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'Crying' women 'had genitals medically examined' at airport after newborn abandoned; Authorities in Qatar have been accused of forcing the women to remove their underwear so the invasive examinations could take place at Hamad International Airport in Doha, Qatar. By, Danya Bazaraa Oct 26, 2020 624
What causes painful sexual arousal? Oct 19, 2020 304
'I THOUGHT I WAS GOING ON AN AMAZING HOLIDAY - INSTEAD, THEY CUT MY GENITALS' Khatra Paterson, 52, a medical aesthetics practitioner from Manchester, was just 10 years old when she was forced to undergo female genital mutilation overseas? Oct 18, 2020 1332
MAN'S 'DISGUSTING' PUBLIC DANCE IN BUSY CITY STREET; I don't remember it, says offender who exposed genitals in city centre. NEIL DOCKING ECHO reporter @LIVECHOCOURT Oct 4, 2020 773
Starbucks customer whose genitals 'were burnt by hot tea' says sex now 'painful'; Tommy Piluyev, 24, is suing Starbucks claiming the lid to a "defective" cup popped off and hot tea, with a temperature of nearly 100C, spilled onto his body while he was sat in his BMW car in Roseville, California. By, Chris Kitching Sep 18, 2020 701
RFL charge duo for 'grabbing genitals'. Sep 15, 2020 252
Paedophile asked girl aged 11 to send him naked pictures. marcus hughes Reporter Sep 10, 2020 507
Kaduna: Again, Court remands Kaduna woman who burns 14-year-old girl genitals in prison. Sep 10, 2020 371
Nudist Nearly Accidentally Flashes Genitals On This Morning. Sep 8, 2020 474
STI symptoms that shouldn't be ignored. DR MIRIAM STOPPARD Sep 4, 2020 179
STI symptoms that shouldn't be ignored; SELF HELP. DR MIRIAM STOPPARD Sep 4, 2020 169
Menstrual Morbidities, Menstrual Hygiene, Cultural Practices during Menstruation, and WASH Practices at Schools in Adolescent Girls of North Karnataka, India: A Cross-Sectional Prospective Study. Yaliwal, Rajasri G.; Biradar, Aruna M.; Kori, Shreedevi S.; Mudanur, Subhashchandra R.; Pujeri, Shiv Clinical report Aug 31, 2020 5684
What's this rash on my inner thighs? DR MIRIAM STOPPARD. DR MIRIAM STOPPARD Aug 25, 2020 242
What's this rash on my inner thighs? Aug 25, 2020 214
What's this rash on my inner thighs? 34 DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 25.08.2020 DMUULS DR MIRIAM STOPPARD. Aug 25, 2020 238
Driver squeezed officer's genitals; crashed car, ran off, then threw punch and insults. SAM JONES @SJONESREPORTER Aug 13, 2020 522
Man tried to send explicit pictures to teenage girls. LIZ DAY Reporter Aug 1, 2020 628
Ex-surgeon struck off medical register. Jul 31, 2020 703
Association of Central Precocious Puberty with a Rare Presentation of Schimmelpenning-Feuerstein-Mims Syndrome in a Peruvian Girl. De los Santos-La Torre, Miguel Angel; Del Aguila-Villar, Carlos Manuel; Lu-de Lama, Luis Romulo; Nun Jul 31, 2020 2601
In court, rape victim details incidents that led to her reporting former consultant psychiatrist for sexual misconduct. Jul 29, 2020 907
'Evil' gang tortured couple and stripped man naked before zapping genitals with Taser; Shaan Khanyal and Arbbaaz Chauhan, both 24 and from Coventry, have been jailed from 9 to 10 years after kidnapping the couple and subjecting them to an horrific ordeal in October 2017. By, Neil Murphy Jul 28, 2020 708
Rape Victim Charged After Stalking Attacker And Stripping The Skin Off His Genitals With Potato Peeler. Jul 27, 2020 347
My Baby Has Two Genitals. Jul 25, 2020 228
As soon as paedophile hunters showed me pic of genitals sent to girl, I knew it was my husband; EXCLUSIVE PERVERT'S WIFE OPENS UP ABOUT ORDEAL Brave mum helped to snare beast four months after their wedding. SARAH VESTY Jul 18, 2020 947
Coronavirus in India: Man sprays sanitiser on employee's genitals over COVID-19 lockdown expenses. Evangeline Elsa, Deputy Social Media Editor Jul 6, 2020 353
Minors' bodies found at police station had no genitals. Jul 2, 2020 829
'Horse therapy' sees ex-soldier spared jail for horrific attack on ex-girlfriend; he kicked her in the genitals and threatened to scoop out her eyes ... but judge says he can walk free. NEIL DOCKING ECHO Reporter @LIVECHOCOURT Jul 1, 2020 860
Approach to Cataract Surgery in an Ebola Virus Disease Survivor with Prior Ocular Viral Persistence. Wells, Jill R.; Crazier, Ian; Kraft, Colleen S.; Sexton, Mary Elizabeth; Hill, Charles E.; Ribner, B Clinical report Jul 1, 2020 2223
