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Care home and staff rated good in all areas by inspectors. Feb 11, 2020 247
Watchdog shares findings. LISA O'BRIEN Feb 3, 2020 214
Positives are highlighted at hospital; But inspectors ask for more. ROSS THOMSON Jan 29, 2020 316
Model Shows Transitional Care Cost-Effective in Heart Failure; All three transitional care interventions more costly and effective than standard care. Jan 27, 2020 266
Nursing home is praised in report. Jan 22, 2020 281
Why Are Fewer U.S. Kids Going to Pediatricians? Serena Gordon, HealthDay Reporter Jan 21, 2020 666
Praise for Dunblane nursery after inspection. Jan 17, 2020 187
How Palliative Care Remade End-of-Life Care at New York Hospitals. Jan 16, 2020 333
Very good report for nursery. Jan 11, 2020 140
Neighborhood Disadvantage Impacts Hospital Quality Ratings; Hospitals serving communities with higher social risk have lower-quality ratings. Jan 10, 2020 225
U.S. Medical Tourism Market Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, And Threats By 2026: Grand View Research, Inc. Jan 8, 2020 1048
Adherence to Ideal Pathway in Pregnancy Reduces Risks in RA; Risk for overall adverse pregnancy outcome, miscarriage/perinatal death lowered to level of controls. Jan 8, 2020 253
Mental health ward was closed after deaths were linked to staff failures; SHOCKING CLOSURE TOOK PLACE AFTER AN INSPECTION BY CQC IN JULY. RACHEL STRETTON News Reporter Dec 30, 2019 499
Global Healthcare Information Exchange Market Growth, Trends, and Forecast Report 2019-2024. Report Dec 20, 2019 562
Analysis of the Hospital Asset Management Market, Forecast to 2023: Focus on US, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain. Dec 18, 2019 760
U.S. Skilled Nursing Facility Market Worth An Estimated $121.2 Billion By 2026: Grand View Research, Inc. Dec 18, 2019 810
Nurses Not Getting Enough Sleep Before Work; Less than recommended sleep tied to lower quality of care, patient safety. Dec 13, 2019 231
Healthcare Quality Management Market Overview 2020 Global Industry Size, Growth, Trends, Share, In-Depth Analysis, Top Companies, Regional Analysis. Dec 9, 2019 1357
Healthcare Quality Management Market Worth $3.31 Billion By 2022. Dec 6, 2019 864
Rose Center for Bariatrics Recognized Among the Top 5% in Nation for Bariatric Surgery. Nov 29, 2019 659
Hospital trust falling short in spite of improvements, says report. LISA O'BRIEN Nov 29, 2019 628
Health inspectors return for another check-up on county's main hospitals. Nov 28, 2019 211
UK: Fewest nurses & sick get less time with GP than main rivals; ELECTION 2019: OUR CASH-STARVED NHS IN CRISIS; We're worst of high-income nations. MARTIN BAGOT Health Editor Nov 28, 2019 752
Fundamental weakness in health board - report. MARK SMITH Health Correspondent Nov 19, 2019 966
Report finds fundamental health board weaknesses. MARK SMITH Health correspondent Report Nov 19, 2019 1051
Damning report uncovers 'fundamental weaknesses' in governance and leadership at Cwm Taf Health Board; It's another blow to the organisation which has been under fire for its failings in maternity services. Mark Smith Nov 19, 2019 1144
Report praises adoption service; YOUNG PEOPLE. REBEKAH MCVEY Nov 15, 2019 160
Primary and nursery praised for 'happy' pupils; EDUCATION. CALUM PETRIE Nov 13, 2019 222
GreenFields of Geneva Among The Very Best. Ivy Marketing Group Nov 13, 2019 609
Too Few Heart Patients Getting Good Results From Medicines Alone. E.J. Mundell, HealthDay Reporter Nov 13, 2019 473
PHL urged to develop mHealth to improve health care. Nov 9, 2019 589
New Tool Predicts Odds of Kidney Disease. Nov 8, 2019 300
Nursery passes test with flying colours; EDUCATION. DAVID MACKAY Nov 5, 2019 233
Link to rise in hospital visits. Nov 4, 2019 105
Nursing home residents at risk, say inspectors. Nov 1, 2019 183
Nursing home residents at risk, say inspectors. Nov 1, 2019 268
'Bed blocking' is on the rise at Wigan's hospitals. Nov 1, 2019 608
Health bosses attempt to revoke care home licence; Criticism: Watchdog says inspection shows up 'serious risk' for residents. CHRIS MACLENNAN Oct 24, 2019 374
