guidance of Professor R. Grewe. Hans-Jrgen Arpe commenced his career at the Koninklijke/ Shell-Laboratory in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He then moved to the Shell Research Laboratories near Bonn, Germany, followed by his appoint as Head of the Research Department Aliphatic Intermediates at Hoechst AG, Frankfurt, Germany and Head of the scientific library of Hoechst AG. Professor Arpe was an Honorary Professor at the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen, Germany.

Key Topics Covered:

* Various Aspects of Energy and Raw Material Supply.

* Basic Products of Industrial Syntheses.

* Olefins.

* Acetylene.

* 1,3-Diolefins.

* Syntheses Involving Carbon Monoxide.

* Oxidation Products of Ethylene.

* Alcohols.

* Vinyl-Halogen and Vinyl-Oxygen Compounds.

* Components for Polyamides.

* Propene Conversion Products.

* Aromatics.

* Production and Conversion.

* Benzene Derivatives.

* Oxidation Products of Xylene and Naphthalene.

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Date:Dec 14, 2010
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