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Articles from Reproductive Health Matters (November 1, 2009)

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"I am at the lowest end of all": rural women living with HIV face human rights abuses in South Africa. 109
11-year-old girl denied legal abortion after rape in Argentina. Brief article 233
Abandonment of infants by HIV-positive women in Russia and prevention measures. Zabina, Helena; Kissin, Dmitry; Pervysheva, Elena; Mytil, Anna; Dudchenko, Olga; Jamieson, Denise; H 5814
Abortion and mental health: evidence from the United States. 384
Abortion for nine-year-old leads to excommunication and controversy. 307
Abortion services, not "abortion tourism". Brief article 226
Acid attack victims in Pakistan suffer in silence. Brief article 170
Active management of third stage of labour deficient in seven countries. Brief article 237
Adherence to HIV treatment in pregnancy and post-partum: USA. Brief article 212
Adolescent sexual and reproductive health in sub-Saharan Africa. Brief article 131
Advocating accountability: status report on maternal health and young people's sexual and reproductive health and rights in South Asia. Brief article 163
Allan Rosenfield. Obituary 347
Appeal for help to stop violence against women in Cote d'Ivoire. Brief article 178
Australia lifting gag rule on foreign aid for abortion. 195
Automatic dismissal for teenage pregnancy in Sierra Leone. Brief article 197
Beliefs associated with semen among young gay men in Canada. Author abstract 243
Bolivian Supreme Court issues order to implement abortion law. Brief article 192
Breaking the silence. 106
Breaking the silence: South African HIV policies and the needs of men who have sex with men. Rispel, Laetitia C.; Metcalf, Carol A. Report 5823
Can universal HIV testing and treatment eliminate most HIV within a decade? 407
Case filed against Moldova at European Court of Human Rights. 254
Catholic bishop in South Africa says yes to condoms. Author abstract 260
Causal Salud: Interrupcion Legal de Embarazo, Etica y Derechos Humanos. Ortiz, Adriana Ortega Book review 1127
Children in sub-Saharan Africa call for sex education. Brief article 268
Choice of delivery method by pregnant women. Brief article 193
Coerced sterilisation of HIV-positive women, Namibia and Chile. 351
Community-based skilled birth attendants in Bangladesh: attending deliveries at home. Ahmed, Tahera; Jakaria, S.M. Report 3301
Complications after male circumcision for HIV prevention, Kenya. Report 300
Condom distribution reduces STI rate: Cape Town. Author abstract 232
Condom use in the year following an STI clinic visit: USA. Author abstract 196
Condoms being kept out of the classroom in South Africa. Author abstract 198
Condoms for family planning and HIV prevention: Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Author abstract 187
Contraceptive social marketing: no longer a sideshow. Brief article 253
Cumulative live birth rates after IVF. Brief article 256
Decision-making among lesbian couples to use donor insemination. Author abstract 157
Determining the optimal screening interval with cervical cytology and HPV testing in Europe. Brief article 290
Duration of training and quality of childcare in low-income settings. 372
Early marriage becoming urban business in Niger. Brief article 178
Economic impact of unsafe abortion-related morbidity and mortality: evidence and estimation challenges. Brief article 260
Effect of male circumcision on human papillomavirus in young men, South Africa. Brief article 214
Emergency obstetric care and referral: experience of two midwife-led health centres in rural Rajasthan, India. Iyengar, Kirti; Iyengar, Sharad D. Report 6410
Ending the banishment of menstruating women to a shed: Nepal. Brief article 208
European parliament supports reproductive rights. Brief article 187
Exploring the costs and economic consequences of unsafe abortion in Mexico City before legalisation. Levin, Carol; Grossman, Daniel; Berdichevsky, Karla; Diaz, Claudia; Aracena, Belkis; Garcia, Sandra Report 7628
Exploring the gender dimensions of the global health workforce. Brief article 123
Exposing crisis pregnancy centres in British Columbia. Brief article 214
Female condom makes a comeback in Uganda. Brief article 214
Female condom shortage in Kenya. Brief article 201
Female genital mutilation outlawed in Sudan. Brief article 162
Forced divorce in Saudi Arabia. Brief article 303
France strikes down court ruling on virginity. Brief article 172
Government war on women's rights in Nicaragua. 243
HCG test as follow-up after medical abortion. Brief article 140
Health promotion: special issue. Brief article 153
Heterogeneous condom use in Russia. Author abstract 229
Ibuprofen versus paracetamol for pain relief during medical abortion. Brief article 200
Illegal abortions and misoprostol targeted in Brazil by police and media. 382
Impact of obesity on female fertility and fertility treatment. Brief article 236
Improved emergency obstetric care reduces maternal mortality in rural Mali. Brief article 309
Incentives for village midwives in Indonesia. Brief article 282
International health policy and stagnating maternal mortality: is there a causal link? Unger, Jean-Pierre; Van Dessel, Patrick; Sen, Kasturi; De Paepe, Pierre 9139
Interval between mifepristone and misoprostol for second trimester medical abortion. Brief article 220
Intimate partner violence among couples in 10 DHS countries. Report 264
Iraqi minister of women's affairs resigns due to dire situation of women. 351
Learner-centred abortion curriculum for family medicine residents: USA. Brief article 209
Little health care and high mortality for women in Afghanistan. Brief article 274
Male circumcision has no effect on individual women's risk of STIs/HIV. Report 352