Male genitalia injuries: Unspoken collateral damage from the COVID-19 pandemic. Spooner, Jesse; Lee, Linda; Kinahan, John; Metcalfe, Michael; Hoag, Nathan Jul 1, 2020 1438
Genetic Analysis of 25 Patients with 5[alpha]-Reductase Deficiency in Chinese Population. Han, Bing; Cheng, Tong; Zhu, Hui; Yu, Jie; Zhu, Wen-jiao; Song, Huai-dong; Yao, Haijun; Qiao, Jie Jun 30, 2020 5113
Ficus vogelii Stembarks; a Promising Herbal Remedy for Lead Induced Reproductive Toxicity. Obinna O. Uchewa, Augustine O. Egwu, Chinedu G. Uzomba, Emmanuel N. Uchewa and Ogbonna E. Egwu Jun 30, 2020 3786
Man who showed his genitals in viral video clip is allegedly an 'Ubon Ratchathani local administration official'. Jun 29, 2020 188
Woman goes on the run after reportedly defiling her 10-year-old 'boyfriend'. Jun 25, 2020 223
28 year old female suspect arrested and accused of killing her father, cutting off his genitals in Bangkok. Jun 17, 2020 200
'Man exposed his genitals after fleeing on to roof'. ALAN ERWIN Jun 9, 2020 188
Kisii girls at the mercy of defilers. Jun 7, 2020 943
Is Female Genital Mutilation a panacea for promiscuity or violation of women's right? May 31, 2020 1291
Cocaine dealer flashed genitals and made Covid jibe at police; JAIL FOR ISLAND SUPPLIER. ERYL CRUMP Daily Post Chief Reporter May 25, 2020 338
Man who super glued his wife's genitals arrested in witch doctor's house. May 21, 2020 330
Man 'seals' wife's genitals with superglue in Tharaka-Nithi. May 17, 2020 371
WASHINGTON STATE MANDATES PERVERSION AT SCHOOL: Washington State is the latest state to mandate a sex-ed curriculum that will cause emotional and physical harm to children, as it attempts to convince kids that anything goes. Newman, Alex Cover story May 4, 2020 2737
A NEW SPECIES OF GENUS AGROTIS OCHSENHEIMER(LEPIDOPTERA: NOCTUIDAE) IN PAKISTAN. M. Sajjad, Z. M. Sarwar, M. Binyameen, M. Qasim and M. H. Bashir Apr 24, 2020 5092
Snakes or animal genitals? Chinese BBQ pictures spark row in coronavirus-affected Egypt. Arab News Mar 31, 2020 259
Coronavirus: Man licks fingers, scratches genitals and smears fluid inside lift; Police arrested a 32-year-old man who admitted to the bizarre offence in the Bangkok Skytrain lift before being taken to hospital to be tested for Covid-19. By, Ryan Merrifield Mar 26, 2020 336
Pervert who groomed girl touched himself 'out of boredom' man, 48, put on to sex offender treatment programme. GARETH LIGHTFOOT @GazetteCourt Mar 21, 2020 568
Sex offender claimed he had erectile dysfunction after he exposed himself to an underage girl; Ian Maiden, 48, sent sexual messages to the underage girl and sent her a picture of his private parts. By, Gareth Lightfoot Mar 20, 2020 584
Will misdemeanours from the past come back to haunt Marler? andy howell Rugby correspondent Mar 12, 2020 1155
Will misdemeanours from the past come back to haunt Marler? ANDY HOWELL Rugby correspondent Mar 12, 2020 1153
Marler facing ban for grab on Alun Wyn. Mar 10, 2020 304
Effects of Diets Enriched in Linseed and Fish Oil on the Expression Pattern of Toll-Like Receptors 4 and Proinflammatory Cytokines on Gonadal Axis and Reproductive Organs in Rabbit Buck. Menchetti, Laura; Barbato, Olimpia; Sforna, Monica; Vigo, Daniele; Mattioli, Simona; Curone, Giulio; Mar 1, 2020 7478
Effects of 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural on Pubertal Development of Female Wistar Rats. Elmaogullari, Selin; Kadan, Elcin; Anadol, Elvan; Gokceoglu, Ayris; Cetinkaya, Semra; Yarim, Gul Fat Mar 1, 2020 5191
A Neurofibromatosis Noonan Syndrome Patient Presenting with Abnormal External Genitalia. Isik, Esra; Onay, Huseyin; Atik, Tahir; Solmaz, Asli Ece; Ozen, Samim; Cogulu, Ozgur; Darcan, Sukran Mar 1, 2020 1970
Sexual dysfunction in men after high energy pelvic fractures: Narrative review of targeted literature. Hasan, Obada; Atif, Muhammad; Baloch, Naveed; Jalbani, Imran; Umer, Masood Report Feb 29, 2020 3287
MP apologises over exposing himself in pub on phone clip. MIKEY SMITH Feb 26, 2020 240
James Grundy: Tory MP 'sorry' after he was filmed flashing his genitals in a pub. Feb 25, 2020 173
Nairobi, Kiambu lead in number of intersex persons - Census. Feb 23, 2020 358
When a man climaxes too quickly. Feb 22, 2020 942
