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Inquiry is calling for quick action on farm pressure; Independent investigation also wants climate change tackled. CHARLOTTE BENTLEY Community News Reporter Jul 21, 2020 228
Volcanic rock's dust the thing to fight emissions; Research: Scientists believe coating fields could absorb greenhouse gas CO. NANCY NICOLSON Jul 10, 2020 297
Congressional Action Plan on Climate Change Applauded by Zurich, IBHS. Don Jergler Jul 2, 2020 1519
Economic stimulus measures should also address climate change, DFF report says. Rohma Sadaqat Jun 27, 2020 627
Dubai Future Foundation report says COVID-19 can help build more sustainable economies. Staff Report Jun 27, 2020 1083
Rising severe weather from climate change threatens grid operations, says Accenture report. Baset Asaba Jun 25, 2020 712
Crisis is 'defining moment' in climate change battle, government told. Edward Thicknesse Jun 24, 2020 639
Most Americans believe the government should do more to combat climate change, poll finds. Jun 24, 2020 1204
Climate change plans are gathering pace. Jun 20, 2020 168
MoCC to revise NDCs under Paris Agreement for reducing GHG emissions by 20 percent. Jun 12, 2020 189
Pakistan launches Eco-system Restoration Initiative to avert adverse impacts of Climate Change. Jun 12, 2020 445
Flexibility and Resilience Are Critical For Energy And Sustainability Success, says new Schneider Electric report. Baset Asaba Jun 8, 2020 914
Clean energy progress hindered by Covid-19: IEA. Jun 7, 2020 646
Report Calls for Regulators to Tackle 'Systemic Risk' from Climate Change. Don Jergler Report Jun 4, 2020 1221
Climate change making old forests younger and shorter. Jun 1, 2020 585
COVID-19 Offers Lesson On Risk Of Ignoring Climate Change. May 24, 2020 564
Climate Change Making Hurricanes Stronger: Study. May 22, 2020 279
Evidence report on the reduction of emissions. May 14, 2020 299
New study highlights shea's potential to mitigate effect of climate change. May 13, 2020 471
Surface urban heat islands in the mega city of Karachi, their spatial distribution and health emergency response infrastructure. Atif, Salman; Hussain, Ejaz; Khan, Junaid Aziz Report Apr 30, 2020 4146
Pinus patula, Kenya's most important pine and key ally in the climate change fight. Apr 25, 2020 753
2019 was Europe's warmest year on record: Report. Apr 24, 2020 390
Ocean deoxygenation linked to ancient die-off. Apr 20, 2020 215
Greenland ice sheet shrinks by record amount -- climate study. Reuters News Service Apr 15, 2020 429
Every Day 10,000 People Die Due To Air Pollution From Fossil Fuels. Mar 31, 2020 1057
Share your views on climate change. Mar 25, 2020 190
Report: Climate Change Requires a 'Rethink' of How Catastrophic Events are Funded. Don Jergler Report Mar 19, 2020 1761
World 'off track' on climate targets as warming signs increase. Mar 11, 2020 332
Egypt to lose 1000 km of sandy coasts due to erosion: Study. Mohammed El-Said Mar 10, 2020 1171
United States Leads the World in Cutting C[O.sub.2] Emissions. Mar 9, 2020 341
NGO calls for climate budget transparency. Mar 6, 2020 556
A&M Study: Texas' Future Depends on Climate Preparedness. Kiah Collier, The Texas Tribune Mar 6, 2020 888
New study reveals secrets of coral resistance in Northern Red Sea to climate change. Samar Samir Mar 3, 2020 521
WORTH NOTING. Gajewski, Karen Ann Mar 1, 2020 822
CDA, IMC row marred beauty of capital: Senator. Feb 22, 2020 896
Climate change threatens future of children worldwide: UN report. Feb 21, 2020 917
Why 'farming with nature' needs cows and trees -- Aoife Behan. Feb 12, 2020 742
Is global climate solidarity impossible? Feb 11, 2020 1014
Global and individual efforts for Mother Earth. Feb 10, 2020 500
