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Articles from Reproductive Health Matters (November 1, 2006)

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"No Party hat, no party": successful condom use in sex work in Mexico and the Dominican Republic. Garcia, Sandra G.; Yam, Eileen A.; Firestone, Michelle 6374
A qualitative study of condom use among married couples in Kampala, Uganda. Williamson, Nancy E.; Liku, Jennifer; McLoughlin, Kerry; Nyamongo, Isaac K.; Nakayima, Flavia Clinical report 6592
Acceptability of two female condoms in India. Brief article 170
Accuracy of condom studies affected by key measurements. Brief article 222
Achieving the Millennium Development Goals for health. 457
Adolescence in Pakistan: sex, marriage and reproductive health. Brief article 109
Adoption of evidence-based maternity care compromised in Turkey. Brief article 185
Advanced provision of emergency contraception in the USA. 377
Aid agencies in Sudan must provide services for victims of sexual violence. Brief article 159
Antenatal counselling in a PMTCT programme in Kenya. Brief article 174
Anti-HIV drug has potential to prevent sexual transmission. Brief article 211
Assisted reproduction for HIV discordant couples. 379
Bacterial vaginosis associated with HIV among Kenyan women and their male partners. Brief article 177
Barriers to cervical cancer screening in Serbia. Brief article 219
BBC World Service Trust refuses to sign pledge against commercial sex work. Brief article 201
Big Brother and AIDS: DKT International vs. USAID. Harvey, Philip D. Letter to the editor 753
Botched male circumcision can kill. 288
Breast ironing in Cameroon: breaking the silence. 472
Buying hormonal contraceptives on the Internet. Brief article 163
Caesarean delivery rates and pregnancy outcomes: WHO global survey 2005. Brief article 259
Cambodia: HIV-related risk behaviour, mobility and intervention programmes. 376
Challenges to the VCT model of HIV testing. Brief article 248
Challenging and changing gender attitudes among young men in Mumbai, India. Verma, Ravi K.; Pulerwitz, Julie; Mahendra, Vaishali; Khandekar, Sujata; Barker, Gary; Fulpagare, P. 5797
Chinese civil rights campaigner arrested for opposing forced sterilisations and abortions. Brief article 100
Choice of condom does not impact on STI incidence in Jamaica men. Brief article 141
Cognitive effects of HIV in children. Brief article 204
Combining Pap smears with human papillomavirus testing for cervical cancer screening in the UK. 374
Condom discomfort associated with breakage. Brief article 104
Condom use among people living with HIV in Brazil. Brief article 267
Condom use among sex workers and their clients in Indonesia. Brief article 158
Condom use by Australian adults. Brief article 251
Condom use in marriage, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Brief article 227
Condom use in US women with high STI risk. Brief article 277
Condoms become the norm in the sexual culture of college students in Durban, South Africa. Maharaj, Pranitha; Cleland, John Clinical report 5847
Condoms, yes! "abstinence", no. Berer, Marge Editorial 7245
Constantly shifting policy on safe motherhood an obstacle to progress. Brief article 230
Contradictory sexual norms and expectations for Tanzanian youth. Brief article 152
Control of fertility historically in China. Brief article 221
Corruption costs health services billions of dollars globally. Brief article 107
Criminal prosecutions for HIV transmission on the increase. Survey 330
Decreasing pregnancy rates after IVF in HIV-positive women receiving HAART. Brief article 100
Delivering babies in a time of transition in Russia. 391
Demonstrators march for abortion rights and gay rights in Italy. Brief article 99
Diaphragm use among sex workers in Madagascar. Brief article 194
Dilemmas and paradoxes in providing antenatal care: nurses and midwives in Zimbabwe. Brief article 191
Divergent approaches to partner notification for STIs across the European Union. Brief article 179
Domestic violence and PMTCT in Kenya. Brief article 211
Dr. Jose Barzelatto. Faundes, Anibal In memoriam 1363
Dual protection: more needed than practised or understood. Berer, Marge 5819
Effects of facility-based maternal death reviews on maternal mortality in Senegal. Brief article 202
Epidemiology of ovarian cancer and improving survival. 314
Expatriate Afghan doctors asked to return home to rebuild health system. Brief article 183
Factors associated with uptake of PMTCT by HIV positive women in Cote d'Ivoire. Brief article 199
Factors predisposing women to chronic pelvic pain. Brief article 200
Female genital mutilation, obstetric outcomes and primary infertility. 372
Folic acid recommendations for neural tube defects. Brief article 156
Fruity, fun and safe: creating a youth condom brand in Indonesia. Purdy, Christopher H. 4258