When a man climaxes too quickly. Feb 22, 2020 961
'Bananas Ripened With Calcium Carbide Lower Fertility'. Feb 13, 2020 421
Sports masseur's 3-year campaign of sex attacks on unsuspecting men; THERAPIST FONDLED GENITALS Creep jailed after more victims came forward. ALEXANDER LAWRIE Feb 12, 2020 302
Baby dies a day after being born with his legs fused together; Tragic "miracle baby" Joseph Shaw weighed just two pounds and was born with no kidneys, bowels or genitals and with his legs fused together at Royal Derby Hospital. By, Anna Whittaker Feb 8, 2020 550
The shocking, upsetting effect of easy access to pornography on our children -- Susan Dalgety. Feb 1, 2020 1126
The Expression of ERK1/2 in Female Yak (Bos grunniens) Reproductive Organs. Fan, Jiangfeng; Han, Xiaohong; He, Honghong; Luo, Yuzhu; Yu, Sijiu; Cui, Yan; Xu, Gengquan; Wang, Li Report Feb 1, 2020 8177
Phosphorus Application Improves the Cotton Yield by Enhancing Reproductive Organ Biomass and Nutrient Accumulation in Two Cotton Cultivars with Different Phosphorus Sensitivity. Iqbal, Babar; Kong, Fanxuan; Ullah, Inam; Ali, Saif; Li, Huijie; Wang, Jiawei; Khattak, Wajid Ali; Z Feb 1, 2020 10727
Comparative Yield, Fiber Quality and Dry Matter Production of Cotton Planted at Various Densities under Equidistant Row Arrangement. Khan, Nangial; Xing, Fangfang; Feng, Lu; Wang, Zhanbiao; Xin, Minghua; Xiong, Shiwu; Wang, Guoping; Feb 1, 2020 8579
Programmed Cell Death Facilitates the Formation of Unisexual Male and Female Flowers in Persimmon (Diospyros kaki Thunb.). Wang, Liyuan; Li, Huawei; Suo, Yujing; Han, Weijuan; Diao, Songfeng; Mai, Yini; Sun, Peng; Li, Fangd Feb 1, 2020 8011
Effect of Drought Stress at Reproductive Stages on Growth and Nitrogen Metabolism in Soybean. Du, Yanli; Zhao, Qiang; Chen, Liru; Yao, Xingdong; Xie, Futi Feb 1, 2020 10868
Flasher in fishnets performed sex act in the street; 39-year-old admits daylight offence. SARA NICHOL Reporter @ChronicleCourt Jan 23, 2020 541
Man attempted to meet 15-year-old girl for sex; he sent explicit pics to online profile set up by paedophile hunters. DAVID HUNTLEY @EveningGazette Jan 22, 2020 386
Police Arrest Couple for Burning Their 7-Year-Old Daughter's Genitals. Jan 21, 2020 293
Watch moment pervert who sent topless snaps in sexts to 'schoolgirl' is snared by Dark Justice; Jason Tilbury believed was sexually chatting with a 15-year-old girl named Holly - but really it was a paedophile hunter group. David Huntley Jan 21, 2020 414
Stalling Sex-Ed is only hurting curious young generation. Jan 20, 2020 366
Teacher denies defiling, impregnating schoolgirl. Jan 14, 2020 342
First Genomic Study Of Puberty Yields Insights Into Development And Cancer. Jan 13, 2020 855
Drought ignites human-wildlife conflict in Zimbabwe. Jan 11, 2020 764
$1M Bitcoin Price Prediction A 'Ruse,' McAfee Admits. Ron Mendoza Jan 6, 2020 530
Plant Density Influences Reproductive Growth, Lint Yield and Boll Spatial Distribution of Cotton. Khan, Nangial; Han, Yingchun; Xing, Fangfang; Feng, Lu; Wang, Zhanbiao; Wang, Guoping; Yang, Beifang Jan 1, 2020 8223
Intratesticular Angiolipoma: A Rare Case of Adipose Tissue Presence in the Testis. Kalyvas, V.; Gkekas, C.; Papadopoulos, D.; Malioris, A.; Milias, S.; Papathanasiou, M.; Kalinderis, Jan 1, 2020 1590
Adnexal Torsion in Pediatric Age: Does Bolli's Score Work? Report of Two Cases. Giambanco, L.; Iannone, V.; Borriello, M.; Scibilia, G.; Sozzi, G.; Chiantera, V.; Scollo, P. Dec 31, 2019 2286
Etiology and Clinical Presentation of Disorders of Sex Development in Kenyan Children and Adolescents. Amolo, Prisca; Laigong, Paul; Omar, Anjumanara; Drop, Stenvert Dec 31, 2019 6259
Characterising SRD5A2 Gene Variants in 37 Indonesian Patients with 5-Alpha-Reductase Type 2 Deficiency. Marzuki, Nanis S.; Idris, Firman P.; Kartapradja, Hannie D.; Harahap, Alida R.; Batubara, Jose R.L. Dec 31, 2019 7242
AP officer charged with rape. Dec 30, 2019 277
Pervert told cop posing as schoolgirl his wife 'would kill me lol' if she discovered 'naughty secret'; Lee Richardson, of Hebburn, thought he was talking sexually to a 14-year-old girl but it was an undercover police officer. Rob Kennedy Dec 24, 2019 495
Kerala: 5 auto-rickshaw drivers arrested for killing mentally-challenged man. ANI Dec 17, 2019 242
