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Smoke Alarm. Brief article Mar 22, 2019 284
Study of Polyphenols at Vegetative and Reproductive Stages of Eight Common Plant Species of Asteraceae Found in Quetta. Achakzai, Abdul Kabir Khan; Masood, Ayeesha; Rahman, Mujeeb-Ur- Report Dec 31, 2017 4100
Stem cuttings and substrates in Dovyalis asexual propagation. Rinaldi, Andre Renato; Villa, Fabiola; da Silva, Daniel Fernandes; Yassue, Rafael Massahiro Report Oct 1, 2017 4444
Pollination and reproductive biology in a hill prairie population of Nothocalais cuspidata (Asteraceae: cichorieae). Dieringer, Gregg; Cabrera R., Leticia Report Apr 1, 2017 5121
The reproductive ecology of diploid and tetraploid galax urceolata. Barringer, Brian C.; Galloway, Laura F. Report Apr 1, 2017 4882
Adaptive Significance of Within-site Variation in Morphological and Reproductive Traits of Naturalized Wild Radish (Raphanus raphanistrum) Populations in South-Western Australia. Report Oct 31, 2016 4975
Size matters: understanding the conflict faced by large flowers in Mediterranean environments. Teixido, Alberto L.; Barrio, Miguel; Valladares, Fernando Report Jun 1, 2016 11178
Evaluation of soil fertility status from Milkipur Village, Arajiline Block, Varanasi, District, Uttar Pradesh, in relation to soil characteristics. Singh, Y.V.; Singh, S.K.; Sahi, Sanjay Kumar; Verma, S.K.; Yadav, R.N.; Singh, P.K. Report Jun 1, 2016 3862
Effect of fertility levels and cow urine application on the performance of Indian mustard [Brassica juncea (L.) Czernj. & Cosson]. Pradhan, Surajyoti; Bohra, J.S.; Bahadur, Shiv; Rajani; Ram, Lala Report Jun 1, 2016 2488
Marker assisted development of effective fertility restorers suitable for use in temperate three-line hybrids. Khan, Gazala H.; Gaur, Arpit; Shikari, Asif B.; Najeeb, S.; Parray, G.A.; Ganai, M.A.; Hussain, Asha Report Mar 1, 2016 4747
Sex expression and reproduction of four bryophytes following timber harvesting. Sinclair, Bernadette; Gibson, Maria Report Dec 1, 2015 6239
Cloning and Sequence Analysis of Apomixis Related Gene MSI1 (Multicopy Suppressor of Ira1) in Taraxacum antungense. Wu, Zhigang; Ning, Wei; Lu, Shuangshuang; Ma, Ming; Zheng, Yi; Zhang, Jian Report Oct 31, 2015 3393
Araticum reproductive phenology and its implications for productive potential/Fenologia reprodutiva do araticum e suas implicacoes no potencial produtivo. de Melo, Aniela Pilar Campos; Seleguini, Alexsander; Leite, Anderson Fernandes; de Souza, Eli Regina Report Oct 1, 2015 2106
How slow plants make ridiculous seeds. Milius, Susan May 16, 2015 413
Timing is everything: temporal variation in floral scent, and its connections to pollinator behavior and female reproductive success in Phlox divaricata. Majetic, Cassie J.; Wiggam, Shelly D.; Ferguson, Carolyn J.; Raguso, Robert A. Report Apr 1, 2015 5676
Leaf litter depth has only a small influence on Ranunculus ficaria (Ranunculaceae) biomass and reproduction. Masters, Jeffery A.; Emery, Sarah M. Report Jan 1, 2015 3841
Seed growth rate seed filling period and yield responses of soybean (Glycine max) to plant densities at specific reproductive growth stages. El-Zeadani, H.; Puteh, A.B.; Mondal, M.M.A.; Selamat, A.; Ahmad, Z.A.; Shalgam, M.M. Report Oct 31, 2014 5063
Megasporogenesis and development of female gametophyte in Chinese chestnut (Castanea mollissima) cultivar Yanshanzaofeng'. Zou, Feng; Guo, Su-juan; Xie, Peng; Xiong, Huan; Lv, Wen-jun; Li, Guang-hui Report Oct 31, 2014 2852
New crop strategies target bee scarcity. McDonald, Caroline Sep 1, 2014 597
Evaluation of Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor) Core Collection for Drought Tolerance: Pollen Fertility and Mean Performance of Yield Traits and Its Components at Reproductive Stage. Sakhi, Shazia; Rehman, Shafiq ur; Okuno, Kazutoshi; Shahzad, Armaghan; Jamil, Mohammad Report Apr 30, 2014 7782
