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United Kingdom : Government commits to reform the Mental Health Act. Dec 10, 2018 567
Senate ratifies bicameral committee report on UHC bill. Dec 10, 2018 492
Teachers tell of mental health toll. Dec 10, 2018 157
1,000 views on shake-up; home-like environment wanted for mental health patients. Dec 6, 2018 340
New Zealand : Mental Health and Addiction report charts new direction. Dec 4, 2018 297
New Zealand : Time to get on with the Mental Health Inquiry report. Nov 29, 2018 273
Experts to help police crisis care; MENTAL HEALTH TEAM DRAFTED IN. Nov 29, 2018 671
What action is needed to give the region's mental health a lift? Nov 24, 2018 1251
Help with mental health lacking. Nov 23, 2018 575
Spending too long on Facebook increases rates of depression - study. Nov 11, 2018 897
Mental health and money major workplace issues. Nov 10, 2018 706
Paper focuses on services for women on mental health. Nov 6, 2018 182
People with learning disabilities 'dying young'. Nov 5, 2018 137
College students struggle with mental health issues. Nov 5, 2018 310
United States : Cigna Study Shows Improved Health, Well-being and Affordability for Individuals With Integrated Medical, Behavioral and Pharmacy Benefits. Report Nov 5, 2018 328
Let's Talk About Mental Illness: It's time to erase the taboos surrounding this all-too-common experience for dancers. Mcguire, Kathleen Nov 1, 2018 1090
Global Behavioural Health Market Analysis and Forecast Predictions. Report Oct 25, 2018 589
Family acceptance, mental health of LGBT linked. Oct 24, 2018 317
Dr. Herzallah's membership in the Lancet Commission on Mental Health will contribute to meeting mental health needs worldwide. Oct 23, 2018 382
Rural areas take the brunt of mental health and substance misuse. Vecchione, Anthony Oct 22, 2018 372
Welsh workers' cash stress. Oct 19, 2018 158
Those commuting through natural environments report better mental health. Oct 19, 2018 288
Study says family separations are causing a mental health crisis in the Rio Grande Valley. Oct 19, 2018 1307
Children 'should be weighed up to age 18', report says. Oct 16, 2018 625
Justin Bieber crying in car not about Selena Gomez, but still cares for her-report. Oct 16, 2018 283
PA School counselors' role ever-more critical for our kids. Penkunas, Leslie Oct 15, 2018 1325
Another reason to stress about stress; 'Mind the Workplace' report has some eye-opening results. Wyzik, Phil Oct 12, 2018 673
They doctored my disability test to stop my money's disgusting; A HEARTLESS SYSTEM, RIGGED AGAINST THE POOREST Nurse said Scot needed help but then 'auditor' altered findings. Oct 12, 2018 534
PUTTING MENTAL HEALTH IN FOCUS; KIDS' SURVEY ON CRISIS; 90% call for more awareness; 1,200 voice support concern. Oct 10, 2018 418
Children at crisis point. Oct 9, 2018 192
Mental Health Software Market To Reap Over US$ 4,509.6 Mn In Revenues By End Of 2021. Oct 9, 2018 213
Fighting the mind. Oct 9, 2018 426
Two-thirds of new mums say they suffer mental ill health. Oct 7, 2018 140
Vulnerable man 'failed' by NHS after waiting more than two years to be assessed for autism; Cwm Taf University Health Board's mental health provision has been heavily criticised. Oct 6, 2018 531
Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression Among Adults with Arthritis--United States, 2015-2017. Guglielmo, Dana; Hootman, Jennifer M.; Boring, Michael A.; Murphy, Louise B.; Theis, Kristina A.; Cr Survey Oct 5, 2018 4606
Study finds 'strong' link between depression, opioid use. Oct 4, 2018 258
Children services needing funding. Oct 3, 2018 192
Mental health issues costing economy. Krisberg, Kim Oct 1, 2018 168
Alopecia areata linked to mental health disorders. Kling, Jim Oct 1, 2018 475
Canada : BC Coroners Service releases expanded findings into overdose deaths. Sep 28, 2018 405
Breastfeeding makes babies less reactive to stress: Study. Sep 27, 2018 264
Social media is driving us mad; Cash & weight fears also spark our worries 82% tell poll we need a mental health re-think. Sep 27, 2018 743
