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Research and Markets: Advanced Biomaterials: Fundamentals, Processing, and Applications.

DUBLIN -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of John Wiley and Sons Ltd's new report "Advanced Biomaterials: Fundamentals, Processing, and Applications" to their offering.

Enables readers to take full advantage of the latest advances in biomaterials and their applications.

Advanced Biomaterials: Fundamentals, Processing, and Applications reviews the latest biomaterials discoveries, enabling readers to take full advantage of the most recent findings in order to advance the biomaterials research and development. Reflecting the nature of biomaterials research, the book covers a broad range of disciplines, including such emerging topics as nanobiomaterials, interface tissue engineering, the latest manufacturing techniques, and new polymeric materials.

The book, a contributed work, features a team of renowned scientists, engineers, and clinicians from around the world whose expertise spans the many disciplines needed for successful biomaterials development. All readers will gain an improved understanding of the full range of disciplines and design methodologies that are used to develop biomaterials with the physical and biological properties needed for specific clinical applications.

Key Topics Covered:

* Foreword (Prof. Larry L Hench).

* Preface (editorial contribution).

* List of Contributors.


* 1. Fundamentals of Biomaterials and Biocompatibility (Bikramjit Basu and Shekhar Nath).

* 2. Fundamentals of hydroxyapatite and related calcium phosphates (Racquel Zapanta LeGeros, Atsuo Ito, Kunio Ishikawa, Toshiro Sakae and John P. LeGeros).

* 3. Materials for orthopedic applications (Shekhar Nath and Bikramjit Basu).

* 4. The micro macroporous biphasic calcium phosphate concept for bone reconstruction and tissue engineering (Guy Daculsi, Franck Jegoux and Pierre Layrolle).

* 5. Science and Technology-Integrated Titanium Dental Implant Systems (Yoshiki Oshida, Elif Bahar Tuna and Dr. Oshida).

* 6. Injectable hydrogels as biomaterials (Lakshmi S. Nair, Cato T. Laurencin and Mayank Tandon).

* 7. Nanomaterials for Improved Orthopedic and Bone Tissue Engineering Applications (Lijie Zhang, Sirinrath Sirivisoot, Ganesh Balasundaram, and Thomas J. Webster).


* 1. Introduction to Processing of Biomaterials (Shaunak Pandya, Rakesh Mahida, Meghali Bora and Dhirendra S. Katti).

* 2. Laser processing of orthopedic biomaterials (Rajarshi Banerjee and Soumya Nag).

* 3. Functionally Graded all-ceramic hip joints (Omer Van der Biest, Guy Ann, Kim Vanmeensel and Jef Vleugels).

* 4. Medical Devices based on Bioinspired ceramics (Po Gonzlez, Julin Martnez-Fernndez, Antonio R. de Arellano-Lpez and Mrityunjay Singh).

* 5. Ionomer glasses: Design and Characterization (Artemis Stamboulis and Fei Wang).

* 6. Designing nanofibrous scaffolds for tissue engineering (Neha Arya, Poonam Sharma and Dhirendra S. Katti).

* 7. Design of supermacroporous biomaterials via gelation at subzero temperatures-Cryogelation (Fatima M. Plieva, Ashok Kumar, Igor Yu. Galaev and Bo Mattiasson).


* 1. Biomaterial Applications (Ashok Kumar, Akshay Srivastava and Era Jain).

* 2. Cell-based Nanocomposites and Biomolecules for Bone Tissue Engineering (Michelle Ngiam, Susan Liao, Casey Chan and S. Ramakrishna).

* 3. Orthopaedic Interface Tissue Engineering: Building the Bridge to Integrated Musculoskeletal Tissue Systems (Helen H. Lu, Kristen L. Moffat and Jeffrey P. Spalazzi).

* 4. Cells of the Nervous System and Electrical Stimulation (Carlos Atico Ariza and Surya K. Mallapragada).

* 5. Placental umbilical cord blood: A true blood substitute (Niranjan Bhattacharya).

* 6. Supported cell mimetic monolayers and their blood compatibility (K. Kaladhar and Chandra P Sharma).

* 7. Titanium Nitride and Diamond like carbon coatings for cardiovascular applications (Muraleedharan CV and Bhuvaneshwar G S).

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