UK's first Climate Assembly to grapple with cutting plane, car and food emissions; The 110-strong group has been made up of people from all walks of life to give people a say in how the Government develops policies to reach net. By, Mikey Smith Feb 8, 2020 637
More trees, less meat; Big changes to land use are needed if we are to meet emissions targets, warns climate body. MICHAEL GOODIER Feb 6, 2020 458
More trees, less meat; Big changes to land use are needed if we are to meet emissions targets, warns climate body. MICHAEL GOODIER Feb 6, 2020 458
More trees, less meat; Big changes to land use are needed if we are to meet emissions targets, warns climate body How land use in the UK could change under the proposed scenario. MICHAEL GOODIER Feb 6, 2020 458
More trees, less meat; Big changes to land use are needed if we are to meet emissions targets, warns climate body How land use in the UK could change under the proposed scenario. MICHAEL GOODIER Feb 6, 2020 458
More trees, less meat; Big changes to land use are needed if we are to meet emissions targets, warns climate body. MICHAEL GOODIER Feb 6, 2020 469
More trees, less meat; Big changes to land use are needed if we are to meet emissions targets, warns climate body How land use in the UK could change under the proposed scenario. MICHAEL GOODIER Feb 6, 2020 458
More trees, less meat. MICHAEL GOODIER Feb 6, 2020 451
Report: Florida Will See Noticeable Climate Change Impacts in 20 Years. Don Jergler Report Feb 6, 2020 1828
City most in danger from climate change. WILL HAYWARD Social Affairs Correspondent Jan 31, 2020 676
Capital among most at risk from climate change. WILL HAYWARD Social affairs correspondent Jan 31, 2020 808
The smart way to live in the future; IN week two of our series of articles looking at climate change and environmental issues, LAUREN WISE examines the alarming predictions concerning how much of Cheshire could end up disappearing underwater in the next few decades. Jan 30, 2020 789
Race to plant trees before it's too late; WALES MUST PLANT 152,000HA TO HIT CLIMATE TARGETS. ANDREW FORGRAVE Rural Affairs Editor Jan 30, 2020 657
Gulf's perception of risk has changed. Ayman El Hout, Special to Gulf News Jan 27, 2020 834
Combined authority launches climate change report. Jan 27, 2020 285
Global Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems Market Analysis, Trends, and Forecasts 2019-2025. Jan 24, 2020 1193
Global Biofertilizers Market Analysis, Trends, and Forecasts 2020-2025. Jan 24, 2020 1300
Scotland now has a zero-carbon bible to tackle climate change. And its scale is daunting -- Bill Jamieson. Jan 23, 2020 853
ACCIONA joins exclusive A-list of world leaders in climate action. Stephen White Jan 23, 2020 372
Environmental bodies set joint vision to tackle climate change. Jan 23, 2020 1409
Cranfield scientists comment on Committee on Climate Change report. Jan 23, 2020 966
Calls for levy to pay for major woodland boost; Environment: Recommendation of charge on airlines or fossil fuel firms. EMILY BEAMENT Jan 23, 2020 482
KBRA research aviation poses risk to climate change. Jan 22, 2020 320
KBRA research aviation poses risk to climate change. Jan 22, 2020 331
Commentary: Davos 2020 Is About Supply Chains, Disguised As Climate Change. FreightWaves Jan 21, 2020 748
Climate and health. Arif Azad Jan 21, 2020 766
Eisai Rated "A", the Highest Rating in the CDP Climate Change Report 2019. Report Jan 20, 2020 516
Extreme heat, fires to affect sports more through climate change-report. Reuters News Service Jan 19, 2020 559
Another Cost of Climate Change: More Wildfires. Jan 16, 2020 327
Climate change increases risk of wildfires: Study. Report Jan 15, 2020 496
Company Bosses Set To Attend Davos Sound Alarm Over Climate Change. Jan 15, 2020 531
Climate change increases risk of wildfires: Study. Report Jan 15, 2020 430
Climate crisis is full-blown, time to act is now. Jan 14, 2020 550
