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Study shows genes help some Chios sheep cope as temperatures change. NANCY NICOLSON Apr 10, 2021 227
Genetic variant that protects against Alzheimer's disease promotes immune cell functions. Feb 15, 2021 827
Pakistani scientists discover mutation in coronavirus. Dec 18, 2020 351
Discovery of genes points to potential Covid-19 treatment. Dec 13, 2020 578
Bionano Genomics says Saphyr System able to analyze 'segmental duplications'. Oct 15, 2020 213
Thor blimey..Viking Brits; Study finds 6% in UK have DNA of rampaging warriors. NINA MASSEY Sep 17, 2020 368
Scientists discover a gene in the brain that controls sexual desire in men; The gene, called aromatase, regulates men's sexual behaviour, and could be targeted by drugs to either increase or decrease sexual desire. By, Shivali Best Sep 16, 2020 312
'Not all' Vikings were from Scandinavia, scientists say; Not all vikings were from Scandinavia, not all of them were blonde, and up to 6% of the UK population may have viking DNA in their genes, a new study suggests. Conor Marlborough Sep 16, 2020 398
The effect of [BRAF.sup.V600E] mutation on lymph node involvement in papillary thyroid cancer / Papiller tiroid kanserli hastalarda [BRAF.sup.V600E] mutasyonunun bolgesel lenf nodu tutulumuna etkisi. Sahin, Samet; Daglar, Gul; Menekse, Ebru; Cavdarli, Busranur; Baglan, Tolga Sep 1, 2020 4141
No foreign DNA found in or on body, govt chemist testifies in Nora Anne Quoirin inquest. Sep 1, 2020 560
There are 'differences in biomarkers' in people with genetic risk of Alzheimer's disease; The study used data from nearly 400,000 people in the UK Biobank. By, Nina Massey PA & Victoria Jones Aug 18, 2020 500
RESEARCH ARTICLE - Association of Pro198Leu polymorphism in glutathione peroxidase one (GPX1) gene with peripheral neuropathy in type 2 diabetic patients. Mushtaq, Shabana; Yousaf, Muhammad Javad; Amir, Rashid; Khan, Saleem Ahmed; Raza, Imran; Asifa, Maje Report Jul 10, 2020 2689
New Study: Coronavirus Genetic Risk Factor Inherited from Neanderthals. Jul 8, 2020 673
Ancestry's researchers identify gene associated with male susceptibility to COVID-19. Jul 7, 2020 208
Ancestry's researchers identify gene associated with male susceptibility to COVID-19. Jul 7, 2020 212
Former MI6 spy chief claims deadly Covid-19 virus escaped from Chinese lab during experiments; Sir Richard Dearlove said research suggested key elements in the genetic sequence were "inserted" and may not have evolved naturally. By, Brett Gibbons Jun 5, 2020 406
Origins of coronavirus can be traced to Chinese lab, former MI6 chief claims; A scientific paper suggested key elements in the genetic sequence of the virus may not have evolved naturally. By, Press Association & Jillian MacMath Jun 4, 2020 487
Former MI6 chief claims coronavirus origins can be traced back to Chinese lab; Sir Richard Dearlove says the virus accidentally escaped after being engineered by Chinese scientists as key elements in the genetic sequence may not have evolved naturally. By, Kelly-Ann Mills Jun 4, 2020 537
'Bat Woman' scientist warns about fresh pandemic caused by viruses evolving; China-based Shi Zhengli said a study found that coronaviruses and bats may have co-evolved over time and experience selection pressure from each other resulting in a new threat. By, Lorraine King May 25, 2020 352
Beano's study finds a 'funny gene' COMEDY. DANIEL BOAL May 18, 2020 247
Covid-19 may have evolved in humans over many years. Francis Collins Mar 31, 2020 800
Scots experts pioneer DNA scorecard for wild species. Feb 2, 2020 354
Bluestar Genomics Study Highlights Promising Data for Multi-Cancer Detection from a Single Blood Draw. Jan 31, 2020 433
Genprex's tumor suppressor gene TUSC2 is a novel target and biomarker for thyroid cancer therapy, finds researchers. Jan 30, 2020 622
Study focuses on researchers identifying opportunities to advance genomic medicine. ANI Jan 27, 2020 507
