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Research and Markets: E-Books and E-Publishing Primer - Easy-to-Read Overview of the Current State of E-Book Hardware Readers.

DUBLIN -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the "E-Books and E-Publishing Primer" report to their offering.

This 79-page report provides an easy-to-read overview of the current state of e-book hardware readers such as the Amazon Kindle; the myriad software-based e-book readers and formats available including e-book apps for the iPhone and other portable devices; a discussion of "e-zines" and digital periodicals; a brief technological overview of "electronic paper"; and where the market for e-books and other types of e-content stands today, as well as where it is likely to go in the near future.

What do we define as "e-publishing"? For the purposes of this primer report, it is "content created in electronic form and which remains in electronic form and is portable even after delivery."

The report looks at the following categories:

* Electronic content read on a special e-book device, such as the Amazon Kindle or Sony Reader.

* Electronic content read on a desktop or laptop computer via special reader software, such as the e-zines produced by Texterity or Zinio.

* Electronic content read on a PDA or smartphone such as an iPhone or BlackBerry.

This primer report sorts out the major players and technologies, and provides an extensive discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of e-books and e-zines. What is driving interest in e-books, and what are the common complaints about them?

The company also quantifies to the extent possible the current market.

For example:

* According to the Association of American Publishers, in February 2009, e-book sales increased 177% over January--even as book sales in general declined 2.1% during the same period.

* In February, e-books accounted for 1.5% of all book sales, up from 1.1% in January; for all of 2008, e-books accounted for 0.5% of all book sales.

The report also provides our outlook of the future market for e-books and e-zines, as well as general advice, cautions, and caveats for companies and individuals looking to get involved in e-books and other types of e-publishing either as a user or as a producer. We also discuss the potential impact of new electronic publishing technologies on traditional publishing.

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jun 25, 2009
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