Brachiaria ruziziensis responses to different fertilization doses and to the attack of Mahanarva spectabilis (hemiptera: cercopidae) nymphs and adults. de Melo Aguiar, Daniela; Auad, Alexander Machado; Fonseca, Marcy das Gramas; Leite, Melissa Vieira Report Jan 1, 2014 6281
Mechanism of salinity tolerance in plants: physiological, biochemical, and molecular characterization. Gupta, Bhaskar; Huang, Bingru Report Jan 1, 2014 16911
Reproductive effort of some annual and perennial plant species: impact of successional sequence, habitat conditions and plant size. Shaukat, Syed Shahid; Khan, Moazzam Ali; Zaidi, Sahar; Siddiqui, Muhammad Faheem; Khan, Nasarullah; Report Nov 1, 2013 7283
Plant reproduction & the pollen tube journey--how the females lure the males. Lorbiecke, Rene Report Oct 1, 2012 2863
Moss odor draws sperm carriers: springtails boost primitive plants' reproductive success. Milius, Susan Brief article Aug 25, 2012 212
Determination of Pollen Production and Quality attributes of some Almond Cultivars (Prunus dulcis) and Selected Wild Almond (Amygdalus orientalis) Genotypes. Bayazit, Safder; Imrak, Burhanettin; Caliskan, Oguzhan Report Jun 30, 2012 4801
A comparison of frugivory and scatter-hoarding seed-dispersal syndromes. Vander Wall, Stephen B.; Beck, Maurie J. Report Mar 1, 2012 12034
Seed yield and some yield components of sesame as affected by irrigation interval and different levels of n fertilization and superabsorbent. Jooyban, Zeinolabedin; Moosavi, Seyyed Golamreza Report Feb 1, 2012 3370
Flowering Pattern and Reproductive Efficiency in Mungbean. Fakir, M.S.A.; Mondal, M.M.A.; Ismal, Mohd Razi; Ashrafuzzaman, M. Report Dec 31, 2011 4681
Flirty plants: searching for signs of picky, competitive mating in a whole other kingdom. Milius, Susan Dec 3, 2011 2698
Increasing of seedling vigour by thermo priming method in radish (Raphanus sativus L.). Maroufi, Kasra; Farahani, Hosseein Aliabadi; Aghdam, Amin Moradi Report Dec 1, 2011 1874
Effect of Nanopriming on germination in sunflower (Helianthus Annus L.). Maroufi, Kasra; Farahani, Hosseein Aliabadi; Aghdam, Amin Moradi Report Dec 1, 2011 2251
Effect of hydropriming method on seedling vigour in Anis. Maroufi, Kasra; Farahani, Hosseein Aliabadi; Aghdam, Amin Moradi Report Dec 1, 2011 2679
Androgenesis revisited. Segui-Simarro, Jose M. Report Sep 1, 2010 14833
The doorway to enhanced productivity. Yao, Stephanie Aug 1, 2009 1042
Flowers are produced on stems shorter than one meter in the desert shrub ocotillo (Fouquieria splendens). Killingbeck, Keith T. Report Mar 1, 2009 1529
Chapter 5: Design basic II: morphology and adaptations of reproductive structures. Jan 1, 2009 9356
Chapter 11: The control of growth and development. Jan 1, 2009 10365
Chapter 12: Sexual reproduction and inheritance. Jan 1, 2009 10354
Homologous versus antithetic alternation of generations and the origin of sporophytes. Haig, David Report Sep 1, 2008 10452
Chapter 2: reproduction in plants: the birds and the bees, fruits, and seeds. Loehrlein, Marietta M. Jan 1, 2008 3226
The phenology of sexual reproduction in Ginkgo biloba: ecological and evolutionary implications. Del Tredici, Peter Report Oct 1, 2007 5941
No more Joshua trees? Climate change may wipe out the signature tree of the Mojave. Clarke, Chris Mar 22, 2007 1135
The evolution of gender-biased nectar production in hermaphroditic plants. Carlson, Jane E.; Harms, Kyle E. Apr 1, 2006 13939
Plant reproduction. Feb 23, 2006 4329
Chapter 7 plant propagation. Arteca, Richard N. Jan 1, 2006 8921
