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Research and Markets: Comprehensive and Practical, the Much Awaited 7Th Edition of 'Project Financing' Examines the Key Criteria for Successful Project Financing.

DUBLIN, Ireland -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of 'Project Financing 7th Edition' to their offering.

"A comprehensive, well-informed and essential guide for those involved in all aspects of project finance" - Ian R. Coles, Partner, Mayer, Brown and Platt.

Project Financing, 7th edition includes numerous examples and case-studies, including the Eurotunnel, Dabhol and Hubco deals. These illustrate key issues such as government and multilateral guarantees, risk allocation and effective project structuring, and integrated capital market financings.

Comprehensive and practical, this book examines the key criteria for successful project financing:

* choosing financial advisers and banks

* types and sources of equity and debt finance

* types of risk and risk appraisal, leasing issues

* construction financing

* Exim finance

* credit appraisal

* political risk and guarantees

* risk management with swaps and interest rate futures.

After more than 20 years this book is still the acknowledged standard text on project financing. It is an invaluable manual which should be on every project financier's desk.

This book is intended to provide a conceptual starting point for the further development of the reader's ideas on project financing. It is hoped that it may also serve as a useful checklist for specific project financings. Perhaps more important, however, the book is a compendium of concepts and structures that can be applied at any stage in the analysis of an anticipated or proposed project financing.

Although largely based on methods developed and widely used in the United States, the ideas and concepts presented can be profitably employed by financial managers worldwide. Project financing is global financing, and financial executives everywhere will find that the successful conclusion to such financing depends in no small measure upon the bringing together of a number of disciplines, experts and analytical techniques. This book attempts to provide a useful road map as to how to marshal those resources for an effective and profitable result.

Key topics covered:

* An overview of project finance

* Criteria for a successful project financing

* Use of a financial adviser

* The offering memorandum

* Risks which a lender may assume

* Choosing a bank

* Contacting lenders and investors

* Credit risk appraisal

* Types of capital and debt

* Sources of equity and debt

* Instruments used in project financing

* Term loans and private placements

* Equipment leases in the United States

* Leveraged leases

* Non-tax-oriented leveraged leases and synthetic leases

* Cross-border, pickle, FSC and double dip leases

* Worldwide leasing

* Japanese equipment leasing

* Revenue bonds

* Commercial paper and back-up credit facilities

* Use of captive finance companies

* Construction financing

* Controlling risk: futures, forwards, options, caps and floors

* Swaps

* Defeasances

* Entities for jointly owned or sponsored projects

* Guarantees

* Political risk insurance

* Reserves-oriented financing

* Drilling funds

* Sales, acquisitions and mergers, and leveraged buyouts

* ESOPs - employee stock ownership plans

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Date:Jan 5, 2007
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