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Covid rules may have contributed to deaths of new mums, report says; The Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch (HSIB) report details how some women died alone in hospital because of restrictions from the pandemic. By, Neil Shaw Feb 25, 2021 889
PCBS: Labour market the most affected sector during the pandemic. Feb 23, 2021 779
How coronavirus pandemic impacted the Palestinian labourmarket, a report by PCBS. Feb 23, 2021 626
University students and teachers report decline in mental health due to pandemic. Feb 23, 2021 302
NPL to rise to 6%; banks' to return to pre-pandemic profits by 2023. Feb 22, 2021 523
"Accelerating Trade Digitalization in Times of the Pandemic". Feb 19, 2021 677
Global Insurance M&A Holds Its Own Despite Pandemic Challenges. Feb 18, 2021 1181
OP-ED: Accelerating trade digitalization in times of the pandemic. Feb 18, 2021 785
Netflix's subscriber numbers surge in Korea due mainly to pandemic. Feb 16, 2021 276
Report shows crime figures in north-east have dropped in pandemic. EMMA MORRICE Feb 15, 2021 752
CNN Philippines to downsize team due to pandemic - report. Feb 11, 2021 219
Road repairs a top priority after delay due to pandemic. STUART GILLESPIE Feb 5, 2021 345
Domestic abuse up amid overall pandemic crime drop. Feb 4, 2021 171
Workers' Compensation Underwriters Under the Gun to Understand Pandemic Data. Andrew G. Simpson Feb 4, 2021 1400
Scarborough-based recruitment specialist compiles in-depth report on Covid-19 effects across Yorkshire; A leading recruitment specialist in Scarborough has compiled the most in-depth report yet about the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on Yorkshire-based businesses. Feb 1, 2021 206
AM Best: Higher Rates Drive Nonstandard Auto Underwriting Profitability: The nonstandard auto market has benefited from lower combined ratios but faces growth challenges during the pandemic, said David Blades, associate director, AM Best. Weber, John Feb 1, 2021 1274
Life expectancy rose prior to pandemic. Krisberg, Kim Feb 1, 2021 248
Study: North hit hardest by the pandemic. Jan 31, 2021 338
Email marketing: Time-tested and adapting to pandemic. Jan 29, 2021 581
Europe's top clubs face 2 bln euros revenue hit from pandemic. Jan 27, 2021 358
Europe's top clubs face ,e1/42 billion revenue hit from pandemic. Reuters News Service Jan 26, 2021 314
Barnsley fire crews praised for pandemic response. Jan 22, 2021 258
Banks tighten credit standards as lingering pandemic raises risk aversion. Jan 22, 2021 470
Mental well-being in men declined more in second wave of pandemic. Jan 21, 2021 522
Production, sale of cigarettes increased in pandemic: report. Jan 16, 2021 381
Pandemic could 'risk' airport's good progress. ALEX METCALFE Local democracy reporter @Mecs_LDR Jan 11, 2021 538
Pandemic set to cause 'baby-bust' as London's population to decline for the first time this century; London's population could decrease by more than 300,000 people this year. By, James Twomey Jan 9, 2021 357
Preparedness against pandemic sways customer satisfaction. Jan 6, 2021 616
Working life to be different post-pandemic: ICAEW. Jan 5, 2021 742
Insurers Seek Federal Backstop To Pandemic Risk: Lawmakers are considering two proposals that address business interruption insurance related to COVID-19. AM BestTV and AM BestAudio report on stories from a number of sectors within the insurance industry. Jan 1, 2021 283
Anxiety and Depression on the Rise Amid the Pandemic. Jan 1, 2021 433
IFC, UN Women cite InLife's programs amid pandemic. Dec 27, 2020 351
More people drinking alone at home amid pandemic. Dec 25, 2020 248
Schools 'using cash reserves' to cope with impact of pandemic. Dec 22, 2020 191
council faces PS8m black hole; PANDEMIC RAMPS UP FINANCIAL GLOOM Bleak forecast set to be put in front of bosses this week. STUART GILLESPIE Dec 15, 2020 424
Small Commercial Customers Largely Unaware of Insurer Pandemic Protection Efforts: J.D. Power. Dec 15, 2020 414
Rich countries' support for children during pandemic 'totally inadequate': Report. Dec 12, 2020 373
Daily coronavirus report in Palestine: Daily death toll highest since start of the pandemic. Dec 12, 2020 183
