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Korea urged to improve migrant policy to reflect diverse needs. Jun 22, 2021 617
Declining US birthrate requires immigration reform. May 12, 2021 700
Ugandans, Tanzanians top list of migrants in Kenya - Survey. Nov 30, 2020 1012
Scots social care workforce facing 'critical shortages' post-Brexit; Scotland's social care system will be left "critically short of staff" under post-Brexit immigration plans, a new report has warned. Scott Macnab Aug 31, 2020 457
Committee wants limit on policy testing period; Brexit: Scottish Government warned against delay in founding legislation. NANCY NICOLSON Mar 3, 2020 280
UK Government immigration reforms could force Scottish businesses to close, warns report. Feb 24, 2020 470
Number 10 wraps up consultation with business on immigration rules. CATHERINE NEILAN @CatNeilan Jan 28, 2020 182
Brexit immigration plans announced -as minimum salary could be cut to [pounds sterling]25,600; Boris Johnson has made a big play for an Australian-style points-based immigration regime. The independent Migration Advisory Committee say those rules should only apply to skilled workers without a job after the UK leaves the EU. By, Ben Glaze Jan 28, 2020 569
Rwanda is Africa's 2nd in 2020 World Bank Doing Business Report. Oct 25, 2019 547
Asylum policy after Brexit considered in new report. Oct 11, 2019 410
Concerns over refugee protection after Brexit raised by Committee. Sep 9, 2019 484
Health Highlights: Aug. 21, 2019; No Such Thing as Crazy Cat Ladies: Study CBP Won't Vaccinate Migrants Against Flu Planned Parenthood Withdraws From Federal Family Planning Program. Aug 21, 2019 760
Global Public Safety LTE Market Can be Worth $ 3,246.5 MN by 2025 Due to Various Technological Innovations. Aug 19, 2019 1051
Home Office rejects Committee's call for a time limit to immigration detention. Jul 31, 2019 819
Home Office rejects Human Rights Committee's call for a time limit to immigration detention. Jul 31, 2019 794
World-class facilities turn Qatar into med tourism hub. Jul 30, 2019 526
White House Immigration Proposal May Harm Health of 1.9 Million Kids. Jul 1, 2019 764
Action plan needed to protect unaccompanied migrant children in Tunisia (study). Apr 2, 2019 205
U.S.-Mexico border enforcement harmful. Krisberg, Kim Apr 1, 2019 136
Immigration plans after Brexit will be 'drag' on economy. Mar 18, 2019 539
UK net migration could INCREASE by 100,000 under Government's post-Brexit plans; A new report suggests immigration could go up by 50% compared with the current average. Feb 13, 2019 496
Report: Far-Right German Commandos Planned to kill Politicians, Immigrants. Nov 13, 2018 186
Report: End 'zero tolerance'. Brief article Nov 2, 2018 180
Canada planning to increase expulsions of illegal immigrants: report. Nov 1, 2018 349
Study puts Kenya on the spot for backtracking on migrant policies. Oct 22, 2018 650
Theresa May's hostile environment policy failed to reduce illegal immigration, study shows; The Prime Minister's controversial crackdown aimed at cutting illegal immigration did not lower the number of people in the UK unlawfully, according to new research by the University of Oxford. Report Oct 19, 2018 617
Betraying; our immigrant students: A survey of educators reveals that current immigration policies are having harmful effects on a wide range of students and the adults who work with them. Gandara, Patricia Sep 1, 2018 802
Report: Thai Islamic authorities tighten cross border polygamy laws. Aug 22, 2018 288
Report warns of unprecedented housing crisis. Aug 17, 2018 518
Report: After Donald Trump took office, ICE transfers jumped 60 percent in most populous Texas county. Report May 8, 2018 1002
Child migrants deserve better, watchdog says. Evie Andreou Apr 19, 2018 596
Seven Democrats seek nod for 6th Congressional District Primary: Dist. 6 candidates discuss immigration reform. Mar 15, 2018 2715
Seven Democrats seek nod for 6th Congressional District Q&A: Candidates discuss their views on immigration policies. Mar 9, 2018 2722
Avant Healthcare Professionals Response to H. R. 3351 Emergency Nursing Supply Relief Act of 2017. Aug 9, 2017 316
Report: Texas could lose billions if new immigration enforcement law stands. Aug 1, 2017 704
Amnesty blames failing EU policies for rising death toll of migrants in Mediterranean. Jul 6, 2017 380
H-1B Visas Lower Tech Sector Wages, Study Finds. Mar 14, 2017 462
Trump Immigration Plan Could Cost US Billions, Report Says. Dec 21, 2016 435
ISIS Sizing Up Syrian Refugee Recruits, Europol Says. Dec 2, 2016 374
DON'T SELL US OUT; PM TOLD EUROPE DEAL VOTERS EXPECT; 90% of Brits want to keep free trade; 70% back curbs on UK immigration; Boris Brexit plans 'insult' neighbours. Nov 17, 2016 744
DON'T SELL US OUT; VOTERS' DEMANDS ON EU EXIT DEAL; 90% of Brits want to keep free trade; 70% back curbs on UK immigration; Boris Brexit plans 'insult' neighbours. Nov 17, 2016 744
DON'T SELL US OUT; PM TOLD EUROPE DEAL VOTERS EXPECT; 90% of us want to keep free trade; 70% back curbs on UK immigration; Boris Brexit plans 'insult' neighbours. Nov 17, 2016 742
Amnesty condemns EU's refugee policy. Oct 4, 2016 257