Woman strangled her lover, cut off his genitals and kept them in her bag; Sada Abe also left carved out a message on her lover's leg written in blood in a shocking murder that became a national sensation in Japan nearly 100 years ago. By, Lorraine King Dec 7, 2019 1065
Moroccan Farmer Loses Genitals After Fight with Hunter in Khemisset. Dec 4, 2019 235
Moderate Drip Irrigation Level with Low Mepiquat Chloride Application Increases Cotton Lint Yield by Improving Leaf Photosynthetic Rate and Reproductive Organ Biomass Accumulation in Arid Region. Gao, Hongyun; Ma, Hui; Khan, Aziz; Xia, Jun; Hao, Xianzhe; Wang, Fangyong; Luo, Honghai Dec 1, 2019 9874
A Toxicological Evaluation of Methylliberine (Dynamine[R]). Murbach, Timothy S.; Glavits, Robert; Endres, John R.; Clewell, Amy E.; Hirka, Gabor; Vertesi, Adel; Nov 30, 2019 20021
Grace Millane murder accused 'liked taking photos of dead women's genitalia', court hears; A New Zealand Court heard how the alleged killer of British backpacker Grace Millane treated her with 'a complete and utter absence of dignity' as trial into her death in Auckland continues. By, Stephen D'Antal & Matthew Dresch Nov 21, 2019 781
Brave girl, 14, puts bus pervert in a headlock after he 'grinded on passengers'; The 14-year-old put the alleged pervert into a headlock after he rubbed his genitals against another woman on a bus in the city of Guiyang, south-western China. By, Louise Newton Nov 21, 2019 263
HPV And Cancer: Shocking Link Between The Two Explained. Seema Prasad Disease/Disorder overview Nov 20, 2019 511
Oral sex: Malaysian expert discusses safety, reluctance, power play of the act. Nov 15, 2019 455
Man jailed for hitting football fan in toilet row. philip dewey Reporter Nov 13, 2019 667
India: 20-year-old's headless body found with genitals missing. Gulf News Web Report Nov 13, 2019 364
The reason only one nostril gets blocked -- and the answer is in your pants; It turns out your nose and your sexual organs are inextricably linked as both contain the same erectile tissue. Laura Hartley Nov 9, 2019 1564
5 Common Vagina Myths Debunked. Jan Cortes Nov 6, 2019 394
Pre-Sowing Irrigation Plus Surface Fertilization Improves Morpho-Physiological Traits and Sustaining Water-Nitrogen Productivity of Cotton. Chen, Zongkui; Gao, Hongyun; Hou, Fei; Khan, Aziz; Luo, Honghai Nov 1, 2019 8402
Woman, 28, born with two wombs undergoes double hysterectomy due to endometriosis; Megan Argyle, from Hull, Yorkshire, was diagnosed with the rare condition aged 14. By, Lucy Notarantonio Oct 30, 2019 693
Flashing neighbour faces court wait. Oct 26, 2019 322
Drunken yob grabs customer's genitals in pub toilet before attacking him; Jake Staniforth and Christian Long later approached the victim outside the pub where they launched their attack. By, Suzy Gibson Oct 26, 2019 1066
Man arrested for cutting off and eating bears' penises to improve his sex drive; The man reportedly belongs to India's Pardhi-Behelia tribe, who think sloth bear penises are an aphrodisiac, and spent six years evading capture. By, Matthew Dresch Oct 25, 2019 291
Pervert snared by police posing as 13-year-old. GARETH LIGHTFOOT @GazetteCourt Oct 24, 2019 587
Fast-tract intersex bill, Senate urged. Oct 24, 2019 687
Mum sues son's BDSM boyfriends after he dies injecting silicone into testicles; Tank Hafertepen was allegedly coerced into making his balls as big as a basketball while he was a 'submissive' in a BDSM group in Seattle, US. By, Matthew Dresch Oct 14, 2019 405
Doctors admonish women against using toothpaste to tighten their vaginas. Oct 14, 2019 705
Baby boy born with three legs and two penises 'will live a normal life'; WARNING, GRAPHIC IMAGES: Medics in Moscow believe his third leg came from a twin that did not fully develop in the mother's womb. By, Will Stewart Oct 12, 2019 376
Cruel mum starved toddler son and mutilated his genitals with pliers; WARNING -UPSETTING CONTENT Brittany Nicole Lippincott, 29, from West Virginia, also admitted failing to get her son medical attention. By, Chiara Fiorillo Oct 5, 2019 260
Man hospitalised in Murang'a after genitals chopped off. Oct 3, 2019 506
Recent Advances in Identifying Biomarkers and High-Affinity Aptamers for Gynecologic Cancers Diagnosis and Therapy. Ma, Xiaoqun; Lakshmipriya, Thangavel; Gopinath, Subash C.B. Sep 30, 2019 6043
