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Man allegedly waved a firearm and pointed it at a group of men in Worksop; A man has been arrested after he reportedly waved a firearm and pointed it at a group of men in the early hours of this morning (Saturday, May 8) following a report of a fight. Shelley Marriott May 8, 2021 237
PRECISION SHOOTING REPORT: What To Expect In 2021 & Beyond. Farlow, Shannon Mar 1, 2021 1479
Pandemic firearm buyers risk suicide. Barna, Mark Feb 1, 2021 233
Shootings hit lowest point for 20 years; just seven guns responsible for 50 crimes since 2010. JONATHAN HUMPHRIES ECHO Reporter @JHUMPHRIESECHO Dec 26, 2020 296
Report: Guns left unguarded during VIP visit to save money. Nov 22, 2020 332
Despair of Kashmiri pellet victims. Oct 5, 2020 806
Lawmakers Call for Moratorium on Importation of Hunting Guns. Jul 14, 2020 557
Dr Noor Hisham: Report suspicious Covid-19 screening certs, tampered thermometer guns to authorities. Jun 13, 2020 249
Government turns its guns on rivals in sugar scam. Syed Irfan Raza May 28, 2020 896
Don't Miss Out On This Wave. Moldae, Jade May 1, 2020 1313
Gun owners not storing guns safely. Warnick, Aaron Apr 1, 2020 152
Gun dealers report 'panic buying' due to coronavirus. Ben Orner Capitol News Illinois Mar 19, 2020 571
Five armed police in raid after gun report. DAVID HUNTLEY and KRISTY DAWSON Feb 25, 2020 356
Long-Term Outcomes Worse for Firearm Versus Car Crash Survivors; Firearm injury survivors more likely to have daily pain, screen positive for PTSD, have worse HRQoL. Jan 22, 2020 250
Inside the battle for the streets of Kirkby following first shootings of the decade; Special Report: The first shootings of 2020 on Merseyside took place in Kirkby - following the latest attacks the ECHO looks at what is happening, and the extensive efforts to tackle the issues at play. Joe Thomas Jan 12, 2020 2145
Global Service Handgun Market Analysis, Competitive Landscape, Growth Trends, and Forecast Report 2019-2024. Report Dec 23, 2019 643
Airsoft Guns Market Investment Opportunities And Demand Analysis By 2025: Grand View Research, Inc. Dec 10, 2019 984
Woking train station armed police arrest after report of man 'carrying firearm in bag'; He remains in custody. Alex Boyd Dec 2, 2019 160
Federal, State Background Check Laws Together Cut Teen Gun Carrying; Significant reduction seen with NICS plus universal background check provision at the point of sale. Dec 2, 2019 229
Overall, 8.5 Percent of Suicide Acts in U.S. Are Fatal; Most lethal method is firearms, with 89.6 percent of suicidal acts with firearms resulting in death. Dec 2, 2019 269
Negative Impact Persists for Survivors of Firearm Injury; Almost half of those surviving gunshot wound had positive screen for probable PTSD. Nov 21, 2019 284
Global Safety Air Guns Market Share, Supply, Analysis and Forecast to 2025. Nov 4, 2019 935
States Are Depriving Innocent People of Their Second Amendment Rights: "RED FLAG" LAWS LEAVE GUN OWNERS DEFENSELESS. Sullum, Jacob Nov 1, 2019 3815
World Mental Health Day theme: Preventing suicide: Reduced access to firearms, more education about substance use are needed. Muhammad, Amin A. Nov 1, 2019 993
Study Looks at Pediatric Firearm-Related Eye Injuries in the U.S. Analysis shows firearm injury risk factors vary by age and race. Oct 17, 2019 295
Pediatric Firearm Injury Prevention Research Underfunded; 30-fold increase in firearm injury research needed for funding to correspond with mortality burden. Oct 8, 2019 255
Gun Owners, Nonowners Support Strengthening U.S. Gun Laws; Increases found in public support for licensing, universal background checks, regulation of gun dealers. Sep 10, 2019 246
Traumatic Brain Injury May Up Risk for Suicide in Veterans; Degree of severity can influence link between TBI and risk for suicide, risk for suicide by firearm. Aug 14, 2019 326
Irrigation Guns 2019 Global Trends, Market Size, Share, Status, SWOT Analysis and Forecast to 2024. Aug 5, 2019 675
Gun safety action prevents deaths. Krisberg, Kim Aug 1, 2019 126
Strong link between homicides, firearms. Krisberg, Kim Aug 1, 2019 250
2001 to 2017 Saw Increase in Suicides in African-American Teens; Male teens were most likely to use firearms or hang/suffocate themselves to commit suicide. Jul 23, 2019 271
State-Level Firearm Ownership Linked to Domestic Firearm Homicide; No correlation observed for firearm ownership with nondomestic firearm homicide. Jul 22, 2019 237