Bridlington Hospital rated 'Good' in latest CQC report. Oct 24, 2019 348
Glowing report for the outstanding care of kids. MICHAEL PRINGLE Oct 23, 2019 384
Damning report on private care quality. Oct 13, 2019 231
Report praises 'caring' Kintore workers; INSPECTION. RACHEL LEE Oct 9, 2019 213
Burnout Linked to Poor Quality Care in Published Literature; But effect size may be smaller than reported, especially for objective quality measures. Oct 8, 2019 258
School's staff praised in report; TURRIFF. Oct 2, 2019 124
'Weak' rating for council-run nursery. Sep 28, 2019 229
Provide logistics at health facilities to access quality service locally -Sampene. Sep 26, 2019 535
Nursery praised by officials. Sep 23, 2019 137
More healthcare workers needed. Sep 19, 2019 583
Ingestible Sensor Market Size, Growth Competitive Landscape, Strategies, Share, Trends, Segmentation, Key Finding, Historical Analysis, with Upcoming Trends 2019. Sep 9, 2019 835
Day care centre gets top marks in report; CHILDREN. Sep 3, 2019 202
Family Dissatisfaction Greater When Intensive End-of-Life CKD Care Utilized; Receipt of maintenance dialysis and more intensive patterns of end-of-life care linked to lower ratings. Aug 30, 2019 255
It's official: Mental health services are getting better; CARE QUALITY COMMISSION GIVES VERDICT ON TRUST. Aug 26, 2019 477
Top of the class for Aberdeen pre-school nursery; INSPECTION. Aug 21, 2019 293
AI In Diagnostic Imaging Market Regulations and Competitive Landscape Outlook to 2028. Aug 20, 2019 1103
A&E let 11 youngsters leave unseen. Aug 2, 2019 319
SAFETY FEARS AT COUNTY A&E UNITS; l Concern as children left hospital without being seen by medics l Inspectors found a shortage of nurses to treat young patients l Trust says steps are being taken to tackle damning findings. Aug 2, 2019 594
Good report for council. Aug 1, 2019 123
Learn details of the Advances in Potassium Medical Grade Polymers Market Forecast and Segments, 2018. Aug 1, 2019 1174
City council praised for quality of service provided in complex; Social care: Facility assessed highly following secret inspection. Jul 31, 2019 368
Good Growth Opportunities in Global Medical Grade Polymers Market. Jul 26, 2019 1174
Royal Liverpool Hospital slammed in worrying inspection report that shows standards have slipped; Inspectors find 'number of concerns' but praised staff for 'outstanding' caring. Jul 17, 2019 1096
Physical Therapy Groups Release Roadmap to Create Benchmarks for High-Quality, Value-Based Care. Jul 17, 2019 753
Patient's bed left soaked in human waste at hospital; report into standards reveals findings. Clinical report Jul 5, 2019 369
Would prosecution risk improve care? Jul 4, 2019 301
HMC general hospitals on par with world's best, says report. Jun 26, 2019 666
HMC hospitals on par with world's best. Jun 26, 2019 122
HMC general hospitals on par with world's best: JCI surveyors. Jun 26, 2019 641
MSSP ACOs May Not Improve Spending, Quality of Care; After adjustment for clinicians' nonrandom exit, no link seen with improvements in spending, quality. Jun 26, 2019 240
HMC general hospitals on par with world's best, JCI survey finds. Jun 25, 2019 825
Hospital is voted one of best in UK; Survey praises health care provided. Jun 24, 2019 565
PROBE FINDS CARE HOME PATIENTS 'PLACED AT RISK' Shocking failings identified in report; Bosses get 8wks to act on concerns. Jun 24, 2019 490
Top ratings for school. Jun 20, 2019 166
Smiles as nursery receives top marks; Staff at 3 Bears get a glowing report from care watchdog. Jun 19, 2019 673
Top results for community hub. Jun 19, 2019 213
'Shoppie' a hit at care hub. Jun 17, 2019 133
Poor report for school. Jun 12, 2019 134
You're doing an outstanding job, hospital trust is told by inspector. May 30, 2019 452
Hospital trust earns high rating. May 29, 2019 294
High praise for teacher at hospital; Inspectors highlight 'outstanding' role. May 27, 2019 417
Hospital blasted over patients left in corridors. May 24, 2019 500
Report reveals sorry state of affairs in referral hospitals. May 13, 2019 408
Further 'urgent' enforcement at trust. May 11, 2019 312
