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Declining US birthrate requires immigration reform. May 12, 2021 700
Report: Egypt's giant fish farm project eliminates illegal immigration in Delta city. Egypt Today staff Mar 20, 2021 582
UK Government immigration reforms could force Scottish businesses to close, warns report. Feb 24, 2020 470
Number 10 wraps up consultation with business on immigration rules. CATHERINE NEILAN @CatNeilan Jan 28, 2020 182
UAE has most flexible immigration laws worldwide: report. Dec 24, 2019 363
Turkey eases visa requirements for Libyan nationals. Dec 16, 2019 286
Asylum policy after Brexit considered in new report. Oct 11, 2019 410
One in three tourism firms in Scotland fear closure post-Brexit, report finds. Oct 10, 2019 533
Refugees, host communities suffer food shortage - report. Oct 2, 2019 819
Concerns over refugee protection after Brexit raised by Committee. Sep 9, 2019 484
World-class facilities turn Qatar into med tourism hub. Jul 30, 2019 526
More than 70,000 immigrants given residence cards. Jul 18, 2019 362
Visa overstayers in Taiwan urged to self-report by June 30. Jun 26, 2019 181
US visa forms now ask for social media account information. Jun 2, 2019 330
Immigration and Nationality Law Certification. Blandon, Elizabeth R. May 1, 2019 260
How Hispanics Really Feel About Trump. Apr 17, 2019 878
Betraying; our immigrant students: A survey of educators reveals that current immigration policies are having harmful effects on a wide range of students and the adults who work with them. Gandara, Patricia Sep 1, 2018 802
COA orders BI to impose sanctions vs erring airline firms to force payment. Aug 6, 2018 380
Report: After Donald Trump took office, ICE transfers jumped 60 percent in most populous Texas county. Report May 8, 2018 1002
Why create 'crisis' on immigration? May 4, 2018 761
BI and the rule of law. Apr 28, 2018 799
Mexican Tax Collections, Remittances Set Records in 2017. Navarro, Carlos Apr 18, 2018 904
Seven Democrats seek nod for 6th Congressional District Primary: Dist. 6 candidates discuss immigration reform. Mar 15, 2018 2715
Seven Democrats seek nod for 6th Congressional District Q&A: Candidates discuss their views on immigration policies. Mar 9, 2018 2722
Korea's refugee system has long way to go. Feb 26, 2018 1786
Reps adopt report regulating issuance of work permit to foreigners. Feb 25, 2018 452
BONNIE FOREIGNER; As Brexit Britain prepares to turn its back on Europe, Sturgeon says immigration is essential for Scotland's economic and social growth. Jan 16, 2018 1041
American higher ed still holds global appeal: U.S. institutions work harder to recruit and welcome international students. Botelho, Stefanie Sep 1, 2017 560
Report: Texas could lose billions if new immigration enforcement law stands. Aug 1, 2017 704
Survey: Trump's Policies Influencing Home Buying, Selling Plans. Jul 11, 2017 694
GIVE US CONTROL OF IMMIGRATION; Call on Tories to let Scotland have own post-Brexit policy. Apr 24, 2017 286
UAE among countries most open to foreign travellers. Apr 16, 2017 588
H-1B Visas Lower Tech Sector Wages, Study Finds. Mar 14, 2017 462
More Visa Overstays Than Border Crossers, Study Finds. Mar 8, 2017 431
ISIS Sizing Up Syrian Refugee Recruits, Europol Says. Dec 2, 2016 374
German ministry wants migrants returned to Africa -- report. Nov 6, 2016 387
Australia-bound refugees 'driven to suicide on Nauru'. Oct 18, 2016 523
Amnesty condemns EU's refugee policy. Oct 4, 2016 257
Oman amends it\ s visa rules, permits longer stays. Aug 1, 2016 307
Immigration and nationality law certification. Polo, Gina M. Jun 1, 2016 725
Asylum law and access to services in Cyprus major concern for CoE Commissioner for Human Rights. Mar 31, 2016 913
Russia Fueling Anger In Germany Over Refugee Crisis. Mar 6, 2016 525
Britain: immigration rules risk staffing chaos: a report released by the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) shows that changes to British immigration rules risk intensifying the severe shortage of nurses in the UK, compromising patient safety and costing the health service millions. Brief article Aug 1, 2015 231
Britain shrugs off report of Merkel disquiet over immigration policy. Nov 3, 2014 435
2,100 report, legalize stay. Jan 6, 2014 241
AGC: immigration, education reform can counter growing craft-labor shortages. Oct 1, 2013 513
U.S. employers adjust to current economy, identify concerns, new study says. Jul 10, 2013 281
Sri Lanka: Why are the Tamil Refugees Not Returning? Jul 2, 2013 778
Immigration Reform 2013: There's Rarely Competition Between Low-Skilled Immigrants And Americans, Study Says. Jun 13, 2013 423
Immigrants can get residency in Obama plan: report. Feb 17, 2013 654
Most Americans think immigration reform should be Obama's priority: Poll. Nov 13, 2012 205