Pandemic means more child brides; Economic impact of Covid-19 could see more girls forced to become brides. DEBORA ARU Dec 11, 2020 481
Pandemic means more child brides; Economic impact of Covid-19 could see more girls forced to become brides. DEBORA ARU Dec 11, 2020 481
Pandemic means more child brides; Economic impact of Covid-19 could see more girls forced to become brides. DEBORA ARU Dec 10, 2020 482
Abuse of women rises amid Covid pandemic. Dec 9, 2020 374
Almost one in six families have kids missing meals during coronavirus pandemic; Nearly two million children had to skip meals, to make do with smaller portions or even go a day without eating between March and September, according to a survey of parents. By, Lizzy Buchan Dec 9, 2020 447
Pandemic triggers career transitions in the Gulf. Dec 8, 2020 588
Professional Liability Underwriters Feeling Pressure From COVID: AM Best. Dec 7, 2020 528
Hotels and food chains to be among firms hardest hit by pandemic downturn, says Whitehall report. Dec 2, 2020 632
Pandemic response praised in report. Dec 1, 2020 336
European derms unhappy with pandemic teledermatology. Jancin, Bruce Dec 1, 2020 880
Package Thieves Thrive During Pandemic. Dec 1, 2020 191
Report: GE15 would have been called in Oct if not for Covid-19 pandemic, says Azmin. Nov 29, 2020 310
Coronavirus: Average household will see [pounds sterling]1,200 wiped off pay packets by 2025; Think Tank the Resolution Foundation said the pandemic is set to cause permanent damage to people's incomes after Chancellor Rishi Sunak warned unemployment could reach 2.6million next year. By, Emma Munbodh Nov 26, 2020 609
Ministers spent [pounds sterling]10billion extra buying PPE due to 'inadequate' stockpiles; Health bosses paid sky-high prices for protective kit compared to 2019 prices, as global demand soared in the first wave of the pandemic, according to a damning report. By, Lizzy Buchan Nov 25, 2020 883
Pets at Home sees profit jump amid ownership boom; Pet ownership in the UK is going through a so-called "baby boom" - with the Covid-19 pandemic seeing a surge in new owners, according to the boss of Pets At Home. Simon Neville Nov 24, 2020 578
How Ayala Land deals with additional plastics during the pandemic. Nov 20, 2020 793
OSCE Mission presents a report on responses to COVID-19 pandemic. Nov 18, 2020 447
Extortion, bio-warfare and terrorism: Extremists are exploiting the pandemic, says UN report. Nov 18, 2020 658
Ministers doled out billions in Covid-19 contracts without proper records or transparency; The Government's process for procuring PPE, consultants and PR services during the pandemic has been branded 'chaotic' as a new report revealed [pounds sterling]18 billion in deals had been awarded -many of which lacked documents to back up decisions. By, Mikey Smith Nov 18, 2020 1547
COVID-19 Driving Huge Claims Hike in U.S. Professional Liability Market: A.M. Best. Andrew Simpson Nov 13, 2020 560
Record growth for UK economy as lockdown eased -but it's still 9.6% lower than last year; There was a record rise in the economy as lockdown eased, but it still wasn't enough to get us back to where we were before the coronavirus pandemic struck Britain according to the Office for National Statistics. By, James Andrews Nov 12, 2020 387
Talking Money: Index; In this report we take a look at how the Covid-19 pandemic is shaping our financial future and the challenges faced by Scottish businesses. Scotsman Reporter Nov 12, 2020 231
Health and wealth in North hardest hit by pandemic, report warns. GRAEME WHITFIELD Business editor Nov 11, 2020 778
How Ayala Land deals with additional plastics during the pandemic. Nov 11, 2020 793
Women carers left 'exhausted' over pandemic. Nov 10, 2020 159
Senate finance panel files report on P4.506-T budget; main aim: enable PH to overcome COVID-19 pandemic. Nov 10, 2020 421
International report lays out plan to 'escape from the pandemic era'. Nov 9, 2020 236
A green recovery from pandemic could reduce carbon emissions - Gareth Parry; Coronavirus has fundamentally changed the way most of us do business - fewer people are commuting, flying or making journeys for business or leisure, all of which has had a positive impact on carbon emissions. Gareth Parry Nov 9, 2020 705