Cases of injuries and deaths might increase due to climate change: Study. ANI Jan 14, 2020 513
Climate Change Could Spike Violence, Deaths According To New Study. Jan Cortes Jan 14, 2020 363
Buzdar seeks climate change policy, report on environmental issues. Jan 9, 2020 273
Robust Sustainability Strategies Enable Mining Companies to Address Environmental and Climate Change Risks and Derive the Competitive Advantage - 2019. Jan 8, 2020 538
U.S. gas emissions inch down. Steven Mufson The Washington Post Jan 8, 2020 813
Legislation and the Practices of Environmental Governance for Sustainable Development in Pakistan: A Post 18th Amendment Assessment. Farzana Zaheer Dec 31, 2019 4061
How technology is enabling sustainable development. Sharon Saldanha Dec 29, 2019 742
Rising cost of climate change; The staggering cost of 2019's climate-related disasters, which include severe drought, heat, fires, floods and storms right across the world, has been revealed in a new report out today. Dec 27, 2019 1027
Climate change is costing the Earth INFERNO Firefighters tackle hellish; SHOCK REPORT REVEALS IMPACT OF MAN-MADE CATASTROPHES; Hundreds of billions spent on weather disaster damage. EMILY BEAMENT Dec 27, 2019 671
Review of carbon emissions. Dec 26, 2019 133
Climate Change may not be only threat to vulnerable species: Study. ANI Dec 25, 2019 334
'Being fat is bad for climate'. JOE MORGAN Dec 21, 2019 123
Growing Obesity Rates May Contribute to Climate Change. Dec 20, 2019 358
Digital adoption key to cope with growth of mega cities. Dec 19, 2019 756
Study shows our historical landscape is under threat from climate change. Dec 18, 2019 812
Climate Affecting Bird Migration Timing At 'Continental Scale', Study Finds. Athena Chan Dec 18, 2019 579
Climate change report. Farahnaz Farooq Dec 18, 2019 283
Diseases Linked To Air Pollution Exact Huge Monetary Toll On Families. Johnny Vatican Dec 16, 2019 730
When communities uphold climate justice. Dec 15, 2019 763
International Climate Action Observatory Showcases Two Moroccan Projects. Dec 13, 2019 523
Climate risks to health are growing, WHO report reveals. Dec 12, 2019 740
94 pc of Indian business decision-makers concerned over negative impact of climate change: IBM. ANI Dec 12, 2019 433
Extreme Weather Now Showing More Effects Of Climate Change. Jan Cortes Dec 11, 2019 353
Group urges banks to stop funding coal power. Dec 11, 2019 561
Scientists: Climate Change Threatens Grain Production. Dec 10, 2019 277
Reflections on dealing with climate change. Dec 9, 2019 1200
Marine life, fisheries increasingly threatened as the ocean loses oxygen: IUCN report. Dec 7, 2019 888
NASA Recruits Elephant Seal For Climate Change Study. Inigo Monzon Dec 6, 2019 441
Climate change is causing birds to shrink, study says. Dec 6, 2019 164
Transition to renewable energy needs to consider global threat to species. Dec 5, 2019 954
EU likely to miss the mark for reducing its greenhouse gases; The European Union is set to miss the 2030 climate target. ARITZ PARRA and FRANK JORDANS report. FRANK JORDANS Dec 5, 2019 765
CARIBBEAN-ECONOMY - IDB sheds light on benefits of Caribbean achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. Dec 5, 2019 423
'Cairngorms snow cover to decline' ENVIRONMENT ? Study claims national park will face impact of climate change from 2030. CALUM PETRIE Report Dec 3, 2019 605
New Report: Investments in indigenous people, youth and women essential to fight climate change in Latin America and the Caribbean. Report Dec 3, 2019 583
Experts say climate change fueling California wildfires. Xinhua Nov 30, 2019 784
Greenhouse Gas Levels On the Rise. Seema Prasad Nov 29, 2019 603
CARIBBEAN-ENVIRONMENT-Caribbean airports addressing climate change. Nov 29, 2019 686
