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Rescuers Save Man After California Avalanche.

An avalanche Friday afternoon in Squaw Valley Ski Resort, located in the Sierra Nevada mountains in Northern California, injured two people and one seriously, but also included some luck and heroic action that saved a man's life. 

After a cloud of snow emerged after the avalanche, a man was buried beneath the snow but with the good fortune that his snowboard was thrusting up.

"That's what saved his life," ( said  rescuer Heather Turping, according to the Associated Press.

While a woman screamed that her husband was missing, rescuers were able to spot the snowboard and then quickly dig him out.

The event was caught on video and showed the man's face emerge from the snow.

"I took my gloves off and I helped dig him out," Turping said. "When he got uncovered, a ski patroller said, 'You were under for six minutes.'"

Remarkably, the man managed to not only escape injury but was also able to snowboard back to safety.

Squaw Valley spokeswoman Liesl Hepburn said skiers had been warned of the danger of avalanches. What triggered the avalanche remains unclear but officials say an investigation is underway.

A cellphone video captured a broad view of the frantic efforts to pull the man out of the snow. 

At about the 0:28 mark of the video, a woman can be heard frantically screaming for her husband. 

Joseph Breault discussed the events that unfolded to ( KOVR , a CBS affiliate in Sacramento. He said the avalanche sounded like a train. 

Breault was one of the rescuers who helped dig the man out after hearing screams for help.

"People were yelling for help, and we responded," said Breault.

The avalanche comes hours after a snowboarder, Wenyu Zhang, 42, had died after a blizzard that began Thursday. 

Avalanches have proven to be fatal in the other parts of the U.S. this year. In January, an avalanche ( claimed the life of a skier in southwestern Colorado.

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