@dailyrecord. Sep 28, 2019 159
World's first Vagina museum to open in UK with myth-busting exhibition; The first museum of its kind will open in Camden Market in London following a [pounds sterling]50,000 crowdfunding campaign. Elaine McCahill Sep 20, 2019 689
Pastor Ng'ang'a slapped with Sh1 million fine for exposing woman's breasts. Sep 20, 2019 344
Man makes court appearance accused of 'exposing genitals' in Redcar; Chadley O'Neill, 29, is said to have carried out the act on June 29. Sep 14, 2019 156
Wigan man flashed his genitals and buttocks to mums out walking with their children. Sep 13, 2019 308
New Trends of Conjugated Estrogen Market with Worldwide Industry Analysis to 2028. Sep 10, 2019 988
Mexican gang tortures 'rapist' by making pit bull terrier eat his genitals; WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT - The unnamed man in his 30s is seen writhing on the floor while handcuffed and surrounded by men after allegedly attacking a woman. Sep 9, 2019 398
Mexican Gang Lets A Pit Bull Maul An Alleged Rapist's Genitals. Sep 9, 2019 406
Body talk is all a bits silly. Sep 8, 2019 123
Body talk is all a bits silly; JUST SAYING! Sep 8, 2019 123
Body talk is all a bits silly; SUNDAY PEOPLE ? SEPTEMBER 8, 2019 NEWS & FEATURES SAYING! Rachael Bletchly. Sep 8, 2019 120
Age-old tips that will get you in the mood. Sep 8, 2019 167
'Blind vagina' is a real thing - and it can majorly affect a woman's sex life; Some women are born with a rare condition known as 'blind' or 'dead-end vagina' and it can impact their sex lives. Sep 7, 2019 363
Young man, 18, rushed to hospital 'after getting genitals stuck in belt sander'; Emergency services were called to the scene after the man reportedly suffered suspected lacerations to his genital area in the incident in Mosman, Sydney, Australia. Sep 7, 2019 232
Affront bottom; Parents urged to use right names for girls' genitals. Sep 6, 2019 173
Parents told to stop using words like 'front bottom' and 'fairy'; Charity Eve Appeal said both male and female body parts should not be shrouded in secrecy and called on mums and dads to use the correct terms. Sep 6, 2019 242
Woman who chopped off husband's genitals denied bail. Sep 5, 2019 235
Diagnostic accuracy of human chorionic gonadotropins (HCG) stimulation test in XY-disorders of sex development (XY-DSD) presented in Armed Forces Institute of Pathology. Report Aug 31, 2019 2163
Nurse pretended woman's vagina was ventriloquist dummy in front of colleagues; The female patient was undergoing an intimate medical exam when William Kennedy made it appear like her genitals were talking. Aug 31, 2019 635
Ndhiwa farmer jailed for life for defiling girl, 5. Aug 24, 2019 249
What's the difference betweenPelvic examination and smear test. Aug 23, 2019 132
What's the difference betweenPelvic examination and smear test; Helping to keep you fit and healthy. Aug 23, 2019 132
HPV Vaccination Rate in U.S. Girls Has Stalled. Mundell, E.J. Report Aug 22, 2019 701
Finding myself after being born intersex. Aug 17, 2019 1078
It is all a steaming pile of rubbish, experts warn over latest health fad. Aug 16, 2019 782
Gemma Collins leaves Diva Forever viewers gagging as she scratches crotch and sniffs hand; Gemma's poor stylist Lucas also had to sniff his boss' hand after she complained her genitals were "on fire". Aug 15, 2019 482
Man denies exposing his genitalia to woman during DWP benefits application; Gavin Knight, 29, has pleaded not guilty to exposure in a short hearing at Teesside Crown Court. Aug 14, 2019 183
A - Estradiol Market Shares, Strategies and Forecast Worldwide, 2018 to 2026. Aug 9, 2019 940
Woman who chopped husband's genitals to be charged with murder. Aug 6, 2019 349
BREAKING Teen arrested after man stabbed in genitals at Nottingham Riverside Festival; An 18-year-old has been arrested on suspicion of grievous bodily harm after the incident last night. Aug 3, 2019 123
Genitals-scalding kidnappers, helicopter cocaine gang and karate thug jailed this week; The most serious cases linked to Merseyside over the last week. Jul 29, 2019 1670
Cells vital for development of a healthy uterus. Jul 24, 2019 480
Customer exposed himself in Papa John's takeaway before propositioning staff; John Morgan exposed his genitals before acting in a 'creepy' way. Jul 20, 2019 426
