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Keller pleads guilty Police blotter Police. Dec 4, 2019 546
British police dealing with incident at London Bridge; witnesses report gunshots. Arab News Nov 29, 2019 366
Police recover Sohail Ayaz's minor victim. Nov 16, 2019 918
London boroughs where the most people were killed in the past year, according to police data; The Metropolitan Police's crime data shows where the most homicides happened last year. Robyn Darbyshire Nov 9, 2019 368
Report of needle in candy was false. Daily Herald report Nov 9, 2019 115
Du Quoin briefs 3 officers targeted in shooting: report. Nov 8, 2019 311
UP: 7 PPS officers given compulsory retirement for not performing duty efficiently. ANI Nov 7, 2019 249
Police beat. Nov 6, 2019 549
Police use of stop and search powers rocket in last year, report reveals. Nov 2, 2019 217
Report: City must overhaul homicide probes. Don Babwin Associated Press Oct 31, 2019 349
Policemen suspended for showing poor performance. Oct 23, 2019 154
States Are Depriving Innocent People of Their Second Amendment Rights: "RED FLAG" LAWS LEAVE GUN OWNERS DEFENSELESS. Sullum, Jacob Oct 23, 2019 3815
The way forward. Afzal Ali Shigri Oct 12, 2019 1051
Northumbria Police needs to get better at cutting crime and keeping people safe, say inspectors; Latest report into how force is working says it has 'declined' since the last inspection. Sophie Doughty Oct 11, 2019 815
Force 'failing to record thousands of offences'. Oct 10, 2019 222
Victim of political axes to grind, or man with tenure synonymous with abject failure? TEESSIDE LEADERS' VERDICTS ON OUTGOING PCC. ALEX METCALFE Local democracy reporter @Mecs_LDR Oct 2, 2019 872
Sindh IG recommends AIG's transfer. Oct 2, 2019 116
Thunder Bay: the pain, the opportunity, and the newspaper. Atkins, Michael Oct 1, 2019 1412
A fresh face is needed. Sep 30, 2019 560
Hundreds sign petition calling on Barry Coppinger to step down from 'clueless' police force; A damning report exposed alarming failings at Cleveland Police and now the [pounds sterling]70,000-a-year commissioner is under pressure to resign. Samuel Jones Sep 29, 2019 384
NSPCC has grave concern for children. Sep 28, 2019 239
Chief Constable vows to turn the force around after damning report. ALEX METCALFE Local democracy reporter @Mecs_LDR Interview Sep 28, 2019 1371
Thousands of police officers not vetted. Report by David Banner Sep 28, 2019 243
Thousands of police officers not vetted. Report by David Banner Sep 28, 2019 243
Interim Report on a case of inadmissible passengers referred for1nvestigations by the Ghana Immigration Service. Sep 26, 2019 4170
Police officer faces major punishment over misbehaviour. Amraiz Khan Sep 22, 2019 233
Canada : Province Taking Action to Address Safety in Downtown Winnipeg. Sep 19, 2019 235
65 police officers lost their lives in 2018 - report. Sep 18, 2019 284
Rift Valley tops crime list in 2018 -report. Sep 18, 2019 314
The most dangerous places to live in Hammersmith and Fulham according to police data; The areas have been ranked by the number of crimes. Company rankings Sep 15, 2019 284
Most dangerous places to live in Hackney according to Met Police statistics; This is where the crimes are happening across the borough. Sep 7, 2019 719
Makati among Southeast Asia's top 10 safest cities. Sep 3, 2019 741
KP CM takes notice of traffic issues, accidents during Eid holidays. Aug 17, 2019 275
KP CM takes notice of traffic issues, accidents during Eid holidays. Aug 17, 2019 275
KP CM takes notice of traffic issues, accidents during Eid holidays. Aug 17, 2019 271
CM takes notice of traffic incidents caused deaths, injuries. Aug 17, 2019 683
South Africa : MEC Albert Fritz escalates Ombudsmans report in fight against poaching. Aug 14, 2019 611