Time to lift up the vulnerable, not politicking. Nov 8, 2020 562
Growth prediction is giving industry hope; pandemic and shortage of materials has led to building sites enduring slow workloads. WILLIAM TELFORD @wtelfordherald Nov 6, 2020 409
Far right groups are posting leaflets near stadiums 'to recruit' report warns groups also exploiting fears around the pandemic. NICK TYRRELL Local Democracy Reporter @NCTYRRELL Nov 4, 2020 531
COVID-19 continues to ravage US, but political crisis has no vaccine. Nov 4, 2020 912
Back to the workplace; Reduced communication and productivity may weigh against a post-pandemic swap to homeworking. CLAIRE MILLER Nov 3, 2020 555
Pandemic pushes banks to tighten lending standards. Nov 2, 2020 532
Pandemic Highlights Need for Intelligent Routing: Better routing will decrease call waiting and handling times as consumer patience wanes. Britt, Phillip Nov 1, 2020 581
Treading Water: Alaska's fishing industry struggles through pandemic. Simonelli, Isaac Stone Nov 1, 2020 2337
Back to the workplace; Reduced communication and productivity may weigh against a post-pandemic swap to homeworking. CLAIRE MILLER Oct 30, 2020 555
Back to the workplace; Reduced communication and productivity may weigh against a post-pandemic swap to homeworking. CLAIRE MILLER Oct 29, 2020 556
Pandemic measures had a strong impact on mental and physical health. Oct 29, 2020 215
Back to the workplace; Reduced communication and productivity may weigh against a post-pandemic swap to homeworking. CLAIRE MILLER Oct 28, 2020 555
Brooks Rehabilitation unveils essential research study to advance telehealth for rehabilitation in response to COVID-19 pandemic. Oct 26, 2020 192
Brooks Rehabilitation unveils essential research study to advance telehealth for rehabilitation in response to COVID-19 pandemic. Oct 26, 2020 188
Study: body image stress a product of pandemic. Oct 23, 2020 243
Anxiety on pandemic causing body worries. Oct 23, 2020 172
Anxiety on pandemic causing body worries. Oct 23, 2020 172
Auto Insurance Claims Satisfaction Soars as Pandemic Reduces Accident Frequency: J.D. Power. Oct 22, 2020 665
Teens Did Surprisingly Well in Quarantine. Oct 20, 2020 1489
OCTA Research reporting continues. Oct 15, 2020 531
Japan's Machinery Orders Barely Rise In August Amid Pandemic. Oct 12, 2020 197
70% of small businesses hurt by pandemic. Oct 11, 2020 445
THE coronavirus pandemic has led [...]. Oct 8, 2020 388
Claims Trends, Risk Exposures Face Long-Term Changes Due to Pandemic: AGCS. Oct 8, 2020 1096
Oman's health minister Al-Saidi takes part in WHO Executive Board meeting. By: Times News Service Oct 6, 2020 469
Has Hunger Swelled? Winship, Scott; Rachidi, Angela Oct 1, 2020 9050
Curbing Corruption in the Midst of a Pandemic is More Important Than Ever, New Report Says. Sep 28, 2020 863
Pandemic Threatens Human Capital Gains of the Past Decade, New Report Says. Sep 17, 2020 945
Pandemic can fuel innovation. Dylan Jones-Evans Sep 16, 2020 642
Fire service staffing totals holding up in pandemic; Report: Firefighters dealing well with suspension of recruitment and training. KATHRYN WYLIE Sep 16, 2020 471
COVID19: For-profit education providers to see growth beyond pandemic. fm Sep 16, 2020 310
Workers see more value in employee benefits as pandemic-era annual enrollment nears. Sep 15, 2020 457
Bill Gates: World health has 'gone into reverse' due to coronavirus pandemic. Frank Kane Sep 15, 2020 466
GLOBAL FAILURE: Covid-19 response faulted. Sep 14, 2020 961
Report: Pandemic a sign humans are decimating wildlife Wildlife: There's hope changes could reverse the declines. Karin Brulliard The Washington Post Sep 13, 2020 722
Report: Pandemic a sign humans are decimating wildlife. Karin Brulliard The Washington Post Sep 13, 2020 722
New Ransomware Strains Being Unleashed on Businesses Amid Pandemic. Andrew G. Simpson Sep 11, 2020 412
ManpowerGroup, partners share people strategy amid the pandemic. Sep 10, 2020 347
Average price of UK property hits record high as interest in rural areas surge; Property prices are rocketing UK-wide in the post-lockdown period to a record high - however experts have warned that the increases could be short-lived, as the financial effects of the pandemic take hold. Jane Bradley Sep 7, 2020 566