Healthy diet 'may help prevent depression'. Sep 26, 2018 238
Cancer 'mental health' alert. Sep 25, 2018 103
'Mental health in the workplace can't be ignored'. Sep 25, 2018 579
IRC warns of mental health crisis on Lesbos. Sep 25, 2018 374
Caffeinated energy drinks a big no-no for children. Sep 20, 2018 429
Advocate Children's Hospital participates in national study on teen depression. Sep 19, 2018 515
Study finds young students at high suicide risk. Sep 16, 2018 1068
Poor mental health at work 'widespread'. Sep 14, 2018 415
Kids suffer mental squeeze. Sep 13, 2018 220
United Kingdom : Barbara Keeley responds to new CQCs report: Sexual Safety on Mental Health. Sep 12, 2018 170
800, 000 people commit suicide every year, a WHO report says. Sep 11, 2018 369
15,000 to join youth mental health study. Sep 6, 2018 102
Posting selfies could do more harm than good. Sep 5, 2018 653
Autism spectrum disorders may increase depression risk. Sep 4, 2018 291
Maternal depression may affect child's mental health: Study. Sep 3, 2018 327
Small businesses urged to tackle mental health across West Midlands; Superintendent Sean Russell is the implementation director for the commission, responsible for acting on the recommendations of the report. Sep 3, 2018 1129
Police killings harm black mental health. Krisberg, Kim Sep 1, 2018 293
SNAP and the Mental Health of the Baby Boom Generation. Robinson, Christina Sep 1, 2018 824
Alopecia areata linked to anxiety, ADHD, dementia, and other disorders. Kling, Jim Sep 1, 2018 492
Small businesses urged to tackle mental health across West Midlands; New trial promoting good mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. Aug 31, 2018 1135
Report lays bare 'crisis in children's mental health'. Aug 29, 2018 403
Advocate Children's Hospital participates in national study on teen depression. Aug 29, 2018 515
On-off relationships toxic for mental health. Aug 24, 2018 639
United States : Researchers identify key brain circuits for reward-seeking and avoidance behavior. Aug 23, 2018 604
Recommendations made at unit. Aug 22, 2018 285
Development and mental health. Aug 20, 2018 1088
Stress during pregnancy may cause depression in female offsprings. Aug 17, 2018 371
Cycling can help improve mental health. Aug 14, 2018 473
Mental health problems may induce more negative decisions. Aug 10, 2018 503
Boost for patients as health board given PS7m funds; Gething pledges cash in wake of damning independent report. Aug 9, 2018 351
Companies urged to do more to tackle mental health issues at work. Aug 9, 2018 307
Exercise linked to better mental health -- but too much may do harm. Aug 9, 2018 412
Overdoing exercise may adversely affect mental health. Aug 9, 2018 425
United States : Warren, Clark Unveil Report Detailing Massachusetts Educators' & Families' Views on Preventing Gun Violence in Schools. Aug 9, 2018 684
Firms urged to act on mental health issues. Aug 8, 2018 423
1 in 3 bosses report rise in staff taking time off for mental health reasons - as bosses are warned to support them more; Half of firms in a poll admitted they do not offer any form of occupational health support for their staff. Aug 8, 2018 386
United States : Frequent sauna bathing has many health benefits, new literature review finds. Aug 8, 2018 421
Boost for patients as Health Board gets PS7m injection; GETHING PLEDGES CASH IN WAKE OF DAMNING INDEPENDENT REPORT. Aug 3, 2018 342
Number of troops and veterans seeking mental health treatment doubles in a decade; A Defence Committee report has found combat in Iraq and Afghanistan "clearly increased the likelihood of mental health conditions". Jul 25, 2018 273
Mental health fellowship established. Jul 25, 2018 340
Cancer, Diabetes, Lung and Heart Diseases kill 41 million people annually which is 71% global mortality. Jul 15, 2018 488
Exploring the links between childhood trauma and mental illness; A major study has looked at the impact of traumatic life events during childhood on mental health later in life. Here, Public Health Wales takes us through the latest findings. Jul 11, 2018 1025