Cities Lead Fight against Climate Change and for Renewable Energy, Global Report Reveals. Report Nov 26, 2019 1567
Why we must set a date to phase out North Sea oil and gas -- Dr Richard Dixon. Nov 26, 2019 663
The Teesside streets that could be underwater by 2050 according to climate change report; A new report claims that climate change could leave to much higher sea levels than first thought. Nov 24, 2019 571
Report Urges Insurers to Eye Impact of Climate Change on Underwriting, Investments. Don Jergler Report Nov 21, 2019 1722
Infrastructure in 'urgent' need of green funding. JAMES WARRINGTON @j_a_warrington Nov 20, 2019 277
How one of our smallest seabirds can tell us a lot about climate change; New study into the behaviour of Arctic terns, which migrate from places like the Farne Islands to Antarctica, can reveal evidence of climate change. Tony Henderson Nov 20, 2019 862
Allianz and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University report: Flying has never been safer. Nov 18, 2019 1526
Climate Change: Tree Planting Will Reportedly Not Solve This Defining Issue. Athena Chan Nov 18, 2019 490
Concern shown over crippling Karachi water. Nov 17, 2019 441
Concern shown over crippling Karachi water crisis. Nov 7, 2019 442
Climate change: scientists warn over impact on food security and oceans. Nov 7, 2019 262
Concern shown over crippling Karachi water crisis. Nov 7, 2019 347
UT/TT Poll: It's a Highly Partisan Issue but Texans Say Climate Change Is Happening. Ross Ramsey, The Texas Tribune Nov 7, 2019 1239
CITY: Concern shown over crippling Karachi water crisis. Nov 6, 2019 442
Seas To Rise Dramatically Even If Greenhouse Gases Are Curbed. AFP News Nov 5, 2019 406
Climate Change May Soon Expose Billions To Toxic Rice. Darwin Malicdem Nov 5, 2019 433
Gas and oil firm 'must cut production by third'. Nov 1, 2019 185
Gas and oil firm 'must cut production by third'. Nov 1, 2019 185
GOOD NEWS, BAD NEWS: A review of climate crisis coverage in the global media has revealed that rich countries and poor countries take very different approaches to environmental reporting. Nov 1, 2019 517
Climate change impacting Scotland's butterflies. Oct 31, 2019 482
Rising sea levels could wipe out entire cities by 2050, scientists warn; Researchers from Climate Central found that hundreds of millions more people than previously thought live on land at risk from coastal flooding linked to climate change. By, Shivali Best Oct 30, 2019 306
Report sought on effluent, gaseous emissions by capital industries. Shahid Kamal Oct 29, 2019 591
The Industry. Oct 29, 2019 932
Climate Change Threatens Most US Birds With Extinction. Thomas Kika Oct 29, 2019 258
IMF, Financial Institutions, Climate Change And Stability. Oct 28, 2019 986
PCCI affirms support to PHL's shift to low-carbon economy. Oct 25, 2019 804
This is how Scarborough Council is set to tackle climate emergency. Oct 24, 2019 293
Climate change ministry launches survey of threatened wildlife species. Jamal Shahid Oct 23, 2019 537
Climate Change: Believers vs. Non-Believers. Andrea Wells Oct 21, 2019 501
The Industry. Oct 21, 2019 935
UK Committee Suggests Banning Air Mile Rewards to Fight Climate Change. Oct 14, 2019 255
By Mid-Century, Heat Waves Could Cover Far Bigger Areas. Oct 10, 2019 324
Climate change: Five billion people at risk within 30 years, experts warn. Oct 10, 2019 522
Believers in Climate Change No More Likely to Mitigate Than Non-Believers. Simpson, Andrew G. Oct 8, 2019 751
U.N Report: Our Earth's Oceans And Ice. S., Sid Oct 7, 2019 642
Fluoroelastomers Market Trends Shows a Rapid Growth by 2029. Oct 3, 2019 892
Fluoroelastomers Market Latest Trends, Share, Growth Industry Analysis and Forecast. Oct 3, 2019 879
Climate change slowing efforts to improve child health - study. Oct 2, 2019 521
Mediterranean Region is the second most affected area by Climate Change, UfM Secretary General. Engy Magdy Oct 2, 2019 1063