Obama's new immigration policy could pay off in key swing states: Poll. Jun 24, 2012 188
Predicament of hundreds of Syrian refugees in Jordan. Apr 7, 2012 935
Analyzing the effects of immigration reforms on agriculture. Zahniser, Steven; Hertz, Tom; Dixon, Peter; Rimmer, Maureen Apr 1, 2012 4514
Chicago Tribune exposes failure of U.S. Justice Department. Brief article Mar 1, 2012 152
Immigration, labor markets, and productivity. Peri, Giovanni Jan 1, 2012 6374
Border security: immigration enforcement between ports of entry. Rosenblum, Marc R. Report Jan 1, 2012 20665
Overview of immigration issues in the 112th congress. Wasem, Ruth Ellen Report Jan 1, 2012 8919
Conference report: Padilla and the future of the defense function. Schumm, Joel M. Nov 1, 2011 9890
You are the last lawyer they will ever see before exile: Padilla v. Kentucky and one indigent defender office's account of creating a systematic approach to providing immigration advice in times of tight budgets and high caseloads. Martinez, Carlos J.; Palaidis, George C.; Borak, Sarah Wood Nov 1, 2011 9955
Do I need to pin a target to my back? The definition of "particular social group" in U.S. asylum law. Sternberg, Nitzan Nov 1, 2011 25811
Life cycles of American legal history through Bob Dylan's eyes. Serafino, Laurie Oct 1, 2011 15332
Obama Immigration Policies Satisfy Neither Right Nor Left. Sep 22, 2011 1722
United Kingdom border agency tackles illegal immigration, sham marriages, fraudulent visa applications in Pakistan: Report. Aug 5, 2011 555
Dubai model urged for capital's free zone growth. Apr 30, 2011 455
The first home visit: the 'return' experiences of Liberian regufee women in Ghana. Boateng, Alice; Hilton, Jeanne Mar 22, 2011 9524
Lack of immigration policy suits those on all sides. Feb 20, 2011 1891
Obama, the rise of the hard right, Arizona and Texas, and the attack on racilized communities studies. Cha-Jua, Sundiata Keita Report Dec 22, 2010 2933
Call for two sides to cooperate on migration. Dec 17, 2010 551
Mexico Report Now Published; Includes New Mexico Immigration Rules, a Renaissance in Mexico City, and Current Economic Indicators. Nov 18, 2010 236
Observations on EXCOM's 60th session (2009): does UNHCR need (more) EXCOM conclusions? Barutciski, Michael Sep 22, 2010 6978
Travel Business News - North America. Aug 9, 2010 6771
Population boom transforming Gulf. Aug 8, 2010 637
The Australian Migration Digest Has Released a New Free Report on Australia Visas and Migration. Report Jun 11, 2010 296
Study: 4 million kids of undocumented migrants at risk of entering child welfare. Brief article Jun 1, 2010 293
Iraq: Iraqi Refugees and Special Immigrant Visa Holders Face Challenges Resettling in the United States and Obtaining U.S. Government Employment. Jun 1, 2010 713
Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands: DHS Should Conclude Negotiations and Finalize Regulations to Implement Federal Immigration Law. Jun 1, 2010 652
The plight of the persecuted: the European Union and United States asylum law. Morrill, Riikka E. May 18, 2010 12236
Change--a little bit at a time: a review of that change in the area of professional responsibility. Thoman, Jay L. Mar 1, 2010 11247
State programs. Financial report Jan 1, 2010 21083
Dependence on expatriate labour is likely to continue. Nov 16, 2009 661
Canada's temporary immigration system. (Special Report: Immigration Law). Stevens, Kristyn Report Nov 1, 2009 1854
Remedying the past or losing international human rights in translation? 'Comprehensive' responses to Australian national security legislation reviews. Carne, Greg Jan 1, 2009 18947
More than hot air: reflections on the relationship between climate change and human rights. Horn, Laura; Freeland, Steven Jan 1, 2009 14139
A "middle power" in action: Canada and the partition of Palestine. Husseini, Hassan Jun 22, 2008 6898
Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands: Pending Legislation Would Apply U.S. Immigration Law to the CNMI with a Transition Period. May 1, 2008 699
Administration steps up executive action: policy tightens immigration rules; report targets proprietorships. Oct 1, 2007 666
Are cities sapping immigration laws? Critics of sanctuary cities argue that such policies provide cover for terrorists. Law enforcement officials disagree. Spadanuta, Laura Sep 1, 2007 823
Wal-Mart CEO and Al Sharpton Unlikely Allies in Immigration Debate. Brief article Jul 26, 2007 167
Immigration legislation and issues in the 109th Congress. Bruno, Andorra; Wasem, Ruth Ellen; Siskin, Alison; Nunez-Neto, Blas; Garcia, Michael John; Vina, Ste Sep 1, 2006 18277
Mexico's immigration double standard. Jun 12, 2006 387
Immigration overhaul defeated. Caputo, Tina Brief article May 1, 2006 174

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