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GERALD JAMES THOMPSON (1932-2019). de la Barre, Ken; Schledermann, Peter; Robinson, Mike; Williams, Andy Obituary Sep 1, 2019 2418
The grants office and the RA generalist: Parallel life-cycles and development at small PUIs. Cuhel-Schuckers, Amy; Martin-Tetreault, Cara; Withers, Carol Abstract Sep 22, 2016 6056
Family first: child-friendly policies are gradually becoming the norm at colleges and universities across the country. Stewart, Pearl Aug 25, 2016 1161
Disability, health, independent living, and rehabilitation research leaders from traditionally underrepresented racial and ethnic populations: career development and success factors. Moore, Corey L.; Wang, Ningning; Davis, Dytisha; Aref, Fariborz; Manyibe, Edward O.; Washington, And Report Jan 1, 2015 11657
Invisible intermediaries: a systematic review into the role of research management in university and institutional research processes. Derrick, Gemma; Nickson, Alicen Abstract Sep 22, 2014 13844
A Tribute to Eric Dewailly, a pioneer in environmental epidemiology research/Un hommage a Eric Dewailly, un pionnier de la recherche en epidemiologie environnementale. Ayotte, Pierre; Levesque, Benoit; Lemire, Melanie Editorial Jul 1, 2014 2433
Establishing a data monitoring committee for clinical trials. Lin, Julia Y.; Lu, Ying Feb 1, 2014 2179
Researcher treats gun violence as public health issue. Schaeffer-Duffy, Claire Feb 1, 2013 1036
Comparison of stress-related factors in the 2007 and 2010 Research Administrator Stress Perception Surveys (RASPerS). Shambrook, Jennifer Survey Sep 22, 2012 3410
Toward a truly "next" generation. Slocum, J. Michael Column Sep 22, 2012 4338
My career. Green, Kathleen Interview Sep 22, 2012 1202
Cornelia Kennedy. Majher, Patricia Interview Jul 1, 2012 998
September 19--Researchers today announced that players of the video game Foldit have made a breakthrough in understanding protein structures that has eluded laboratory scientists for over a decade. Brief article Jan 1, 2012 172
Questions and answers from IRI's members: what are IRI members talking about? These questions were recently posed on IRI's. Community forum. Company overview Jan 1, 2012 2197
Talents at Gov't-sponsored institutions to be entitled to flexible pay scheme. Liu, Philip Sep 26, 2011 322
From the editor's desk. Gabriele, Edward Editorial Sep 22, 2011 896
The evolution of the Council of Academic Hospitals of Ontario statement of principles--a successful harmonization initiative. Porter, Katie; Lampson, Sarah Clinical report Sep 22, 2011 1762
Research administrators as servant leaders. Waite, Joann Report Sep 22, 2011 5313
Grant development for large scale research proposals: an overview and case study. Goodman, Ira S. Report Sep 22, 2011 3128
Research administrator salary: association with education, experience, credentials and gender. Shambrook, Jennifer; Roberts, Thomas J.; Triscari, Robert Survey Sep 22, 2011 4177
New AINA Staff. Brief article Sep 1, 2011 136
Case study: applying the theory of planned behavior as interventions to increase sponsored project proposal submissions from liberal arts faculty. Hartmann, Anita Company overview Mar 22, 2011 4712
Assessing the academic medical center as a supportive learning community. Gannon, Sam C. Brief article Mar 22, 2011 5833
New AINA fellow. Brief article Mar 1, 2011 111
Reframing research administration. Cole, Sharon Stewart Mar 22, 2010 4121
Learning from the partnership literature: implications for UK University/National Health Service relationships and for research administrators supporting applied health research. Perkins, Mary; Bauld, Linda; Langley, David Mar 22, 2010 6140
Beth Godbee wins the Ben Rafoth Research Award. Brief article Nov 1, 2008 93
Recruiting a diverse group of middle school girls into the trial of activity for adolescent girls. Elder, John P.; Shuler, LaVerne; Moe, Stacey G.; Grieser, Mira; Pratt, Charlotte; Cameron, Sandra; H Report Oct 1, 2008 7047
Research administration in history: the development of OMB circular A-110 through Joseph Warner's COGR subcommittee, 1976-1979. Myers, Phillip E.; Smith, Marie F. Sep 22, 2008 9244
Dr. Craig M. Brandt Dean of Academic Affairs, and Deputy Commandant retires from the Defense Institute of Security Assistance Management. Dec 1, 2007 710
Safeway, Prostate Cancer Foundation to Fund Landmark Research. Nov 16, 2007 392
Steve Kinnane. Brief article Sep 22, 2007 118
Toni Bauman. Sep 22, 2007 392
Grace Koch. Brief article Sep 22, 2007 115
Jessica Weir. Brief article Sep 22, 2007 303
Ysola Best 1940-2007. Hill, Marji Obituary Sep 22, 2007 914
United Kingdom. Brief article Jul 15, 2007 129
Winners: David H. Weaver, G. Cleveland Wilhoit and colleagues, Indiana University School of Journalism: "The American Journalist in the 21st Century": journalism research. Poyser, Jim Brief article Jun 1, 2007 285
Sharing knowledge on effective community supervision programs. Evans, Donald G. Apr 1, 2007 1110
