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Articles from Reproductive Health Matters (May 1, 2007)

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"Just a snip"?: a social history of male circumcision. Aggleton, Peter 4393
"No glove, no love" in Kenya. Survey 184
"You can also cut my finger!": Social construction of male circumcision in West Africa, a case study of Senegal and Guinea-Bissau. Niang, Cheikh Ibrahima; Boiro, Hamadou 8272
A condom named "NYC". Brief article 184
Abortion and Islam: policies and practice in the Middle East and North Africa. Hessini, Leila 6635
Abortion ban passed; first pregnant woman dies, Nicaragua. Brief article 209
Abortion in democratic Spain: the parliamentary political agenda 1979-2004. Cambronero-Saiz, Belen; Ruiz Cantero, Maria Teresa; Vives-Cases, Carmen; Carrasco Portino, Mercedes 7120
Actual fertility and fertility preference, Europe. Brief article 126
Are monthly menstrual periods optional?: a European perspective. Aubeny, Elizabeth 1563
Better use of provider time in public health clinics in Africa. Brief article 158
Bracketing Sexuality: Human Rights and Sexual Orientation--a Decade of Development and Denial at the UN. Book review 234
Breast cancer rises in Australia and survival rate increases too. Brief article 182
Breastfeeding does not contribute to mortality among HIV-positive women in Kenya. Brief article 275
Breastfeeding in Brazil product or process. 372
Brothel-based sexual health clinic for sex workers: South Africa. Clinical report 249
Building coalitions to support women's health and rights in the United States: South Carolina and Florida. McGovern, Theresa 7248
Building the UN Human Rights Council and Its Special Procedures: Notes for Sexual Rights and Reproductive Rights Advocates. Book review 126
Caesarean section as a life-saving intervention. Brief article 251
Campaign against post-war sexual violence in Liberia. 433
Campaign for men to protect their wives from HIV in India. Brief article 146
Canadian government includes $258 million in budget for HPV vaccination. Brief article 165
Cellulose sulfate microbicide trial stopped. Clinical report 227
Changing contraceptive practices in Armenia. Brief article 226
Comprehensive Cervical Cancer Control: A Guide to Essential Practice. Book review 111
Condom acceptability in Mexico, South Africa and Thailand. Clinical report 201
Condom merchandising to increase consistent use in US. 364
Confidentiality owed to adolescents: UK case law. 508
Consistent condom use decreases HPV risk in women. Clinical report 242
Contraceptive use and abortion in France. Brief article 305
Cost of large-scale adolescent sexual and reproductive health interventions, Tanzania. 311
Crisis in Canada's maternity services. Brief article 141
Cutting Edge Pack, Topical Gender Knowledge: Gender and Sexuality. Book review 142
Delays in abortion affect poor and young women in USA. Brief article 250
Delivery of male circumcision services: "Festina lente" . Buve, Anne; Delvaux, Therese; Criel, Bart Clinical report 2870
Drama-based intervention promotes HIV testing in South Africa. Brief article 218
Eleven models for medical abortion services in the US. 602
Emergency contraception in Chile, France and the UK. 623
Emergency contraception in Peru: shifting government and donor policies and influences. Chavez, Susana; Coe, Anna-Britt 6166
Emergency contraception under attack in Latin America: response of the medical establishment and civil society. Faundes, Anibal; Tavara, Luis; Brache, Vivian; Alvarez, Frank 5998
Ensuring access to HPV vaccines. 460
Ensuring sexual and reproductive health for people living with HIV: an overview of key human rights, policy and health systems issues. Gruskin, Sofia; Ferguson, Laura; O'Malley, Jeffrey 14784
Ensuring the sexual and reproductive health of people living with HIV: policies, programmes and health services. Lusti-Narasimhan, Manjula; Cottingham, Jane; Berer, Marge 1309
Erection loss, condom use and risk behaviour in the US. Clinical report 191