Firearm-Related Pediatric Mortality Down With Stricter Laws; Lower rates of firearm-related pediatric mortality seen in states with stricter gun laws. Jul 15, 2019 223
Armed police arrest man in Crawley road after report of person with 'firearm'; A member of the public reported the incident. May 25, 2019 185
ON FRONTLINE PATROL WITH ARMED POLICE; We hit crime hotspots alongside elite team with fingers on trigger SPECIAL REPORT. May 19, 2019 1298
Leaked intelligence report reveals Liverpool gangsters tried to kill seven times with a single gun; Heckler and Koch 9mm was used in 'seven attempted murders on Merseyside'. Apr 28, 2019 808
Many police support gun confiscation. Barna, Mark Apr 1, 2019 124
Guns in home up youth suicide risk. Apr 1, 2019 202
Police raid Echesa's home in search of guns. Mar 20, 2019 889
Police: Report of student with gun was a hoax. Mar 16, 2019 113
Mount Prospect police: Report of student with gun was a hoax. Mar 16, 2019 113
Youths 'paid up to PS300 a week to hide drugs and guns', inquiry told. Dec 8, 2018 872
Young people are 'paid [pounds sterling]300 a week to hold drugs and firearms' in Cardiff; A report for Cardiff council heard evidence of the quick wealth and perceived glamour attracting young people to drug dealing in the city. Dec 7, 2018 901
Report calls on immediate ban on use of pellet guns in IoK. Dec 4, 2018 309
Firearm Homicides and Suicides in Major Metropolitan Areas--United States, 2012-2013 and 2015-2016. Kegler, Scott R.; Dahlberg, Linda L.; Mercy, James A. Nov 9, 2018 4030
Older gun age limits may prevent deaths. Krisberg, Kim Nov 1, 2018 227
US accounts for many global gun deaths. Krisberg, Kim Nov 1, 2018 245
Abbottabad police issues performance report of September 2018. Oct 7, 2018 245
Abbottabad police issues performance report of September 2018. Oct 7, 2018 245
Firearm Deaths Up Globally From 1990 to 2016; Variation among rates seen geographically and across demographic subgroups. Sep 13, 2018 240
Under fire, literally! Sep 4, 2018 1086
WHO MAKES UP THE HOME-PROTECTION MARKET FOR FIREARMS. Southwick, Rob; Bacon, Nancy Sep 1, 2018 502
Third of Vets Who Own Firearms Store Them Loaded, Unlocked; Prevalence of practice linked to reasons for owning gun, perceptions about utility of guns stored safely. Aug 30, 2018 232
Almost 50 acres of extra land in possession of PSB, Gun Club. Aug 29, 2018 577
90 MINS of terror; WATCHDOGS' DAMNING REPORT ON POLICE SCOTLAND Nine firearms officers were deployed on seven occasions, with 11 innocent civilians having high-powered guns pointed at them. Aug 8, 2018 801
Odds of Death Up With Medium-, Large-Caliber Firearms; Replacing medium-, large- with small-caliber guns would reduce gun homicides by 39.5 percent. Jul 31, 2018 234
CDC: Homicides by Firearm on the Rise in the United States; Between 2010 and 2016, gun murders accounted for more than 70 percent of all homicides. Jul 27, 2018 159
CDC: Nearly One-Third of Injury Deaths Occur at Home; Injury deaths include unintentional, intentional causes, such as poisonings, firearm deaths, falls. Jul 11, 2018 180
Armed police and force helicopter descend on Halewood after report of gun-wielding scrambler biker; A major police response was called out to the area around Leathers Lane last night. Jul 6, 2018 285
Pediatric Hospitalization for Gun Injuries Higher in Urban Areas; Rates high for assaults in urban teens; unintentional injuries lower in younger urban vs. rural children. Jul 2, 2018 223
Pakistanis rank 4th in world for holding firearms: report. Jun 19, 2018 260
1 Billion Firearms In The World, 40% Owned By US Civilians. Jun 19, 2018 568
Study: Owners not storing guns safely. Wahowiak, Lindsey Jun 1, 2018 184
THE CHANGING MARKET FOR HANDGUNS. Southwick, Rob; Larrimore, Cody May 1, 2018 554
Black Men More Likely to Die From Firearm Homicide; However, white men at higher risk for firearm suicide in all states. Apr 24, 2018 267
Pellet guns blinded over 1,300 Kashmiris since 2016: report. Apr 8, 2018 129
Firearm home-storage practices pose a risk for suicidal teens. Lacy, Ian Apr 1, 2018 1048
Severity of Nonfatal Firearm Injuries Increased, 1993 to 2014; Findings based on analysis of 22 years of inpatient hospital data. Mar 9, 2018 202
Strong State Firearm Policies, Lower Firearm Suicide Rate Tied; Counties with low home state, interstate scores had higher firearm homicide rates, overall homicide rate. Mar 5, 2018 247
Mt Elgon special report: With Sh50,000, you can buy gun and several bullets. Mar 1, 2018 388
