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Resampling of industries.

Effective with the release of data for July 2002, the Producer Price Index (PPI) includes data for 19 resampled industries. The Bureau of Labor Statistics periodically updates the sample of producers providing data for the PPI to more accurately reflect current conditions when the structure, membership, technology, of product mix of an industry shifts. The first results of this systematic process were published in July 1986. Subsequent efforts have been completed at 6-month intervals.

Also effective with this release, PPIs for two service industries were introduced: Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) 4833, Television Broadcasting Stations, and SIC 5531, Auto and Home Supply Stores. The index data for SIC 4833 have a start date of June 2001, while the index data for SIC 5531 have a start date of December 2001. The introduction of these industries is part of an ongoing effort to expand PPI coverage to sectors of the economy other than mining and manufacturing.

For information on specific index additions, deletions, and recodes that are effective with this semiannual update, contact the Division of Industrial Prices and Price Indexes, Section of Index Analysis and Public Information at or (202) 691-7705.
(SIC) Code Industry

1312 Crude petroleum and natural gas *
1322 Natural gas liquids and natural gas residue *
2023 Dry, condensed, and evaporated milk products
2077 Animal and marine fats and oils
2311 Men's and boys' suits and coats
2385 Waterproof outer garments
2499 Wood products, not elsewhere classified
2653 Corrugated and solid fiber boxes
2796 Platemaking services
2911 Petroleum refining
3341 Secondary smelting and refining of nonferrous
3399 Primary metal products, not elsewhere classified
3466 Metal crowns and closures
3482 Small arms ammunition, 30mm and under
3494 Values and pipe fittings, not elsewhere classified
3497 Metal foil and leaf
3537 Industrial trucks and tractors
3669 Communications equipment, not elsewhere classified
4724 Travel agencies
4833 Television broadcasting stations **
5531 Auto and home supply stores **

* These industry codes are PPI constructed and correspond
to SIC 1311 and SIC 1321.

** Newly introduced PPI.
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Publication:PPI Detailed Report
Date:Jul 15, 2002
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