2020 US Genetic Diseases, Cancer, Forensic & Paternity Molecular Diagnostic Testing: Supplier Shares by Country & Segment Forecasts, Emerging Technologies 7 Competitive Strategies. Jan 27, 2020 629
2020 Spain Genetic Diseases, Cancer, Forensic & Paternity Molecular Diagnostic Testing: Abbott, Eiken Chemical, Hologic & Roche. Jan 27, 2020 621
Germany Genetic Diseases, Cancer, Forensic & Paternity Molecular Diagnostic Testing, 2020. Jan 27, 2020 616
Largest-Ever Study Ties Over 100 Genes to Autism. Amy Norton, HealthDay Reporter Jan 23, 2020 739
2020 Italy Genetic Diseases, Cancer, Forensic & Paternity Molecular Diagnostic Testing: Analysis, Trends, Growth & Major Suppliers. Jan 22, 2020 621
Japan Genetic Diseases, Cancer, Forensic and Paternity Molecular Diagnostic Testing, 2020. Jan 22, 2020 617
UK Genetic Diseases, Cancer, Forensic and Paternity Molecular Diagnostic Testing, 2020. Jan 22, 2020 618
2020 Global Genetic Diseases, Cancer, Forensic & Paternity Molecular Diagnostic Testing: Supplier Shares & Segment Forecasts, Emerging Technologies & Competitive Strategies. Jan 22, 2020 646
France Genetic Diseases, Cancer, Forensic and Paternity Molecular Diagnostic Testing 2020. Jan 22, 2020 617
Europe Genetic Diseases, Cancer, Forensic and Paternity Molecular Diagnostic Testing, 2020: France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK. Jan 22, 2020 644
Why are men more cancer-prone: Answer may lie in the Y chromosome. ANI Jan 17, 2020 543
Study links six gene types to anxiety and other mental health conditions. ANI Jan 11, 2020 360
Veterans' Study Shows Genetic Origins of Anxiety. Report Jan 10, 2020 369
What Matters More for Obesity Risk, Genes or Lifestyle? E.J. Mundell, HealthDay Reporter Jan 8, 2020 706
Active Lifestyle May Slow Familial Frontotemporal Dementia; Slower cognitive decline seen even in patients with genetic risk for familial frontotemporal dementia. Jan 8, 2020 246
Genes have a lot to do with anxiety and other mental health disorders. ANI Jan 7, 2020 350
Study suggests feasibility of treating encephalopathy with gene therapy. ANI Jan 5, 2020 278
GENE DRIVES NEW AND IMPROVED: As the science advances, policy-makers and regulators need to develop responses that reflect the latest developments and the diversity of approaches and applications. Friedman, Robert M.; Marshall, John M.; Akbari, Omar S. Jan 1, 2020 5290
Genes, Family Are Key Predictors of School Success. Dec 27, 2019 355
Healthy Sleep Pattern May Reduce Risk for Cardiovascular Disease; Good sleep patterns may offset genetic susceptibility to heart disease, stroke. Dec 24, 2019 258
Bangladesh Tumor Marker Sales Segment Forecasts for over 40 Tests, 2019 - DNA Probes, Chromosome Analysis, AI & Biosensors. Dec 18, 2019 576
Definitive Research Study Shows Genes Contribute Only 5-10% to a Person's Chance of Developing a Disease. Report Dec 18, 2019 1172
Intestinal stem cell genes may link dietary fat, colon cancer: Study. ANI Nov 25, 2019 417
Racial Differences Found in Gene Panels for Prostate Cancer Prognosis; Gene expression differs for European-American men, African-American men for three commercial panels. Nov 25, 2019 232
Your dog may have hidden colours due to gene variants, study finds. ANI Report Nov 7, 2019 594
Finland Mobile Infrastructure, Broadband, Operators Statistics and Analyses Report 2019 Featuring Telia, DNA, Elisa, Digita. Report Nov 5, 2019 481
Study finds breakthrough in understanding rare genetic skin condition. ANI Oct 24, 2019 624
New gene editing technology could correct 89% of genetic defects. Oct 22, 2019 294
Global DNA Sequencing 2019: Research, Applied and Clinical Markets. Oct 14, 2019 792
Stem Cell Findings Offer Therapeutic Hope For Deadly Genetic Condition. Oct 7, 2019 820
Parts Of Human DNA Potentially Came From Space. Darwin Malicdem Oct 3, 2019 357
Genetic regions associated with left-handedness identified and linked with brain architecture in language regions. Sep 5, 2019 783
