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Creating a Fidelity Index to Measure Program Implementation. Rulf Fountain, Alyssa; Gamse, Beth Report Jan 1, 2014 391
EFL Reading Instruction: Communicative Task-Based Approach. Sidek, Harison Mohd Abstract Jul 1, 2012 281
Learning Gains for Core Concepts in a Serious Game on Scientific Reasoning. Forsyth, Carol; Pavlik, Philip, Jr.; Graesser, Arthur C.; Cai, Zhiqiang; Germany, Mae-lynn; Millis, Abstract Jun 19, 2012 291
Predicting Drop-Out from Social Behaviour of Students. Bayer, Jaroslav; Bydzovska, Hana; Geryk, Jan; Obsivac, Tomas; Popelinsky, Lubomir Abstract Jun 19, 2012 252
Toward a New Motivation to Learn Framework for Older Adult Learners. Lin, Yi-Yin; Sandmann, Lorilee R. Report Jun 1, 2012 150
Classifying K-12 Blended Learning. Staker, Heather; Horn, Michael B. Abstract May 1, 2012 339
Managing Talent for School Coherence: Learning from Charter Management Organizations. DeArmond, Michael; Gross, Betheny; Bowen, Melissa; Demeritt, Allison; Lake, Robin Abstract May 1, 2012 338
The Correlation between Poverty and Learning: What Can Be Done to Help Children with Limited Resources Learn. Gassama, Sorie Abstract Mar 28, 2012 231
Productive Use of Collaborative Time. Research into Practice. Williamson, Ronald Report Jan 1, 2012 344
University of Dayton: Documentation of the Teachers for a New Era Learning Network. Case Study. Report Jan 1, 2012 308
Lesson Study as Practice: An Indonesian Elementary School Experience. Suratno, Tatang Abstract Jan 1, 2012 365
Promoting Female Students' Learning Motivation towards Science by Exercising Hands-On Activities. Wen-jin, Kuo; Chia-ju, Liu; Shi-an, Leou Abstract Jan 1, 2012 308
Considering Culture in e-Learning Environments and Post-Secondary Learning Success. Kinasevych, Orest Abstract Dec 30, 2011 309
How Does the Knowledge of Subgroup Membership of Examinees Affect the Prediction of True Subscores? Research Report. ETS RR-11-43. Haberman, Shelby J.; Sinharay, Sandip Author abstract Nov 22, 2011 219
Breaking New Ground: An Impact Study of Career-Focused Learning Communities at Kingsborough Community College. NCPR Brief. Visher, Mary G.; Teres, Jedediah Abstract Nov 1, 2011 386
Developing Learning Progressions in Support of the New Science Standards: A RAPID Workshop Series. Rogat, Aaron Abstract Nov 1, 2011 694
SAIR and NCAIR Best Paper: Academic Confidence and the Impact of a Living-Learning Community on Persistence. Allen, David F. Abstract May 21, 2011 234
Summer Learning Loss: Why Its Effect Is Strongest among Low-Income Students and How It Can Be Combated. Information Capsule. Volume 1011. Blazer, Christie Report May 1, 2011 312
Making Room for New Public Schools: How Innovative School Districts Are Learning to Share Public Education Facilities with Charter Schools. Sazon, Maria C. Abstract Apr 1, 2011 341
Early Learning in Washington State. Abstract Apr 1, 2011 241
Facilitating Student Learning through Contextualization. CCRC Working Paper No. 29. Perin, Dolores Report Feb 1, 2011 226
Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards Alignment with Wisconsin Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics. Abstract Jan 1, 2011 319
To Have or Not to Have? Factors that Influence District Decisions about Literacy Coaches. Mangin, Melinda Abstract Jun 24, 2009 284
Chew on this. Franki, Richard Brief article Jun 15, 2009 125
Teacher Leadership: Interns Crossing to the Domain of Higher Professional Learning with Mentors? Millwater, Jan; Ehrich, Lisa C. Abstract Jun 1, 2009 495
Movie Lessons for New Learning. Saltmarsh, David Abstract Jun 1, 2009 569
Connecting Communities: Emerging Communities of Practice with Schools and Universities in Partnership. Clarke, Maggie; Clarke, Deb Abstract Jun 1, 2009 252
Crossing Borders--Teacher Education in Context--Putting Pedagogy in Its Place. Arnold, Julie; Edwards, Tony Report Jun 1, 2009 500
Higher Education Counts: Achieving Results. 2009 Executive Summary. Abstract Mar 1, 2009 334
The new manufacturing skill set. Jul 1, 2006 396
Global early care and education: challenges, responses, and lessons: countries throughout the world are committed to improving their systems of early care and education. Ms. Neuman identifies the three challenges that most countries face, describes the strategies that various countries have adopted, and suggests which approaches might prove helpful in the U.S. Neuman, Michelle J. Nov 1, 2005 3163
The importance of international benchmarking for U.S. educational leaders: one of the best ways for educational leaders in the U.S. to improve their systems, Mr. Houlihan suggests, is to be open to learning from the approaches of their peers in other countries. Houlihan, G. Thomas Nov 1, 2005 1186
Increasing math and science achievement: the best and worst of the east and west: the East Asian countries are known for their high scores on international comparisons of math and science achievement. This does not necessarily mean, Mr. Zhao cautions, that the U.S. should rush to adopt their practices and abandon its own strengths. Zhao, Yong Nov 1, 2005 2175
Fostering foreign language proficiency: what the U.S. can learn from other countries. Christian, Donna; Pufahl, Ingrid; Rhodes, Nancy C. Nov 1, 2005 1835
Andragogy: Adult Learning and Education at Its Best? Clardy, Alan Abstract Aug 1, 2005 200
Using Contradictions in a Teaching and Learning Development Project. Goodchild, Simon; Jaworski, Barbara Report Jul 10, 2005 166
E-Listening: Transforming Education Using Collaborative Tools for Assessment and Evaluation. Heltne, Mari M.; Nye, Judith B. Abstract Oct 1, 2004 198
English Language Learner (ELL) Programs at the Secondary Level in Relation to Student Performance. Report Mar 1, 2004 196
Calculus and Community: A History of the Emerging Scholars Program. A Report of the National Task Force on Minority High Achievement. Asera, Rose May 1, 2001 264

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