3 in 10 PH health facilities 'lack access' to clean toilets - study. Report Apr 4, 2019 266
Aged care: ENs' role in the sector. Report Apr 1, 2019 346
Quality of care home leadership criticised; STAFF VIEW ON BOSSES MIXED. Mar 22, 2019 616
Effective Cancer Care Needs Involved Patients. Mar 18, 2019 453
PH among 'most dangerous' places for women. Mar 9, 2019 351
Technology Improvements' Potential. Jan 21, 2019 571
Residents defend Nuneaton's hospital. Dec 10, 2018 457
NHS slams its own watchdogs for not taking chances to improve scandal-hit hospital; Its damning report about North Middlesex Hospital criticised the Care Quality Commission, NHS England and NHS Improvement for failing to act on warnings for more than a year. Nov 17, 2018 269
CRECHE AND PLAY IS OKAY; COUNCIL Praise in Care Inspectorate report. Oct 31, 2018 389
Community Health Worker Intervention Beneficial; Low-income patients in intervention group reported higher quality of care, spent fewer days in hospital. Oct 30, 2018 253
Clinton Health Care Reform Is Criticized For Its Limit On Free Choice By Business. Oct 29, 2018 430
Procurement Requirements Drive Interoperability in Health Care IT; Steps outlined for health systems to establish comprehensive, ongoing procurement strategies. Oct 18, 2018 223
High Risk for Readmission for Takotsubo Syndrome; Of TTS survivors, 11.9 percent readmitted within 30 days, with associated mortality of 3.5 percent. Oct 16, 2018 256
New study shows health care spending up 18 in NJ. Vecchione, Anthony Oct 11, 2018 544
Nursery praised after unannounced visit; Inspectors'report highlights positivity at Wellgreen. Oct 3, 2018 554
Interoperability: What Is It, How Can We Make It Work for Clinicians, and How Should We Measure It in the Future? Bates, David W.; Samal, Lipika Oct 1, 2018 3266
Pediatric End-Stage Liver Disease Score Underestimates Mortality; Actual probability of death for patients on liver transplant wait list underestimated by up to 17%. Sep 21, 2018 235
Dozens of Medical Groups Join Forces to Improve Diagnoses; Diagnostic error is the most common cause of medical errors that patients report. Sep 21, 2018 289
RMN cadet's post-mortem report already presented to his family, says Perak Health director. Obituary Sep 8, 2018 418
Social Determinants Linked to Provision of Primary Care; Strong link for social complexity with primary care indicators for prevention, chronic dz management. Sep 7, 2018 231
Healthcare IT Market worth 280.25 Billion USD by 2021 / MarketsandMarkets. Sep 7, 2018 960
Coding quality assurance is universal. Bredemeyer, Bess Ann Sep 1, 2018 826
Hospital patients 'let down'. Aug 29, 2018 415
Poor Shared Decision-Making for Lung Cancer Screening; Physicians universally recommended screening, with almost no discussion of harms. Aug 28, 2018 257
Top marks for first class nursery team. Aug 27, 2018 409
Housing care service failing vulnerable teens; 'Young people seem to down tools when they come here'. Aug 25, 2018 406
Advantages for HDHP Enrollees in Large Versus Small Firms; More than twice as many HDHP enrollees in small versus large firms lack employer-funded accounts. Aug 22, 2018 266
Physicians Rate Communication During Visit Lower Than Patients; Lack of correlation between physician scores of doctor-patient communication versus patient scores. Aug 20, 2018 256
Patients at risk in Wales over poor discharge from hospital. Aug 16, 2018 826
Many Americans Not Being Assessed for Depression; Men, people aged 75 and older, minorities, and uninsured are less likely to be screened. Aug 15, 2018 218
Council vows action to help turn home around. Aug 12, 2018 180
Contaminated water being supplied to hospitals. Aug 1, 2018 246
Pediatric Ward Noise at Night Exceeds Recommended Levels; Poorer quality sleep for children, parents attributed to high levels of noise. Aug 1, 2018 262
Better Care Quality Needed for Universal Health Coverage; Integrated approach involving governments, health providers, and patients is best. Jul 30, 2018 268
Report raps care services for needy youngsters. Jul 26, 2018 304