House prices 'recover' from coronavirus dip to hit new all-time high in August; The 2% rise in August of [pounds sterling]3,188 wiped out the losses made earlier this year as the pandemic tore through the country, according to data from building society Nationwide. By, Emma Munbodh Sep 2, 2020 441
AU Report Details Tax Funding Of Private Schools Under Pandemic Relief. Sep 1, 2020 678
Survey Reveals Massive Shift in U.S. Food Habits During Pandemic. Sep 1, 2020 1332
Despite coronavirus's adverse impact, pandemic has paved way for growth of digital economies: UN. Aug 28, 2020 675
High cost of lockdown that goes way beyond the virus; Survey details people's attitudes to the Covid-19 pandemic and its effect on their wellbeing. DOMINIC ROBERTSON Aug 27, 2020 674
Survey Shows API Quality Challenges Increase as API Adoption Fast-Tracks with Pandemic. Aug 26, 2020 203
Survey Shows API Quality Challenges Increase as API Adoption Fast-Tracks with Pandemic. Aug 26, 2020 203
Survey Shows API Quality Challenges Increase as API Adoption Fast-Tracks with Pandemic. Aug 26, 2020 187
Young Employees Most Stressed by Pandemic's Lack of People Connection. Andrew G. Simpson Aug 21, 2020 593
Pandemic purchasing rises. Aug 21, 2020 1000
COVID-19 Pandemic Takes Particular Toll on Younger Employees. Aug 20, 2020 510
Bill Clinton attacks Trump for watching too much TV as Biden becomes Democratic nominee; Former US president Bill Clinton said the country's leader must "go to work" to resolve the coronavirus pandemic, referencing a report which showed Donald Trump spends several hours in "executive time" a day. By, Ryan Merrifield Aug 19, 2020 587
Pandemic Changing the Way Employees View Benefits. Aug 19, 2020 379
Coronavirus pandemic: How institutions and private sector mitigate the impact? Aug 18, 2020 1244
Universal Credit claims soar among over-50s as pandemic jobs' crisis hits older workers; New study has discovered huge numbers of people over-50 have been forced to resort to benefits because they can't get a job. By, David Bentley & Brett Gibbons Aug 17, 2020 553
Rents remain high with impact of pandemic unclear. Sanders, Bob Aug 14, 2020 955
Pandemic renders new generation shell-shocked ILO. Aug 13, 2020 473
UN says pandemic could inflict severe damage on youth. Aug 12, 2020 446
Jobs crisis deepens as zero hours contracts pass the one million mark in Covid-19 Britain; New figures from the Office for National Statistics shine a light of the state of the labour market in the wake of the pandemic. By, Sean Seddon Aug 11, 2020 382
Uni experts analyse how governments handled pandemic. Aug 6, 2020 391
German girls more studious, boys on screens during pandemic. Reuters News Service Aug 5, 2020 303
Whither Telework, Post Pandemic? Barrett, Katherine; Greene, Richard Aug 1, 2020 1522
Post pandemic poverty. Jul 31, 2020 756
New Data Highlights Severe Health and Economic Impact of Pandemic on Millions Living with Diabetes. Jul 31, 2020 405
US To Release GDP Data, Analysts Expect Record Drop Amid Pandemic. Jul 30, 2020 236
Post pandemic poverty. Jul 30, 2020 846
Location Sciences revenues come in ahead despite pandemic impact. Jul 28, 2020 685
Pandemic forces banks to tighten credit. Jul 28, 2020 632
Pandemic drove banks to narrow credit for first time in 11 yrs, says BSP survey. Jul 27, 2020 559
Cybercriminals leverage pandemic as entry mechanism into systems: McAfee report. Adelle Geronimo Jul 27, 2020 769
71pc of WTO trade measures impacted by pandemic. Jul 26, 2020 711
'NHS started off in a worse position than other nations as pandemic hit' - report. JANE KIRBY Jul 25, 2020 691
Pinoys 'stressed' over COVID-19 pandemic - survey. Jul 25, 2020 226
A tasty solution to avoiding future pandemics. Jul 22, 2020 1042
Low oil, pandemic hit GCC growth forecasts: S&P. Jul 22, 2020 298
Dating and relationships during the Covid-19 pandemic -Alone Together podcast; 'Be considerate of other people's opinions, and really listen and accept them'. By, Daniel Smith Jul 20, 2020 311
New strategy for drug control amid pandemic put in motion. Jul 20, 2020 319
SP: Pandemic to weaken asset quality of AsPac banks. Jul 15, 2020 726
UN warns of dangerous drop in vaccinations during COVID pandemic. Reuters News Service Jul 15, 2020 336