Drinking More Coffee Tied to Lower Risk for Gallstone Disease; Individuals with genetic variants linked to increased coffee consumption have reduced risk for gallstones. Sep 5, 2019 248
There Is No 'Gay Gene,' Major Study Concludes. Thompson, Dennis Report Aug 29, 2019 748
No "gay gene", but study finds genetic links to sexual behaviour. Aug 29, 2019 488
Predictable Cat Behavior in Breeds: New study says it may be in their genes. Aug 27, 2019 221
During alcohol during pregnancy alters genes in infants, says study. Aug 15, 2019 338
Population Genomics Study, 2019: National Strategy & Implementation. Aug 13, 2019 1289
Scientists Uncover More Autism Genes. Aug 13, 2019 340
Multiple genes affect risk of asthma, hay fever, eczema: Study. Aug 5, 2019 509
Skin Changes From Aging Depend On Genetic Factors, Study Finds. Jul 29, 2019 397
Newly-Discovered Stem Cell Regulator Promotes Repair Of Breast Cell DNA Damage. Jul 29, 2019 641
Novel Test Accurately Identifies Precancerous Pancreatic Cysts; Cyst classifier test is based on clinical and imaging features, genetic and biochemical markers. Jul 18, 2019 242
'Healthy lifestyle can cut down on odds of dementia' Study: Research finds genetic risk can be lessened. Jul 15, 2019 350
Healthy lifestyle could help offset genetic risk of dementia. Jul 15, 2019 421
UK honour for NCCCR genetic counsellor's research study. Jul 8, 2019 641
DNA discovery gives hope; Dogs: Study shows link between gene and breathing woes in certain breeds. May 17, 2019 250
Genes responsible for fainting identified. May 17, 2019 426
Researches find how lifestyle affects genes. Apr 24, 2019 203
Bionano Genomics says study finds its optical mapping key to detecting variants. Apr 17, 2019 124
Science Journals Withdraw DNA Repair Studies Due To Falsification Of Data. Apr 16, 2019 496
Study finds cancer-fighting gene to prevent birth defects. Report Apr 10, 2019 414
Genprex collaborators report preclinical data for TUSC2 gene with pembrolizumab. Apr 8, 2019 154
Research finds rare genes linked with Alzheimer disease. Mar 31, 2019 450
Researchers identify 9 genes behind eyebrow colours. Mar 18, 2019 329
Why your sleeping problems could be down to your genes; New study could aid new treatments for sleep and sleep-related disorders. Mar 8, 2019 552
Why your sleeping problems could be down to your genes; New study could aid new treatments for sleep and sleep-related disorders. Mar 8, 2019 552
Why your sleeping problems could be down to your genes; New study could aid new treatments for sleep and sleep-related disorders. Mar 8, 2019 552
Why your sleeping problems could be down to your genes; New study could aid new treatments for sleep and sleep-related disorders. Mar 8, 2019 552
Why your sleeping problems could be down to your genes; New study could aid new treatments for sleep and sleep-related disorders. Mar 8, 2019 552
Why your sleeping problems could be down to your genes; New study could aid new treatments for sleep and sleep-related disorders. Mar 8, 2019 552
Why your sleeping problems could be down to your genes; New study could aid new treatments for sleep and sleep-related disorders. Mar 8, 2019 552
Why your sleeping problems could be down to your genes; New study could aid new treatments for sleep and sleep-related disorders. Mar 8, 2019 552
Why your sleeping problems could be down to your genes; New study could aid new treatments for sleep and sleep-related disorders. Mar 8, 2019 552
New study could offer protection to patients with rare genetic disease. Feb 24, 2019 515
Natera: Study shows high predictive values in determining genetic abnormalities. Feb 19, 2019 202
New study shows hidden genes may underlie autism severity. Feb 15, 2019 386
Not love, genes may impact quality of marriage: Study. Feb 11, 2019 513
Forget dating apps! Singletons will be paired in LABS based on their DNA by 2025; In a new report on the future of dating, researchers from Imperial College London suggest matches could be made in the lab. Nov 29, 2018 236