State of the union. Feb 26, 2018 1248
Why are there so few mandatory minimums for firearms? Feb 21, 2018 1586
Guns, shabu seized in state college president's house. Jan 30, 2018 274
"Hunting Saves Business Year"--A Deserving Headline. Thurman, Russ Oct 1, 2017 721
Armed cops swoop on taxi after report that passenger had a gun. May 19, 2017 354
Only 22% Guns Sold Without Background Checks: Report. Jan 3, 2017 498
Most support doctors talking about guns. Krisberg, Kim Oct 1, 2016 222
Study: severity of gun injuries getting worse. Krisberg, Kim Sep 1, 2016 214
Researcher perceptions of lawful, concealed carry of handguns: do economists and criminologists differ in their views of firearms' effects on crime and suicide? Lott, John R., Jr.; Mauser, Gary A. Jun 22, 2016 3544
Teens with guns face violence exposure. McGill, Natalie Apr 1, 2016 158
Manila awaits report on guns used in Jakarta attack. Jan 18, 2016 576
58% Of Americans Favor Tighter Gun Laws: Poll. Oct 28, 2015 389
Durham anti-gun campaigner Bobby Turnbull heading to London for meeting with ministers; Campaigners will meet with Home Office offficials and top cops to discuss changes to gun laws. Oct 10, 2015 357
Durham anti-gun campaigner welcomes HMIC report slamming existing firearms laws; Bobby Turnbull has campaigned for stricter licensing laws after losing his mum, sister and aunty in the Horden New Year's Day shootings. Sep 15, 2015 449
Report of man with gun in Old Swan; ECHO SHORTS. Jun 5, 2015 225
What women gun owners want. Smithfield, Taylor Jan 1, 2015 716
Americans safer with guns in home. Thurman, Russ Jan 1, 2015 715
"Global Small Arms Market 2014-2018" is now available at Fast Market Research. Dec 30, 2014 424
Sunderland man dies in hospital after false report of men with guns at an address; The 36-year-old, of Wetherby Road, was spoken to about the claims but became unwell and was taken to Sunderland Royal by ambulance. Dec 19, 2014 136
Road after gun report - but it was just a toy. Nov 29, 2014 186
TSA found more than 1,800 guns in 2013. Brief article Jan 13, 2014 136
He fell 240 feet and survived, paralysed. Now his amazing story is saving teens from guns and gangs; SPECIAL REPORT Triumph over tragedy is a force for good. Apr 5, 2013 1817
Gun Runners For Mexican Cartels Keep US Gun Shops In Business: Report. Mar 26, 2013 514
RETRO REPORT; Youths with fake guns 'risking their lives'. Jan 23, 2013 315
Obama considering using executive action to restrict gun access, Biden says. Jan 10, 2013 281
Police acted inexcusably, says report; Gun ruling 'unacceptable'. Nov 19, 2012 242
Lawful arms trade worth US$8.5bn per annum: Small Arms Survey. Aug 29, 2012 463
Defending a human right. Knox, Jeff Jul 20, 2012 888
South Sudan rebels armed by Sudan, Eritrea: Small Arms Survey. Apr 18, 2012 412
Top Garda must report on licences; FIREARMS. Feb 2, 2012 109
Gallup: record-low favor handgun ban. Dec 1, 2011 352
New weapons seized from South Sudan rebels. Oct 27, 2011 466
New weapons seized from South Sudan rebels. Oct 27, 2011 475
New weapons seized from South Sudan rebels. Oct 27, 2011 629
The role of the police in the post election violence in Kenya 2007/08. Okia, Opolot Report Sep 22, 2011 6708
Fast focus: a new study sheds light on how shooters direct their gaze. Rauch, Walt Jun 1, 2011 886
Breaking: Shots Fired at L.A. Area's San Pedro High School, School on Lockdown. Brief article May 25, 2011 126
Report busts Mexico's Gun-Supply Myth. Thurman, Russ Report Apr 1, 2011 694
It's natural for girls to play with dolls and boys to like guns. Dec 21, 2010 314
Lies and anti-gun stats. Aug 16, 2010 485
Pickin' and choosin': or snoozin' and losin'. Connor, John Aug 1, 2009 1089
Yemen strives to stop firearms proliferation (Health). Aug 10, 2008 1035
'Guns were lying about in drawers' WALES Police in a muddle over handed-in weapons numbers. Mar 20, 2008 482
Good comes out of police failure to destroy guns. Mar 20, 2008 603
Gun fear for Scots. Sep 11, 2007 125
Firearm, ammunition sales continue increase. Mar 1, 2007 772
Gun report leads to arrest. Sep 27, 2006 111
Aiming for Safety: A Survey of Public Opinion on Gun Policy in Wisconsin. A Wiskids Count Special Report, 2003. Browne, Jeffrey C.; Van Dunk, Emily; Perloff, William H. Jan 1, 2003 340
Firearms production. Thurman, Russ Cover Story Jul 1, 1999 1388
Handgun study draws fire. Schneider, Jim Aug 1, 1994 702

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