Error Rate 7.4 Percent in Speech Recognition-Assisted Notes; Overall, 15.8 percent of errors at level of speech recognition-assisted notes involve clinical info. Jul 10, 2018 285
Pakistan behind Bangladesh and India in Healthcare Access. Jun 30, 2018 277
Few Receive All High-Priority Clinical Preventive Services; Eight percent of U.S. adults aged 35 years and older receive all services; 4.7 percent receive none. Jun 21, 2018 215
New Study of Patients with Low-Risk PE Finds Xarelto Reduces Hospital Time, Decreases Costs. Jun 20, 2018 243
Direct Supervision by Attendings Doesn't Reduce Medical Errors; Direct supervision in which attending physicians join work rounds does not affect medical error rate. Jun 5, 2018 272
Implicit Review Instrument to Evaluate Quality of Care Delivered by Physicians to Children in Emergency Departments. Marcin, James P.; Romano, Patrick S.; Dharmar, Madan; Chamberlain, James M.; Dudley, Nanette; Macias Report Jun 1, 2018 7177
Council fined over care home failings; woman complained after ban from visiting her mum. May 30, 2018 505
Liverpool Council fined for its handling of care home failures where woman was BANNED from seeing he; A daughter was banned from visiting her mother after making a complaint about care home staff. May 29, 2018 651
Nurses' Overtime Can Negatively Impact Collaborative Practice; Findings tied to both frequency of overtime and length of overtime hours in acute care setting. May 21, 2018 185
Confirmatory Testing Follows ER Use of Ultrasound; Majority of emergency doctors rely on gold standard testing in addition to point of care ultrasound. May 17, 2018 260
Maternity care failings linked to tot deaths. May 4, 2018 205
Veterans struggle for mental health care. Krisberg, Kim May 1, 2018 255
Inadequate Functional Health Literacy Mars Post-Op Recovery; Inadequate FHL linked to poorer postoperative recovery, lower health-related QoL after day surgery. Apr 26, 2018 243
Paterson case has to be a warning to private hospitals. Apr 20, 2018 456
Paterson case has to be warning to private hospitals. Apr 19, 2018 458
High Financial Burden for Families of Patients With ASCVD; High burden of expenses for one in four low-income families; catastrophic burden for one in 10. Apr 9, 2018 255
Adults More Inclined to Take Tea, Pill for Hypertension; Preferences indicate people would rather take daily pill or tea to prolong life rather than exercise. Apr 9, 2018 304
Variation in Quality of ICD Advice on Patient Message Boards; Overall, 24.4 percent of instances of medical advice were considered inappropriate for most patients. Apr 9, 2018 229
QI Project Reduces Unnecessary Peds Inpatient Electrolyte Testing; Decrease tied to nearly $300,000 in savings without any unintended adverse events. Apr 4, 2018 223
Geographic, Social Variances Tied to Higher Drug-Related Mortality; Economic, social conditions, and family distress tied to higher drug mortality rates. Mar 27, 2018 253
Here's why oldies should have a personal physician. Mar 17, 2018 505
Half-dressed patients treated in corridors; report also found hospital areas 'not visibly clean'. Mar 14, 2018 613
Smart cities can save citizens 125 hours per year. Mar 13, 2018 325
Overview of Quality Improvement. Connelly, Lynne M. Report Mar 1, 2018 1674
Committee submits report to SC regarding Low standard stent case. Feb 27, 2018 163
EHRs Not Sufficient to Ensure Success in Value-Based Care; EHRs do not necessarily capture information needed; interoperability is poor, analytics are incomplete. Feb 12, 2018 238
New York-based nursing home partners with Medline. Jan 31, 2018 247
Health Minister: Euro Health Consumer Index good news for medical staff and patients. Jan 30, 2018 577
South Nassau Communities Hospital Earns Awards from US News & Word Report, Healthgrades. Jan 7, 2018 527
NAATP enforces ethical marketing standards: Industry leaders say the association is taking a bold step by requiring above-board business and clinical operations for membership. Miller, Julie Jan 1, 2018 717
NAATP enforces ethical marketing standards: Adherence to the ethics code is now a condition of membership. Miller, Julie Jan 1, 2018 719
Hospital trust must make improvements, says health watchdog. Nov 9, 2017 553