Abnormalities in Genes Linked to IRSP in Alzheimer's Disease; Abnormalities, reductions in gene expression associated with insulin receptor signaling pathway. Nov 5, 2018 238
Genetic Risk Score IDs Breast CA Risk in Female Child CA Survivors; Survivors in highest quintile of polygenic risk score have increased relative rate of breast cancer. Oct 31, 2018 279
Barriers to Prostate Cancer Research in Black Men Identified; Mistrust, lack of knowledge, unfavorable attitudes are barriers to genomic testing, study participation. Oct 31, 2018 231
Exercise May Delay Symptoms of Alzheimer's in Those at Risk; Findings among individuals with a genetic mutation known to cause Alzheimer's. Oct 12, 2018 190
Sindh government inks MoU with KU for strengthening of forensic DNA facility. Oct 2, 2018 350
Sindh govt to fund ICCBS for advancement of DNA lab. Oct 1, 2018 391
Environment may affect intelligence genes in humans: Study. Report Sep 27, 2018 290
Environment may affect intelligence genes in humans: Study. Report Sep 27, 2018 241
DNA ancestry tests might get you off guard. Sep 17, 2018 1254
Study finds rolled up genes can't be edited by CRISPR, STAT reports. Sep 10, 2018 129
Genes are key to academic success: Study. Sep 8, 2018 316
Genetic mutations may drive tumor formation. Sep 1, 2018 797
Cannabis use linked to schizophrenia by scientists in new study; Study found a genetic overlap between cannabis use and the use of tobacco and alcohol. Aug 29, 2018 420
E-cigarettes can damage your DNA and increase your risk of CANCER, study reveals; Researchers from the University of Minnesota have revealed that vaping can damage the DNA in your mouth, which in turn, increases your risk of cancer. Aug 20, 2018 361
Historian: Malay genes second oldest in the world. Aug 2, 2018 666
Increased Levels of Human Herpesvirus ID'd in Alzheimer's; Disruption of molecular, genetic, clinical networks by human herpesvirus in brains of subjects with AD. Jul 30, 2018 203
Genes don't affect consumption of calories? Jul 22, 2018 256
Patient Interest Fairly High for Melanoma Genetic Risk Testing; Reduced interest seen in minority and less educated populations. Jul 10, 2018 252
Widespread transfer of genes is important driver of evolution. Jul 9, 2018 283
Exercise Can Lower Inherited Heart Risk: As physical fitness and strength increase, heart disease risk falls, regardless of the cardiovascular risk your genes may dictate. Cris, Slent Jul 1, 2018 772
Genetic Risk, Lifestyle Predict CVD, Diabetes Independently; No interactions seen for any outcome; log-additive effect on risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Jun 28, 2018 258
Early Preterm Birth Linked to Increased ADHD Symptoms; Association holds after adjustment for unmeasured genetic, environmental factors. Clinical report Jun 26, 2018 246
New antiviral gene may stop virus clone. Jun 24, 2018 195
STUDY FINDS GENETIC LINK TO MENTAL ILLNESS; Irish researchers in major discovery on hereditary brain disorders. Jun 22, 2018 302
Lustgarten-Funded Research Shows Benefit of Genetic Sequencing in Advanced Pancreatic Cancer. Jun 19, 2018 311
Exercise can reduce genetic effects of obesity in older women. Jun 5, 2018 190
ASCO: Endocrine Tx Noninferior for HR+, HER2− Breast Cancer; Similar efficacy for endocrine, chemoendocrine tx for women with midrange 21-gene recurrence score. Jun 4, 2018 290
Exercise Modifies Predisposition to Obesity After Menopause; BMI genetic risk score-BMI link attenuated in 70+ age group. May 22, 2018 264
Malaria genetics: study shows how disease became deadly. May 22, 2018 295
New genes found that determine how the heart responds to exercise. May 19, 2018 278
More Variants in DCM-Tied Genes in Alcoholic Cardiomyopathy; Combination of TTNtv, excess alcohol consumption linked to worse LVEF in dilated cardiomyopathy. May 17, 2018 233
Study uncovers genomic data linking extinct giant ground sloth to modern species. May 16, 2018 428