Future studies on condom effectiveness. 331
Gender and the social context of child rape in southern Africa. Brief article 193
Gender dimensions of HIV status disclosure to sexual partners: rates, barriers and outcomes: a review paper. Brief article 132
Gender inequality, sexual coercion and sexual risk in South Africa. Brief article 128
Global strategy for the prevention and control of sexually transmitted infections: 2006-2015. Key messages. Brief article 164
Good sexual health education and accessible services for young people in Western Europe. Brief article 198
Healing wounds, instilling hope: the Tanzanian partnership against obstetric fistula. Chong, Erica Brief article 117
Health care utilisation among street sex workers in Hong Kong. Brief article 139
Heterosexual anal intercourse increases risk of HIV infection among young South African men. Brief article 287
HIV test required before Catholic weddings in Burundi. Brief article 136
HIV vulnerability among sex workers, Yangon, Myanmar. Brief article 129
HIV-positive women with cervical cell abnormalities often infected with multiple HPV strains. Brief article 304
Hormone treatment to reduce the adult height of tall girls. Brief article 227
HPV in HIV-positive men. Brief article 120
HSV-2 infection increases HIV acquisition in men and women. Brief article 96
Impact of a safer sex media campaign in Zambia among young people. Brief article 125
Impact of breastfeeding on the health of HIV-positive mothers and their children in sub-Saharan Africa. Brief article 249
Impact of clinician-delivered interventions on condom use and STI prevention. 457
Impact of drug treatment on sexual risk behaviour among US women. Brief article 230
Impact of syphilis on HIV. Brief article 113
Imposition of virginity testing in Palestine. Brief article 200
Improving emergency obstetric care in Mozambique. 495
In our own hands: SWAA-Ghana champions the female condom. Cravero, Kathleen; Skaer, Michelle; Ebin, Victoria; Brady, Martha Brief article 134
Informal health care providers need support and regulation. Brief article 200
Informed consent in HIV prevention trials: report of an international workshop. McGrory, C Elizabeth; Friedland, Barbara A; Woodsong, Cynthia; MacQueen, Kathleen M Brief article 159
Integrated antiretroviral and prevention programmes helps to reduce HIV transmission in Uganda. Brief article 283
Internalised homophobia and high risk sexual practices in Mexico. Brief article 185
Involving the private sector to achieve contraceptive security. Brief article 195
Is quality assurance in semen analysis still really necessary? Brief article 231
La sexualite des femmes: racontee aux jeunes et aux moins jeunes. Book review 102
Legal abortion should be provided in Ghana. Brief article 149
Low CD4 count in mothers means greater risk for HIV-negative babies. Brief article 258
Making sexual and reproductive health care more accessible to adolescent girls in Nicaragua. Brief article 171
Male circumcision and reduction of risk of HIV infection. 483
Management of miscarriage: expectant, medical or surgical? 355
Mandatory HIV testing before marriage by churches in Ghana. Brief article 181
Married adolescent girls in Kenya missing out on HIV prevention messages. 212
Methods of hysterectomy and long-term effects. Brief article 226
Mexican and US women crossing the border for safer abortions. Brief article 96
Mode of delivery and HIV disease progression. Brief article 132
Nasreen Huq. Cottingham, Jane; Abdullah, Naripokkho; Abdullah, Rashidah In memoriam 491
Neuro-developmental outcomes after pre-term birth. Brief article 90
New Ethiopian abortion law recognises women's rights. Brief article 169
Obstacles to successful cervical cancer prevention. Brief article 235
Obstetric outcomes after conservative treatment for intraepithelial or early invasive cervical lesions. Brief article 181
One Cambodian project's experience of US policy on sex work. Brief article 202
Oral contraceptive use decreases condom use in Canada. Brief article 126
Orphans and vulnerable children due to AIDS in Africa. Brief article 113
Ovarian function post-chemotherapy following ovarian cryopreservation and transplantation. Brief article 169
Parents of premature babies: a new social movement in the US. Brief article 188
Partner notification in chlamydia infection in primary care settings in England. Brief article 207
Paternal depression. Brief article 176
Patients' telephone calls following abortion. Brief article 126
Pleasure and prevention: when good sex is safer sex. Philpott, Anne; Knerr, Wendy; Boydell, Vicky 5768
Post-exposure prophylaxis for HIV following sexual exposure: UK guidelines. Brief article 125
Practical teaching increases correct condom use. Brief article 190
Pre-eclampsia: risks at antenatal booking and recurrence across generations. 491
