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New Israeli Study: COVID-19 Could Cause Male Infertility. Oct 7, 2020 372
Gay rugby team slams bid to ban trans women. joseph ali Jul 24, 2020 690
THE FREQUENCY OF FOLLICLE-STIMULATING HORMONE RECEPTOR 2039A>G GENE POLYMORPHISM AND THE RISK OF MALE INFERTILITY IN ALBANIAN POPULATION. Shkelzen, Elezaj; Paic, Frane; Stipoljev, Feodora; Gashi, Zafer; Zeqiraj, Afrim; Lila, Albert; Marti Mar 1, 2020 9771
Could low-fat diets reduce testosterone levels in men? Jan 26, 2020 418
Popular Diets May Impact Testosterone Levels in Men; Low-fat diets tied to lower testosterone, even after controlling for other factors. Jan 16, 2020 239
Testosterone Replacement May Benefit Younger Male Cancer Survivors; Benefits include significant improvement in body composition measurements over six months. Nov 22, 2019 268
Testosterone Supplements Double Men's Odds for Blood Clots: Study. Dennis Thompson, HealthDay Reporter Nov 12, 2019 560
Testosterone Therapy Tied to Increase in Short-Term VTE Risk; Among men with and without hypogonadism, testosterone therapy linked to elevated VTE risk. Nov 12, 2019 260
Testosterone, Estradiol Levels May Play Role in Sex Differences in Asthma; Effect of sex hormones modified by obesity in adults with asthma. Oct 8, 2019 247
Women with asthma have lower levels of testosterone: Study. ANI Sep 30, 2019 533
Screening for Opioid-Related Low Testosterone Underused; Rates of screening, treatment for low testosterone higher for prolonged versus short-term opioid users. Sep 12, 2019 319
Testosterone Replacement Therapy May Increase Cardiovascular Risk; Increased risk in men on TRT for composite of heart attack, ischemic stroke, transient ischemic attack. Jul 26, 2019 291
Testosterone Therapy May Threaten the Heart. Jul 23, 2019 402
Hormone Treatment for Prostate Cancer Linked to Heightened Alzheimer's Risk. Jul 8, 2019 740
A drug that improves survival for men with metastatic hormone-sensitive prostate cancer. Jun 2, 2019 510
UN condemns making intersex athletes cut testosterone. Mar 22, 2019 489
Women with a twin brother are less likely to MARRY or have kids, study reveals; While having a twin might sound fun, a new study suggests that it could come with some worrying side effects. Mar 19, 2019 1011
Penis development requires more than just testosterone. Feb 16, 2019 443
Anabolic steroids may raise risk of premature death in men. Nov 21, 2018 237
Can testosterone replacement therapy reduce progression of lung disease? Sep 14, 2018 278
Transgender men need counseling on contraceptive and reproductive choices. Nogrady, Bianca Aug 1, 2018 433
Early puberty in boys increases substance use risk. Jul 17, 2018 337
Obesity may affect prostate cancer test results. Jul 6, 2018 222
Postmenopausal Sex Hormone Levels Associated With Later CVD; Higher testosterone/estradiol ratio linked to elevated risk for incident cardiovascular disease. Jun 1, 2018 344
Sex hormone levels linked to heart disease in women. May 29, 2018 354
Irregular Menstruation Common in Girls With Type 2 Diabetes; High testosterone levels seen, indicating underlying polycystic ovary syndrome could be a cause. Apr 30, 2018 255
Online Bodybuilding products sale mislabeled or unsafe: study. Jan 8, 2018 476
Low-Testosterone Treatment: Controversy Continues, But Guidelines Emerging: After decades of conflicting research, the scientific and medical communities are beginning to agree on guidelines to treat "Low T.". Jan 1, 2018 591
Online Bodybuilding products sale mislabelled or unsafe: study. Dec 28, 2017 546