Novel Signal ID'd for Microalbuminuria in Europeans With T2DM; Genome-wide association study identified novel signal near GABRR1, which was not seen in Asians. May 4, 2018 232
Genes can help predict children's risk of type 1 diabetes. May 1, 2018 243
Global study finds 44 genetic risk factors for major depression. Apr 26, 2018 274
Rare Genetic Mutation Helped Early Americans Survive Ice Age. Apr 24, 2018 546
TFs Operate Across Gene Loci Within Disease Phenotypes; Epstein-Barr virus EBNA2 protein binds to multiple loci of genome, increasing risk of 7 serious diseases. Apr 16, 2018 188
Exercise Best Defense for Those at Genetic Risk for CVD; Benefit of exercise against cardiovascular disease notable even among those at high genetic risk. Apr 10, 2018 246
Genetic Assay of PAP Tests May Help Dx Endometrial, Ovarian CA; PapSEEK tests for gene mutation, aneuploidy; better detection with Tao brush intrauterine sampling. Mar 26, 2018 269
Middleton's Morning Sickness May Be Genetic. Medical condition overview Mar 22, 2018 366
Scientists Sequenced Genomes Of 40,000-Year-Old Neanderthals. Mar 22, 2018 471
Too Few Early Breast CA Patients Given Formal Genetic Counseling; 43.5% of women with early-stage breast cancer with indications for risk evaluation get counseling. Mar 14, 2018 271
Researchers identify over 500 genes related to intelligence. Mar 13, 2018 197
Genetic Variations Impacting Empathy Tied to Psych Issues; Positive correlations of genetic variations with Empathy Quotient, risk for schizophrenia, anorexia. Mar 12, 2018 238
Higher Positive Cardiomyopathy Genetic Detection Rates for Whites; Higher positive detection rate and lower rate of inconclusive results vs. underrepresented minorities. Mar 5, 2018 240
AAN: High Fish Intake Linked to Reduced Risk of Multiple Sclerosis; Two tag SNPs in fatty acid desaturase gene 2 independently linked to reduced risk of MS. Mar 2, 2018 239
Your child's snacking pattern may be genetic. Feb 24, 2018 519
Caribbean People Still Carry Indigenous DNA From Lost Taino Society. Feb 21, 2018 533
Vampire bat's blood-only diet 'a big evolutionary win'. Feb 20, 2018 539
Genetics Should Inform Care in Noncompaction Cardiomyopathy; Genetic status linked to risk of major adverse cardiac events in NCCM patients. Feb 14, 2018 238
Experts discover genetic cause of rare high blood pressure syndrome. Feb 6, 2018 375
James Wilson publishes findings of toxicity in animals receiving gene therapy. Clinical report Jan 30, 2018 131
Those with 'obesity genes' may gain most from healthy eating. Jan 27, 2018 596
New gene found linked to obesity among children. Jan 27, 2018 601
Zainab case: JIT 'back to square one' as DNA report clears suspect. Jan 23, 2018 436
Genetic variants linked to extreme old age identified. Jan 18, 2018 289
Presence of BRCA genes has no impact on survival rates of women under 40 with breast cancer. Jan 12, 2018 531
Presence of BRCA genes has no impact on survival rates of women under 40 with breast cancer. Jan 12, 2018 527
Drinking Alcohol Causes Irreversible DNA Damage. Jan 5, 2018 591
Boozing puts your genes at risk. Jan 4, 2018 549
Genomics Approach of the Natural Product Pharmacology for High Impact Diseases. Wang, Yong; Feng, Qin; He, Peijian; Zhu, Lixin; Chen, Guoxun Jan 1, 2018 999
The Evaluation of the Relationship between sTREM-1, VEGF-B, and VEGF Gene Expression Levels with Disease Activity of Behcet's Patients. Harmanci, Kadir; Akan, Ozden Yildirim; Pirildar, Timur; Ortan, Pinar; Ulman, Cevval Clinical report Jan 1, 2018 3818
Atheism Causes Genetic Mutation? Dec 24, 2017 550
Genes Behind Peanut Allergy Identified, Could Lead To Targeted Treatment. Dec 6, 2017 526
Genetic Predisposition to Later Puberty Causes Lower Bone Density in Children and Adults, Study Finds. Report Nov 29, 2017 559
Why Do We Love? Blame Evolution. Nov 23, 2017 505
WISH genomics research presented at university. Nov 14, 2017 354