Mushfig Rahimov discharged based on his report to the Azerbaijani Minister of Internal Affairs. Aug 13, 2019 108
Report: Multiple students provided texts that led to charges against coach. Aug 10, 2019 369
Report: Multiple students provided texts that led to charges against St. Viator coach. Aug 10, 2019 369
Metropolitan Police spent PS3.5m on security for Trump state visit. Aug 2, 2019 339
Metropolitan Police spent PS3.5m on security for Trump state visit. Aug 2, 2019 347
Police, Power Sector, Education Ministry, Judiciary Most Corrupt In Nigeria a SERAP Report. Jul 31, 2019 921
The most dangerous places to live in Redbridge according to police data; Based on police data from the last two months, these are the crime hotspots of Redbridge. Jul 21, 2019 1492
Commons group debates hi-tech facial recognition. Jul 19, 2019 493
New details emerge on Jazeera's fabricated report on Bahrain. Jul 18, 2019 1178
2019 Afro Barometer Report: Perception of Corruption in Police reduced ... As gov't scores high marks in fight against canker. Jul 18, 2019 447
QCPD launches probe as restos report bomb threats. Jul 17, 2019 311
Nipsey Hussle was being investigated before his murder: Report. Jul 16, 2019 277
The most dangerous parts of Camden to live in according to police data; Crimes included theft, antisocial behaviour and violent or sexual offences. Jul 15, 2019 453
Supply, In The Purchase Mode, Of A New Electric Vehicle Without Transformation, Destined To The Local Police Service Of The City Of Salou, According To The Technical Specifications And Conditions Required In The Specifications Of Technical Specifications. Jul 13, 2019 132
Residents turn in petition to fire officer Petition: Resident criticizes lieutenant for turning off his body camera twice. Jul 11, 2019 625
Residents turn in petition to fire officer. Jul 11, 2019 625
Traffic wardens directed to delete games from mobile phones during duty hours. Jul 9, 2019 310
Report reveals nexus between Sindh police and organised crime. Jul 6, 2019 744
Police visit Johnson's home over 'row' report. Jun 22, 2019 129
Lahore police chief delegates power in unprecedented move. Jun 22, 2019 766
Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service judged not good enough at preventing or responding to fires; Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services rated Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service 'Requires Improvement' on nearly all points examined. Jun 20, 2019 770
Crime Commissioner's report reveals youngsters' concerns. Jun 6, 2019 454
SC seeks report against police officers accused of making illegal appointments. Jun 4, 2019 543
United States : Interim Report of the Providence County Grand Jury (Reported May 15, 2019). May 20, 2019 192
Police checking report of accidental firing at Comelec. May 13, 2019 338
May 12 massacre: Karachi police prepares JIT performance report. May 12, 2019 337
JIT performance report on May 12 riots released by Karachi police. May 12, 2019 482
'Over-policed' events have negative impact; Report: Officers claim allocation leaves communities lacking. May 9, 2019 423
9 most dangerous places to live in Southwark revealed; This is where the most crime has happened recently, according to police data. May 5, 2019 552
Serial killer at work in Chicago? Apr 13, 2019 795
Serial killer at work in Chicago? Serial: Police don't believe 51 cases are linked. Apr 13, 2019 795
Northumbria Police praised for child protection progress but still more work to be done; Northumbria Police has made good progress in improving its approach to child protection issues, but still has work to do, according to a report. Apr 12, 2019 589
Stalker changes 'too little, too late' - family. Apr 11, 2019 420
Naperville police to host seminar on victims' rights. Apr 9, 2019 317
NTSA's help sought to check boda boda. Apr 8, 2019 384