Shifting Freight Demand From Truck To Rail Will Improve Air Quality, Study Finds. FreightWaves Oct 2, 2019 701
Climate Catastrophe. Sep 30, 2019 2015
Climate change isn't a threat it's happening now. NADA FARHOUD For a cleaner, greener Britain Sep 30, 2019 470
Kuwait environment agency compiles first climate change report. Sep 30, 2019 260
Nada Farhoud: Climate change isn't a's happening now; A massive special report collates everything scientists know about oceans and cryosphere - and it makes for a sobering read. Sea levels are rising twice as fast as during the 20th century. Nada Farhoud Sep 29, 2019 526
Until 1965, humans have lived in low-CO2 environment: Researchers. ANI Sep 28, 2019 519
Almost 13,000 students study renewable energy courses at Scots universities. Sep 28, 2019 372
'Landscape blight' from climate goals; Fifth of rural Wales earmarked for wind and solar. ANDREW FORGRAVE Rural Affairs Editor Sep 26, 2019 400
Enhancing Climate Resilience is a key priority of the Government- President. Sep 25, 2019 532
United States Climate Change Adaptation & Resilience Markets Report, 2019. Report Sep 25, 2019 1131
'United in Science' report urges world leaders to save the planet. Mohammed El-Said Sep 24, 2019 1251
IPCC Opens Meeting To Consider Ocean And Cryosphere Report. Report Sep 24, 2019 353
'Catastrophic' climate change is accelerating faster than predicted. Sep 23, 2019 708
Port Report: K + N Looks To Offset Carbon Footprint By 2030. FreightWaves Sep 23, 2019 552
Philips underlines commitment to Universal Health Coverage at UNGA 74. Sep 23, 2019 1206
Climate challenge 'immense' ENVIRONMENT IN CRISIS Last five years have been hottest period on record. Sep 23, 2019 469
Climate change may impact ability of soil to absorb water: Study. ANI Sep 22, 2019 517
Asia may face water scarcity for new power plants. ANI Sep 21, 2019 401
Fighting Climate Change Offers 'Good Return On Investment'. Darwin Malicdem Sep 21, 2019 376
Space Dust May Stop Climate Change. Sep 20, 2019 385
Climate Change Is Killing More Americans, Increasing Healthcare Costs. Sep 20, 2019 454
R-142B Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Growth and Forecast 2019 - 2025. Sep 20, 2019 628
New UN report launched to help ratchet up action to combat climate crisis. Sep 20, 2019 714
So much scary news: How you can cope. Sara Peach Yale Climate Connections Sep 20, 2019 1496
So much scary news: How you can cope Coping: It's OK to be worried, and then take some steps. Sara Peach Yale Climate Connections Sep 20, 2019 1496
I'm having a hard time coping with scary climate change news. What should I do? Sara Peach Yale Climate Connections Sep 20, 2019 1511
Record 515 institutional investors managing $35 trillion in assets urge governments to step up ambition to tackle climate change. Sep 19, 2019 1204
New UN report launched to help ratchet up action to combat climate crisis. Sep 19, 2019 651
ING takes next step on climate alignment. Sep 19, 2019 810
Climate change affecting shark pups development: Study. Sep 18, 2019 536
Perceptions of climate change in the Middle East. Sep 17, 2019 566
Committee publish new report on Planetary Health. Sep 17, 2019 1228
UN report urges commodity-dependent countries to diversify economies to survive climate crisis. Sep 13, 2019 560
E-vehicles cool, but mining battery metals could pose a problem. Sep 13, 2019 628
UN climate change report makes biotechnology inevitable for Uganda. Sep 13, 2019 874
S&P says banks must take action on climate crisis. Sep 11, 2019 318
Study says every city needs a distinct cooling pattern. Sep 8, 2019 533
Report: Biotech crops continue to provide solutions to hunger, malnutrition, climate change. Sep 8, 2019 962
North America's Electric Motor Market to 2024: Analysis on AC, DC, Hermetic Motors. Sep 6, 2019 828