Male condoms break mostly from blunt puncture. Brief article 223
Medical abortion has no negative effects on future pregnancies. Brief article 181
Michael A Koenig. Jejeebhoy, Shireen J.; Shah, Iqbal; Cleland, John Obituary 627
Micronutrient supplementation in pregnancy in developing countries. 293
Militants announce ban on girls' education in North West Frontier Province, Pakistan. Brief article 203
Misoprostol alone for second trimester abortion: vaginal versus sublingual route. Brief article 258
New Zealand court ruling on abortion. Brief article 218
Non-physician clinicians can safely provide first trimester medical abortion. Yarnall, Jillian; Swica, Yael; Winikoff, Beverly Report 5415
Nurse auxiliaries as providers of intrauterine devices for contraception in Guatemala and Honduras. Vernon, Ricardo Report 6684
Obama memorandum ends Global Gag Rule. 362
Oral vs. buccal route for misoprostol after mifepristone in first trimester medical abortion. Brief article 305
Penis size affects attitudes towards condom use: USA. Brief article 237
Perinatal depression treated by community health workers, Pakistan. 378
Periodic presumptive treatment for sexually transmitted infections: experience from the field and recommendations for research. Brief article 114
Policies and practices for normal childbirth: Jordan. Brief article 267
Pregnancy during breastfeeding in rural Egypt. Brief article 242
Promising news on microbicides. Brief article 228
Protect lesbians and transgender men from abuse: Kyrgyzstan. Brief article 221
Provision of abortion by mid-level providers. Author abstract 230
Provision of anaesthesia services for emergency obstetric care through task shifting in South Asia. Mavalankar, Dileep; Sriram, Veena 6562
Rape crisis in Congo worsen amid Kivu chaos. Brief article 157
Reproductive health and rights of women. Brief article 114
Reproductive health code for Olongapo, Philippines. Brief article 174
Review of technological progress on maternal mortality since Bellagio, 2003. 302
Scaling-up antiretroviral treatment with human resource shortages. Brief article 231
Severity and cost of unsafe abortion complications treated in Nigerian hospitals. Brief article 289
Sexual health degree course in UK. Brief article 177
Sexual problems among women in the United States. Survey 213
Sexual relations and the need for information among young people: Colombia. Brief article 309
Sexual transmission of HIV in serodiscordant couples: Brazil. Brief article 153
Substitution of doctors by nurses in primary care. Brief article 255
Support for provision of early medical abortion by mid-level providers in Bihar and Jharkhand, India. Patel, Lisa; Bennett, Trude A.; Halpern, Carolyn Tucker; Johnston, Heidi Bart; Suchindran, Chirayath 5889
Surfacing: selected papers on religious fundamentalisms and their impact on women's sexual and reproductive health and rights. Brief article 106
Task shifting for emergency obstetric surgery in district hospitals in Senegal. De Brouwere, Vincent; Dieng, Thierno; Diadhiou, Mohamed; Witter, Sophie; Denerville, Ernest 6611
Task-shifting: exposing the cracks in public health systems. Berer, Marge Report 2882
Ten years of medical abortion services in Tunisia. Brief article 290
The Hajnal line: dividing Europe by nuptiality behaviour. Brief article 291
The hidden HIV epidemic: transgender women in Latin America and Asia. Brief article 169
The language of "sexual minorities" and the politics of identity: a position paper. Petchesky, Rosalind P. 3591
The long road to male circumcision in Southern Africa. Brief article 200
The prevention of mother-to-child HIV transmission programme in Lilongwe, Malawi: why do so many women drop out. Chinkonde, Jacqueline Rose; Sundby, Johanne; Martinson, Francis 5902
The use of rapid syphilis tests. Brief article 119
Timing of elective caesarean delivery and neonatal outcomes. Brief article 244
Towards a sexual ethics of rights and responsibilities. Dixon-Mueller, Ruth; Germain, Adrienne; Fredrick, Beth; Bourne, Kate 5904
Towards the humanization of childbirth: putting birth back in women's hands. Brief article 140
Treatment to reduce HIV transmission at delivery and through breastfeeding. 449
Trends in HIV and sexual behaviour among young people in southern Africa. Brief article 238
Tu futuro en libertad: por un sexualidad y salud reproductiva con responsibilidad. Book review 155
UN General Assembly statement supports sexual rights. Brief article 236
Understanding job satisfaction amongst mid-level cadres in Malawi: the contribution of organisational justice. McAuliffe, Eilish; Manafa, Ogenna; Maseko, Fresier; Bowie, Cameron; White, Emma Report 5924
UNIFEM tracks rising violence against women in Gaza. Brief article 175
Uruguayan president resigns after vetoing a bill decriminalising abortion. Brief article 116
US FDA approves second generation female condom. Brief article 139
US government should stop funding abstinence-only education: virginity pledge ineffective. Brief article 225
Use of medical abortion increasing in USA. Brief article 309
Victoria, Australia, decriminalises abortion. Brief article 247
Violence against pregnant women: Nigeria and New Zealand. 420
WHO recommendations for prevention of post-partum haemorrhage. 343
Why STIs are increasing in Japan. 329
Women and pre-exposure prophylaxis. Brief article 93
Women's expectations of treatment and care after an antenatal HIV diagnosis in Lilongwe, Malawi. Levy, Jennifer M. 6216
Women's perceptions of quality of family planning services in Tabriz, Iran. Mohammad-Alizadeh, Sakineh; Wahlstrom, Rolf; Vahidi, Rezagoli; Johansson, Annika Report 6387
Young Iranians delaying marriage. Brief article 209

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