Finding Solutions: Why the IndyStar is working on a year-long project centered on violence. Mateos, Evelyn Apr 1, 2019 440
SHC seeks updated report on recovery of missing persons. Mar 29, 2019 328
Another circular bus service begins. Mar 28, 2019 1035
Eight seek three seats for Rolling Meadows alderman Q&A: Candidates discuss ideas they have for their community. Mar 22, 2019 2368
Eight seek three seats for Rolling Meadows alderman Q&A: Candidates discuss ideas they have for their community. Mar 22, 2019 3670
Recruitment of ASPs. Mar 14, 2019 406
Coroner Says UC Irvine Freshman Died From Alcohol Poisoning. Mar 13, 2019 303
Report of armed men arriving in Bucana false: DCPO. Mar 12, 2019 277
Two cops suspended in Nimra murder case. Mar 5, 2019 119
PM fulfilled promise regarding Sahiwal incident. Mar 4, 2019 546
Boy found hanged in house. Feb 28, 2019 234
DPO orders inquiry into 'illegal' detention. Jan 30, 2019 317
Photos from a dramatic six-car crash just off Uxbridge Road in Hayes; Remarkably, nobody was seriously injured in the crash according to the Metropolitan Police. Dec 9, 2018 249
83-year-old pensioner pushed to the ground for his money during robbery; Durham Constabulary received a report of a robbery after an 83-year-old was approached by a man demanding cash in Rennie Street, Ferryhill. Dec 9, 2018 193
Cheshire has below average rate of illegal number plate crime, data shows; Despite the county having a below average rate of such offences, there was still an increase from 2016-17, reflecting a national trend. Dec 8, 2018 280
Cheshire has below average rate of illegal number plate crime, data shows; Despite the county having a below average rate of such offences, there was still an increase from 2016-17, reflecting a national trend. Dec 8, 2018 280
'Major changes' needed at Surrey Fire and Rescue Service according to official report; Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Services will publish its report on December 6. Dec 3, 2018 421
Editorial Advisory Board: Fitzgerald must share report. Nov 29, 2018 676
Monica Juma wants her name expunged from PAC report on graft. Nov 29, 2018 387
Supply Of Ten Vehicles For The Local Police Service, Through The Modality Of Lease (renting), Without Purchase Option, To 48 Installments, According To The Conditions Established In The Technical Specifications, Divided Into The Following Classes: Object. Nov 22, 2018 258
Labourers' death: Case registered against company. Nov 17, 2018 193
Arlington Heights police surveying business community. Nov 6, 2018 130
United States : Administrative Review of Former Deputy Chief of Polices Conduct Concludes. Nov 6, 2018 906
Police Warn Of Candy-Shaped Meth Pills. Oct 29, 2018 652
Report airs concerns about Elmhurst police station. Oct 25, 2018 667
Probe finds fraud of several billions in police funds. Oct 23, 2018 528
Purchase Of A New Tourism Automobile Destined To The Salou Local Police Service, Without Any Type Of Transformation, According To The Technical Specifications And Conditions Required In The Specifications Of The Technical Specifications (ppt). Oct 23, 2018 128
Oman safest place in world with no terrorism incidents: report. Oct 17, 2018 169
Scandal looms as murder probes are now reviewed. Oct 15, 2018 1079
Scandal of child sex abuse and exploitation set to be uncovered in [pounds sterling]25m Cleveland Police inquiry; The instances of exploitation of children as well as previously unrecorded sex offences are "substantial". Oct 14, 2018 1008
Inquiry finds 112 ghost employees in Thatta police force. Oct 11, 2018 432
Abbottabad police issues performance report of September 2018. Oct 7, 2018 245
Abbottabad police issues performance report of September 2018. Oct 7, 2018 245
Schools locked down after report of shots fired. Oct 3, 2018 112
Judge Grants Asbury Park Press Access to Secret Police Records of Convicted Former Sergeant. Oct 1, 2018 220