39% of Moroccans Haven't Heard of Climate Change. Sep 5, 2019 396
Teck Resources (NYSE: TECK) - Teck Releases 2019 Climate Action & Portfolio Resilience Report -- 28/8/2019. Sep 4, 2019 464
Yes, we'll have no bananas; Environment: Climate change could stem cultivation of vital fruit. Sep 3, 2019 412
Carbon Capture And Storage Market To Gain Huge Demand to Bring Down Carbon Emissions Owing To Climate Change Threats Till 2025 / Million Insights. Sep 2, 2019 1089
Climate change causing migrating birds to change flight path, study finds. Sep 2, 2019 281
Cattle Ranches Offer Hope for Grassland Birds. Gonzalez, Nicolas Sep 1, 2019 1454
APHA takes lead to fight climate change. Late, Michele Sep 1, 2019 276
Draft UN report warns of rising seas, storm surges, melting permafrost. Aug 30, 2019 1055
Oceans turning from friend to foe, warns landmark UN climate report. Aug 29, 2019 1081
For Muslim Pilgrimage, Climate Change Poses Health Risks. Report Aug 28, 2019 361
Event Report - Annual Environment Conference 2019 - Provinces should assume responsibility to protect environment. Conference news Aug 27, 2019 1624
Health Highlights: Aug. 26, 2019; Climate Change Raises Athletes' Risk of Heat Illness Men Should be Included in Breast Cancer Clinical Trials: FDA Tourist With Measles Visited Southern California Attractions Oklahoma Opioid Lawsuit Verdict to be Released Monday. Aug 26, 2019 1077
Govt committed to eliminating plastic bag use in capital: Zartaj. Aug 22, 2019 482
New climate report underscores need for responsible land use. Aug 20, 2019 545
Deadly heat waves to hit South Asian countries this century: Study. Aug 20, 2019 537
Root and branch change. Aug 18, 2019 219
IPCC special report warns invasive species growth; desertification in Pakistan. Aug 18, 2019 802
How will meat sector ght back against latest attacks? Reporting of an IPCC study into meat production focused on the negative. Can the industry work to construct a positive narrative? Sandercock, Henry Aug 17, 2019 952
Farmers have role in climate change. Aug 15, 2019 183
Air pollution accelerates progression of emphysema of lungs: Study. Aug 14, 2019 541
Heavy Smog as Bad as Pack-a-Day Smoking for Lungs. Aug 13, 2019 738
Health Highlights: Aug. 9, 2019; Climate Change Will Harm Food Production, Nutrition: Report. Report Aug 9, 2019 218
UN REPORT'S KEY FIGURES. Aug 9, 2019 321
IPCC report on climate change and land issues a clarion call to investors and companies. Aug 9, 2019 309
Moody's Says Wildfire Catastrophe Losses the New Normal in Calif. Aug 9, 2019 1590
Rabobank responds to new UN climate report. Aug 9, 2019 443
France welcomes IPCC report on climate change. Aug 8, 2019 290
World food security increasingly at risk due to 'unprecedented' climate change impact, new UN report warns. Aug 8, 2019 288
July 2019 was Earth's hottest month in history: report. Aug 7, 2019 165
Pseudoscience is taking over social media -- and putting us all atrisk. Aug 7, 2019 1054
European heat wave fueled by human-induced climate change, study finds. Aug 3, 2019 256
Asia-Pacific Power Sector Regulatory Tracker 2019. Aug 1, 2019 1207
Research report covers the Natural Gas Turbine Market share and Growth, 2018-2027. Jul 30, 2019 1448
Are we really helpless in the face of climate change? Jul 29, 2019 505
Sizzling summers can cause second-degree pavement burns. Medical condition overview Jul 27, 2019 438
Still time for Scottish fishing industry to adapt to climate change. Jul 26, 2019 544
Climate emergency declared in South Tyneside - but Green Party say it's not enough; Green Party councillor, David Francis, presented a motion calling for the council to become carbon neutral by 2023 and for the borough to follow by 2030. Jul 23, 2019 1123
Natgas is the cleanest fossil fuel: QNB report. Jul 21, 2019 700
