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44% of parents say they can't afford to pay as much of their child's education as they planned. Daily Herald staff report Sep 23, 2020 475
City in top three of best places in UK to be student; Survey on costs of rent, socialising and food. MAIA SNOW News Reporter Sep 16, 2020 406
Cyprus universities an alternative for UK-bound students. fm Jul 12, 2020 577
How new grads can handle 3 essential post-college questions. RYAN LANE of NerdWallet Jul 5, 2020 782
Cyprus students write-off UK universities. fm Jul 3, 2020 563
THE RAT RACE. SAIRA BAIG Jun 9, 2020 1349
Still employed? Focus on savings and debt. Kelsey Sheehy NerdWallet May 10, 2020 737
Millennial Money: Still employed? Focus on savings and debt. KELSEY SHEEHY of NerdWallet May 10, 2020 770
Why rich students get more financial aid than poor ones. ANNA HELHOSKI of NerdWallet Apr 5, 2020 747
6th District congressional candidates answer your questions. Daily Herald report Survey Mar 13, 2020 4265
Student Loans Company blunders led to big debt; OMBUDSMAN SLAMS LONG DELAY TELLING MAN WHERE HE STOOD ON FUNDING. KELLY WILLIAMS Daily Post Chief Reporter Feb 27, 2020 621
Loans firm put student in debt. MARTIN SHIPTON Chief reporter Feb 26, 2020 330
Study: College status can affect borrowing. Shahien Nasiripour and Hannah Levitt Bloomberg News Feb 16, 2020 761
Study: Community college students could be charged more for loans. Danielle Douglas-Gabriel The Washington Post Feb 9, 2020 824
Report: Universities Must Cultivate Race-Conscious Policies to Address Historical Inequities. Elfman, Lois Feb 6, 2020 786
Is College Worth It? Yes, But Return on Investment Varies, Study Finds. Weissman, Sara Dec 12, 2019 898
"Big Ed" Aces More Spending; Student Test Results Mark Time. Hoar, William P. Dec 9, 2019 1417
Housing market forces still hamper younger people: 'Unthinkable' NH student loan debt noted in latest NHHFA report. Tilton, Julia Dec 6, 2019 490
The TCU Difference. Wood, Sarah Nov 14, 2019 1101
Survey: Medical, student loan debt limits housing aspirations. Oct 25, 2019 494
U.S. News & World Report Ranks Southern Utah University Among Top 10 for Lowest Student Debt. Report Oct 2, 2019 479
Legislative Summary: 86th Texas Legislative Session. Oct 1, 2019 1876
Student Loan Fraud. Aug 9, 2019 237
New Report: Student Loan Debt Widens Racial Wealth Gap. Weissman, Sara Report Aug 8, 2019 577
Global Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Lending Market Review 2014-2018 and Forecast 2019-2024 - Segmented by Business Model, End-user, Region and Company. Jul 31, 2019 900
Martin Lewis: Student 'loans' to be scrapped and grants brought back in new plan; After 20 years of pain, a new report has heralded the end of the student loan system and a promises a return to grants for the worst off - Martin Lewis explains what it all means. May 30, 2019 2616
2019-2025 Peer to Peer Lending Market Size / Analysis, Technologies, Top industry Players are Prospe. May 17, 2019 1227
Gen Xers' Adult Children Influence Their Buying Decisions, Younger Millennials Become Buying Force According to Realtor Report. May 14, 2019 1275
A True Portrait of America's Finances: Analyzing the Federal Government's Fiscal Year 2018 Financial Statements. Bergman, Bill May 1, 2019 3081
Study: Young adults crave financial self-sufficiency. Apr 19, 2019 804
Study Finds Wide Institutional Differences in Instructional Spending. Jones, LaMont Apr 18, 2019 1477
Report finds problems with student loan oversight. Report Feb 15, 2019 363
Tory student loans sell-off cost taxpayers BILLIONS reveals official report; Ministers flogged the loan book to get a [pounds sterling]1.7bn quick fix - but sacrificed [pounds sterling]3.3bn of future repayments down the line. Nov 22, 2018 456
Student debt reduces buyers' budgets by nearly $100,000. Nov 20, 2018 562
We should worry most about student borrowers who owe the least. Oct 7, 2018 694
Few graduates working in public service have received expected break on loans. Sep 30, 2018 954
Why less than half of parents with college-bound students have completed the FAFSA. Sep 21, 2018 411
Skip student loan forbearance -- do this instead. Sep 2, 2018 753
New Jersey among states suffering from PCP shortage. Daks, Martin Aug 27, 2018 1380
A-Level results: More than a QUARTER of all grades A or A* - the highest proportion for six years; Hundreds of thousands of students in England, Wales and Northern Ireland are receiving their A-level results today following major exam reforms. Financial report Aug 16, 2018 920