The dimensions of influence on research administrator behavior: toward a theoretical model of research administration as a public service profession. Atkinson, Timothy N.; Gilleland, Diane S.; Barrett, T. Gregory Author abstract Mar 22, 2007 5528
GAO report to the committee on the judiciary, House of Representatives: export controls: agencies should assess vulnerabilities and improve guidance for protecting export-controlled information at universities. Slocum, J. Michael Mar 22, 2007 1359
Resource review: human resources Encouraging the Heart: A Leader's Guide to Rewarding and Recognizing Others. Landen, Marcia Author abstract Mar 22, 2007 902
Conference Board Help-Wanted Index Dips in January. Staff, E&P Brief article Feb 23, 2007 221
5th Annual R&D Salary Survey: our annual look at what's on the minds and in the wallets of R&D staffers in the global coatings industry. Wright, Tim Nov 1, 2006 2280
Research Administration and Management. Cooper, S. Marie May 1, 2006 1360
Everyone's mentor: a tribute to Herbert "Chuck" Chermside, CRA (1937-2006). Morgan-Shambrook, Jennifer Obituary May 1, 2006 1078
Everyone's mentor: perceptions of research administrators on the value of certification. Roberts, Thomas May 1, 2006 5885
Changing the culture of research administrators at a public university. Disney, Carrie May 1, 2006 2779
New ACTE Research Committee seeks volunteers. Brief article May 1, 2006 177
Katrina's fallout: storm-struck researchers forge on--many, far from home. Raloff, Janet Nov 19, 2005 2353
Effectiveness of responsible conduct of research instruction: initial findings. Barrett, Kirsten Jul 1, 2004 3025
Space photonics shoots for stars with $3m funding. Sparkman, Worth Brief Article Jun 28, 2004 398
Where are they now? Jun 22, 2004 345
Poverty is barrier not drug patents. Brief Article May 17, 2004 117
When board and staff align: a proper partnership pushes an association from inertia to excellence. Larmett, Kathleen M. Mar 1, 2004 3891
FESAC priorities panel input. Mar 1, 2004 772
Smithsonian 2.0. Brief Article Feb 1, 2004 251
Assessing the future of work: Dick Samson, a researcher and thinker about the changing demographics of the workplace, talks about automation's long-term threat to employment and what steps could be taken now to address it. Marshall, Jeffrey Interview Dec 1, 2003 2318
Announcing the 2003 recipient of the Rod Rose Award for best paper of the year. Brief Article Jul 1, 2003 249
The research administrator as servant-leader. (Commentary). Krauser, Pamela A. Apr 1, 2003 2975
Engaging the humanities? Research ethics in Canada. (Applied Research). Owen, Michael Oct 1, 2002 4650
Evolution or revolution? Examining change in research administration. (Shop Talk). McCallister, Michael Oct 1, 2002 2125
Managing Conflict of Interest (COI). (In this Issue). Anthony, Molly A. Jul 1, 2002 884
An approach to managing conflict of interest in a changing world. (Feature). Edwards, Leila S. Jul 1, 2002 4875
Key issues in Conflict of Interest for scientific, engineering, and educational research. (Feature). Stokes, Lee Jul 1, 2002 4035
Institutional conflict of interest. (Commentary). Bradley, Gaylen Jul 1, 2002 2299
Pricing the services of scientific cores Part I: charging subsidized and unsubsidized users. (Feature). Forrester, Robert Jul 1, 2002 3044
New decision tool to evaluate award selection process. (Applied Research). Magnan, Jacques Jul 1, 2002 3383
Protection of human subjects: a primer for the new administrator. (Educational Update). Steinert, Bruce W. Jul 1, 2002 4718
Developing effective training programs. (Educational Update). Wagonhurst, Carole Jul 1, 2002 2496
Consider the stakeholders in research administration. (Shop Talk). Smith, Charlene Jul 1, 2002 2008
Centralized versus Decentralized R&D: Benefits and Drawbacks. (Information resources: new books and reports for leaders of technological innovation). Statistical Data Included Nov 1, 2001 1044
No Disclosure. Mokhiber, Russell Brief Article Jun 1, 2001 297
Joanne Scigliano--Periodicals and Research Specialist. Brief Article Mar 1, 2001 425
Faculty Time and Effort: Analysis for Research Development. Ebong, Imeh D. Statistical Data Included Jan 1, 2001 4598
Appropriate Billing of Human Subject Research Charges. Biscardi, Rosemary Jan 1, 2001 1917
Awards for excellence in research, leadership, and service presented at Official Luncheon. Nov 1, 2000 1007
Trans-Atlantic Public Economics Seminar. Jun 22, 2000 1736
Considering the Human Element of Electronic Research Administration. Krauser, Pamela A. Jun 22, 2000 3991
Tending the Ground of Our Being: The IRB and IRB Administration in the Biomedical Research Culture. Gabriele, Edward F. Jan 1, 2000 2602
Pre-Award Administrators are from Pluto, Post-Award Administrators are from Saturn; Or Are They? Spina, Mary T. Jan 1, 2000 1203
On Being a Newcomer -- Again. Molfese, Victoria Jan 1, 2000 1208
Investigating issues. Mack, Charles S. Aug 1, 1998 3482
How much will it cost to run your lab in '92? Studt, Tim Jan 1, 1992 1733

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