Changes in Stone tools used by Mesolithic hunter-gatherers linked to climate change. Jul 18, 2019 499
Report: California Wildfires Will Get Worse, Blame Climate Change. Jergler, Don Jul 18, 2019 1713
Ruling party climate emergency motion. Jul 17, 2019 355
Climate Change Threatens Progress Across Sustainable Development -UN Report. Jul 16, 2019 551
Conifers species on road to extinction because of climate change: Study. Jul 15, 2019 827
Japan G20 summit held at a crucial time: QNB report. Jul 7, 2019 844
Photonics vital for hitting climate targets, research suggests: A new report highlights the importance of technical light applications in meeting the Paris Agreement, finds Jessica Rowbury. Rowbury, Jessica Cover story Jul 1, 2019 928
How best to power up solar: ease, efficiency or cost? Incumbent silicon photovoltaic players have powerful technologies with which to deliver clean energy--but perovskite solar start-ups think they can do better, finds Andy Extance. Extance, Andy Jul 1, 2019 2146
Advanced Solar Technologies in Buildings. De Rosa, Mattia; Conti, Paolo; Mahmoudi, Yasser; Bianco, Vincenzo Jul 1, 2019 585
Joint Modeling of Precipitation and Temperature Using Copula Theory for Current and Future Prediction under Climate Change Scenarios in Arid Lands (Case Study, Kerman Province, Iran). Mesbahzadeh, T.; Miglietta, M.M.; Mirakbari, M.; Sardoo, F. Soleimani; Abdolhoseini, M. Jul 1, 2019 8985
UN: Climate Change Will Push 120 million People Into Poverty by 2030. Jun 27, 2019 261
PHL efforts to hit UN goals on education, climate change 'promising'-report. Jun 24, 2019 963
Big Oil's Double Face. Jun 22, 2019 389
Wales facing PS1bn climate change bill; 'Significant investment is needed to tackle climate change threat'. Jun 21, 2019 731
After Exceeding Its 2020 Sustainability Targets, Schneider Electric Increases Its Commitments to Promote Circular Economy and Tackle Climate Change. Jun 18, 2019 802
Squids could survive under climate change: Study. Jun 17, 2019 334
Blueprint to set out low-carbon farming future; Climate change: Bid to achieve net-zero emissions. Jun 13, 2019 307
Study says warming may reduce sea life by 17%. Jun 12, 2019 225
Talking about energy-efficient things to friend, neighbor can alter climate outcomes. Jun 8, 2019 448
Companies Failing to Disclose Climate-Related Exposures: Global Task Force. Howard, L.S. Jun 6, 2019 518
Climate Change Red Lines Closer Than Expected, Says New Report. Jun 5, 2019 476
Climate change report slips up on technicalities. Jun 3, 2019 846
Impacts from weather calamities, flooding shape climate beliefs. Jun 2, 2019 491
Climate change affecting food production globally. Jun 1, 2019 413
Climate change, equality and inclusion key issues of our time: Zain Sustainability Report. Report May 29, 2019 259
Wales' past was in coal, but its future is in carbon farming; To hit emissions targets, Wales will need to drastically reassess how 90% of its landscape is used, argue Aberystwyth University experts Judith Thornton and Iain Donnison. May 21, 2019 895
This is how long North Sea oil industry has got left - Dr Richard Dixon. May 21, 2019 649
This is how long North Sea oil industry has got left -- Dr Richard Dixon. May 21, 2019 649
Kazoo Magazine, an Award-Winning Girls Magazine, Saves the Planet with "The Great Green Issue," Coming Summer 2019. May 18, 2019 1856
Bills Proposing Climate Change Studies Stall in Texas Legislature. Anchondo, Carlos May 17, 2019 1079
Plants are working to slow effect of human-caused climate change: Study. May 17, 2019 373
'Super corals' give glimmer of hope for world's dying reefs. May 15, 2019 729
Humanity should do all that it can to ward off threat of its extinction. May 9, 2019 301
We must tackle threat to planet. May 8, 2019 610
