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Research and Markets: Immunology: Mucosal and Body Surface Defences.

DUBLIN -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of John Wiley and Sons Ltd's new book "Immunology: Mucosal and Body Surface Defences" to their offering.

This textbook provides a realistic approach to the teaching of immunology, dealing with immunity at specific sites in the body a novel approach not adopted in current books. Basic aspects of immunology together with the main themes of modern mucosal immunology are covered. The mucosal immune system is the largest and most important immune organ in the body and is responsible for providing immunity against most pathogens. Nearly all pathogens attempt to enter the body across a mucosal site. The book therefore provides an integrated approach to describe the immunological events from the moment the antigen enters the body to the immune mechanisms that eradicate it. It covers the following topics so that readers will appreciate that not all sites within the body respond in the same manner:

* Entry of the antigen/pathogen

* The structure of the infected site

* Mechanisms that alert the immune system

* Cells affected/infected by that antigen

* Innate and acquired immune mechanisms relevant to that specific site

* Clearance and/or antigen mediated damage

* Transmission to other hosts

Key Topics Covered:

1 Basic Concepts in Immunology,

2 The Innate Immune System,

3 The Adaptive Immune System,

4 Cytokines,

5 Chemokines,

6 Basic Concepts in Mucosal Immunology,

7 Immunology of the Gastrointestinal Tract,

8 Immunology of the Airways,

9 Immunology of the Urogenital Tract and Conjunctiva,

10 Immunology of the Skin,

11 Immunity to Viruses,

12 Immunity to Bacteria,

13 Immunity to Fungi,

14 Immunity to Parasites,

15 Disorders of the Immune System,

16 Mucosal Tumour Immunology,

17 Vaccination,


Dr Tracy Hussell, Imperial College, London, UK.

Dr Claire Lloyd, Imperial College, London, UK.

Dr Andrew Williams, Imperial College, London, UK.

Dr Hussell is a Senior Lecturer at Imperial College London. She has contributed to a number of successful books on mucosal immunology.

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Source: John Wiley and Sons Ltd
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Apr 3, 2012
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