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Research and Markets: Blood-Brain Barrier: This Report Aids the Understanding of the Blood-Brain Barrier and Ultimately Lead to Effective Delivery of Therapeutics.

DUBLIN -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of Future Science Ltd's new report "Blood-Brain Barrier" to their offering.

It is extremely difficult to treat CNS diseases because most therapeutics do not readily cross from the blood into the brain and spinal cord due to the blood-brain barrier. This Special Focus Issue of the peer-reviewed journal Therapeutic Delivery features 12 reviews and editorial articles that will contribute to the understanding of, and ultimately lead to effective delivery of therapeutics across, the blood-brain barrier. Reviews in this Special Focus Issue include 'Drug penetration across the blood-brain barrier: an overview' and 'Drug delivery to the brain: considerations of genetic polymorphisms of blood-brain barrier transporters and imaging technologies'.

Key Topics Covered:


* Delivering drugs into the brain: barriers and possibilities

* Peptide-based vectors for blood-brain barrier targeting and delivery of drugs to the central nervous system

* Crossing barriers from blood-to-brain and academia-to-industry


* Therapeutic Delivery

* Conference Report: The 2nd Annual Irish Drug Delivery Network Conference with UK and Ireland Controlled Release Society: advancing drug delivery

* Conference Report: The 3rd International Symposium on Cellular Delivery of Therapeutic Macromolecules


* Viral vectors and delivery strategies for CNS gene therapy

* Drug penetration across the blood-brain barrier: an overview

* Drug delivery to the brain: considerations of genetic polymorphisms of blood-brain barrier transporters and imaging technologies

* Development of new peptide vectors for the transport of therapeutic across the blood-brain barrier

* RNAi-mediated barrier modulation: synergies of the brain and eye

* Transport of drugs across the blood-brain barrier in Alzheimer's disease

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Date:Mar 30, 2011
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