SEEKING WELLNESS? FIND A CULTURAL FIT. Luce, Vivian M. Nov 1, 2017 1511
Safety issues not that unusual in medical offices. Franki, Richard Nov 1, 2017 233
Cleveland Clinic Achieves Global Healthcare Accreditation for Medical Travel Services. Oct 16, 2017 568
Patient safety issues are not that unusual in medical offices. Franki, Richard Oct 1, 2017 277
Young adults lead the ranks of recently insured. Franki, Richard Oct 1, 2017 205
Patients at risk from shortage of nursing staff in NHS - poll. Sep 30, 2017 792
Healthcare Analytics Market Examined by Aniruddha Sowale in Its New Report Now Available at Sep 29, 2017 417
Zen Recovery Path passes Gold Seal of Approval for Behavioral Health Care Accreditation. Sep 25, 2017 238
Survey report rejects PTI claims of bringing change in KP hospitals. Aug 27, 2017 701
India survey reveals lack of trust in government health care system. Aug 22, 2017 259
Manila lags in liveability index. Aug 19, 2017 701
Is anyone paying attention to physician report cards? The impact of increased availability on consumers' awareness and use of physician quality information. Shi, Yunfeng; Scanlon, Dennis P.; Bhandari, Neeraj; Christianson, Jon B. Survey Aug 1, 2017 7740
Care homes facing crisis; Government have a year to act before sector is hit with a 'real emergency'. Jul 17, 2017 221
Registered nurses make a difference with ambulatory care nurse-sensitive indicators. Battaglia, Rosemarie; Morin, Mary; Nelson, Dana; Start, Rachel E.; Sullivan, Beverly Jul 1, 2017 4297
'Inadequate' hospital 'sorry' as standards decline even further. Jun 22, 2017 424
Hospital Trust will remain in special measures after report. Jun 22, 2017 429
Safety at care home 'inadequate' oldbury grange is placed in special measures following unannounced visit by inspectors. Jun 13, 2017 781
Healthcare trust ranked 12th in UK by patients. Jun 1, 2017 1208
Lifestyle counseling intervention effects on counseling quality in patients with stroke and transient ischemic attack. von Gaudecker, Jane R. Report Jun 1, 2017 431
More than one-third of genetic tests misordered, study finds. Brunk, Doug Jun 1, 2017 514
Locala 'inadequate' in two health care areas. May 22, 2017 1044
Global Hospital Security Systems Market is Worth $10.83 Billion by 2021. Apr 27, 2017 796
One-third of US Healthcare Providers Use Remote Monitoring, KPMG Survey Finda. Apr 20, 2017 329
Healthcare Mobility Solutions Market Size to Reach USD 227.1bn by 2025, Grand View Research Forecasts. Mar 7, 2017 379
Survey: health care improvements seen as unlikely in 2017. Franki, Richard Mar 1, 2017 241
Survey: docs see health care improvements as unlikely in 2017. Franki, Richard Mar 1, 2017 215
NYU Tandon Governance Lab Aims to Help UK National Health Service Harness Talent to Optimise Big Data. Feb 10, 2017 524
Cholesterol Screening/Cholesterol Lab Testing Services Market to Reach USD 17.5bn by 2021, MarketsandMarkets Predicts. Jan 30, 2017 306
ADA standards address CV death risk, drug combos, hypoglycemia. Otto, M. Alexander Jan 1, 2017 733
ADA guidance: empagliflozin, liraglutide reduce CV death in type 2 diabetes. Otto, Alexander M. Jan 1, 2017 761
Validation of Administrative Osteoarthritis Diagnosis Using a Clinical and Radiological Population-Based Cohort. Rahman, M. Mushfiqur; Kopec, Jacek A.; Goldsmith, Charlie H.; Anis, Aslam H.; Cibere, Jolanda Report Jan 1, 2017 5362
2016 membership assembly report. Casper, Colleen Nov 1, 2016 733
Executive director report. Byrd, Vicky Nov 1, 2016 975
CMS: almost half of health providers will see PQRS pay cut. Gallegos, Alicia Nov 1, 2016 509
Drug chains keep focus on patient interaction. Oct 24, 2016 1439
Almost half of health providers will see PQRS pay cut. Gallegos, Alicia Oct 15, 2016 507
Study: Good heart attack care could add a year to your life. Oct 6, 2016 542
Survey: public health accreditation linked with quality improvement. Krisberg, Kim Oct 1, 2016 498
Bedside shift report--a game changer for nurses and the patient experience. Beattie, Penny Oct 1, 2016 480
Setting the MACRA Pace: New Report Readies Physician Practices for MIPS Reimbursement. Report Sep 29, 2016 613