WISH genomics research findings presented to new HBKU cohorts. Nov 14, 2017 441
Study shows genetic risk factors for asthma, hay fever and eczema. Oct 31, 2017 383
Prehistoric Sex: Why Some People Have More Neanderthal DNA. Oct 25, 2017 567
Advanced Genome Analysis Of 40,000-Year-Old Chinese Man Reveals New Details. Oct 16, 2017 616
Study finds divorce runs in families and could be genetic. Oct 6, 2017 373
Opening the door to gene editing? Saha, Krishanu Sep 1, 2017 746
WISH Participates in New Study to Engage Public in Genomics From an Islamic Perspective. Aug 15, 2017 698
Arabian Gulf corals have 'super genes' to tolerate heat. Aug 10, 2017 442
Mobile genes are constantly rearranged by cells, study finds. Jul 17, 2017 505
Cyprus-linked genetic mutation causing breast and ovarian cancer identified. Disease/Disorder overview Jun 28, 2017 674
Researchers Switch On 'Silent' Gene Clusters In Bacteria. Apr 16, 2017 364
Crispr Challenges Findings Of Older Gene Studies. Apr 6, 2017 349
Mapping Of Genomes Leads To Breakthrough Study On Autism. Mar 8, 2017 197
Autism Genes Also Improve Brain Power. Mar 2, 2017 505
Short men tend to live longer due to 'longevity gene'-study. Report Feb 13, 2017 443
Higher cancer incidence in males than in females: new study reveals genetic explanation for this phenomenon. Feb 1, 2017 526
Reduced MLH3 Expression in the Syndrome of Gan-Shen Yin Deficiency in Patients with Different Diseases. Du, Juan; Zhong, Maofeng; Liu, Dong; Liang, Shufang; Liu, Xiaolin; Cheng, Binbin; Zhang, Yani; Yin, Report Jan 1, 2017 3765
A study finds genes for fear and aggression. Dec 1, 2016 147
New DNA-Editing Tool Could Help With Anti-Aging. Nov 18, 2016 455
Good genes could mean better health as you age. Oct 1, 2016 140
MediHerb Research shows limitations of DNA barcoding in authenticating botanical extracts. Oct 1, 2016 1225
Smoking Can Damage DNA Permanently: Study. Report Sep 21, 2016 478
Rats offer DNA clues to alcoholism: hundreds of genes involved in drinking, new study finds. Saey, Tina Hesman Sep 3, 2016 500
Study shows genetic risk can change during life. Plassman, Brenda Lee Sep 1, 2016 136
Hidden gene risks skin cancer: it's not just pale redheads who need to be careful in the sun. Brief article Sep 1, 2016 255
Cofactor of BRCA1: A Promising Genetic Marker for Common Malignant Liver Cancer Therapy, According to PiscoMed's Oncology Journal AMOR. Aug 26, 2016 837
Genomics Could Help Some Breast Cancer Patients Skip Chemo. Aug 25, 2016 531
DNA Sequence Makes Humans Susceptible To Autism. Aug 5, 2016 482
How Did DNA Win Over RNA? Aug 2, 2016 603
Austin Scrambles with Fallout of Closed DNA Lab. Jul 30, 2016 961
Regulating genetic research and applications. Kosal, Margaret E.; Hey, Spencer Phillips; Kesselheim, Aaron S.; Breckenridge, Alasdair Jun 22, 2016 1306
Genetic Changes Could Indicate an Increase in Tumour Aggressiveness, According to PiscoMed's AMOR Journal. Apr 14, 2016 701
Study finds first gene for greying hair. Mar 4, 2016 216
Study finds first gene for greying hair. Mar 4, 2016 216
DNA tags differ in gay, straight men: epigenetic changes may reflect sexual preference, study finds. Saey, Tina Hesman Nov 14, 2015 574
Researchers report genetic clue to breast cancer relapses. Brief article Nov 1, 2015 238
Genetic tweaks built bigger brains: experiments in mice show how to grow a wrinkled cortex. Saey, Tina Hesman Mar 21, 2015 756
Study shows Exosome Diagnostics' platform can isolate, analyse exoRNA, cell-free DNA from plasma. Nov 19, 2014 398
Health: DNA study dates Eurasian split from East Asians. Nov 10, 2014 164
Study shows variants in PLXNA4 gene may increase Alzheimer's disease risk. Jul 29, 2014 278
Study: Schizophrenia has many genetic links. Jul 25, 2014 386
Human-ape split gets an earlier date: new study revises DNA mutation rate of chimpanzees. Saey, Tina Hesman Jul 12, 2014 769
Study finds variations in TANC1 gene are linked to higher risk for radiation-induced toxicity in prostate cancer patients. Jul 9, 2014 252
