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Research and Markets: ADMET for Medicinal Chemists: A Practical Guide.

DUBLIN -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of John Wiley and Sons Ltd's new book "ADMET for Medicinal Chemists: A Practical Guide" to their offering.

This book guides medicinal chemists in how to implement early ADMET testing in their workflow in order to improve both the speed and efficiency of their efforts. Although many pharmaceutical companies have dedicated groups directly interfacing with drug discovery, the scientific principles and strategies are practiced in a variety of different ways. This book answers the need to regularize the drug discovery interface; it defines and reviews the field of ADME for medicinal chemists. In addition, the scientific principles and the tools utilized by ADME scientists in a discovery setting, as applied to medicinal chemistry and structure modification to improve drug-like properties of drug candidates, are examined.

Key Topics Covered:

* Introduction (Corinne Kay).

* In silico ADME/Tox Predictions (David Lagorce, Christelle Reynes, Anne-Claude Camproux, Maria A. Miteva, Olivier Sperandio, and Bruno O. Villoutreix).

* Absorption and Physicochemical Properties of the NCE (Jon Selbo and Po-Chang Chiang).

* ADME (Martin E. Dowty, Dean M. Messing, Yurong Lai, and Leonid (Leo) Kirkovsky).

* Pharmacokinetics for Medicinal Chemists (Leo Kirkovsky and Anup Zutshi).

* Cardiac Toxicity (Ralf Kettenhofen and Silke Schwengberg).

* Genetic Toxicity: In Vitro Approaches for Medicinal Chemists (Richard M. Walmsley and David Elder).

* Hepatic Toxicity (Jinghai James Xu and Keith Hoffmaster).

* In Vivo Toxicological Considerations (John P. Devine, Jr.).

* Pre-clinical Candidate Nomination and Development (Nils Bergenhem).

* Fragment-Based Drug Design: Considerations for Good ADME Properties (Haitao Ji).


Katya Tsaioun is founder and President of Apredica, Inc., a company that specializes in rapid preclinical in vitro assessment of the ADME Tox (Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Elimination and Toxicity) properties of small-molecule and peptide therapeutics.

Steven Kates is Vice President of Research at Ischemix, LLC, where he is responsible for the growth of a multidisciplinary team (biologists, chemists, animal modelers) throughout all phases of drug discovery and development.

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jul 26, 2011
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