Pandemic risks 'surge' in infectious disease deaths. Jul 14, 2020 400
UK faces pandemic of 'grief'. Jul 14, 2020 167
UN Report Says Pandemic Could Push 132 Million People Into Hunger. Report Jul 14, 2020 298
Almost half of employees worked from home as coronavirus pandemic took toll, study shows; Study by the Office for National Statistics revealed that in April, 46.6 per cent of people in employment did at least some work from home. By, Brett Gibbons Jul 12, 2020 270
UN report: Wildlife trafficking increases risk of pandemics like Covid-19. Jul 12, 2020 795
Despite Palace assurances of 'winning,' Filipinos unsure if worst of pandemic over. Jul 7, 2020 587
Appetite for digital transformation rise despite COVID-19 pandemic: report. Adelle Geronimo Jul 5, 2020 532
Tokmanni's Q2 2020 sales up by 19% despite COVID-19 pandemic. Jul 3, 2020 251
Profit from pandemic at your own risk. Jul 3, 2020 624
Pandemic inspires community service. Jul 2, 2020 209
The Pandemic Can't Subvert Customer-Centricity: Customers need to remain at the heart of contact center interactions, CCW advocates. Britt, Phillip Jul 1, 2020 605
Continuity in Crisis: The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed how unprepared buildings were and how critical business continuity plans are moving forward. Nieminen, Robert Jul 1, 2020 1824
GetInsured retires about USD1.6m of medical debt in New Jersey amidst COVID-19 pandemic. Jun 30, 2020 203
GetInsured retires about USD1.6m of medical debt in New Jersey amidst COVID-19 pandemic. Jun 30, 2020 199
Increasing court case backlog 'could take up to 10 years to clear'; An inspection into the Crown Prosecution Service's handling of the coronavirus pandemic warns the number of cases is rising daily. By, Taz Ali, PA & Sarah Hughes Jun 30, 2020 471
Women's voices key to COVID-19 recovery plans. Kerry Boyd Anderson Jun 29, 2020 1043
Majority of firms to increase remote working in wake of pandemic. Alex Daniel Jun 29, 2020 443
Covid-19 pandemic throw footballers in self-examination. Jun 26, 2020 367
Multiple pandemic-related threats to children's well-being. Sara Al-Mulla Jun 25, 2020 964
Hammad Azhar says country's economy moving towards stability before pandemic crisis. Jun 25, 2020 357
Trade falls steeply in first half of 2020 - WTO report. Cahiles-Magkilat, Bernie Jun 24, 2020 1282
Covid-19 pandemic: 76% products of SMEs remain unsold. Jun 24, 2020 715
Albert Einstein College of Medicine announces out-of hospital cardiac arrest cases and deaths in New York City tripled from prior year amid COVID-19 pandemic. Jun 22, 2020 251
Albert Einstein College of Medicine announces out-of hospital cardiac arrest cases and deaths in New York City tripled from prior year amid COVID-19 pandemic. Jun 22, 2020 255
4 in 10 Agents Say They'll Continue Working rrom Home Post-Pandemic. Jun 22, 2020 985
Exclusive Report: e-Sabong flourishes amid pandemic. Jun 20, 2020 1224
DOLE reminds companies affected by pandemic to submit report. Jun 15, 2020 256
Trust in govt sees surge in Saudi Arabia amid pandemic. Jun 15, 2020 960
Covid-19: OBG and AMDIE To Produce First Report on Pandemic Assessment in Morocco. Report Jun 15, 2020 358
Pandemic hits livestock value chain. Amin Ahmed Jun 14, 2020 366
Inequalities in focus as crisis continues; Study says UK's pandemic response could lead to widening of our social divisions. DAVID BANNER Jun 11, 2020 268
Inequalities in focus as crisis continues; Study says the UK's response to pandemic could lead to widening social divisions. DAVID BANNER Jun 11, 2020 268
North's charities in cash crisis due to pandemic. DANIEL HOLLAND Local demcracy reporter Jun 10, 2020 601
Local charities face massive shortfall due to Covid-19 pandemic. DANIEL HOLLAND Local democracy reporter Jun 10, 2020 578
Bahrain among 100 safest countries in terms of Covid-19 pandemic. Jun 9, 2020 371
Poll: Pandemic does little to alter U.S. views on health care. EMILY SWANSON and RICARDO ALONSO-ZALDIVAR Associated Press Jun 9, 2020 917
Pandemic will make people hungrier, angrier - report. Jun 6, 2020 554
Coronavirus Pandemic has Motivated Patients to Take Better Control of their Health, Survey Finds. Jun 3, 2020 561