Mum who bit her former lover so hard his testicles were left exposed back in court; 52-year-old Maria Topp has breached a restraining order imposed after the sickening attack. Jul 16, 2019 469
Paedophile told fictitious 13-year-old he would 'give her a seeing to' in sting by online vigilantes; Michael Buckley, 34, also sent pictures of his genitals as he tried to meet the 'girl' for sex. Jul 11, 2019 678
Biker arrested on suspicion of indecent exposure; Cops: 'He was riding a motorcycle whilst exposing his genitals '. Jul 1, 2019 173
Patient with Disorders of Sex Development (DSD): A Case Report from a Tertiary Care Hospital in Thiruvananthapuram, India. Sreejith, Pongillyathundiyil Sasidharan; Balakrishnan, Sheila; Sankar, Vaikom Hariharan; Syamala, Re Jul 1, 2019 1763
Perineoscrotal Reconstruction Following Fournier's Gangrene Using the Upper Medial Thigh Perforator Flap. Irmak, Fatih; Sirvan, Selami Serhat; Sizmaz, Mert; Yazar, Sevgi Kurt; Akcal, Arzu; Karsidag, Semra Jul 1, 2019 3185
Metastatic vulvar Crohn's disease preceding intestinal manifestations: a case report and short review. Kyriakou, Georgia; Gkermpesi, Maria; Thomopoulos, Konstantinos; Marangos, Markos; Georgiou, Sophia Jul 1, 2019 2374
Use of Ceftolozane/Tazobactam in a Case of Septic Shock by Puerperal Sepsis. Pezzi, Mario; Scozzafava, Anna Maria; Giglio, Anna Maria; Vozzo, Renata; Casella, Patrizia Dina; Tib Jun 30, 2019 3066
'Moymay,' the piglet, causes stir among Bohol villagers. Jun 27, 2019 302
Man held 7 days for mutilating step-son's genitals over Sh50. Jun 11, 2019 169
Why are some women perpetually dry. Jun 10, 2019 1178
A rare AMH variant in a case with persistent Mullerian Duct syndrome. Kurtulgan, Hande Kucuk; Yildirim, Malik Ejder Jun 1, 2019 255
A Novel Homozygous CYP19A1 Gene Mutation: Aromatase Deficiency Mimicking Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia in an Infant without Obvious Maternal Virilisation. Dursun, Fatma; Ceylaner, Serdar Jun 1, 2019 4070
Novel Compound Heterozygous Variants in the LHCGR Gene in a Genetically Male Patient with Female External Genitalia. Yan, Mei; Dilihuma, Julaiti; Luo, Yanfei; Reyilanmu, Baoerhan; Shen, Yiping; Mireguli, Maimaiti Jun 1, 2019 4060
Giant Vulvar Condylomata: Two Cases and a Review of the Literature. Ugurlucan, Funda Gungor; Yasa, Cenk; Demir, Omer; Dural, Ozlem; Yavuz, Ekrem; Akhan, Suleyman Engin May 31, 2019 1850
Phyllanthus muellerianus (Euphorbiaceae) Restores Ovarian Functions in Letrozole-Induced Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome in Rats. Ndeingang, Eveline Christiane; Deeh, Patrick Brice Defo; Watcho, Pierre; Kamanyi, Albert May 31, 2019 9512
Stress during pregnancy affects reproductive function in male offspring: Study. May 30, 2019 598
They said it could be herpes. I was literally treating a tumour with Sudocrem; survivor hopes to spread awareness of vulval cancer. May 20, 2019 625
Tourist left mortified after 'dog' tattoo ends up resembling something very rude; Kayla Robertson, 26, got a tattoo to show the world how much she loves 18-month-old Australian Shepherd Penny. May 11, 2019 802
The cancer that lay underneath stubborn itch in lady bits. May 7, 2019 837
Qatar's 2022 FIFA World Cup 'vagina stadium' is finally unveiled after ridicule; A new football stadium in Qatar has been compared to female genitalia due to its unique design. May 3, 2019 368
A -- Estradiol Market Outlook Focusing on Major Opportunities Expected to Occur during the Forecast P. Apr 25, 2019 696
A -- Estradiol Market Outlook Focusing on Major Opportunities Expected to Occur during the Forecast P. Apr 24, 2019 725
Woman arrested after 'stabbing partner in genitals and jumping from building'; Canadian police found a man with multiple stab wounds when they responded to the incident at an apartment complex in Toronto on Sunday morning. Apr 22, 2019 349
Sandbach cat's life saved by 'gender reassignment' surgery; Piglet's life was in danger because a bladder stone was preventing him from passing water. Apr 21, 2019 711
Sandbach cat's life saved by 'gender reassignment' surgery; Piglet's life was in danger because a bladder stone was preventing him from passing water. Apr 21, 2019 711