'Nursing staff levels too low to meet demand'. Sep 15, 2016 667
Nursing leaders sound alarm on staffing. Sep 15, 2016 622
Evidence scant for how to avoid seclusion, restraints. McKnight, Whitney Sep 1, 2016 659
Primary health care facilities in Sub-Saharan Africa found to provide poor basic maternal care. Doskoch, P. Sep 1, 2016 1116
PREMATURE BABY CARE WARNING; 'Urgent action' needed to tackle neonatal crisis. Jul 15, 2016 446
Warning over neonatal care. Jul 7, 2016 361
Nurse leadership through board service. Mountain, Brian Jun 22, 2016 850
Systematic review of calcineurin inhibitor monitoring and dosing strategies in renal transplantation: notice of a new report funded by the agency for healthcare research and quality. Tuteja, Sony; Uhl, Stacey; Leas, Brian F.; Sawinski, Deirdre; Trofe-Clark, Jennifer; Kaczmarek, Jani Report Jun 1, 2016 953
Realigning Spending Policies for Shared Prosperity in Myanmar. May 11, 2016 457
New Study: Medical Robots Transforming Healthcare: Pricing & Cost-Benefit Assessment. May 3, 2016 457
Education remains key in updated IOM report. Dickerson, Pam Feb 1, 2016 504
The ABCs of effective advocacy: attention, bipartisanship, & collaboration. Feb 1, 2016 8981
ANA president responds to new institute of medicine report. Jan 1, 2016 349
Clinical leadership: a call to action. Grindel, Cecelia Gatson Jan 1, 2016 5627
'Risk of harm' at nursing home; REPORT SLAMS STANDARD OF CARE OF RESIDENTS. Nov 26, 2015 453
Survey results: survey shows physician leaders' strong support for improving health care quality and lowering costs. Butcher, Lola Nov 1, 2015 1210
Breaking the cycle of horizontal violence. Aug 1, 2015 6072
Improving hospital reporting of patient race and ethnicity--approaches to data auditing. Zingmond, David S.; Parikh, Punam; Louie, Rachel; Lichtensztajn, Daphne Y.; Ponce, Ninez; Hasnain-Wy Aug 1, 2015 6389
Designing the new health care system: the need for CMO and CFO collaboration: a joint report from the American Association for Physician Leadership[R] and Healthcare Financial Management Association. Jul 1, 2015 5593
Developing a nursing IQ part V: practical intelligence: surviving in the real world. May 1, 2015 10127
Considering potential benefits and consequences of hospital report cards: what are the next steps? Schold, Jesse D.; Nicholas, Lauren Hersch Editorial Apr 1, 2015 3005
Are you in congestive nursing failure? Legal issues, critical thinking and the impact on practice. Feb 1, 2015 7500
St Cuthbert's Hospice in Durham rated as outstanding following inspection from health watchdog; The report praised the quality of care and hard work from staff at St Cuthbert's Hospice in Durham. Jan 26, 2015 467
Finding physicians; Before doctors check your vitals, check out theirs. Neergaard, Lauran; Agiesta, Jennifer Jul 23, 2014 986
Report: N.H. 13th best state for retirement: state cited for health care quality, low taxes, crime rate. May 16, 2014 580
A decade after To Err Is Human: what should health care leaders be doing? Daly, Bobby; Mort, Elizabeth A. May 1, 2014 1966
Phasing-In RHD Genotyping. Flegel, Willy A.; Roseff, Susan D.; Tholpady, Ashok May 1, 2014 2648
Head-to-Head Independent Study Shows Use of GE Healthcare's Visipaque (iodixanol) Leads to Better Image Quality of Coronary Stents During CT Angiography. Mar 21, 2014 593
Sounding an alarm; National physicians' group gives D+ to quality of U.S. emergency room care. Chen, Caroline Jan 17, 2014 750
Implications of metric choice for common applications of readmission metrics. Davies, Sheryl; Saynina, Olga; Schultz, Ellen; McDonald, Kathryn M.; Baker, Laurence C. Dec 1, 2013 6274
Global comparators project: international comparison of hospital outcomes using administrative data. Bottle, Alex; Middleton, Steven; Kalkman, Cor J.; Livingston, Edward H.; Aylin, Paul Dec 1, 2013 6550
Policy & practice. Anderson, Jane Dec 1, 2013 576
Nurses' role in safety and quality. O'Malley, Jane Viewpoint essay Dec 1, 2013 2199
PQRS reports available. Anderson, Jane Brief article Nov 15, 2013 260
Incorporating analytics into EMRs: pushes for quality care are inspiring a deeper delving into analytics. Hogan, Dan Aug 1, 2013 676
