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Avoiding Afib Complications: Medications and lifestyle changes can help you manage the condition. Mar 17, 2021 1207
Irregular sleeping habits may increase heart disease risk: Study. Clinical report Mar 26, 2020 475
Global Cardiac Ablation Technologies Market - Drivers and Restraints 2018 to 2026. Jan 27, 2020 902
Generation Xhausted; Staff close to burning out; Fears over heart health. JEROME REILLY Jan 21, 2020 347
Cleaner Teeth, Healthier Heart? Dec 2, 2019 321
Automotive Biometric Market: Trends, Forecast and Competitive Analysis. Nov 26, 2019 1005
Heart Attack or Not? Apple Watch Might Give the Answer. Dennis Thompson, HealthDay Reporter Nov 25, 2019 560
2020 Apple Watch Series 6 Will Be Best Yet: Faster, Better Water Resistance. Julio Cachila Nov 12, 2019 485
Frequent Pot Smokers Face Twice the Odds for Stroke. Dennis Thompson, HealthDay Reporter Nov 11, 2019 588
Here's what happens to infants born to mothers breathing polluted air. ANI Oct 30, 2019 393
American Indians May Have Higher Odds for A-Fib. Oct 21, 2019 330
AHA News: Deadly Heart Problem Might Not Be So Deadly. Oct 21, 2019 667
What Kind of Drinking Can Trigger A-Fib? Oct 18, 2019 419
Sports Electronics Markets - Global Outlook and Forecast 2019-2024 / Analysis on Pedometers, Activity Monitors, Smart Fabrics, Fitness & Heart Rate Monitors, and More. Oct 15, 2019 1222
Electrophysiology (EP) Catheter Market To Accomplish The Growth At A CAGR Of 12.5% During The Forecast Period 2017 - 2022 / Million Insights. Sep 26, 2019 934
Bans Not Keeping Drivers With Implanted Defibrillators off the Road. Sep 3, 2019 397
For Men, Living Alone May Mean Poorer Control of Blood-Thinning Meds. Sep 2, 2019 425
Childhood Cancer Survivors Struggle With Heart Troubles. Report Aug 26, 2019 332
Octopus-inspired wearable sensor discovered. Aug 7, 2019 372
Mobile Heart Monitoring Devices Market To Witness High Demand Due To Growing Number Of Patients Suffering From Atrial Fibrillation And Cardiovascular Diseases Till 2023 / Million Insights. Jul 29, 2019 968
Samsung's new Galaxy Watch Active will have ECG heart rate tracking, report claims. Jul 17, 2019 374
Clinical Trial Shows Why Energy Drinks Are Bad For The Heart. Jun 1, 2019 1059
Energy drinks increase risk of HEART abnormalities - and experts don't know why; A study by researchers at University of the Pacific has revealed that drinking 900ml (32 ounces) of an energy drink can increase your blood pressure, and even lead to heart rhythm abnormalities. May 29, 2019 454
Blood thinners could reduce heart failure risks. Apr 25, 2019 431
Research Report and Overview on Cardioscope Market,2018 to 2026. Mar 19, 2019 891
Global Market Study on Heart Valve Repair and Replacement: Asia Pacific to Witness Highest Growth by. Mar 6, 2019 725
Global Market Study on Heart Valve Repair and Replacement: Asia Pacific to Witness Highest Growth by. Mar 5, 2019 777
NEWS BRIEFS. Report Dec 1, 2018 709
Overtreating hypothyroidism patients may increase risk of stroke. Nov 11, 2018 437
Relationship between heart rate variability and subclinical thyroid disorders of the Brazilian Longitudinal Study of Adult Health (ELSA-Brasil). de Miranda, E.J.F Peixoto; Hoshi, R.A.; Bittencourt, M.S.; Goulart, A.C.; Santos, I.S.; Brunoni, A.R Report Nov 1, 2018 5727
Rare Case of Both Left Atrial and Ventricular Compression by Dissecting Aortic Aneurysm. Argan, Onur; Ural, Dilek; Bozyel, Serdar Case study Sep 1, 2018 924
Low-Energy Diet Induces Different Effects in Men, Women; Men had larger reductions in metabolic syndrome Z-score, C-peptide, fat mass, heart rate. Aug 13, 2018 231
Feellngs of Loneliness May Help Predict Heart Complications Later On. Brief article Aug 1, 2018 260
Samsung patent shows tech to measure vitals, may be included in next-gen Galaxy smartphones, tablets. Jul 16, 2018 314
E-cigarettes as harmful as cigarettes. Jul 11, 2018 243
'Clot-busting drugs stop thousands of strokes'. Jul 6, 2018 179