Probe into child mental health; INQUIRY Parents' spokesperson speaks out. Jul 11, 2018 564
Exploring the links between childhood trauma and mental illness; A major study has looked at the impact of traumatic life events during childhood on mental health later in life. Here, Public Health Wales takes us through the latest findings. Jul 9, 2018 1025
COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE; SELF-HARMING 'NOT SERIOUS ENOUGH' Vulnerable youngsters are refused help - and not told why. Jun 30, 2018 474
Cyndi Lauper unveils report on LGBTQ youth homelessness. Jun 29, 2018 158
One in three young victims of bullying have considered suicide in the last year; A survey of more than 9,000 UK 12 to 20-year-olds has revealed increased cases of mental health problems for bullying victims. Jun 28, 2018 530
Siblings, a sounding board in disruptive homes. Jun 24, 2018 356
Deaths not caused by staff errors, says mental health trust; The deaths were investigated by the Dudley and Walsall Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust. Jun 22, 2018 492
Report suggests mental illness linked to poverty. Jun 20, 2018 399
Early risers have lower risk of depression, study finds. Jun 19, 2018 411
REPORT FROM The Florida Bar Board of Governors. Jun 15, 2018 727
City's depression epidemic; ALARM AT HIGHEST RATE IN COUNTRY. Jun 14, 2018 481
This is how much anxiety and depression are affecting the people of Liverpool; The city has one of the highest rates for both mental health conditions in the country. Jun 14, 2018 928
Loneliness can double risk of dying early: study. Jun 11, 2018 323
CDC: Suicide rates rise sharply in U.S. Jun 8, 2018 864
Kate Spade's sister claims designer had 'mental health issues for years' and was fixated on suicide of Robin Williams; The designer's older sister Reta Saffo described how Kate watched the news report on Robin Williams death 'over and over again'. Jun 6, 2018 566
"There's no time to breathe" - the nursery workers trapped on the minimum wage for life as overtime and targets soar; A nursery head has described the Government's childcare system as suffocating as new figures reveal more staff than ever are experiencing mental health problems. Jun 1, 2018 1029
Employers can help with mental health. Krisberg, Kim Jun 1, 2018 202
Kaiser Permanente Researchers Develop New Models for Predicting Suicide Risk. May 29, 2018 243
State of mental healthcare unsound in Kashmir: Report. May 21, 2018 705
REVIEW VOW ANGER. May 18, 2018 108
COLUMNIST. May 14, 2018 554
75% of adults have felt so stressed they cannot cope. May 14, 2018 250
Third of Brits would not feel comfortable talking to their boss about mental health problems; Researchers who carried out a detailed study found in excess of nine million workers would 'dread' discussing their mental wellbeing with their superior for fear of being judged. May 14, 2018 801
University students 'slipping through' mental health gap as campus suicides increase; A report found 94% of universities have seen an increase in students seeking mental health support. May 12, 2018 626
Here's how dementia patients can live a better life. May 9, 2018 314
Age, education of new parents can intensify depression risk. May 8, 2018 315
Study finds link between antipsychotic treatment during pregnancy, gestational diabetes. Medical condition overview May 8, 2018 442
Sleep duration may affect kidney patients' health-related quality of life. May 7, 2018 174
Sleep duration may affect kidney patients' health-related quality of life. May 6, 2018 214
Sleep duration may affect kidney patients' health-related quality of life. May 6, 2018 214
'Whitewash' claims as dementia ward closure report rejects institutional abuse. May 4, 2018 1173
Why can some transgender people inflict self-harm? May 4, 2018 281
Mental health is top of the list; PRIORITY New study will assess support that is available. Apr 30, 2018 401