Setting physician leaders up for success. Fischler, Lory A. May 1, 2013 1747
Is there life after a data bank report? Burroughs, Jon Mar 1, 2013 993
Residency affects practice style. Anderson, Jane Brief article Dec 1, 2012 173
Northeastern Employers to Hospitals: Enough with the Avoidable Readmissions. Aug 9, 2012 444
HHS: $1.1 Billion in MLR Rebates to Go to 13 Million Consumers. Jun 21, 2012 533
New Hampshire Finds No Hospital Medicaid Cost Shifting. Jun 7, 2012 460
Taking the measure of health care disparities. Alegria, Margarita; Hasnain-Wynia, Romana; Ayanian, John Z. Jun 1, 2012 2415
The Future of Nursing Oklahoma Network named as Action Coalition to help Future of Nursing: Campaign for Action ensure high-quality, patient-centered health care. Jun 1, 2012 872
Meaningful use stage 2: what does it all mean? Notte, Christopher; Skolnik, Neil Report May 15, 2012 1051
Using health information technology to advance preventive care in West Virginia. Schade, Charles P.; Bliziotes, Mary T.; Ruddick, Patricia B.; Berg, Sven T. Report May 1, 2012 4052
Striking it rich: selling private health insurance to the wealthy emerges as a niche market in Latin America. Lysiak, Fran Matso May 1, 2012 969
Independent study: "I've fallen and I can't get up" compassion fatigue in nurses and non-professional caregivers. May 1, 2012 399
AHRQ research notes. May 1, 2012 1873
AHRQ meta-analysis supports EPA & DHA benefits for cardiovascular health. May 1, 2012 430
Talking Points. Apr 1, 2012 255
P4P bad for minorities? Anderson, Jane Mar 15, 2012 133
MERSEY NURSING HOME FAILS FRAIL RESIDENTS; Report finds 'basic care standards' were not met. Jan 20, 2012 527
APhA assesses state of medication therapy management. Jan 16, 2012 629
Proceedings of Sultan Qaboos University 3rd International conference of quality management in healthcare. Conference news Jan 1, 2012 21508
'DON'T REPORT IT' Nurses told to keep quiet about care. Dec 21, 2011 389
MP'S OAP CARE PLEA. Nov 2, 2011 268
Initiatives to increase EBP knowledge and skills among Nevada nurses. Llasus, Ludy S.M. Nov 1, 2011 1154
Maternal and neonatal mortality in the Upper West Region of Ghana. Brief article Nov 1, 2011 178
Nighttime-breathing Treatments Backed by Strong Evidence. Disease/Disorder overview Sep 1, 2011 806
Women & Infants and Kent Ranked Among the Best in the Nation in Maternity Care. Jul 21, 2011 871
Report highlights disparities in care. Jul 18, 2011 424
Quality reporting participation payouts were $234 million in 2009. Ault, Alicia May 1, 2011 412
Improving EHR system affects patient care. Mar 1, 2011 275
AHRQ identifies dozens of new genetic tests for cancer. Ault, Alicia Disease/Disorder overview Mar 1, 2011 254
Care improves when language is shared. Currie, Donya Mar 1, 2011 204
AHRQ identifies dozens of new genetic tests. Ault, Alicia Feb 1, 2011 229
AHRQ identifies dozens of new genetic tests. Ault, Alicia Feb 1, 2011 255
Premiums for some family plans cost $20,000 or more. Feb 1, 2011 334
Business intelligence efforts get a boost: the meaningful use framework highlights the value of data warehouses and BI tools. Raths, David Report Jan 1, 2011 2133
HIV testing reaches record high. Anderson, Jane Brief article Jan 1, 2011 127
Institute of Medicine: report on the future of nursing and Consensus Model for APRN regulation: licensure, accreditation, certification and education. Thompson, Judith Curfman Jan 1, 2011 612
Clinical practice guidelines and the legal standard of care: warnings, predictions, and interdisciplinary encounters. Kozlick, Dylan Jan 1, 2011 10126
'Time to end variations in quality of care'. Dec 1, 2010 361
Measuring quality of care: study ranks Catholic health systems best, for-profits worst. Filteau, Jerry Oct 15, 2010 1498
U.S. health system ranks low in quality safety. Miller, Naseem S. Aug 1, 2010 508
Wisconsin Nurses Association 2010 Reference Report #5. Aug 1, 2010 756
Americans spend twice as much as residents of other developed countries on healthcare, but get lower quality, less efficiency and have the least equitable system, according to a report released last week. Jun 28, 2010 408