Re: Quotation of Heart Rate Variability Parameters with Their Normalized Units/Yanit: Kalp Hizi Degiskenligi Parametrelerinin Normalize Birimleri ile Sunumu. Kadoi, Yuji Letter to the editor Jun 1, 2018 260
Can chewing gum help you walk faster, burn more calories? May 30, 2018 743
Depression-Heart Rate Variability Link Is Bidirectional; Study performed in twin pairs found associations between HRV, Beck Depression Inventory score. Clinical report May 21, 2018 243
New genes found that determine how the heart responds to exercise. May 19, 2018 278
Smoking raises lifetime risk of irregular heart rate. May 3, 2018 262
Obesity can make heart rate irregular: Study. Apr 21, 2018 238
Obesity can make heart rate irregular: Study. Apr 21, 2018 278
Music: A perfect tranquiliser! Apr 17, 2018 448
Apple faces patent infringement lawsuit over Apple Watch's heart rate sensing technology. Apr 9, 2018 372
Smartwatch May Be Able to Passively Detect Atrial Fibrillation; Coupled with deep neural network, smartwatch passively detects a-fib but less accurately than ECG. Mar 23, 2018 248
Intense Exercise Benefits Parkinson's Disease. Feb 22, 2018 126
In A-Fib Patients, Stroke Risk Higher for Blacks Than Whites; Higher risk of ischemic stroke seen before, after atrial fibrillation diagnosis compared with whites. Feb 21, 2018 231
Migraines linked to heart disease: Study. Feb 5, 2018 369
Migraines linked to heart disease: Study. Feb 5, 2018 369
Migraines related to heart problems: Study. Feb 3, 2018 638
Sauna bath may influence a person's health: Study. Jan 6, 2018 339
Recognize and Report Symptoms of Atrial Fibrillation: Getting diagnosed and starting treatment in a timely manner are keys to better outcomes for women with AFib. Nov 1, 2017 869
Heavy online use can lead to 'drug-like withdrawal'. Jun 1, 2017 447
Focus on healthy diet and don't rely on fitness trackers. May 29, 2017 512
Low blood sugar ups heart attack risk. Oct 5, 2016 245
Painkillers linked to risk of heart failure. Sep 30, 2016 198
Women more likely to suffer stroke due to atrial fibrillation--but undertreatment persists: deficiencies in atrial fibrillation care may translate into poorer stroke outcomes for women. Sep 1, 2016 1116
Study: rate, rhythm control both effective in treating post-op afib: atrial fibrillation is a common result of heart surgery, but a Cleveland Clinic study finds that rate, rhythm control are equally safe and beneficial. Jun 1, 2016 446
For greater success, don't wait to ablate your atrial fibrillation: recent study finds that reducing the time between the first appearance of symptoms and catheter ablation makes a big difference in outcomes. Apr 1, 2016 695
High-intensity interval training versus traditional continuous training. Miller, Fred L., III Mar 22, 2016 2532
Effect of adaptive paced cardiolocomotor synchronization during running: a preliminary study. Phillips, Bill; Jin, Yi Clinical report Sep 1, 2013 5329
Small ICD programming change may extend lives, reduce needless shocks: new study shows that setting the devices to respond at higher heart rates may improve a patient's quality of life and cut down the amount of energy delivered to the heart. Jan 1, 2013 808
Research may help make atrial fibrillation easier to treat. Sep 1, 2012 772
New research shows radiofrequency ablation as safe as medication therapy: a recent study finds that ablation with pulmonary vein isolation also outperformed standard medical therapy in reducing the odds of recurring episodes of atrial fibrillation. Clinical report Aug 1, 2012 816
Three tiers of fetal heart rates: not enough? Boschert, Sherry Oct 1, 2010 894
Exposure to air pollution linked to reduced heart rate variability. Jul 10, 2010 191
Heartbeat may offer insight into kidney health. Jul 9, 2010 403
Merck, Cardiome report Phase III study results for BRINAVESS. Clinical report May 15, 2010 239

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