Individuals in relationships blame money issues. Aug 15, 2018 249
60 percent fear loan impact. Jul 11, 2018 542
60 percent of graduates concerned about having to work extra jobs. Jul 11, 2018 213
Education chief believes group learning lessons from mistakes; A critical Ofsted inspection outlined serious concerns about the effectiveness of Newcastle College Group. Here its new chair Peter Lauener tells MIKE KELLY of a two-year plan he says will take the group to 'outstanding'. Jun 22, 2018 1156
Graduate Schools with the Lowest Rates of Student Loan Repayment. Delisle, Jason D. Report Jun 1, 2018 5493
Study Tackles Issues of Latino College Access, Completion. Elfman, Lois May 17, 2018 1059
A $1.3 Trillion Burden. May 7, 2018 448
Report: New York For-Profit Colleges Falling Short. Elfman, Lois Apr 19, 2018 857
3 ways parents can help grown kids own a home. Apr 15, 2018 1007
Student loan borrowers graduate from college. Mar 28, 2018 253
States continue progress on financial literacy. Bendici, Ray Mar 1, 2018 398
LendingTree ranks most competitive homebuyer markets. Feb 14, 2018 766
Free tertiary education: A blessing for U.P. students? Jan 27, 2018 1006
Elmhurst ranked in best college investment list. Dec 23, 2017 278
improving regional manufacturing ecosystems: developing authentic industry-driven design projects: Implementation of an industry-driven design project can expose students to their local manufacturing ecosystem, creating a natural connection between local industries and potential future employees. Walls, William H.; Strimel, Greg J. Report Dec 1, 2017 3882
Student debt delaying millennial homeownership by 7 years. Oct 19, 2017 965
Study: Students have low confidence in ability to finish school. Goral, Tim Sep 1, 2017 431
Introduction: a different kind of college ranking. Carey, Kevin Sep 1, 2017 2400
America's best bang for the buck colleges 2017: our exclusive list of schools that help non-wealthy students attain marketable degrees at affordable prices. Kelchen, Robert Sep 1, 2017 771
How Average American Families Pay For College. Aug 28, 2017 520
Big Data Analysis Helps Students Choose College Majors. Jul 25, 2017 598
Manchester bomber used student loan to fund terror attack: UK Police. Jul 8, 2017 247
The liberating power of the humanities: focusing on skills necessary to enter the job market is robbing students of a true liberal arts education. Hibbs, Thomas S. Jun 22, 2017 5854
CFPB Wants to Fix Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program. Jun 22, 2017 471
New Graduates Turn to Online Bookie Industry to Pay Student Debt, Says Jun 20, 2017 413
Trump's Education Department Budget May Cut Student Loan Forgiveness Program. May 18, 2017 619
Protection for seniors. May 9, 2017 527
Closing the achievement gap. Wilcox, Kim May 4, 2017 776
Millennials Saddled With Student Debt Can't Buy Homes, But They Want To. Apr 13, 2017 527
Boomerang effect. Brief article Feb 23, 2017 120
Student Loan Debt Follows Some Into Retirement. Feb 1, 2017 579
Study Casts Doubt on Link Between College Debt, 'Boomerang' Effect. Ramer, Holly Jan 16, 2017 686
Education report: new approaches to mid-career moves continuing education evolves to meet professional objectives. Taylor, Mike Nov 1, 2016 2110
Positive reaction INWALES to tuition fees proposals. Sep 29, 2016 543
LendKey releases industry specific report on private student loans. Sep 16, 2016 103
LendKey releases industry specific report on private student loans. Sep 16, 2016 101
Students, colleges feeling mounting financial strain. Bradley, Paul Sep 12, 2016 1247
Credit Unions Bridge College Funding Gap. Aug 24, 2016 705
Student Debt Leads To Problem Drinking, Depression: Report. Aug 10, 2016 395
10 Best States for Paying Off Student Debt. Aug 4, 2016 1046
Student Borrowers Desperate to Eliminate Debt. Jul 11, 2016 432
More Students Expected to Help Pay for College as Parents Become Less Worried about Costs. May 13, 2016 529
@FinancialAidOffice: Go social! How financial aid administrators are creating a proactive outreach plan that students will like and follow. Papandrea, Dawn May 1, 2016 1996
IDR plans provide financial flexibility. Brief article May 1, 2016 177
College Loan Dilemma: Early Payoffs Shrink Retirement Savings 17%-35%. Apr 13, 2016 613
IDR plans hold sway with new grads. Brief article Apr 1, 2016 222