Distribution and mobilization of sulfur during soybean reproduction. Naeve, Seth L.; Shibles, Richard M. Nov 1, 2005 8766
Spores record changes in ozone concentration. Brief Article Aug 27, 2005 191
Fagopyritol accumulation and germination of buckwheat seeds matured at 15, 22, and 30[degrees]C. Horbowicz, Marcin; Obendorf, Ralph L. Jul 1, 2005 5417
Stability and activity of the major nod factor produced by Bradyrhizobium japonicum following purification, sterilization, and storage. Supanjani; Mabood, Fazli; Souleimanov, Alfred; Lee, Kyung D.; Smith, Donald L. Jul 1, 2005 3522
An empirical model for pollen-mediated gene flow in wheat. Gustafson, D.I.; Horak, M.J.; Rempel, C.B.; Metz, S.G.; Gigax, D.R.; Hucl, P. Jul 1, 2005 6922
Pollen-pistil interactions result in reproductive isolation between Sorghum bicolor and divergent Sorghum species. Hodnett, George L.; Burson, Byron L.; Rooney, William L.; Dillon, Sally L.; Price, H. James Jul 1, 2005 5892
Amino acid proves key to plant reproduction. (Down the Tubes). Travis, J. Jul 19, 2003 506
Two theories of origin of the land-plant sporophyte: which is left standing? Blackwell, Will H. Apr 1, 2003 11974
Three QTL regions for restoration of Owen CMS in sugar beet. (Cell Biology & Molecular Genetics). Hjerdin-Panagopoulos, Annika; Kraft, Thomas; Rading, Ingrid M.; Tuvesson, Stig; Nilsson, Nils-Otto Mar 1, 2002 3415
Simulation experiments on efficiencies of gene introgression by backcrossing. (Cell Biology & Molecular Genetics). Ribaut, J.-M.; Jiang, C.; Hoisington, D. Mar 1, 2002 8425
Stereochemical specificity of lamoxirene, the sperm-releasing pheromone in kelp (laminariales, phaeophyceae). Maier, Ingo; Hertweck, Christian; Boland, Wilhelm Statistical Data Included Oct 1, 2001 2542
Tree pollen exploits surrogate mothers. Milius, S. Brief Article Jul 7, 2001 551
Recurrent Selection for Seedling Vigor in Kura Clover. DeHaan, L. R.; Ehlke, N. J.; Sheaffer, C. C. Jul 1, 2001 7493
Effects of Local Conspecific Density on Reproductive Success in Penstemon digitalis and Hesperis matronalis(1). MITCHELL, RANDALL J.; ANKENY, DANIEL P. Statistical Data Included Apr 1, 2001 4442
Chapter 5 Plant reproduction. Ingles, Jack E. Jan 1, 2001 4524
Autumn's Bounty - Love Among the Gourds. Smith, Dwight G. Brief Article Nov 1, 2000 187
Glitch splits hermaphrodite flowers. Milius, S. Brief Article Sep 30, 2000 359
WAREA IN ALABAMA. Brief Article Jan 1, 2000 193
Modeling investments in seeds, clonal offspring, and translocation in a clonal plant. Gardner, Shea N.; Mangel, Marc Jun 1, 1999 12616
The effects of pollen addition on fruit set and sex expression in the Andromonoecious herb horsenettle (Solanum carolinense). Steven, Janet C.; Peroni, Patricia A.; Rowell, Ellen Apr 1, 1999 2718
Age, size, and water status of Acacia gregii influencing the infection and reproductive success of Phoradendron californicum. Lei, Simon A. Apr 1, 1999 2939
Conditional outcomes of interactions: the pollinator-prey conflict of an insectivorous plant. Zamora, Regino Apr 1, 1999 6416
Effects of foliar herbivory on male and female reproductive traits of wild radish, Raphanus raphanistrum. Lehtila, Kari; Strauss, Sharon Y. Jan 1, 1999 5640
The consequences of floral herbivory for pollinator service to Isomeris arborea. Krupnick, Gary A.; Weis, Arthur E.; Campbell, Diane R. Jan 1, 1999 6828
The effect of floral herbivory on male and female reproductive success in Isomeris arborea. Krupnick, Gary A.; Weis, Arthur E. Jan 1, 1999 9751
Selection Response with Marker-Based Assortative Mating. Bernardo, Rex Jan 1, 1999 3996
Initial investigation into the reproductive biology of the antelope-horn milkweed, asclepias viridis walter (asclepiadaceae). Neyland, Ray; Hoffman, Billie J.; Meyer, Harry A.; Lowenfeld, Robin Statistical Data Included Jan 1, 1999 3771