Study finds DNA methylation may be biomarker of response to etanercept, adalimumab in rheumatoid arthritis. Clinical report Jun 12, 2014 143
New Zealand Kiwi Not From Australia; DNA Study Finds Different Ancestor. May 23, 2014 349
New study links liver disease gene to bladder cancer. Apr 6, 2014 338
Reducing the threat of exotic avian diseases. Avant, Sandra Report Mar 1, 2014 2392
Study shows utility of cell-free circulating tumour DNA in cancer detection, monitoring. Feb 20, 2014 185
Study finds double mastectomy lowers death risk in women with BRCA gene mutation vs single mastectomy - report. Feb 12, 2014 312
New study helps identify gene linking brain structure to intelligence. Feb 12, 2014 192
Whole genome analysis may enable personalised treatment of breast cancer - report. Feb 7, 2014 169
Myriad Genetics' study shows significant clinical value of Prolaris prognostic test for prostate cancer. Clinical report Jan 29, 2014 250
High Obesity Levels and Strong Genetic Vulnerability Driving India's Diabetes Population. Jan 22, 2014 711
DeCODE genetics's study shows mutations related to schizophrenia, autism affect healthy people. Dec 19, 2013 275
Study shows how meditation influences genes. Dec 16, 2013 187
Genomic tests are more precise in breast cancer prognosis, US study shows. Dec 13, 2013 283
New Report Reveals Many Zoo Animals Are 'Genetic Disasters'. Report Dec 8, 2013 285
Study shows oncologic mutations monitoring in cell-free DNA from urine may be alternative to tumour tissue mutation testing. Oct 22, 2013 282
Genomes of big cats mapped in bid to protect endangered species. Sep 18, 2013 178
Study shows efficacy of Akonni's TruTip sample prep technology to enrich cell-free fetal DNA. Sep 13, 2013 420
Sony, Illumina to set up JV for human genome analysis services - report. Aug 30, 2013 157
Genetic factors behind deadly Crohn's disease discovered. Aug 24, 2013 308
Alzheimer's and Parkinson's may not share common genetic risk. Aug 6, 2013 200
Increasing Obesity Levels and High Genetic Vulnerability Driving the Prevalence of Diabetes in India. Apr 5, 2013 451
Wolves, dogs, differ in ability to digest starches: study finds genetic differences between dogs and wolves, with dietary implications. Straus, Mary Mar 1, 2013 972
Abnormal gene mutation causes early menopause in women. Jan 30, 2013 383
DNA and RNA structure: nucleic acids as genetic material. Brunstein, John Jan 1, 2013 1913
Genes pay role in low birth weight and later diabetes risk. Dec 5, 2012 413
Capital study finds gene for obesity & low muscle. Nov 26, 2012 403
Researchers identify 'killer' gene that 'triggers' Alzheimer's. Nov 22, 2012 188
IRB discovers pathway boosting colorectal cancers metastasis growth - report. Nov 13, 2012 112
Genetic deletions in Y chromosome contribute to 8pc of male infertility. Oct 28, 2012 581
Study shows importance of DNA "junk" in disease processes. Oct 1, 2012 340
Resistance to dementia may be genetic. Oct 1, 2012 164
Major cancer protein amplifies global gene expression, NIH study finds. Brief article Sep 27, 2012 133
Soft drinks may increase genetic risk of obesity. Clinical report Sep 22, 2012 491
Face genes identified. Sep 14, 2012 286
New map reveals how 80 pc of human genome works. Sep 6, 2012 613
Manic gene in people suffering from bipolar disorder deciphered. Sep 1, 2012 522
International Genetic Study Traces Jewish Roots to Ancient Middle East. Aug 13, 2012 690
Paddlefish's doubled genome may challenge theories on limb evolution. Aug 8, 2012 465
Polar Bear Gene Study Finds Earlier Origin, Tracks Traces Of Climate Change. Jul 24, 2012 543
Sunburn 'may clean up cells with genetic damage before becoming cancer'. Jul 9, 2012 314
Only mums' blood can tell DNA of unborn baby. Jul 5, 2012 582
New study nets eight new genes for osteoarthritis. Jul 3, 2012 199
Thank your genes for academic success. Jul 3, 2012 561
Elvis Presley's 'Love Me Tender' may 'reveal clues to genetic disorder'. Jun 17, 2012 465