A degree of savings: savings accounts dedicated to paying for college can take the sting out of increasing tuitions and help develop the habit of saving. Hathaway, Jessica Mar 1, 2016 1853
Americans' Big Debt Burden Growing, Not Evenly Distributed. Survey Feb 4, 2016 1211
$30K in Student Loan Debt Could Mean $325K Less In Retirement. Nov 25, 2015 615
Class Of 2014 Averages $28,950 In Student Loans: Report. Oct 27, 2015 377
Even Affluent Parents Aren't Footing the Full College Bill. Oct 5, 2015 416
Students borrow blindly. Davis, Crystal Brief article Jan 15, 2015 170
Default setting: as new rules loom, report guides colleges on reducing loan defaults. Bradley, Paul Aug 4, 2014 1791
Student loans, defaults rose in 2013. Jan 5, 2014 1192
Report analyses US student loan market. Report Dec 23, 2013 387
Report analyses US student loan market. Report Dec 23, 2013 385
CFPB gives Sallie Mae a failing grade. Muckian, Michael Oct 9, 2013 1268
-RBS Citizens Financial issues student loan "report cards" to borrowers. Jun 7, 2013 246
-RBS Citizens Financial issues student loan "report cards" to borrowers. Jun 7, 2013 242
Student loan rates need fixing. Jun 3, 2013 618
Less debt, easier payback: how to curb student debt and better manage repayment. Timmons, Erin May 1, 2013 1003
Federal Student Loan Debt Burden of Noncompleters. Stats in Brief. NCES 2013-155. Wei, Christina Chang; Horn, Laura Report Apr 1, 2013 337
How America Saves for College, 2013. Sallie Mae's National Study of Parents with Children under Age 18. Report Jan 1, 2013 317
Student loan debt piles up. Jun 6, 2012 330
Sunset Report Faults Student Loan Program. Mar 27, 2012 1258
Student loans: the next bubble? Feb 1, 2012 151
2011-2012 FSA Handbook with Active Index. Report Jan 1, 2012 192
Student Debt and the Class of 2010. Reed, Matthew Abstract Nov 1, 2011 406
How Much Ivory Does This Tower Need? What We Spend on, and Get from, Higher Education. Policy Analysis. No. 686. McCluskey, Neal Abstract Oct 27, 2011 327
How America Pays for College, 2011. Sallie Mae's National Study of College Students and Parents. Aug 1, 2011 321
Report finds more than 1m students denied access to federal student loans. Bradley, Paul Report May 16, 2011 679
College is a good investment. Dec 29, 2010 991
Exit Counseling Guide for Federal Student Loan Borrowers. Abstract Dec 1, 2010 228
Digging Deeper: An Analysis of Student Loan Debt in Texas. A Report to the 82nd Regular Session of the Texas Legislature. Shook, Melissa; Webster, Jeff; Fletcher, Carla Nov 1, 2010 415
Student Debt and the Class of 2009. Cheng, Diane; Reed, Matthew Abstract Oct 1, 2010 453
Tallying the Costs of Post-Secondary Education: The Challenge of Managing Student Debt and Loan Repayment in Canada. Challenges in Canadian Post-Secondary Education. Abstract Sep 22, 2010 386
Federal Student Loan Programs: Opportunities Exist to Improve Audit Requirements and Oversight Procedures. Aug 1, 2010 896
How America Saves for College, 2010. Sallie Mae's National Study of Parents with Children under 18. Aug 1, 2010 342
How America Pays for College, 2010. Sallie Mae's National Study of College Students and Parents. Aug 1, 2010 241
Student Loans boss quits after shake-up. May 27, 2010 301
A blueprint to lower default rates: default-aversion and degree-completion strategies. Chitty, Haley Apr 1, 2010 1410
Interest Subsidies on Student Loans: A Better Class of Drain. CEE DP 114. Barr, Nicholas; Johnston, Alison Abstract Mar 1, 2010 272
Student loan firm blasted on failure; 'Heads must roll' call after report. Dec 9, 2009 288
'Fund civic service scheme with student loan interest'. Dec 7, 2009 571
How America Saves for College, 2009. Sallie Mae's National Study of College Students and Parents. Sep 1, 2009 255
How America Pays for College, 2009. Sallie Mae's National Study of College Students and Parents. Aug 1, 2009 373
Study: how America foots the tuition bill. Herrmann, Michele Oct 1, 2008 451
The young and restless: saddled with living expenses, student loans and credit card debt, few young adults consider health insurance a priority. Chordas, Lori Sep 1, 2008 2160
New York governor backing plan for low-interest student loans. Aug 25, 2008 408
Ed. Dept. charges N.Y. College with improper handling of student loans. Pekow, Charles Jul 28, 2008 265
New survey probes student loan program. Pekow, Charles May 5, 2008 133
Report: Stafford loan rules still elude 2-year college students. Pekow, Charles Apr 21, 2008 377
Lender charged with improper student loan collections. Pekow, Charles Oct 23, 2006 297