Expected Inbreeding with Recurrent Selection in Maize: I. Mass Selection and Modified Ear-To-Row Selection. Marquez-Sanchez, Fidel Nov 1, 1998 5077
Application of Geostatistical and Neighbor Analyses to Data from Plant Breeding Trials. Wu, Tianxia; Mather, Diane E.; Dutilleul, Pierre Nov 1, 1998 7488
Leaf spots cause skewed abortions. Milius, Susan Brief Article Jul 18, 1998 234
The role of resources and pathogens in mediating the mating system of Kalmia latifolia. Levri, Maureen A.; Real, Leslie A. Jul 1, 1998 4471
Floral display, pollinator discrimination, and female reproductive success in two monoecious Begonia species. Le Corff, Josiane; Agren, Jon; Schemske, Douglas W. Jul 1, 1998 7332
Interactive effects of pollination and heavy metals on resource allocation in Potentilla anserina L. Saikkonen, Kari; Koivunen, Sari; Vuorisalo, Timo; Mutikainen, Pia Jul 1, 1998 5448
Fitness responses of a carnivorous plant in contrasting ecological scenarios. Zamora, Regino; Gomez, Jose M.; Hodar, Jose A. Jul 1, 1998 8182
Male and female pollination success in a deceptive orchid, a selection study. O'Connell, Lisa M.; Johnston, Mark O. Jun 1, 1998 9777
Baker's Law revisited: reproductive assurance in a metapopulation. Pannell, John R.; Barrett, Spencer C.H. Jun 1, 1998 9001
Patterns of mating in wild sunflower hybrid zones. Rieseberg, Loren H.; Baird, Stuart J.E.; Desrochers, Andree M. Jun 1, 1998 10311
Reproductive characteristics of the flower breeding Drosophila hibisci bock (drosophilidae) in Eastern Australia: genetic and environmental determinants of ovariole number. Starmer, William T.; Polak, Michael; Wolf, Larry L.; Barker, J.S.F. Jun 1, 1998 6814
Rapid prediction of mating system of Vicia species. Zhang, X.; Mosjidis, J.A. May 1, 1998 3853
Effects of variable life history and insect herbivores on reproduction in Solidago macrophylla (Asteraceae) on an elevational gradient. Kelly, Carol A. Apr 1, 1998 4983
Mate availability and fecundity selection in multi-allelic self-incompatibility systems in plants. Vekemans, Xavier; Schierup, Mikkel H.; Christiansen, Freddy B. Feb 1, 1998 8473
Supermales even more superior outdoors. Milius, Susan Brief Article Jan 24, 1998 179
The effects of five generations of enforced selfing on potential male and female function in Mimulus guttatus. Carr, David E.; Dudash, Michele R. Dec 1, 1997 6784
Winter wheat leaf photosynthesis, stomatal conductance, and leaf nitrogen concentration during reproductive development. Frederick, James R. Nov 1, 1997 4654
Threshold size for flowering in different habitats: effects of size-dependent growth and survival. Wesselingh, Renate A.; Klinkhamer, Peter G.L.; De Jong, Tom J.; Boorman, Laurence A. Oct 1, 1997 10318
Evolutionary history of the mating system in Amsinckia (Boraginaceae) Schoen, Daniel J.; Johnston, Mark O.; L'Heureux, Anne-Marie; Marsolais, Joyce V. Aug 1, 1997 6216
Apomixis and sexuality in some Paspalum species. Burson, Byron L. Jul 1, 1997 3038
The reproductive versatility of eastern gamagrass. Kingiger, B.; Dewald, C.L. Jul 1, 1997 7683
Clockwork sex of coral reef algae. Mlot, Christine Brief Article Mar 1, 1997 480
The role of colored accessory bracts in the reproductive biology of Lavandula stoechas. Herrera, Javier Mar 1, 1997 7261
Germination of immature soybean seeds to shorten reproductive cycle duration. Roumet, Pierre; Morin, Frederique Mar 1, 1997 4139
The ecology of sex expression in a gynodioecious Israeli desert shrub (Ochradenus baccatus). Wolfe, Lorne M.; Shmida, Avi Jan 1, 1997 6608
Theory of mast reproduction in plants: storage-size dependent strategy. Yamauchi, Atsushi Oct 1, 1996 8874