Pandemic Heightens the Need for Analytics: Companies want to know how COVID-19 changes consumer behavior. Britt, Phillip Jun 1, 2020 596
Truck Driver Pay Rose Before Pandemic. Cook, Marty Jun 1, 2020 667
As visits for AMI drop during pandemic, deaths rise. Kirkner, Richard Mark Jun 1, 2020 895
Drastic changes needed for public toilets after pandemic, says report; Gender neutral facilities could see men and women queuing at one door and exiting on the other side. By, Nisha Mal May 24, 2020 252
NEHA Conducts Rapid Needs Assessment in Response to COVID-19 Pandemic. May 23, 2020 765
One in five jobs 'at risk' ? Report highlights dangers in region due to effects of pandemic. DAVID MACKAY May 22, 2020 364
Lack of pandemic preparation clear. May 21, 2020 331
Reopened Businesses Could Face Legionnaires' Outbreaks, and Other CM Risk Alerts. May 21, 2020 626
Pandemic exposes inept government. May 20, 2020 699
WHO chief pledges probe into pandemic response at 'earliest appropriate moment'. May 19, 2020 383
How coronavirus pandemic might change our cities. Kerry Boyd Anderson May 19, 2020 1039
A.M. Best Says Stress Tests Show Most Insurers Can Handle Balance Sheet Pandemic Hit. May 18, 2020 983
Clinical Laboratories Have New Resource to Assist with COVID-19 Testing and Help Restore Cash Flow to Pre-Pandemic Levels, According to The Dark Intelligence Group. May 15, 2020 254
Survey shows oil, manufacturing had best luck with pandemic loans. Mike Schneider Associated Press May 15, 2020 379
COVID19: Bauchi economy has been badly hurt by pandemic, Gov laments. May 14, 2020 373
Millennials worried about job prospects due to the coronavirus pandemic - report. May 13, 2020 403
5 Metro mayors, LGUs cited for high approval rating amid COVID-19 pandemic. May 13, 2020 545
Konecranes' board revises dividend proposal due to COVID-19 pandemic uncertainty. May 12, 2020 285
For Global Insurers, Pandemic Likely to Erase Profits Until 2021 Second Half: Fitch. May 11, 2020 976
COVID-19 pandemic puts digital transformation back on agenda - GSMA report. May 9, 2020 575
Customer experience affected due to the Coronavirus pandemic-report. May 8, 2020 754
Two months into pandemic: Bethlehem the most economically afflicted city. May 5, 2020 1087
COVID-19 Pandemic Puts the Brakes on M and A Market, According to National Report. May 4, 2020 486
Feeling pandemic's brunt, U.S.-bound port volumes see further declines, reports Port Tracker. May 1, 2020 535
Financial Reporting and Auditing Implications of the COVID-19 Pandemic: Some Practical Guidance. Levy, Howard B. May 1, 2020 6101
Enterprises proactive in coping with pandemic. Apr 27, 2020 458
Neste's board convenes AGM; Changes dividend proposal due to COVID-19 pandemic effects. Apr 27, 2020 274
The Economist Intelligence Unit: Global executives express severe pessimism amidst covid-19 pandemic. Apr 24, 2020 595
Crofters facing a growing crisis amid pandemic; Survey: Cash flow, labour and supplies affected. GEMMA MACKENZIE Apr 23, 2020 298
Nearly 67% of Exporting Companies Affected by Coronavirus Pandemic (High Planning Commission). Apr 22, 2020 264
Covid 19 pandemic could cost smart device vendors $42bn. Chris Kelly Apr 17, 2020 228
Banks have enough buffer for pandemic stress-analysts. Apr 16, 2020 511
In pandemic, keep healthy capital levels, banks told. Apr 16, 2020 812
COVID-19 Pandemic May Deny Nigeria N150bn From Oil Bid Round. Apr 16, 2020 917
Majority of Vietnamese agree to extend social distancing to stop pandemic. Apr 14, 2020 392
Samsung's mobile biz outlook gloomy amid COVID-19 pandemic. Apr 10, 2020 546
Report Reveals Global CEOs' First Learnings From COVID-19 Pandemic. Report Apr 9, 2020 252
Report Reveals Global CEOs' First Learnings From COVID-19 Pandemic. Report Apr 9, 2020 252
ICA Gruppen reports on changes to AGM 2020 due to COVID-19 pandemic. Apr 8, 2020 304
Allianz Warns Facilities Shut Down During Pandemic Pose New Risks. Apr 7, 2020 530
Sweco adjusts organisation due to COVID-19 pandemic. Apr 7, 2020 213
Allianz Warns Facilities Shut Down During Pandemic Pose New Risks. Apr 7, 2020 528
Americans adopting e-commerce faster than ever amid pandemic. Jordyn Holman Bloomberg Apr 4, 2020 321