Evaluating information on missed pill instructions, Jamaica. Brief article 145
Excerpts of the constitutional court's ruling that liberalized abortion in Colombia: Women's Link Worldwide, 2007. Cook, Rebecca J. Excerpt 1445
Family planning: an urgent global priority. Brief article 203
Female condom use: a literature review. 205
Girl Power: The Impact of Girls' Education on HIV and Sexual Health. Brief article 233
Global control of sexually transmitted infections. Brief article 205
Global Implications of US Domestic and International Policies on Sexuality. Brief article 143
Great Ancestors: Women Asserting Rights in Muslim Contexts, 2 vols. Book review 109
Guidance on providing legal abortion in Peru. 707
Guidance on the introduction of HPV vaccination programmes. Brief article 253
Guidelines for providing abortion for medico-legal indications in Uruguay. Brief article 269
Health reform in Arab countries. Brief article 134
HIV/STI prevention for men who have sex with men, Kenya. Clinical report 382
Hormonal contraception and risk of HIV acquisition: Uganda and Zimbabwe. Clinical report 99
HPV vaccination and cervical cancer screening. 129
HPV vaccination position statement, USA. Brief article 185
Human papillomavirus types in women with HIV. Brief article 163
Impact of HIV and highly active antiretroviral therapy on menstruation. Clinical report 163
Improving contraceptive delivery to women with HIV: Kenya. Clinical report 117
Induced abortion again shown not to affect the risk of breast cancer. Brief article 80
Italians seek assisted reproduction procedures abroad. Brief article 133
Knowing Our Rights: Women, Family, Laws and Customs in the Muslim World, 3rd ed. Book review 109
Knowledge and perception of abortion and the abortion law in Trinidad and Tobago. Martin, Cedriann J.; Hyacenth, Glennis; Suite, Lynette Seebaran Survey 6566
Latin America and Caribbean women's health course. Brief article 112
Legal abortion for mental health indications. Brief article 168
Legislating against sexual violence in Kenya: an interview with the Hon. Njoki Ndungu. Interview 3315
Living Up to Their Name: Profamilia Takes on Gender-Based Violence, No.18. Periodical review 141
Lost: illegal abortion stories. Wainer, Jo Book review 3779
Making safe abortion more widely available. Brief article 174
Male circumcision and HIV prevention: is there really enough of the right kind of evidence? Dowsett, Gary W.; Couch, Murray 8288
Male circumcision for HIV prevention: perspectives on gender and sexuality. Berer, Marge 2458
Male circumcision for HIV prevention: research implications for policy and programming WHO/UNAIDS technical consultation 6-8 March 2007 conclusions and recommendations (excerpts). Conference news 2278
Male circumcision for HIV prevention: the research evidence and some critical responses. Clinical report 728
Male circumcision, in so many words ... Gruskin, Sofia 2556
Male circumcision: implications for women as sexual partners and parents. Hankins, Catherine 4049
Maternal mortality: new commitment and new approaches needed. 614
Maximising the benefits of HPV vaccination. Brief article 307
Meeting the sexual and reproductive health needs of people living with HIV: challenges for health care providers. Bharat, Shalini; Mahendra, Vaishali Sharma 12330
Men as Partners: South Africans Respond to HIV/AIDS and Violence Against Women. Video recording review 80
Nevirapine safe for HIV positive women for PMTCT: Zambia and Botswana studies. Brief article 315
Nikk Magasin: New Perceptions of Gender and Reproduction, No.3. Brief article 85
Oocyte donation, ethical issues. Brief article 243
Oral contraceptive use among teenagers in Finland. 370
Partner reduction vital in fight against HIV. Brief article 180
Partner violence and HIV risk behaviour among young men: South Africa. Clinical report 115
Pharmacy provision of medical abortion pills in a Latin American city. Brief article 256
Poor pregnancy outcomes among adolescents in Kenya. Brief article 267
Promoting motherhood in Estonia. Brief article 108