Seed banks in desert annuals: implications for persistence and coexistence in variable environments. Pake, Catherine E.; Venable, D. Lawrence Jul 1, 1996 5721
Mutualism denied? Nectar-robbing bumble bees do not reduce female or male success of bluebells. Morris, William F. Jul 1, 1996 6961
Mechanisms of hummingbird-mediated selection for flower width in Ipomopsis aggregata. Campbell, Diane R.; Waserm, Nickolas M.; Price, Mary V. Jul 1, 1996 7303
A test of the general-purpose genotype hypothesis in sexual and asexual Erigeron species. Kenny, Neil T. Jul 1, 1996 4895
Mating system and asymmetric hybridization in a mixed stand of European oaks. Bacilieri, Roberto; Ducousso, Alexis; Petit, Remy J.; Kremer, Antoine Apr 1, 1996 6457
Differential reproductive responses to fluctuating resources in two seaweeds with different reproductive strategies. Reed, Daniel C.; Ebeling, Alfred W.; Anderson, Todd W.; Anghera, Michele Jan 1, 1996 8753
Surfgrass (Phyllospadix torreyi) reproduction: reproductive phenology, resource allocation and male rarity. Williams, Susan L. Sep 1, 1995 13349
Floral correlates and fitness consequences of mating-system, variation in Turnera ulmifolia. Belaoussoff, Svenja; Shore, Joel S. Jun 1, 1995 7404
Evolutionary stable selfing rates of hermaphroditic plants in competing and delayed selfing modes with allocation to attractive structures. Sakai, Satoki Jun 1, 1995 6604
Positive effects of pollination on subsequent size, reproduction, and survival of Primula veris. Lehtila, Kari; Syrjanen, Kimmo Jun 1, 1995 8678
Sexual dimorphism masks life history trade-offs in the dioecious plant Silene latifolia. Delph, Lynda F.; Meagher, Thomas R. Apr 1, 1995 6814
Floral sex allocation in sequentially blooming plants. Brunet, Johanne; Charlesworth, Deborah Feb 1, 1995 7588
Seed set and seed mass in Ipomopsis aggregata: variance partitioning and inferences about postpollination selection. Waser, Nickolas M.; Shaw, Ruth G.; Price, Mary V. Feb 1, 1995 6353
A reexamination of the pollen-donation hypothesis in an experimental population of Asclepias exaltata. Broyles, Steven B.; Wyatt, Robert Feb 1, 1995 7843
Ovule packaging in stochastic pollination and fertilization environments. Burd, Martin Feb 1, 1995 7660
Sex allocation in the monoecious herb Begonia semiovata. Agren, Jon; Schemske, Douglas W. Feb 1, 1995 7727
Shoot morphology and reproduction in jojoba: advantages of sexual dimorphism. Kohorn, Loraine U. Dec 1, 1994 7514
Inbreeding depression and maternal effects in Aquilegia caerulea, a partially selfing plant. Montalvo, Arlee M. Dec 1, 1994 8527
Cost of reproduction in Polemonium viscosum: phenotypic and genetic approaches. Galen, Candace Aug 1, 1993 3785
The effects of population size and plant density on outcrossing rates in locally endangered Salvia pratensis. Treuren, R. van; Bijlsma, R.; Ouborg, N.J.; Delden, W. van Aug 1, 1993 6626
Apomixis: it could revolutionize plant breeding. Adams, Sean Apr 1, 1993 1933
Plastic relationships between reproductive and vegetative mass in Solidago altissima. Schmid, Bernhard; Weiner, Jacob Feb 1, 1993 6907
Patterns and levels of pollen-mediated gene flow in Lathyrus latifolius. Godt, Mary Jo W.; Hamrick, J.L. Feb 1, 1993 7808
Outcrossing rate and inbreeding depression in two annual monoecious herbs, Begonia hirsuta and B. semiovata. Agren, Jon; Schemske, Douglas W. Feb 1, 1993 6345
Parasite power: in the perpetual race between parasite and host, evolution appears the winner. Cowen, Ron Sep 29, 1990 2221
2,4-D sparks artificial seeds. Legzdins, Arnold Oct 1, 1989 1037
Propagating scheffleras: which parts to use? Jun 1, 1989 289
Tissue culture? It's a newly popular and easy way to multiply plants. Nov 1, 1985 458

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