Let's set the eco record straight; An Assembly Member has posted a two-minute video on Facebook arguing that climate change is not a problem. Ukip's Neil Hamilton posted his video in response to the Welsh Government's decision to declare a climate emergency. Mid and West Wales regional AM Mr Hamilton passionately disagrees. We have gone through his video to point out all the things he's got wrong - or has missed out. May 8, 2019 1510
One million species face threat of extinction, UN report warns. May 8, 2019 694
Walmart on track to reduce 1B metric tons of emission from supply chain by 2020. May 8, 2019 368
1 million wildlife species are at risk of extinction; 'Window closing to act,' says report. May 6, 2019 400
Scientists warn a million species at risk of extinction. May 6, 2019 710
Poor diet has now overtaken smoking as the world's biggest killer. May 2, 2019 782
As the planet warms, glaciers vanish, shows study. Report May 2, 2019 837
Natural Gas Turbine Market Revenue, Key Players, Supply-Demand, Investment Feasibility and Forecast. Apr 30, 2019 1229
Industry at risk. Apr 26, 2019 599
New study shows how ocean carbon cycle could help in predicting climate change. Apr 26, 2019 852
Tees heavy industries 'could close' without vital technology to curb climate change impact; Stark report says climate change costs could double without it; but Teesside has chance to 'lead world' in carbon-busting clean gas project. Apr 25, 2019 735
Climate, Children, & Coercion. Hoar, William P. Correction notice Apr 22, 2019 2115
Central banks calls on financiers to act on climate change. Apr 18, 2019 152
Central banks calls on financiers to act on climate change. Apr 18, 2019 150
Climate change lowers Pakistan's mango produce by 20pc. Apr 18, 2019 194
Study finds novel association between antimicrobial resistance and climate change. Report Apr 14, 2019 378
Middle East executives have 'potential blind spot' over climate change risk. Apr 4, 2019 418
Water crisis and environmental risks. Apr 3, 2019 693
Is Nuclear Power the Key to Finally Reducing the CO2 Footprint? Balancing the risks and rewards of alternative energy sources to meet global emissions goals. Youinou, Gilles Apr 1, 2019 2070
Great Lakes report shows need to act on climate. Mar 31, 2019 368
Great Lakes report shows need to act on climate. Mar 31, 2019 179
For our shared futures. Mar 30, 2019 1109
Climate change could damage nation's crops. Mar 26, 2019 697
Heat wave to get deadlier for wildlife, humans: Study. Mar 13, 2019 441
Climate change forces Arctic animals to shift feeding habits: study. Mar 6, 2019 543
GRADES 9 - 12: Virtual Reality Could Serve as Powerful Environmental Education Tool, Study Says. Mar 1, 2019 503
TAKING ACTION ON CLIMATE CHANGE: With the likelihood and potential impact of climate change-related risk only becoming more pressing, what can risk managers do to help their companies assess their exposure and determine how to respond? Hodge, Neil Cover story Mar 1, 2019 2416
Sustaining Health ... For People & Planet: Innovative products and partnerships can help rebuild systems that have degraded the environment and public well-being. Moloughney, Sean Mar 1, 2019 3114
Cha-Ching on Climate Change. Gregoire, Eric Mar 1, 2019 736
Research shows major shifts in marine biology. Feb 27, 2019 623
Climate risks pose a clear and present danger for investors. Feb 26, 2019 531
Science for climate's sake. Feb 17, 2019 627
Climate change, conflict: Strategic risks for 2019. Feb 9, 2019 1127
Two-degree temperature rise could melt half of glaciers in Hindu Kush Himalaya region, destabilizing AsiaAEs rivers: Study. Feb 7, 2019 513
Earth won't look blue from space by end of this century, say MIT scientists. Feb 5, 2019 356
Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050. Feb 1, 2019 213

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