Matiang'i's Interior ministry, Police top EACC's graft survey. Oct 1, 2018 660
Cash-strapped police forces 'unsustainable'. Sep 26, 2018 594
Survey finds increase in satisfaction with NOPD. Sep 25, 2018 542
Police forces "fighting a losing battle" against fraud with 96% of cases closed unresolved - what happens when you report a case to Action Fraud; Reporting a scam to the authorities could take up to six weeks for it to be considered for investigation - however, even then, there's little guarantee it will materialise. Sep 24, 2018 964
BREXIT NEWS: Sadiq Khan says the police are already preparing for civil unrest after Brexit; The Metropolitan Police are making contingency plans for after we leave the EU, according to the London Mayor. Sep 16, 2018 247
GARDA 'FAILED TO EMBRACE HUMAN RIGHTS VALUES' Report calls for overhaul of policing strategy; Demand for the force to be 'more diverse'. Sep 15, 2018 625
Suburban police release sketch of suspect in suspicious incident -BYLN- Daily Herald report. Sep 11, 2018 206
Guyana : Foreign Service Officers Receive Tip Training. Sep 6, 2018 219
South Africa : Scopa to Meet Saps on High Profile Investigations. Sep 5, 2018 174
SC seeks report on political intervention in DPO Pakpattan case. Sep 4, 2018 917
NTSB releases preliminary report on Tesla Model S battery fire. Sep 4, 2018 534
High risk paedophiles in community not visited enough by "seriously overstretched" police; A worrying report revealed the huge pressures on a Merseyside Police force faced with rapidly increasing numbers of registered sex offenders. Aug 30, 2018 910
Despite controversies, Pugh says police commissioner vacancy drawing interest. Aug 29, 2018 567
K-P police committee to probe attacks on transgender community. Aug 21, 2018 291
Girl, 14, missing after calling Epsom Hospital saying she had gone into labour in park; Officers began searching on Sunday night (August 19) after receiving a report a teenager had called Epsom Hospital. Aug 20, 2018 227
Israeli rejection of plan for UN force is galling. Aug 19, 2018 312
Chingford murder probe: Boy, 16, and woman, 35, arrested after man, 42, stabbed to death; Metropolitan Police were called at around 4.40am today to an address in Flaxen Road, Chingford to a report of a stabbing. Aug 17, 2018 152
United States : Mayor Announces Next Steps Towards Implementation of Body Cameras. Aug 3, 2018 929
NADRA's biometric verification vans to identify unattended dead bodies: report. Aug 2, 2018 364
State's attorney's report. Aug 1, 2018 1079
Survey reveals lack of faith in rural policing. Jul 25, 2018 331
Police forces are failing hate crime victims - report; Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services found that, in nearly half of the cases it examined, the response was not good enough. Jul 19, 2018 867
Senate moves to amend Police Act. Jul 10, 2018 1199
Report: Macau police say PDRM's statements on Jho Low not factual. Jul 10, 2018 293
Safety, security drive higher ed hiring. Botelho, Stefonie Jul 1, 2018 279
Former IGP Jamali, others held responsible for illegal recruitment in Sindh Police: report. Jun 22, 2018 179
Uber Driver Was Streaming Show Before Self-Driving Car Crash. Jun 22, 2018 747
Police interview Setev Shaariibuu over report on daughter Altantuya's murder. Jun 21, 2018 297
Court seeks detailed report about May 12 carnage. Jun 21, 2018 603
Blunt force trauma killed Novaliches inmate; PNP Chief orders relief of station commander. Jun 21, 2018 385
HRC seeks report in mowing down of youth in Srinagar. Jun 11, 2018 246
IOK HR body seeks report in mowing down of youth. Jun 11, 2018 232
IOK HR body seeks report in mowing down of youth. Jun 9, 2018 268
HRC seeks report in mowing down of youth in Srinagar. Jun 9, 2018 280
IOK HR body seeks report in mowing down of youth. Jun 9, 2018 268