Alcohol dependence `may be influenced by genes `. Jun 16, 2012 648
Scientists Sequence Tomato Genetic Code To help Breed New Varieties. Jun 2, 2012 398
Israeli researchers find American Indians with Jewish genetic markers: report. May 30, 2012 202
Blonde hair 'may have evolved twice'. May 4, 2012 390
Genes behind ageing 'may be potential targets for anti-aging therapies'. Apr 20, 2012 390
Inherited-genetic variations up risk of aggressive prostate cancer. Apr 10, 2012 673
Rare gene glitches 'contribute to autism risk'. Apr 5, 2012 506
Yeast may use protein clumps: malformed proteins might help organisms evolve. Cheung, Rebecca Mar 24, 2012 437
Centenarians distinguished by DNA signatures: on second try, study finds genetic basis for longevity. Saey, Tina Hesman Mar 10, 2012 603
Exercise may 'turn on' genes within minutes. Mar 8, 2012 322
Genomic Health study shows positive result of new colon cancer RS test. Clinical report Mar 1, 2012 248
Reversing Alzheimer's gene 'blockade' 'can bring back memory'. Mar 1, 2012 648
Got 'fat genes'? You can still reduce your ever-expanding waistlines. Dec 21, 2011 313
'Malfunctioning' gene helps clear fats from blood. Clinical report Dec 7, 2011 322
Defects in brain signalling pathways behind ADHD. Dec 5, 2011 493
American settlers had North-South orientation. Brief article Dec 1, 2011 226
Whole-genome sequencing informs treatment: personalized medicine takes another step forward. Morrison, Karen E. Dec 1, 2011 1846
Lack of genes linked to shorter height. Nov 24, 2011 397
Strangers can spot 'kindness' gene, according to study. Nov 17, 2011 457
Study finds genetic 'overlap' between schizophrenia, bipolar disorder. Nov 1, 2011 152
Genetic link to suicidal behaviour confirmed. Oct 8, 2011 339
Genetic parasites transformed mammalian reproduction 100m years ago. Sep 26, 2011 269
High fat food triggers gene 'switch' leading to Type 2 diabetes. Sep 24, 2011 274
Scientists shut down cancer gene function. Sep 10, 2011 314
Scientists discovered genes to migraine headaches. Sep 9, 2011 345
I'M NOT LAZY, MY EXERCISE GENE IS GONE; Study finds missing DNA. Sep 6, 2011 241
BRCA2 gene mutation tied to better survival in ovarian Ca. Worcester, Sharon Sep 1, 2011 515
New study is first to identify a 'happiness gene'. Clinical report Jul 27, 2011 587
Suffering from back pain? Study says it could be in your genes. Report Jul 6, 2011 261
How much we look at happy faces depends on our genes. Jun 29, 2011 229
New study confirms cell phone exposure damages DNA, brain and sperm. Report May 29, 2011 453
Link between obesity gene, breast cancer uncovered. May 24, 2011 184
Correcting gene defect does not alter adversely affect pluripotent stem cells. Apr 18, 2011 819
NIH study finds genetic clues to major cause of kidney disease worldwide. Apr 4, 2011 109
Certain genetic makeup reduces the brain's neurons in drug addicts. Mar 9, 2011 396
How quickly you learn those dance moves may be in your genes. Mar 7, 2011 280
Gene variations linked to type 2 diabetes. Mar 4, 2011 343
How quickly you learn those dance moves may be in your genes. Mar 4, 2011 280
How well our brain functions is based on our family's genes. Mar 4, 2011 386
Gene variations linked to type 2 diabetes. Mar 3, 2011 343
Genes associated with binge drinking identified. Mar 2, 2011 397
Genetic fault that causes rare self-healing skin cancer identified. Mar 1, 2011 280
Blame your genes for that stammer, says new study. Feb 21, 2011 315
Study finds gene mutation strongly linked to schizophrenia. Feb 3, 2011 296
Courtship affects gene expression in flies. Jan 13, 2011 253
New genetic variants linked to height identified. Dec 31, 2010 386
Genetic variant 'triples odds of cocaine abuse'. Dec 26, 2010 201
Genetic variant 'triples odds of cocaine abuse'. Dec 22, 2010 201
Genetic variation linked to liver cirrhosis in alcoholic Caucasians identified. Dec 17, 2010 403

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