Healthcare in US ranks last among developed countries: report. Jun 23, 2010 407
CPOE revelations: results of an important new study dispel some major assumptions about clinical it implementations. Hagland, Mark Jun 1, 2010 1294
Connecting Healthcare 2010: integrating healthcare to improve patient information flow, data quality, & consolidate health records. Sydney, 9-10 February 2010. Freestone, Darren Conference notes Jun 1, 2010 1332
Medical home intervention improves hypertension. Mahoney, Diana Report May 15, 2010 880
Reform to target persistent health disparities. Schneider, Mary Ellen May 1, 2010 514
Reform to target persistent health disparities. Schneider, Mary Ellen Clinical report May 1, 2010 514
Reform to target persistent health disparities. Schneider, Mary Ellen Clinical report May 1, 2010 514
Hospital reports on patient safety incidents can be useful in identifying the contributing factors, but often need more detail. Brief article May 1, 2010 107
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. May 1, 2010 3039
Study says hospital rankings based more on reputation than quality. Apr 26, 2010 415
Reform to target persistant health disparities. Schneider, Mary Ellen Clinical report Apr 15, 2010 514
Does the frequency of pay-for-performance payment matter?--Experience from a randomized trial. Chung, Sukyung; Palaniappan, Latha; Wong, Eric; Rubin, Haya; Luft, Harold Report Apr 1, 2010 3350
Boards focus on quality, hold CEOs more accountable: executive compensation is increasingly being linked to quality of care metrics. Szabo, Joan Apr 1, 2010 367
Telehealth for communities: toward eliminating rural health disparities. Graves, Barbara Ann Report Mar 22, 2010 948
Part A: hospital insurance. Jan 1, 2010 14452
Is there value in EHR investment for HIEs? The importance of electronic health records increases exponentially when made available throughout the healthcare community. Stevens, Chris Jan 1, 2010 1214
Nursing Homes: Addressing the Factors Underlying Understatement of Serious Care Problems Requires Sustained CMS and State Commitment. Jan 1, 2010 1279
Participation in quality reporting soared in 2008. Frieden, Joyce Dec 1, 2009 244
HOSPITALS TOLD TO CLEAN UP THEIR ACT; Report slates Royal and Ulster for hygiene standards. Nov 25, 2009 414
Mental health care lottery for Welsh children; WAG told to tackle gulf in standards inside 6 months. Nov 24, 2009 380
Two views: the quality question. Gatty, Bob Nov 1, 2009 1137
Guidelines for the reporting of nongynecologic cytopathology specimens. Crothers, Barbara A.; Tench, William D.; Schwartz, Mary R.; Bentz, Joel S.; Moriarty, Ann T.; Clayto Report Nov 1, 2009 12561
Health trust given year to improve; Hospital criticised in report. Oct 15, 2009 459
Inquiry wants to hear from public; REPORT: Stafford Hospital goes under the microscope over standards. Oct 13, 2009 350
Mass. is 7th in health care survey; In hospital access, rank was 33. Oct 8, 2009 631
Improve quality of care to reduce liability: despite signs of significant improvement by facilities, tort reform and access to liability insurance are not keeping pace. Some precautionary measures. Fenswick, Carla Fiddler; Hartmann, Shelby L. Sheffield Sep 1, 2009 1809
The rate of care quality improvement has slowed, but nurses are well-positioned to advocate for quality, equitable care. Brief article Sep 1, 2009 207
AHRQ: quality improving slowly. Anderson, Jane Brief article Jun 15, 2009 155
Medicaid plans save states money. Anderson, Jane Brief article Jun 15, 2009 109
AHRQ: quality improving slowly. Anderson, Jane Brief article Jun 15, 2009 155
Comparison of patients' satisfaction with physiotherapy care in private and public hospitals. Odebiyi, D.O.; Aiyejusunle, C.B.; Ojo, T.S.; Tella, B.A. Clinical report Jun 1, 2009 3941
Quality, cost at Oregon hospitals compared in Web-based report. Apr 2, 2009 589
Setting the stage for the second decade of the era of patient safety: contributions by the agency for healthcare research and quality and grantees. Hilborne, Lee H. Apr 1, 2009 1703

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