Be My Friend: People with autism are four times more likely to be lonely than the general public, according to the National Autistic Society in the UK These statistics are staggering and suggest that if our general public is feeling this growing epidemic of loneliness, people with autism are experiencing this even more intensely. Huhtanen, Shelly Apr 1, 2020 1065
World Bank's report warns that COVID-19 pandemic could push 11 million people in Asia into poverty. Apr 1, 2020 176
School District Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic: Round 2, Districts Are Up and Running. Malkus, Nat; Christensen, Cody; West, Lexi Apr 1, 2020 6537
PHL urged to strengthen fiscal, monetary policies amid pandemic. Mar 30, 2020 596
Huhtamaki withdraws 2020 outlook due to COVID-19 pandemic. Mar 27, 2020 241
Huhtamaki withdraws 2020 outlook due to COVID-19 pandemic. Mar 27, 2020 242
5G can enhance effectiveness of pandemic prevention. Mar 26, 2020 317
Marimekko's board withdraws financial guidance and revises dividend proposal due to COVID-19 pandemic. Mar 26, 2020 223
Nyfosa's board postpones distribution in kind of shares in Torslanda Property Investment AB due to COVID-19 pandemic. Mar 24, 2020 215
Nyfosa's board postpones distribution in kind of shares in Torslanda Property Investment AB due to COVID-19 pandemic. Mar 24, 2020 214
Corona Pandemic Opens Floodgates for Anti-Semitism. Mar 20, 2020 883
Emma Stone postpones wedding due to coronavirus pandemic-report. Mar 19, 2020 218
Pandemic could reduce global air passengers numbers by 30pc. Mar 18, 2020 317
Athenex says operational plans 'remain on track' amid coronavirus pandemic. Mar 13, 2020 207
Shoplifting is now essentially a pandemic in Scotland, points out the SGF's Pete Cheema. Pete Cheema Feb 21, 2020 275
Global Grass-fed Beef Market 2020-2024: Premium Price of Grass-Fed Beef, Disease Outbreak in Animals & Product Recalls. Jan 10, 2020 628
Global Mosquito Repellent Market, 2019-2024: Drivers are Disease Outbreaks & Rising Personal Healthcare Expenditure. Jan 8, 2020 744
Public health security--caring for the health of populations? Farham, Bridget Jan 1, 2020 1168
Tobacco epidemic at turning point as male smoking rates stall -WHO. Reuters News Service Dec 19, 2019 422
An 'Epidemic of Loneliness' in America? Maybe Not. Amy Norton, HealthDay Reporter Dec 10, 2019 751
Rubber Glove Market To Grow At Rapid Pace Due To Rising Occurrence Of Viral And Pandemics Outbreaks And Increasing Health Awareness Among Consumer Till 2023 / Million Insights. Dec 4, 2019 847
As Disease Outbreaks Tied to 'Anti-Vaxxers' Rise, States Take Action. Nov 19, 2019 415
Philippines ranks53rd in epidemics preparedness study but global outlook not looking good. Oct 25, 2019 1077
Stress at epidemic levels - research. Oct 10, 2019 191
Stress at epidemic levels - research. Oct 10, 2019 191
The Safest Places For Human Survival After Global Disease Outbreak. Darwin Malicdem Oct 3, 2019 444
Report: The World Is Not Ready For Next Global Health Crisis. Report Sep 20, 2019 425
Special Branch report declares six dists vulnerable to dengue epidemic. Sep 14, 2019 617
Co-op calls for action on staff abuse 'epidemic'. Sep 14, 2019 107
1971 to 2017 Saw 32 Drinking Water Hepatitis A Outbreaks; The last four reported hepatitis A outbreaks during 1995 to 2009 were due to individual water systems. Sep 6, 2019 232
HIV/AIDS reaching epidemic level in Shahkot tehsil: report. Aug 29, 2019 529
UK experiencing an "epidemic" of criminal attacks on cash machines, report warns; The report also predicts that the number of attacks could more than triple between 2016 and 2025 as more bank branches close. Dec 7, 2018 455
Air travel serves as 'natural vaccination' to shield humans from next deadly pandemic. Nov 6, 2018 256
Giving Flu Shots in Pharmacies Could Up Vaccination Coverage; Reduction in influenza cases, deaths, costs by adding pharmacies during influenza epidemics. Oct 17, 2018 279
Population Density, Structure Impact Length of Flu Season; Larger cities with higher base transmission potentials have more diffuse influenza epidemics. Oct 15, 2018 222
An Unexpected Alternative for Pain Relief: Cannabis, a proven pain reliever, may help combat the opioid epidemic. Oct 1, 2018 808
Parliament reviews report on fight against cholera epidemic. Jul 28, 2018 244