Female dolphins have better sex than women thanks to their well-placed clitorises; Researchers discovered dolphins clitorises are positioned at the entrance of the vaginal opening - indicating it can potentially be easily stimulated during copulation. Apr 7, 2019 621
Boy 'sprayed in genitals with anti-freeze' in sickening video clip; Humberside Police are investigating the footage, said to have been taken at a school in East Yorkshire. Apr 7, 2019 367
Ex-soldier's wine bar sex act shame; man escorted outside by chef with his genitalia still on show. Apr 6, 2019 403
Successful pregnancy in a patient with Swyer syndrome, or pure 46,XY gonadal dysgenesis. Chrysostomou, A.; Tsuari, M. Apr 1, 2019 2095
Paedophile bus driver raped children over decades by luring them with games; Shaun Borrett, 42, targeted children as young as five in sex crimes that spanned 24 years - with some of his victims being punched and kicked in the genitals. Mar 30, 2019 1057
'I Am Jazz' Surgeon Allegedly Posts Photos Of Transgender Patients' Genitals. Mar 15, 2019 432
Brexit: Geoffrey Cox declares a report about his legal advice 'bollocks'; Just days after discussing his 'codpiece' in the Commons, the Attorney General is once again talking about male genitalia. Mar 12, 2019 261
Sex health nurse's most bizarre cases including man with fetish for urinal rubbing; Gavin Stansfield, from Hull, said the job keeps him "on my toes" all the time with people sleeping around "more than ever". Mar 10, 2019 1342
Man Accidentally Shoots Self In Genitals. Mar 5, 2019 361
Stop capitalist games around menses issues. Mar 3, 2019 644
Changes in the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Gonadal Axis in Adult Male Rats Poisoned with Proteus and Biscaya Insecticides. Solhjou, Karamat Allah; Hosseini, Seyed Ebrahim; Vahdati, Akbar; Edalatmanesh, Mohammad Amin Report Mar 1, 2019 4341
The Meessiidae (Lepidoptera: Tineoidea) of Korea. Roh, Seung Jin; Byun, Bong-Kyu Report Mar 1, 2019 5460
Ambiguous genitalia: An overview of 7 years experience at the Children's Hospital and Institute of Child Health, Lahore, Pakistan. Feb 28, 2019 3048
Flasher suspected of 'launching waste bins about' while 'exposing genitals'; The alleged incident took place over the weekend in Warrington, according to police. Feb 18, 2019 234
Flasher suspected of 'launching waste bins about' while 'exposing genitals'; The alleged incident took place over the weekend in Warrington, according to police. Feb 18, 2019 234
Late night flasher 'threw bins around park with his genitals out'; Police described it as a 'rumpus'. Feb 17, 2019 182
I have never encountered catastrophic injuries like these before TOP FORENSIC DOC; PATHOLOGIST GIVES EVIDENCE AT ALESHA MURDER TRIAL Court hears tragic six-year-old died from significant pressure to face and neck She suffered 117 injuries including severe trauma to genitals .. some inflicted in life Accused's mum watched him coming and going from house on CCTV on night of killing. Feb 15, 2019 950
Cops sprinkled pepper in my genitals, says Kori's mistress. Feb 14, 2019 340
[JUST IN] GRAPHIC: Man Found Dead, Head Cut Off, Genitals, Intestines Removed In Ibadan. Feb 14, 2019 104
'A MOTORBIKE CRASH LEFT ME UNABLE BUT IT TOOK 10 YEARS TO FIND A TREATMENT' TO ORGASM; Helen, 31*, thought she'd walked away from an accident with just cuts and bruises - but it turned out she'd damaged nerves affecting her sex organs. Feb 10, 2019 1564
Motorbike crash left me unable to orgasm and it took 10 years to find treatment; Helen, 31*, thought she'd walked away from an accident with just cuts and bruises -- but it turned out she'd damaged nerves affecting her sex organs. Feb 10, 2019 1622
MP started groping men .. grabbing backsides and genitals and trying to put his hands down their pants; SCOTS TORIES INVESTIGATE DRUNKEN SCANDALEYEWITNESS IN PARLY BARPolice huckle Thomson out of Commons pub after 'sexual touching' claim. Feb 7, 2019 765
Vibrating genitals may ward off predators. Feb 5, 2019 215
Pensioner told schoolgirl he wanted to 'show her how to make babies' and sexually assaulted her; The abuse only came to light when the victim told friends at a sleep-over about what had happened. Feb 3, 2019 692
Murray tells Morgan to stop talking balls on TV; andy embarrassed by x-ray telly chat. Jan 31, 2019 261