UNHCR report notes fall in refugee child detention in focus countries. Aug 18, 2016 650
New Amnesty report documents widespread abuse of refugees on Nauru. Aug 3, 2016 382
SPECIAL REPORT - United States Today - U.S. PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES FOR 2016 - Hillary Clinton. Jul 31, 2016 666
Morning news headlines: Brexit camp draws up points-system immigration plan; Latest headlines from around the world. Jun 1, 2016 931
Economists Bristle At Trump's Deportation Plan. May 5, 2016 381
Qatar making efforts on rights issue: US. Apr 16, 2016 570
UK 'has moral duty to offer a safe haven'. Apr 14, 2016 606
ARAB EUROPEAN RELATIONS - Oct 5 - EU Official: Report On Migrant Deal With Turkey 'Exaggerated'. Oct 10, 2015 758
LOST ORDERS; SPECIAL REPORT SNP'S BOOZE POLICY IS TAKING ITS TOLL Pub bosses say new drink-drive limit is killing licensed trade. Mar 25, 2015 1589
Britain shrugs off report of Merkel disquiet over immigration policy. Nov 3, 2014 435
Plan to establish trial refugee camps shelved over security concerns. Sep 20, 2014 707
Unaccompanied alien children: an overview. Seghetti, Lisa; Siskin, Alison; Wasem, Ruth Ellen Report Jul 1, 2014 7944
Immigration: visa security policies. Wasem, Ruth Ellen Report Jun 1, 2014 8621
Unaccompanied alien children--legal issues: answers to frequently asked questions. Manuel, Kate M.; Garcia, Michael John Report Jun 1, 2014 14159
Bulgaria Summarily Expells Asylum Seekers - Human Rights Watch Report. Apr 29, 2014 809
Parliament to review report of Foreign Affairs Committee on Defence Minister's statement on security situation. Dec 8, 2013 104
UN, US call for investigations into Thai trafficking of Rohingya Muslims. Dec 7, 2013 722
Construction firms report dearth of qualified workers. Sep 11, 2013 468
New Market Research Report: Fresh Food in Japan. Aug 8, 2013 437
U.S. employers adjust to current economy, identify concerns, new study says. Jul 10, 2013 281
Sri Lanka: Why are the Tamil Refugees Not Returning? Jul 2, 2013 778
Immigration Reform 2013: There's Rarely Competition Between Low-Skilled Immigrants And Americans, Study Says. Jun 13, 2013 423
Report: Immigrants' Economic Strength in Texas Increases. May 30, 2013 897
Immigrants can get residency in Obama plan: report. Feb 17, 2013 654
Most Americans think immigration reform should be Obama's priority: Poll. Nov 13, 2012 205
Obama's new immigration policy could pay off in key swing states: Poll. Jun 24, 2012 188
When and why the South African government disobeys Constitutional Court orders. Hausman, David Jun 22, 2012 8665
Predicament of hundreds of Syrian refugees in Jordan. Apr 7, 2012 935
Analyzing the effects of immigration reforms on agriculture. Zahniser, Steven; Hertz, Tom; Dixon, Peter; Rimmer, Maureen Apr 1, 2012 4514
Border security: immigration enforcement between ports of entry. Rosenblum, Marc R. Report Jan 1, 2012 20665
Overview of immigration issues in the 112th congress. Wasem, Ruth Ellen Report Jan 1, 2012 8919
Conference report: Padilla and the future of the defense function. Schumm, Joel M. Nov 1, 2011 9890
Life cycles of American legal history through Bob Dylan's eyes. Serafino, Laurie Oct 1, 2011 15332
Obama Immigration Policies Satisfy Neither Right Nor Left. Sep 22, 2011 1722
Asylum 'amnesty' cleared the backlog; Policy change exposed by MPs' report. Jun 2, 2011 484
Migration policies 'far below average and falling'. Mar 1, 2011 467
Lack of immigration policy suits those on all sides. Feb 20, 2011 1891
Call for two sides to cooperate on migration. Dec 17, 2010 551
Tales from the Coffeeshop: Register in Larnaca to vote for Fanieros. Nov 28, 2010 2016
ICE Under Fire. Oct 11, 2010 1199
Study: 4 million kids of undocumented migrants at risk of entering child welfare. Brief article Jun 1, 2010 293
Report on immigration and child welfare. Brief article Jun 1, 2010 202
The plight of the persecuted: the European Union and United States asylum law. Morrill, Riikka E. May 18, 2010 12236
Asylum-seeker deterrents 'barbaric' and ineffective; Welsh research finds policies are at fault. Jan 14, 2010 562
Administration steps up executive action: policy tightens immigration rules; report targets proprietorships. Oct 1, 2007 666
Are cities sapping immigration laws? Critics of sanctuary cities argue that such policies provide cover for terrorists. Law enforcement officials disagree. Spadanuta, Laura Sep 1, 2007 823
Ministers making asylum seekers destitute, says MPs' report; POLITICS. Mar 31, 2007 270
Immigrants' impact a topic at MAGA Conference. May 1, 2006 743
A Human Capital Concern: The Literacy Proficiency of U.S. Immigrants. Policy Information Report. Sum, Andrew; Kirsch, Irwin; Yamamoto, Kentaro Report Mar 1, 2004 290
The High-Quality Learning Conditions Needed To Support Students of Color and Immigrants at California Community Colleges. Policy Report. Report Apr 1, 2002 285
How Are Immigrants Faring after Welfare Reform? Preliminary Evidence from Los Angeles and New York City. Final Report. Capps, Randy; Ku, Leighton; Fix, Michael; Furgiuele, Chris; Passel, Jeff; Ramchand, Rajeev; McNiven, Mar 4, 2002 276

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