Sindh CM directs police to remove hate material in city, reviews security arrangements for Youm-i-Ali: report. Jun 5, 2018 623
Celebrities React To Harvey Weinstein's Arrest. May 25, 2018 357
Report crimes through social media, text messages, NCRPO urges public. May 22, 2018 339
NCRPO: Report crimes through social media, text messaging. May 22, 2018 343
United Kingdom : GRECO: UK 5th round evaluation report published. May 18, 2018 136
Rs8 million allocated for police investigations in Islamabad: report. May 12, 2018 259
That's no pet -- stray coyote pup turned over to Bartlett police-BYLN- Daily Herald report. May 11, 2018 124
The following incidents were obtained from the Benton Police Department. Note th. May 9, 2018 267
City Patrol Police foils 5500 crime bids in four months: report. May 8, 2018 341
Abu Dhabi Police seized controlled drugs worth Dh1.02b in 2017. May 4, 2018 587
CJP takes suo motu notice of Hazaras' killing. May 3, 2018 1081
Unpacking Recommendation 16 of the Health Ombud's report on the Life Esidimeni tragedy. Robertson, Lesley J.; van Rensburg, Bernard Janse; Talatala, Mvuyiso; Chambers, Cassey; Sunkel, Char Editorial May 1, 2018 1114
SHRC seeks report from govt on 2016 killings. Apr 30, 2018 202
Policemen's salaries stopped for failing to perform duties: report. Apr 25, 2018 209
Police 'should no longer take victims' word for it'. Apr 23, 2018 249
Lessons not learned from Lawrence probe; AN EYE ON THE NEWS. Apr 22, 2018 480
Benton police blotter. Apr 18, 2018 270
Rao Anwar offered lenient treatment if cooperative in investigation: report. Apr 17, 2018 307
Drug-peddling goes on under 'police patronage'. Apr 11, 2018 370
25 terror attacks left 37 people dead in March: PIPS report. Apr 7, 2018 522
Exercise leads to a tweaking of major incident procedures. Apr 5, 2018 407
Anti-terror steps revised after training exercise held; councillors told lessons were learned in 'live-play scenario'. Apr 5, 2018 380
IB, IG for review of inquiry report against CCPO. Apr 5, 2018 621
Benton Police blotter. Apr 4, 2018 345
SAVAGED SHOCKING HORRIFIC Brave victim goes public to reveal appalling treatment at hands of cops after hotel rape She tells of torment after accused is freed.. then she is arrested and forced to strip Force faces legal fight as watchdog slams officers over unlawful and flawed decisions; POLICE INVESTIGATION REPORT HITS OUT AT HANDLING OFCASE AND WARNS LESSONS MUST BE LEARNED. Apr 1, 2018 1428
The following incidents were obtained from the Benton Police Department. Note th. Mar 28, 2018 300
Murang'a County and police ranked most corrupt in EACC study. Mar 28, 2018 1011
NCRPO chief to police commanders: Urgently report incidents to PNP not media. Mar 27, 2018 535
Govt promotes 49 officers to deputy superintendent of police. Mar 26, 2018 175
An Outstanding outcome for force that stayed positive. Mar 23, 2018 478
Police force in North East is top of the cops; durham best in country following annual inspection. Mar 23, 2018 434
Police force is now 'good' says report. Mar 23, 2018 286
PNP chief clarifies: QC cop died of leptospirosis, not of Dengvaxia. Mar 22, 2018 419
Compensation for sheep attacks. Mar 22, 2018 149
Is your police force up to standard? This is how inspectors rated Northumbria and Durham; Inspectors rated Durham Constabulary 'outstanding' overall and Northumbria Police was graded 'good'. Mar 22, 2018 518
Revealed - eight registered sex offenders missing. Mar 21, 2018 632
Northwestern says gunman report was hoax. Mar 15, 2018 382
Woman claims excessive force, negligent training by Baltimore police in '15 arrest. Mar 13, 2018 466
Providing Short Term Safety Mesures Of Blackspots Identified By The Central Sqaud And State Police Department Report Black Spots From Km.36.40 (km To Ait Circle) Of Nh-173. Mar 12, 2018 182