Government audit finds Federal Student Loan program plagued by lax oversight and monitoring. Pekow, Charles Oct 23, 2006 530
Summer conference report: three major higher ed organizations converged in Honolulu to discuss the 'Campus of the Future,' while financial aid officers took the pulse of the economy. Goral, Tim Sep 1, 2006 1091
Student Consolidation Loans: Potential Effects of Making Fiscal Year 2006 Consolidation Loans Exclusively through the Direct Loan Program. Report to the Ranking Minority Member, Committee on Education and the Workforce, House of Representatives. GAO-06-195. Ashby, Cornelia M. Abstract Dec 1, 2005 338
Federal Student Loans. Challenges in Estimating Federal Subsidy Costs. Report to Congressional Committees. GAO-05-874. Sep 1, 2005 311
GAO removes student aid programs from high-risk list after 15 years. Pekow, Charles Jul 4, 2005 900
Student loan debts burden new nurses and teachers. May 1, 2005 509
Borrowers Who Drop Out: A Neglected Aspect of the College Student Loan Trend. National Center Report #05-2. Gladieux, Lawrence; Perna, Laura Report May 1, 2005 147
Federal Student Loan Programs: Are They Meeting the Needs of Students and Schools? Hearing before the Committee on Government Reform, House of Representatives, One Hundred Ninth Congress, First Session (May 26, 2005). Serial Number 109-31. Report Jan 1, 2005 309
Formative Evaluation of the Canada Student Loans Program. Final Report. Oct 1, 2004 496
Straight Talk on Student Loans. PPI Policy Brief. Shireman, Robert Abstract Sep 1, 2004 364
Student Consolidation Loans: Further Analysis Could Lead to Enhanced Default Assumptions for Budgetary Cost Estimates. Report to the Chairman, Committee on the Budget, House of Representatives. GAO-04-843. Ashby, Cornelia M. Report Aug 1, 2004 378
How CBO Analyzes the Sources of Lenders' Interest Income on Guaranteed Student Loans. A CBO Report. Alsalam, Nabeel Report Jun 1, 2004 288
10 Steps to Prevent Default: How To Prevent Default On Your Education Loans. Abstract Feb 1, 2004 240
Direct Student Loan Program: Management Actions Could Enhance Customer Service. Report to the Ranking Minority Member, Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions, U.S. Senate. Nov 1, 2003 114
Student Loan Programs. As Federal Costs of Loan Consolidation Rise, Other Options Should be Examined. Report to Congressional Requesters. Oct 1, 2003 139
Student Loans and Foreign Schools: Assessing Risks Could Help Education Reduce Program Vulnerability. Report to Congressional Addressees. Ashby, Cornelia M. Jul 1, 2003 233
Private Loans and Choice in Financing Higher Education. Wegmann, Catherine A.; Cunningham, Alisa F.; Merisotis, Jamie P. Jul 1, 2003 362
Student Financial Aid: Monitoring Aid Greater Than Federally Defined Need Could Help Address Student Loan Indebtedness. Report to the Honorable Rod Paige, Secretary of Education. Ashby, Cornelia M. Apr 1, 2003 361
The Role of Student Loans in College Access. Research Report. Baum, Sandy Jan 1, 2003 246
Federal Student Aid: Progress in Integrating Pell Grant and Direct Student Loan Systems and Processes, but Critical Work Remains. Report to the Secretary of Education. Powner, David A. Dec 1, 2002 280
Department of Education: Guaranteed Student Loan Program Vulnerabilities. Cramer, Robert J. Nov 11, 2002 211
Lending a Hand: A Report on the Lobbying Expenditures and Political Contributions of the Five Largest Student Loan Corporations. Oct 1, 2002 221
The Burden of Borrowing: A Report on the Rising Rates of Student Loan Debt. The State PIRGs' Higher Education Project. King, Tracey; Bannon, Ellynne Mar 1, 2002 230
Direct Student Loans: Additional Steps Would Increase Borrowers' Awareness of Electronic Debiting and Reduce Federal Administrative Costs. Report to the Honorable James M. Jeffords, U.S. Senate. Ashby, Cornelia M. Mar 1, 2002 327
Credit Card Usage and Debt among College and University Students. ERIC Digest. Holub, Tamara Jan 1, 2002 280
Federal Student Loans: Flexible Agreements with Guaranty Agencies Warrant Careful Evaluation. Report to the Honorable James M. Jeffords, U.S. Senate. Ashby, Cornelia M. Jan 1, 2002 396
Alternative Market Mechanisms for the Student Loan Program. A Report by the U.S. Department of Education and the U.S. General Accounting Office. Report Dec 18, 2001 291
Big Loans, Bigger Problems: A Report on the Sticker Shock of Student Loans. King, Tracey; Frishberg, Ivan Mar 1, 2001 277

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