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Research and Markets: Cigarette Smoke Toxicity: Linking Individual Chemicals to Human Diseases.

DUBLIN -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of John Wiley and Sons Ltd's new book "Cigarette Smoke Toxicity: Linking Individual Chemicals to Human Diseases" to their offering.

This unbiased and scientifically accurate overview of current knowledge begins with an overview on the chemical constituents of cigarette smoke, their fate in the human body, and their documented toxic effects on various cells and tissues. Recent results detailing the many ways components of cigarette smoke adversely affect human health are also presented, highlighting the role of smoking in cardiovascular, respiratory, infectious and other diseases. The final chapters discuss current strategies for the treatment and prevention of smoking-induced illness.

Despite the obvious importance of the topic, this is the first comprehensive reference on tobacco smoke toxicity, making for essential reading for all toxicologists and healthcare professionals dealing with smoking-related diseases.

Key Topics Covered:

1 From Discarded Leaf to Global Scourge - The Extraordinary History of the Ascent of Tobacco and its Many Modes of Consumption (Barry A. Finegan and Garrett J. Finegan)

Part I Cigarette Smoking

2 Components of a Cigarette (Andreas Zemann)

3 The Process of Cigarette Smoking (Jian Wang and Xing Li Wang)

4 Smoke Chemistry (Andreas Zemann)

5 Exposure to Tobacco Smoke (Andr Conrad)

6 An Epidemiological Appraisal of Smoking-Related Outcomes (Elke Munters and Tim S. Nawrot)

Part II Linking Cigarette Smoke Chemicals to Human Diseases and Pathophysiology

7 Smoking and Cardiovascular Diseases (David Bernhard)

8 Smoking and Cancer (Parimal Chowdhury and Stewart MacLeod)

9 Smoking and COPD and Other Respiratory Diseases (Thomas E. Sussan and Shyam Biswal)

10 Smoking, Infectious Diseases and Innate Immune (Dys)function (David A. Scott and Juhi Bagaitkar)

11 Smoking and Reproduction (Martina Prelog)

12 Smoking Tobacco and Gastrointestinal Pathophysiology and Diseases (Hitoshi Asakura)

13 Smoking and Oral Health (Eman Allam, Weiping Zhang, Cunge Zheng, Richard L. Gregory, and L. Jack Windsor)

14 Smoking and Eye Diseases (Maria E. Marin-Castao and Marianne Pons)

Part III Prevention and Treatment of Smoking-Induced Diseases

15 Smoking: Prevention and Cessation (Adam Csordas)

16 Interfering with Smoking-Induced Pathophysiology (Adam Csordas)

Part IV Summary

17 Summary (David Bernhard)


Born in Worgl, Austria, David Bernhard gained his masters and PhD degrees in microbiology at the University of Innsbruck, Faculty of Medicine, and the Tyrolean Cancer Research Institute, Austria. While working on his theses he researched the field of leukemia, concentrating on the mechanistic understanding of histone deacetylase inhibitors and natural compounds as anti-cancer agents. After a scientific stay abroad he served as a postdoc at the Institute of Biomedical Aging Research of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, by which time he was already focusing on the effects of cigarette smoke on the cardiovascular system. Following another postdoc period at the Institute for Pathophysiology of the Medical University in Innsbruck, where he also gained his lecturing qualification, he became head of the university's cardiac surgery research laboratory, and expanded his research towards a more application-oriented field. Currently Dr. Bernhard is head of the cardiac surgery research laboratory at the Medical University of Vienna, Austria, where his major fields of interest are the pathophysiological understanding of smoking and metal ion-induced atherosclerosis, as well as the search for natural compounds in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, while he has recently started work on tissue engineering projects in the cardiovascular setting.

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Date:Jun 8, 2011
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