IG seeks report on land occupation of a citizen costing 500 million. Mar 3, 2018 145
IG seeks report on land occupation of a citizen costing 500 million. Mar 3, 2018 152
United Kingdom : Charity removed and trustees disqualified following terrorism investigation. Mar 3, 2018 460
Benton Police blotter Sheriff report. Feb 21, 2018 222
Establishment of new Eagle Force currently under consideration: report. Feb 19, 2018 143
UAE asks FIA to provide Abid Boxer's case file: report. Feb 15, 2018 231
Man who changed the face of policing has died; SIR LAWRENCE BYFORD WAS A FORMER HUDDERSFIELD CHIEF. Feb 15, 2018 465
Police waiting for toxicology report on Dutch model's death. Feb 11, 2018 486
'Beam signing' held for new police station in Arlington Heights -BYLN- Daily Herald report. Feb 9, 2018 104
KL police chief: Come to us with 'new evidence' on Dutch model's death. Feb 8, 2018 585
DQPD investigating false fire report. Jan 30, 2018 112
Police to seek news sources only through PCN. Jan 14, 2018 315
Monitoring team sets Baltimore consent decree benchmarks for first year. Jan 9, 2018 318
Johar Town clash report sent to IG. Jan 5, 2018 519
CPO seeks report regarding complaints against policemen. Jan 4, 2018 109
Randolph County court updates CPD informant gets prison time for theft herald tribune staff report. Jan 3, 2018 2045
Glen Ellyn Police Department recognized with architecture awards -BYLN- Daily Herald Report. Jan 3, 2018 320
NYPD Investigating Selfie Featuring ISIS Symbol. Jan 3, 2018 525
Northwest suburban mayors look ahead Northwest suburban mayors look ahead to 2018 projects. Jan 2, 2018 1438
Northwest suburban mayors look ahead to 2018 expectations. Jan 2, 2018 1438
Police said the case would never be closed.. but it was closed and they wanted to keep it closed. They Emma, not for a single minute did not think about; INVESTIGATORS CONFIRM ROGUE COPS BETRAYED FAMILY OF MURDER VICTIM; Senior officers lied to cover up bungled inquiry. Dec 24, 2017 1697
Report on policemen's health: 'High' hepatitis C, diabetes prevalence in Lahore police. Dec 24, 2017 472
SHC directs Sindh govt to consider IGP's proposals for transfers. Dec 21, 2017 709
SHC orders provincial cabinet meeting to consider new rules in police dept. Dec 21, 2017 281
Sylvester Stallone investigated by police over claim he raped teenager in the 1990s; The Rocky actor, 71, has reportedly hit back, accusing the woman - who came forward last month - of filing a false report against him. Dec 21, 2017 455
SHC orders provincial cabinet to consider new rules in police department. Dec 20, 2017 399
County police praised by Govt watchdog; In brief. Dec 20, 2017 146
Evidence collection force to be introduced in Lahore police: report. Dec 19, 2017 142
Model Town massacre. Dec 17, 2017 273
Hate crimes in Brent up 54% in just five years, Metropolitan Police figures reveal; Race hate crimes were the most common type reported, according to the latest Met Police figures. Dec 16, 2017 273
Road crashes claim over 150 in 2 weeks in Kenya, report shows. Dec 15, 2017 659
Flying Squad members being assigned unauthorised duties: report. Dec 13, 2017 204
Police propose new structure after Lahore's division. Dec 11, 2017 489
Islamabad Police disclose reasons of Faizabad Operation failure in report to SC. Dec 1, 2017 452
Police rebuked for going too easy on smoking ban. Nov 30, 2017 500
Benton Police blotter. Nov 22, 2017 148
police force? POLICE FARCE; EMMA COPS SPY REPORT WON'T BE MADE PUBLIC; Targeted officers blast cover-up. Nov 19, 2017 607
Police force praised for domestic abuse response. Nov 18, 2017 255
Council's 'serious flaws' in neglect cases highlighted. Nov 10, 2017 449
Police force's list of child-grooming hotspots leaked; 'VULNERABLE' PLACES HIGHLIGHTED BY REPORT. Nov 10, 2017 334
Review by council of children's services released; probe came after agencies came under fire from ofsted. Nov 10, 2017 413
