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Research and Markets: Abrasives: New Uses - Many Drivers for Further Development & Expansion of the Industry Exists.

DUBLIN -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the "Abrasives: New Uses" report to their offering.

This report presents a technical review of current and potential developments within the field of abrasives, with the objective of providing indications of the possible directions that the abrasives industry may take.

The review is based on two types of research. Firstly, a study of patent activity for abrasive materials and tools provides an overview of companies most active in abrasives-related intellectual property and the current subject areas of development. Secondly, a summary of university research related to abrasive materials and tools provides an insight into possible future areas of materials and applications development.

The technical developments sections discuss both patent activity and university research on each of the material and tool types, and include maps of the various application areas.

Key Topics Covered:

Topics included in product chapters:

* Introduction

* Intellectual property review study methods and general findings

* Academic research study methods and general findings

* Technical developments: abrasive grains

* Including slurries and loose abrasives

* Technical developments: abrasive materials

* Including aluminium oxide, silicon carbide, emery, garnet, pumice, metallic abrasives and tungsten carbide

* Technical developments: superabrasives

* Including diamond, cubic boron nitride and their tools

* Technical developments: bonded abrasives

* Including grinding wheels and other bonded abrasives

* Technical developments: coated abrasives

* Including abrasives discs, sheets, belt, films and other coated abrasives

* Summary and conclusions

Over 30 Companies Mentioned - Some Include:

* 3M

* Allied Material

* Asahi

* Baker Hughes

* Cabot Microelectronics

* Canon

* Diamond Innovations

* Element Six

* Fuji Photo

* Guardian Industries

* Japan Science and Technology

* Kennametal

* Kobe Steel

* Kyocera

* Matsushita Electric

* Mitsubishi Materials Corp

* National Institute for Materials Science

* National Institute of Advanced Industrial and Technology

* Nissan Motor

* Noritake

* Smith International

* Sony

* Sumitomo


* Toshiba

* Tungaloy

Who should buy this report:

* CEOs

* Decision makers

* Government agencies

* Investment bankers

* Senior managers

* Research departments

* Customers

* Suppliers (e.g. mines, carbide, etc.)

* Universities

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Feb 1, 2011
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