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Articles from Reproductive Health Matters (May 1, 2004)

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"My father didn't think this way": Nigerian boys contemplate gender equality. Periodical Review 141
"Peer" educator initiatives for adolescent reproductive health projects in Indonesia. Hull, Terence H.; Hasmi, Eddy; Widyantoro, Ninuk 6557
"The cut above" and "the cut below": the abuse of caesareans and episiotomy in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Diniz, Simone G.; Chacham, Alessandra S. 6925
"Yes" to abortion but "no" to sexual rights: the paradoxical reality of married women in rural Tamil Nadu, India. Ravindran, Sundari T.K.; Balasubramanian, P. 7318
A, B and C in Uganda: the roles of abstinence, monogamy and condom use in HIV decline. Singh, Susheela; Darroch, Jacqueline E.; Bankole, Akinrinola 1722
Accessing non-prescription emergency contraception in Europe. Brief Article 265
Adapting to change: learning programme on population, reproductive health and health sector reform. Book Review 131
Antenatal care in developing countries: promises, achievements and missed opportunities. Brief Article 116
Are people using condoms: current evidence from sub-Saharan Africa and Asia. 549
Belgium's youth to get subsidised contraception. Brief Article 100
Betrayal. Rawi, Mariam 2367
Beyond slogans: lessons from Uganda's experience with ABC and HIV/AIDS. Cohen, Susan 2274
Brazil seeks to eliminate child sexual exploitation. Brief Article 198
Breast cancer incidence varies with socio-economic status in Denmark. Brief Article 160
Cardiovascular diseases the biggest killer of women. Brief Article 181
Catholic attitudes in sexual behaviour & reproductive health. Brief Article 127
Coercive sex in rural Uganda. Brief Article 273
Confronting sexual abuse and violence in Namibia. Brief Article 239
Contraceptive implants 20 years on. 401
Contradictory evidence on whether or not hormonal contraceptives increase the risk of HIV acquisition in women. 501
Critical need for midwifery training in Botswana. 425
Destruction of the vagina in violent rape a war crime in Congo. 385
Discussing sexuality in China: yes and no. Brief Article 277
Does peer education work in Europe? Periodical Review 103
Donating semen in Sweden. Brief Article 222
Donor eggs and cryopreserved ovarian tissue for infertile women. 368
Early abortion training workbook. Book Review 103
Elective caesarean deliveries--benefits and risks. 766
Enforcing vs. promoting the two-child norm in India. 387
Ethical considerations in teaching intimate examination procedures to medical students. 538
Faces of dignity: seven stories of girls and women with fistula. Book Review 80
Female sterilisation in Brazil. 404
Free antiretrovirals for Thailand's AIDS patients. Brief Article 136
Freedom of choice begins with separation of church and state. Periodical Review 109
Global prescriptions: gendering health and human rights. Book Review 133
Greater sensitivity of ultrasound in pregnancy poses new clinical decisions. Brief Article 146
Guidelines for good helpline practice. Book Review 111
Health needs of lesbian women: UK data. Brief Article 214
Helping auxiliary nurse-midwives to live locally in Rajasthan. Brief Article 296
Holy hatred. Helie, Anissa 2752
Human rights dynamics of abortion law reform. Periodical Review 122
Human rights: unfinished business. Book Review 105
Implementing the ICPD Programme of Action: what a difference a decade makes. Haslegrave, Marianne 4483
In their own right: addressing the sexual and reproductive health needs of American men. Book Review 145
Intrauterine contraceptive devices and risk of pelvic inflammatory disease: standard of care in high STI prevalence settings. Steen, Richard; Shapiro, Katharine 4745
Kangaroo Mother Care: a practical guide. Brief Article 130
Legalising sexual services. Brief Article 175
Listening to "felt needs": investigating genital prolapse in western Nepal. Bonetti, Tiphaine Ravenel; Erpelding, Anne; Pathak, Laxmi Raj 5812
Meeting the contraceptive needs of unmarried young people: attitudes of formal and informal sector providers in Vientiane Municipality, Lao PDR. Sychareun, Vanphanom 5965
National study on essential obstetric care facilities in Nigeria. Brief Article 156
New rapid test for chlamydia. Brief Article 124
Placing HIV testing at the centre of prevention and care. Brief Article 229
Policy for ensuring contraceptive supplies in developing countries. 369
Preserving fertility. Periodical Review 105
Preventing mother-to-child transmission of HIV in women of unknown HIV status. 340
Priority-setting exercise for health care interventions in Uganda: PMTCT ranked lower than other major health problems. 265
Proportion of children living with a single mother in 17 western countries. Brief Article 316
Prospects of a vaccine to prevent malaria in first pregnancies. Brief Article 192
Psychosexual development among HIV-positive adolescents in Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire. Dago-Akribi, Hortense Aka; Adjoua, Marie-Chantal Cacou 6384
Recommended standards for national health service HIV services. Brief Article 200
Reliability of self-reported condom use in HIV discordant couples in Zambia. Brief Article 210
Reproductive health and human rights. Book Review 137
Risk, morality, and blame: a critical analysis of government and US donor responses to HIV infections among sex workers in India. Book Review 117
Searching for justice for body and self in a coercive environment: sex work in Kerala, India. Jayasree, A.K. 6718
Sensory disabilities and sexuality. Brief Article 238
Separating sexual rights from reproductive rights. Brief Article 214
Sex and Drugs touchscreen game for school students. Brief Article 199
Sex differences in infant mortality in India. Brief Article 151
Sex selection: options for regulation. Brief Article 178
Sex workers in Kenya, numbers of clients and associated risks: an exploratory survey. Elmore-Meegan, Michael; Conroy, Ronan M.; Agala, C. Bernard 4532
Sexual and Bodily Rights as Human Rights in the Middle East and North Africa. Amado, Liz Ercevik 2033
Sexual and reproductive behaviour and attitudes in Australia. 412
Sexual behaviour among married rural Vietnamese women. Brief Article 133
Sexual health of mobile and migrant populations. Periodical Review 142
Sexual torture of men in Croatia and other conflict situations: an open secret. Oosterhoff, Pauline; Zwanikken, Prisca; Ketting, Evert 6235
Sexuality and intersex conditions. 333
Sexuality and women's rights in armed conflict in Sri Lanka. Tambiah, Yasmin 6393
Sexuality, morality and the law. Periodical Review 90
Sexuality, rights and social justice. Berer, Marge 3381
Sexuality. Periodical Review 84
Simple techniques may replace hysterectomy for menorrhagia. Brief Article 135
Tamoxifen in the prevention of breast cancer. Brief Article 239
The prosecution of Taiwan sexuality researcher and activist Josephine Ho. Wang, Ping 2469
UK women refused legal permission to use or donate frozen embryos. Brief Article 196
US adolescents who pledged abstinence nearly as likely to have STIs as others. Brief Article 224
Using embryo DNA for bone marrow transplants. 641
Using peer educators to deliver sex education. 308
Varicocele repair fails to improve pregnancy rates. Brief Article 95
Violence against women: the health sector responds. Book Review 164
What people tell their sexual partners. Brief Article 84
Women's autonomy, education and employment in Oman and their influence on contraceptive use. Riyami, Asya Al; Afifi, Mustafa; Mabry, Ruth M. 6222
Women's eNews in Arabic. Brief Article 109
Women's status in Bangladesh improved by doorstep family planning services. 303
Yeast infections in HIV-positive women. 335
Youth, sexuality and sex education messages in Indonesia: issues of desire and control. Holzner, Brigitte M.; Oetomo, Dede 6200

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