Police force rated 'good' by inspectors. Nov 10, 2017 230
Report praises Eugene police, suggests several improvements. Nov 10, 2017 1997
Police praised as DameVera calls for cash. Nov 9, 2017 307
Two Witnesses Supports Kristina Cohen's Rape Allegations Against Ed Westwick. Nov 8, 2017 412
Police Have 'Enough' To Arrest Harvey Weinstein Over Paz de la Huerta Rape Charges. Nov 4, 2017 422
Eugene police evaluation released. Nov 3, 2017 166
Asians 'suffer more crime'. Oct 27, 2017 701
Benton Police department blotter. Oct 25, 2017 253
63 47 59 48 60 65 46 63 62 48 56 46 63 48 UK police probing alleged sex assault by US movie mogul. Oct 13, 2017 333
17-Year-Old Sexually Assaulted 3 Separate Times During Walk Home: Report. Oct 13, 2017 473
Police's efforts to avoid sex scandal 'comprehensive'. Oct 7, 2017 556
Police's approach to avoiding sex abuse is backed; NORTH EAST FORCES ARE TOLD THEY ARE DOING ALL THEY CAN. Oct 7, 2017 510
Report calls on force to improve child protection. Report Sep 21, 2017 573
Man Burned By Caustic Beer Awarded $750,000. Sep 16, 2017 598
No need to fear the police, readers say. Sep 15, 2017 211
Victims 'at risk of harm' as 17% of crimes unrecorded > Sex and violence offences among those pinpointed. Sep 7, 2017 618
CPO Multan submits progress report in rape case. Aug 2, 2017 299
CPO Multan files report in SC in revenge rape case. Aug 2, 2017 198
'Home Alone' Star John Heard Dies At 71. Jul 23, 2017 394
Chris Cornell's Blood At Suicide Scene Doesn't Indicate Foul Play, Report Says. Jul 13, 2017 595
Stalking victims are being left 'at risk' by police, say inspectors. Jul 6, 2017 669
This Works Contract Has Been Completed According To The Appropriate Procedure With The Aim Of Creating A Parking Lot For The Installation Of A Police Service On The Site Of The Crs 56 And The Sgami.l & Apo. Jun 17, 2017 110
Unpaid fines and police overtime problems for justice ministry. Jun 2, 2017 545
Senate body junks hit men's testimonies. May 23, 2017 772
Report: Texas falling short on police safety during mental health crises. May 16, 2017 2720
Corruption report underlines need for police reform. May 5, 2017 504
Teen abuse victim 'let down by police force' says report. Apr 18, 2017 912
Video Released of Blind, Mentally Ill Man Shot Dead By Police. Jan 19, 2017 416
NYPD Custody Death Victim's Relatives To Sue: Report. Jan 19, 2017 323
DOJ Report On Chicago Police Might Not Matter Under New Administration. Jan 13, 2017 709
Police probe into VIP abuse claims blasted; DOOMED MET INQUIRY MADE NUMEROUS ERRORS SAYS JUDGE'S REPORT. Nov 9, 2016 337
Two police officers killed in Iowa in separate attacks, media report. Nov 2, 2016 175
Prosecution investigates police officer following shooting of juice shop owner in Cairo. Oct 25, 2016 353
Death squads backed by neighboring Muslim country operate in Karachi. Oct 21, 2016 1038
Barratts director held in contracts misconduct inquiry. Oct 20, 2016 215
United States : Department of Justice releases Assessment Report on San Francisco Police Department. Oct 13, 2016 291
United States : Department of Justice Awards $12 Million to Advance Community Policing Efforts and Collaborative Reform. Oct 7, 2016 318
FBI Investigating Pitt On Child Abuse Claims: Report. Sep 23, 2016 375
Police probe death of helper in Mandaluyong condo. Sep 11, 2016 454
Report catalogs police abuses. Aug 26, 2016 148
New York police broke rules in investigating Muslims: Report. Aug 25, 2016 633
Report: Chicago cop says 18-year-old reached for waistband. Aug 13, 2016 155
Rachel Roy Thinks Beyonce Fans Hacked Her Gmail, iCloud Accounts; Report. Report Aug 2, 2016 390
Prosecution acquits officer accused of assaulting MP. Jul 16, 2016 387
Hillsborough families to sue police forces. Apr 29, 2016 194