Maid accuses South Sudanese employer of torture. Jan 29, 2019 542
UK mum weeps in court as she denies cutting daughter's genitals. Jan 28, 2019 466
Ronda Rousey's incredible response to report she will quit WWE; The former UFC star spoke out as she prepares to defend her title at Royal Rumble on Sunday. Jan 26, 2019 250
The US FDA allows marketing of first test to aid in the diagnosis of a sexually-transmitted Mycoplasma genitalium. Jan 24, 2019 319
The US FDA allows marketing of first test to aid in the diagnosis of a sexually-transmitted Mycoplasma genitalium. Jan 24, 2019 315
Suspecting of extramarital affair, woman chops off husband's genitals. Jan 21, 2019 178
'Witch' Hired To Mutilate 3-Year-Old Girl's Genitals. Jan 17, 2019 468
Mete out severe punishment on perpetrators of hooliganism. Jan 14, 2019 584
'Green Book' director apologises for flashing genitals. Jan 10, 2019 203
China's 'Jack the Ripper' executed for murdering and mutilating girls and women; WARNING - GRAPHIC CONTENT: Serial killer Gao Chengyong, 54, cut off parts of his victims' reproductive organs. Jan 3, 2019 514
Anaxipha hyalicetra sp. n. (Gryllidae: Trigonidiinae), a new sword-tailed cricket species from Arizona. Cole, Jeffrey A.; Funk, David H. Jan 1, 2019 4114
Do You Have Pain with Intercourse? Postmenopausal women experience pain during sex more than men. These are some common reasons why. Jan 1, 2019 684
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Sexually transmitted infections in children: a prospective cross-sectional hospital-based study. Clinical report Dec 31, 2018 2872
Thane: 3 arrested for cutting off man's genitals. Dec 27, 2018 159
Woman Chops Off Man's Genitals For Harassing Her. Dec 27, 2018 451
Stepmom Tied Rubber Band Around 7-Year-Old's Genitals. Dec 20, 2018 389
British schoolgirls at risk of FGM during Christmas break. Dec 18, 2018 458
Racist flasher fined PS500 for sick stunt; Man exposed genitals and mocked fast-food worker. Dec 15, 2018 278
Unsolved murders: 10 chilling killings that will keep you up at night; The fact there are still no answers is a source of terror for some, and fascination for others. Dec 14, 2018 2517
MASSEUR FONDLED 6 CLIENTS; Shamed therapist admits sex assaults. Dec 11, 2018 267
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Conjugated Estrogen Market : Share, Trends, Analysis, Growth, Sales, Demand, Research, Survey and In. Nov 14, 2018 859
23-year-old accused of exposing his genitals and racially abusing a police officer in Redcar; Jack Liddle, from Nunthorpe, Middlesbrough, denied the charges and is due to go on trial on December 7. Nov 8, 2018 187
Child marriage. Nov 7, 2018 220
Victim's cut up & strewn all over the house; Horror scene of stab murder mutilation. Nov 4, 2018 524
Man found dead in pool of blood after his genitals had been cut off; Woman arrested over horrific discovery in house. Nov 3, 2018 456
SELF HELP STI symptoms that need checking. Nov 2, 2018 175
Man who had his genitals 'ripped off and eaten' by a bulldog 'had smeared his crotch with peanut butter'; The man's genitals could not be reattached, after the mauling by the dog named Biggie Smalls. Nov 2, 2018 196
Sarah Scott levels misconduct allegations against Kip Pardue. Nov 1, 2018 345
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Bulldog put down after mauling man. Oct 18, 2018 116
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FRI makes breakthrough in tiger grouper breeding using 'ubi gadong'. Jan 26, 2018 692
Gender identity not determined by genitals, civil societies insist amid Nur Sajat's test. Jan 25, 2018 476
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Another Doctor, Wife Charged with Female Genital Mutilation in Michigan: April 21, 2017. Baldas, Tresa; Allen, Robert Dec 22, 2017 1098
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Denver demonstration: men do complain. Sep 22, 2014 571
The nether regions. Letter to the editor May 1, 2014 474
Off the track. Weinberg, Horst D. Brief article May 1, 2014 250
Teachable moments. de Freitas, Chrystal Letter to the editor May 1, 2014 312
Needed reassurance. Meehan, Dave Letter to the editor May 1, 2014 312
Patient and parent discomfort. Jewell-Mahler, Victoria Letter to the editor May 1, 2014 130
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