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Articles from Reproductive Health Matters (November 1, 2010)

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"I Am Not Dead, But I Am Not Living:" Barriers to Fistula Prevention and Treatment in Kenya. 234
Abortion drugs in rural USA via telemedicine video link. Brief article 171
Access to safe and legal abortion for teenage women from deprived backgrounds in Hong Kong. Hung, Suet Lin Report 5463
AIDS researchers call for a month of "Safe sex/No sex". Brief article 250
American Academy of Pediatrics changes then retracts statement on FGM. 373
Antiretroviral gel for prevention of HIV infection in women: phase 2 trial findings. Abstract 294
Arabic Internet debate about hymen repair in Sunni Islamic law. Report 244
Barriers to increasing hospital birth rates in rural Shanxi Province, China. Gao, Yu; Barclay, Lesley; Kildea, Sue; Hao, Min; Belton, Suzanne Report 6587
Benefits of using DVD to provide information about abortion, Scotland. Brief article 124
Bisexual partnerships among southern African MSM. Brief article 208
Brazil: one of the abortion front lines. Correa, Sonia 4351
Cambodia needs more midwives to reduce maternal deaths. Brief article 112
Care-seeking for post-partum morbidity, rural India. Brief article 238
Caught between social and market considerations: a case study of Muhammadiyah charitable health services. Sciortino, Rosalia; Ridarineni, Neni; Marjadi, Brahmaputra 5537
Cervical cancer screening with visual inspection in Colombia. Brief article 285
Characteristics of private abortion services in Mexico City after legalization. Schiavon, Raffaela; Collado, Maria Elena; Troncoso, Erika; Sanchez, Jose Ezequiel Soto; Zorrilla, Ga Report 4797
Combined ARVs and low heterosexual transmission of HIV, Spain. Brief article 277
Community-Based Health Workers can Safely and Effectively Administer Injectable Contraceptives: Conclusions from a Technical Consultation. Brief article 175
Community-based interventions improve newborn outcomes but not maternal mortality. Brief article 237
Concept mapping to identify factors driving adolescent sexuality, Peru. Abstract 239
Consistent condom use is based on habit, Croatia. Abstract 252
Cost-effectiveness of safe abortion in Nigeria and Ghana. Brief article 260
Couples vs. individual HIV counselling and testing in antenatal clinics in Rwanda, Zambia and Tanzania. Report 586
Degrading "test" for rape, India. Report 394
Development and approval of new female condom designs. Brief article 277
Domestic violence, perinatal and neonatal mortality, India. Brief article 250
Effect of continuous support during labour, Iran. Report 340
Efficacy of single-session HIV prevention intervention for black women, US. Brief article 297
Eliminating perinatal HIV infection with ARVs. Report 549
Enrolling pregnant women in research. Brief article 265
Equity in maternal and child health care in Thailand. Brief article 276
Evaluation of a domestic violence intervention in the maternity and sexual health services of a UK hospital. Bacchus, Loraine J.; Bewley, Susan; Vitolas, Carlos Torres; Aston, Gillian; Jordan, Peter; Murray, S Report 5890
Favourable abortion verdict, Queensland, Australia. Brief article 201
Female genital mutilation persists despite ban, Indonesia. Brief article 228
Female genital mutilation/cutting and issues of sexuality in Egypt. Fahmy, Amel; Mouelhy, Mawaheb EI- T.; Ragab, Ahmed R. Report 5391
Free resources for training in maternal and neonatal care. Brief article 230
Genital tract shedding among women with undetectable plasma viral load, US. Clinical report 304
Guidance on management of hypertension in pregnancy, UK. Report 229
Guidelines for cancer treatment in low-income countries. Brief article 255
Health systems financing research priorities in developing countries. Brief article 247
HIV diagnoses fall as treatment expands in British Columbia, Canada. Brief article 317
HIV patients forced to pay or go without, Zimbabwe. Brief article 243
HPV infection heightens HIV risk in men. Abstract 265
HPV screening for anal cancer, Canada. Abstract 258
HPV vaccine uptake in adolescents girls in France and USA. Abstract 585
Improvements in maternal health care in Angola? Brief article 243
Infanticide cases in France. 409
Influence of body mass index on miscarriage rate after assisted reproduction, UK. Brief article 249
Intimate partner violence during pregnancy: analysis of prevalence data from 19 countries. Devries, Karen M.; Kishor, Sunita; Johnson, Holly; Stockl, Heidi; Bacchus, Loraine J.; Garcia-Moreno Report 6560