Predictors of diaphragm use for HIV/STI prevention in Zimbabwe. Brief article 136
Pregnancy and infant loss support movement in the US. Brief article 184
Pregnancy and sexuality during adolescence: multicentre study in Brazil. 326
Preventing HIV with young people: a case study from Zambia. Gordon, Gill; Mwale, Vincent 7585
Preventing malaria in pregnancy. Brief article 144
Priorities in global assistance for health, AIDS and population. Brief article 188
Privatisation and commercialisation of public services do not help achieve the MDGs. Brief article 194
Promoting condoms in Brazil to men who have sex with men. Darden, Craig 2933
Promoting female condoms in HIV voluntary counselling and testing centres in Kenya. Mung'ala, Lucy; Kilonzo, Nduku; Angala, Patrick; Theobald, Sally; Taegtmeyer, Miriam 3039
Promoting young people's sexual health. Ingham, Roger Brief article 113
Reasons women request emergency contraception, Italy. Brief article 208
Reconstructing virginity in Guatemala. Brief article 143
Reduction in mortality from breast cancer in Europe. Brief article 289
Resources for scaling-up--ExpandNet. Brief article 122
Rise in maternal age in Europe and increase in Down's syndrome. Brief article 215
Romance and sex: pre-marital partnership formation among young women and men, Pune district, India. Alexander, Mallika; Garda, Laila; Kanade, Savita; Jejeebhoy, Shireen; Ganatra, Bela Survey 7588
Romanian parents keep HIV a secret from infected children. Brief article 196
Safety concerns regarding vaginal use of lemon or lime juice against HIV. Brief article 179
School-based sex education in Western Nepal: uncomfortable for both teachers and students. Pokharel, Shreejana; Kulczycki, Andrzej; Shakya, Sujeeta 3352
Screening for chlamydia in Brazilian military conscripts and STI patients in Australia. 340
Second generation female condom available. Nakari, Taina 358
Sex selection: is a universal approach ethical or appropriate? Brief article 286
Sex without consent: young people in developing countries. Book review 139
Sex work, drug use, HIV and STIs in Moscow. Brief article 168
Sex workers as sexual health educators in the UK. Brief article 163
Sex, life and the female condom: some views of HIV positive women. Welbourn, Alice 6234
Sexual activity, contraceptive use and pregnancy among single women in eight Latin American countries. Brief article 208
Sexual risk reduction interventions do not increase frequency of sexual activity. Brief article 241
Situation analysis of abortion services in Rajasthan. Brief article 96
Stillbirth rates. Brief article 184
Sugar daddy relationships in Kenya are more risky. Brief article 309
Surrogate pregnancy by IVF in India. Brief article 184
The 100% condom use programme in Asia. Rojanapithayakorn, Wiwat 6920
The abortion magazine. Brief article 94
The HFEA guide to infertility. Brief article 140
The human drama of abortion: a global search for consensus. Faundes, Anibal; Barzelatto, Jose S Brief article 164
The Less They Know, The Better: Abstinence-Only HIV/AIDS Programs in Uganda. Cohen, Jonathan; Tate, Tony Reprint 3331
The Mpondombili Project: preventing HIV/AIDS and unintended pregnancy among rural South African school-going adolescents. Mantell, Joanne E.; Harrison, Abigail; Hoffman, Susie; Smit, Jennifer A.; Stein, Zena A.; Exner, The 6150
The psychosocial impacts on caregivers of people living with AIDS. Brief article 84
The second assault: obstructing access to legal abortion after rape in Mexico. Report 194
Treatment optimism and unsafe sex among people living with HIV in Rio de Janeiro. Brief article 290
Trends in protective behaviour among single vs. married young women in sub-Saharan Africa: the big picture. Cleland, John; Ali, Mohamed M.; Shah, Iqbal 3290
Unsafe condoms and other unsafe sex accessories. Ditmore, Melissa; Neth, Choun 1330
US abstinence-only programmes ethically flawed and threaten human rights. 458
US legislation on the "rights" of health workers to refuse to provide treatments. Brief article 96
Vaginal douching, condom use and STIs among female sex workers in China. Brief article 265
Where have all the condoms gone in adolescent programmes in the democratic republic of Congo. Bosmans, Marleen; Cikuru, Marie Noel; Claeys, Patricia; Temmerman, Marleen 5489
Women requesting more than one abortion should be screened for abuse, Canada. Brief article 143
Women's health and mortality from chronic diseases: beyond reproduction. Brief article 236
Women's mobility and uptake of reproductive health services in Pakistan. Brief article 220
Women's views of prophylactic mastectomy. Brief article 225
XXV International Population Conference 18-23 July 2005. 120
Young men's project: Great Yarmouth, UK. Osborn, Mark 2450

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