Police dogs another victim of opioid epidemic? Crime: What's in unredacted copy of Pihos' arrest report? Jun 8, 2018 1081
Dogs potential reservoir for future influenza pandemic. Jun 6, 2018 635
Call for action on global tobacco epidemic. May 29, 2018 518
Call for action on global tobacco epidemic. May 28, 2018 527
CDC: New opioid overdose data reflect a worsening epidemic. Krisberg, Kim May 1, 2018 366
Prison officers' chief says Spice drug epidemic in jails is "beyond crisis point" and needs government inquiry; It comes after a report revealed NHS chiefs told nurses at a jail awash with the zombie drug not to tend to prisoners in case they inhaled smoke. Apr 29, 2018 277
Britain in grip of 'stress epidemic' according to new report. Nov 14, 2017 290
Alternative solutions: VA continues to introduce new pain management therapies to curb the opioid epidemic among veterans. Wilson, Steven Nov 1, 2017 1362
Flu epidemic fears for old after report. Oct 15, 2017 101
Does legalized pot fuel opioid epidemic? Aug 1, 2017 395
Sports drinks 'fuel tooth decay epidemic' in kids. Jun 27, 2017 672
Sports drinks help fuel 'epidemic' of tooth decay, claim. Jun 27, 2017 425
Mosquitoes Could Harbor The Next Big Epidemic. Feb 23, 2017 455
Opioid Epidemic Forgotten Victims: The Elderly. Jan 13, 2017 664
APA hails surgeon general's addiction report for focus on addressing epidemic. McKnight, Whitney Dec 1, 2016 938
Shizothorax disease in Swati fish species controlled: official. Oct 6, 2016 273
Universal flu vaccines to protect against global pandemics. Oct 1, 2016 205
Commentary: Zika virus a great unknown, but let's stick to facts. Petersen, Eskild Mar 15, 2016 1128
WHO 'Slow' In Responding To Ebola, Expert Panel Says. Nov 23, 2015 493
Legionellosis cases continue to increase nationwide. Chitnis, Deepak Nov 15, 2015 492
More must cycle in the in the North East to combat 'inactivity epidemic' in children; Sustrans says almost half of children are not getting the recommended daily amount of exercise and more needs to be done. Mar 4, 2015 337
Predictions for 2015. Jackson, Mary Anne Jan 1, 2015 1521
Usutu virus in bats, Germany, 2013. Cadar, Daniel; Becker, Norbert; de Mendonca Campos, Renata; Borstler, Jessica; Jost, Hanna; Schmidt- Letter to the editor Oct 1, 2014 1368
The CDC is reporting that cases of the mosquito-borne chikungunya virus are on the increase in the United States. Brief article Aug 1, 2014 189
Recreational water-associated disease outbreaks--United States, 2009- 2010. Hlavsa, Michele C.; Roberts, Virginia A.; Kahler, Amy M.; Hilborn, Elizabeth D.; Wade, Timothy J.; B Jan 10, 2014 3238
Algal bloom-associated disease outbreaks among users of freshwater lakes-- United States, 2009-2010. Hilborn, Elizabeth D.; Roberts, Virginia A.; Backer, Lorraine; DeConno, Erin; Egan, Jessica S.; Hyde Jan 10, 2014 3561
MPs' scathing report on pandemic flu drug. Jan 3, 2014 544
Ebola outbreak in Uganda: what we can and can not see from query trends. Carrillo-Larco, Rodrigo M.; Ramos, Mariana Letter to the editor Aug 1, 2013 659
Committee calls for more to be done to address diabetes epidemic in Wales. Jun 24, 2013 469
Dengue surges worldwide, hits United States and Europe. Zoler, Mitchel L. Mar 1, 2013 653
New respiratory coronavirus echoes SARS: the novel virus's transmissibility will depend on whether it can infect the mucosa or the upper respiratory tract, as SARS did. Zoler, Mitchel L. Mar 1, 2013 917
Acute Schmallenberg virus infections, France, 2012. Sailleau, Corinne; Breard, Emmanuel; Viarouge, Cyril; Desprat, Alexandra; Doceul, Virginie; Lara, Es Letter to the editor Feb 1, 2013 1156
Fatal respiratory infections associated with rhinovirus outbreak, Vietnam. Hai, Le Thanh; Bich, Vu Thi Ngoc; Ngai, Le Kien; Diep, Nguyen Thi Ngoc; Phuc, Phan Huu; Hung, Viet P Report Nov 1, 2012 2077
Reemerging Sudan Ebola virus disease in Uganda, 2011. Shoemaker, Trevor; MacNeil, Adam; Balinandi, Stephen; Campbell, Shelley; Wamala, Joseph Francis; McM Disease/Disorder overview Sep 1, 2012 2111
Salmonella enterica serovar Agbeni, British Columbia, Canada, 2011. Taylor, Marsha; Brisdon, Shendra; Jeyes, Jennifer; Stone, Jason; Embree, Glen; Paccagnella, Ana; Hoa Letter to the editor Sep 1, 2012 1292

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