'Cat out of bag' as city police could lose out to rural forces; 'Shocking'claim revealed in report. Feb 25, 2016 526
North East police forces effectively cutting crime and keeping people safe, say inspectors; Durham Constabulary only force in country to be rated 'outstanding' in HMIC report, while Northumbria Police is judged as 'good'. Feb 18, 2016 908
Northumbria Police needs to improve how it treats people, inspectors have found; Concerns have been raised about the culture among officers and the use of stop and search powers by HM Inspectorate of Constabulary. Feb 11, 2016 447
Police forces can do more for vulnerable victims, says report. Dec 15, 2015 676
Police force told it needs to improve performance. Oct 21, 2015 594
Durham anti-gun campaigner welcomes HMIC report slamming existing firearms laws; Bobby Turnbull has campaigned for stricter licensing laws after losing his mum, sister and aunty in the Horden New Year's Day shootings. Sep 15, 2015 449
Northumbria force area has highest child abduction rates by parents in the UK; Figures from a charity report show figures for Northumbria force area are more than three times the national average. Feb 23, 2015 476
CRIME FIGHT PRAISE ... BUT TRY HARDER; Mixed reviews as Merseyside Police ponder annual HMIC findings. Nov 28, 2014 540
Thunder Bay Police Service in Canada 'Not Efficient:' Report. Sep 23, 2014 422
Rotherham abuse report 'painful' for police force. Aug 30, 2014 160
Report critical of town police, workers; Department called 'unprofessional'. Ellery, J.P. Aug 28, 2014 1074
79 city police personnel embraced martyrdom during targeted operation: Report. Feb 9, 2014 259
79 city police personnel embraced martyrdom during targeted operation: Report. Feb 9, 2014 259
MILF men abduct Marawi City police chief-report. Dec 6, 2013 124
All-Wales force is a non-starter; Major report slammed for urging huge police merger. Nov 26, 2013 372
Rural police force is UK's No1 for detecting crime but is it because they have more time? According to latest data, three of Wales' four police forces are among the best in the UK at catching criminals. But is this just another example of officers chasing performance targets - rather than tackling the causes of crime? Crime correspondent Clare Hutchinson reports. Sep 5, 2013 998
Police force rapped over 'unacceptable' handling of sex-on-duty armed officer; LOADED GUN IN HOLSTER ATTACHED TO TROUSERS 'AROUND HIS ANKLES'. Aug 13, 2013 1103
Police pledge to maintain high standards of integrity in dealings with media. Dec 19, 2012 380
Police consolidation: the end of local law enforcement? Will consolidation of local police departments and sheriffs' offices mean taking control away from local citizens, chiefs of police, and sheriffs? J.D., Joe Wolverton, II Oct 8, 2012 2609
Booze order bid by border town police; Councillors to consider plea today. Aug 29, 2012 734
No checks on local police force: AIHRC. May 19, 2012 384
Minorities targeted in NYPD stop, question and frisk program: Report. May 10, 2012 208
Police force cutbacks fall pounds 500m short, says NAO. Apr 26, 2012 169
Justice Department report shows economy has significant impact on public safety. Herckis, Mitchel Oct 31, 2011 413
NLC releases new report: public safety programs in the immigrant community. Gambetta, Ricardo Jun 13, 2011 459
Police forces fled during Imbaba clashes, says EIPR. May 16, 2011 653
Forensic science: why no research? Giannelli, Paul C. Dec 1, 2010 7229
Complaint process is clear. Sep 8, 2010 804
UK mayor's report favors minority recruits joining Met at a higher rank. Jul 8, 2010 454
The "new" exclusionary rule debate: from "still preoccupied with 1985" to "virtual deterrence". Dripps, Donald A. May 1, 2010 26891
Databases, doctrine & constitutional criminal procedure. Murphy, Erin E. May 1, 2010 13972

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