It's All One Curriculum: guidelines and activities for a unified approach to sexuality, gender, HIV, and human rights education. Hallgarten, Lisa Book review 1131
Launch of Global Commission on HIV and the Law. Brief article 153
Low uptake of maternal health care in a remote Chinese region. Report 324
Making medical abortion accessible in New Zealand. Brief article 161
Malawian president lifts ban on traditional birth attendants. Brief article 233
Male circumcision provides some protection against high-risk HPV, Uganda. 513
Male circumcision: divided opinions. Brief article 317
Maternal alcohol consumption during pregnancy and semen quality of male offspring, Denmark. Report 267
Multi-disciplinary team working in cancer: the evidence. 363
Mutual health organisations in Benin. Brief article 232
Neoliberal reforms and privatisation of reproductive health services in post-socialist Poland. Mishtal, Joanna Report 6545
New Kenyan constitution is a victory for reproductive health and abortion policy. Brief article 204
Obstacles and challenges following the partial decriminalisation of abortion in Colombia. Amado, Eduardo Diaz; Garcia, Maria Cristina Calderon; Cristancho, Katherine Romero; Salas, Elena Pra Report 5085
Philippine president supports sex education and contraception. Brief article 278
Physical violence by a partner during pregnancy in Tanzania: prevalence and risk factors. Stockl, Heidi; Watts, Charlotte; Mbwambo, Jessie Kazeni Kilonzo Report 4872
Physicians' approaches to post-abortion care in the Philippines. Brief article 213
PMTCT efforts in Malawi: drug shortages and loss to follow-up. Brief article 245
Poor health services hamper PMTCT progress, Swaziland. Brief article 193
Poor standards and bad practice in UK cosmetic surgery "industry". Brief article 276
Post-abortion complications much lower after self-induced abortion using misoprostol, 1990s data from Brazil. Report 917
Pre-cancerous cell changes "hidden" in anal warts of gay men, US. Abstract 267
Prevalence and types of HPV in women, Turkey. Abstract 239
Privatisation in reproductive health services in Pakistan: three case studies. Ravindran, T.K. Sundari Report 7215
Progress Report: Reproductive Health Strategy to Accelerate Progress Towards the Attainment of International Development Goals and Targets. Brief article 210
Protection. Brief article 258
Public irritated by another condom shortage in Uganda. Report 202
Rampant "honour" killings, north India. Brief article 184
Rebirth of the midwife, Laos. Brief article 196
Same-sex marriage approved in Argentina. Brief article 227
Second trimester abortion laws globally: actuality, trends and recommendations. Boland, Reed Report 11943
Seeing Is Believing: Questions About Faith-Based Organizations That Are Involved in HIV/AIDS Prevention and Treatment. Brief article 204
Self-induction of abortion among women in the United States. Grossman, Daniel; Holt, Kelsey; Pena, Melanie; Lara, Diana; Veatch, Maggie; Cordova, Denisse; Gold, 5498
Should men and women be encouraged to start childbearing at a younger age? Brief article 202
Stakeholder perceptions of a total market approach to family planning in Viet Nam. Drake, Jennifer Kidwell; Thanh, Luu Huong Thi; Suraratdecha, Chutima; Thu, Ha Phan Thi; Vail, Janet Report 5039
Supporting women financially to have a safe abortion beyond Mexico City. Brief article 211
Thailand's new condom crusade. Brief article 217
The "Ten-Dollar Talib" and Women's Rights: Afghan women and the Risks of Reintegration and Reconciliation. Brief article 252
The implications of maternal death classification for tracking progress towards MDG5. Report 322
Treating pre-cancerous anal lesions in people with HIV, UK. Abstract 262
Trends in maternal mortality, UN inter-agency estimates, 1990 to 2008. Report 928
Trends in PMTCT in Denmark, 1994-2008. Brief article 316
TV shows help change attitudes about HIV/AIDS. Brief article 273
Two judicial decisions regarding abortion in the case of rape, Argentina. Brief article 340
Uganda increasing male circumcision sites. Brief article 197
Universal access to female condoms: programmes in Cameroon and Nigeria. 207
Unsafe abortion in 2008: global and regional levels and trends. Shah, Iqbal; Ahman, Elisabeth Report 5824
Vitamin A supplementation does not improve maternal survival. Brief article 204
WHO agrees code on ethical recruitment of health personnel. Brief article 258
Who has responsibility for health in a privatised health system? Berer, Marge 5307
WHO position on misoprostol for post-partum haemorrhage prevention and treatment. 352
Worldwide mortality in men and women aged 15-59 years. Brief article 294

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