Testosterone Explains Why Asthma Is More Common In Women. Nov 29, 2017 640
Here's how swings in dad's testosterone affect family. Sep 6, 2017 322
Hormones can make men mistakenly overconfident. Jul 8, 2017 1210
Semenya among athletes who could require hormone therapy to compete. Jul 4, 2017 357
Why Women Are More Likely To Get Asthma Than Men. May 13, 2017 480
Stem cell strategy for boosting testosterone levels tested in rodents. Jan 16, 2017 443
Headlines & your health: prostate cancer hormone therapy linked to increased risk of depression. Jul 1, 2016 347
Diagnosing androgen deficiency in adult men. Samoszuk, Michael Statistical table Apr 1, 2016 2964
Testosterone: So-so sexual benefits, no vitality bump. Moon, Mary Ann Mar 15, 2016 803
Reply; Testotoxicosis: Report of Two Cases, One with a Novel Mutation in LHCGR Gene. Evliyaoglu, Olcay Letter to the editor Mar 1, 2016 448
The Moscow Olympics? They should have been called the Chemists' Olympics - Report to Australian government in 1989; REVEALED SECRET TESTS EXPOSE 19 MEDALLISTS AT ALLAN WELLS' GOLDEN GAMES AS DRUG CHEATS. Aug 2, 2015 1433
The Moscow Olympics? They should have been called the Chemists' Olympics; REVEALED SECRET TESTS EXPOSE 19 MEDALLISTS AT ALLAN WELLS' GOLDEN GAMES AS DRUG CHEATS - Report to Australian government in 1989. Aug 2, 2015 1095
Prenatal testosterone exposure leads to verbal aggressive behaviour. Nov 30, 2012 407
Obese teen boys likelier to become impotent and infertile adults. Oct 17, 2012 421
Testosterone linked to heart disease. Sep 29, 2012 439
New proof testosterone reason women outlive men. Sep 25, 2012 307
Men with short ring fingers likelier to survive prostate cancer. Aug 16, 2012 357
Prostate cancer and Bisphenol A. Marchese, Marianne Report Jul 1, 2012 1334
Low testosterone levels could trigger diabetes in men. May 5, 2012 435
Robbie Williams is right: Sex hormone therapy can reverse ageing process in men. Jun 20, 2011 385
Age does not cause testosterone levels to drop in healthy older men. Jun 8, 2011 321
Study claiming Black women less attractive sparks international race row. Survey May 19, 2011 199
New study uncovers how male puberty begins. Mar 16, 2011 392
High testosterone linked to men's ability to 'woo' women. Mar 13, 2011 311
Male fertility is in the bones, shows mice study. Feb 19, 2011 309
Winners have higher testosterone levels: Study. Jan 26, 2011 338
Technique or testosterone? An empirical report on changes in the longevity of boy singers. Ashley, Martin Nov 1, 2010 6169
Low testosterone levels could lead to Alzheimer's. Oct 7, 2010 334
Low testosterone levels could lead to Alzheimer's. Oct 6, 2010 334
Stress hormone opposes testosterone's effects. Oct 3, 2010 253
Male menopause really does exist. Jul 8, 2010 205
Symptoms of 'male menopause' identified. Jun 17, 2010 466
Dose of testosterone 'makes women less trusting'. May 25, 2010 170
Scent of a fertile woman sends men's testosterone soaring. Jan 14, 2010 265
Steroid hormone deficiency may be behind cardiovascular disease. Sep 26, 2009 308
Risky Business: New study explores role of gender and testosterone in financial risk aversion. Report Aug 25, 2009 851
Steroid doping tests ignore vital ethnic differences, say scientists. Mar 12, 2009 414
New study fuels debate over testosterone therapy. Report Mar 1, 2008 332
Serum testosterone in women as measured by an automated immunoassay and a RIA. Torjesen, Peter A.; Sandnes, Liv Letter to the editor Mar 1, 2004 1323

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