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Research and Markets: Examination Of The Volume and Value of The UK Funeral Services Market Between 2000-2009.

DUBLIN, Ireland -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of The UK Funeral Services Market to their offering.

This Essential Report Will Enable You To:

-Quantify the volume and the value of the UK funeral services market

-Discover the volume of the market for funeral service, by region and by type of service

-Examine the latest population statistics by age group, and by religious beliefs

-Analyse the factors that affect demand for funeral services

-Explore the opportunities for suppliers and the industry structure which includes 9 company profiles

Original research is at the heart of the report, prepared through interviews with funeral services suppliers, trade associations, and trade magazines.

The following information is presented within this report:

-The volume and value of the UK funeral services market between 2000-2009 (000 funerals, GBP million & EUR million)

-The volume of the UK funeral services market, by type of service between 2000-2009 (000 funerals), which includes:

- cremations

- burials

-The volume of the UK funeral services market, by type of arrangement between 2000-2004 (000 funerals), which includes:

-third party planned


-The value of the UK funeral services market, by type of cost between 2000-2009 (GBP million), which includes:


-of which disbursements


-of which disbursements

-The volume of the UK funeral services market, by region and by type of service, 2004 (000 funerals), which includes:


-England (further segmented by region)

-Northern Ireland




-England (further segmented by region)

-Northern Ireland



-Number of crematoria and average cremation fee in the UK between 2000-2004 (number of crematoria and GBP)

-The size of the UK population by age group and by religious beliefs (000 people)

Purchasing this report will offer you:

-A client guarantee, valid for one year, which enables our customers to call us for assistance with any part of the report or to ask for further information if possible

-Clear and concise information which includes analysis and reasoning

-Graphs and tables that are ideal for use in a presentation

This report is presented in PowerPoint format, and is available in hard copy, on disk or by e-mail.

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Nov 5, 2004
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