Promoting Young People's Sexual Health. Book review 109
Rape by young, rural South African men. Brief article 183
Recurrence of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia in HIV-positive women. Brief article 115
Reduced fertility among HIV-positive women with high viral load, Uganda. Clinical report 120
Reduction in perinatal transmission of HIV. Brief article 310
Regulation of assisted reproductive technology as regards embryos: UK and Australia. Brief article 244
Releasing identifying information about sperm donors in Australia. Brief article 194
Reproductive choice for women and men living with HIV: contraception, abortion and fertility. Delvaux, Therese; Nostlinger, Christiana 13480
Researching Violence Against Women: A Practical Guide for Researchers and Activists. Book review 140
Review of sexual behaviour data from 59 countries. Brief article 246
Rights of HIV positive people to sexual and reproductive health: parenthood. Segurado, Aluisio Cotrim; Paiva, Vera 12086
Running the Obstacle Course to Sexual and Reproductive Health: Lessons from Latin America. Book review 92
Safe and legal campaign for abortion rights launched in Ireland. Brief article 192
Safety of formula-feeding for HIV uninfected infants: Cote d'Ivoire. Clinical report 273
Self-sampling for primary cervical cancer screening, Brazil. Brief article 247
Serious faults in design and reporting of abstinence-only studies. Brief article 192
Sex education in Thailand. Brief article 204
Sexual and reproductive health needs of sex workers: two feminist projects in Brazil. Chacham, Alessandra S.; Diniz, Simone G.; Maia, Monica B.; Galati, Ana F.; Mirim, Liz A. 7433
Sexual and reproductive health services and HIV testing: perspectives and experiences of women and men living with HIV and AIDS. Bell, Emma; Mthembu, Promise; O'Sullivan, Sue; Moody, Kevin 15680
Sexual dysfunction in men and women living with HIV: UK. Brief article 236
Sexual health for people living with HIV. Shapiro, Kathy; Ray, Sunanda 17839
Sexual health of people with HIV: new UK STI guidelines. 314
Sexual networking patterns and HIV risk in four provinces of Viet Nam. Clinical report 312
Sexually transmitted infection management, safer sex promotion and voluntary HIV counselling and testing in the male circumcision trial, Rakai, Uganda. Matovu, Joseph K.B.; Ssempijja, Victor; Makumbi, Fredrick E.; Gray, Ronald H.; Kigozi, Godfrey; Nalu Clinical report 3910
Situation analysis of quality of abortion care in the main maternity hospital in Hai Phong, Viet Nam. Nguyen, My Hu'o'ng; Gammeltoft, Tine; Rasch, Vibeke Clinical report 6133
Stop Press: Polish woman wins damages at European Court of Human Rights. Brief article 198
Strengthening Resistance: Confronting Violence Against Women and HIV/AIDS. Book review 158
Tackling maternal mortality. 424
Taking on the opposition, male circumcision and other themes. Berer, Marge Editorial 1832
Targeting access to reproductive health: giving contraception more prominence and using indicators to monitor progress. Bernstein, Stan; Edouard, Lindsay 3815
The commodification of obstetric ultrasound scanning in Hanoi, Viet Nam. Gammeltoft, Tine; Nguyen, Hanh Thi Thuy 5434
The Mexican Supreme Court and abortion. 567
The new evidence on male circumcision: an Indian perspective. Chandhiok, Nomita; Gangakhedkar, R.R. Clinical report 2170
Treatment of herpes simplex virus reduces genital shedding of HIV. Clinical report 254
Unwanted Pregnancy and Induced Abortion in Nigeria: Causes and Consequences. Book review 166
Use of unsafe condoms and unsafe use of good condoms. Jayawardena, Hemamal Letter to the editor 451
Vaginal speculum examinations without stirrups. 407
Views on cervical cancer screening: Trinidad and Tobago and Zimbabwe. 414
Web-based sex education, China. 318
Weight gain increases pregnancy risks in Sweden. 370
What about vaccinating boys? And should HPV vaccination be mandatory? Brief article 268
Women compensated for cost of private abortions in Quebec, Canada. Brief article 178

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