Pupils feeling the pressure as exam season overwhelming; Is exam stress driving our children to mental illness and even suicide? Key figures on the frontline of education spoke to Education Editor Abbie Wightwick... tal ine. Apr 27, 2018 1482
Binge drinking during pregnancy could lead to alcohol abuse in kid. Apr 26, 2018 483
Anti-depressants and bladder drugs could increase risk of developing dementia; A British Medical Journal study found a link between some anticholinergic drugs and long-term memory or thinking problems. Apr 26, 2018 547
Ketamine could become a new drug for depression, study suggests. Clinical report Apr 18, 2018 668
Ketamine could become a new drug for depression, study suggests. Clinical report Apr 18, 2018 664
Dubai launches mental health strategy. Apr 18, 2018 617
Music: A perfect tranquiliser! Apr 17, 2018 448
Study reveals women with PCOS are prone to mental health issues. Apr 16, 2018 478
WISH announces new study into anxiety and depression. Apr 12, 2018 489
Teachers warn over pupil stress at school. Apr 11, 2018 225
Alcohol abuse: A growing problem for those growing old. Apr 11, 2018 533
How yoga can help school kids relieve anxiety. Apr 11, 2018 342
Mental health crisis in young people hits new levels. Apr 6, 2018 285
Generation Why. Apr 6, 2018 432
generation stress; SCOTTISH YOUTH CONFIDENCE CRISIS Almost half our young people struggle with mental health, money worries and fear for the future, reveals new report. Apr 5, 2018 500
Tyneside teenagers suffering crisis of confidence and battling mental health issues, charity claims; The Prince's Trust says more than half of young people in Tyne and Wear regularly feel stressed with many describing themselves as "hopeless". Apr 5, 2018 450
Firearm home-storage practices pose a risk for suicidal teens. Lacy, Ian Apr 1, 2018 1048
Teacher Develops PTSD From Attack By Student She Asked To Remove Gum. Disease/Disorder overview Mar 30, 2018 433
More support for mental health needed. Mar 29, 2018 230
Ignorance over sport's mental health boost. Mar 29, 2018 242
Firefighters were stopped from going in - and were sent to a station three miles away instead; Unsung heroes who were on the scene within 30 seconds; NHS teams were amazing, but for some there was a lack of mental health support. Mar 28, 2018 4235
LHC seeks report on schizophrenic prisoner's health. Mar 28, 2018 363
Parental conflict affects children's mental health. Mar 28, 2018 633
Lecture Management According To The Program "lecture On Mental Health And Its Promotion". Mar 27, 2018 121
Stopping daily exercise may increase depression. Mar 26, 2018 223
We should work towards raising mental health awareness: Deepika. Mar 23, 2018 328
Anxiety and depression can trigger smartphone addiction. Mar 22, 2018 318
LINGERING EFFECTS: For girls who mature early, psychological problems last into adulthood. Kelley, Susan Mar 22, 2018 709
India : Mental Health. Mar 16, 2018 383
Parents fear social media more than drugs. Mar 11, 2018 394
'Kids are waiting too long for help'. Mar 9, 2018 223
Watchdog criticises hospital; DEMENTIA. Mar 2, 2018 525
Review dodges vital issues: Seclusion and restraint report is vague on workforce improvements. Mar 1, 2018 898
New Zealand : Time to get serious about drivers of mental health issues. Feb 28, 2018 268
'High risk' thug could have been in jail on day he carried out chilling Bootle killings; Exclusive: NHS report highlights care and police failings but concludes double killing was neither predictable nor preventable. Feb 26, 2018 1634
Report highlights failings that led to killer being out on streets. Feb 26, 2018 1085
Chronic kidney disease linked to lower IQ in kids. Feb 24, 2018 308
Sibling bullying could have mental health effects. Feb 23, 2018 389
Chronic kidney disease linked to lower IQ in kids. Feb 23, 2018 280
'Patients at risk and wards unfit for purpose' - report. Feb 23, 2018 534
'RISK TO PATIENT SAFETY'ON MENTAL HEALTH UNIT; Report says wards 'unfit for purpose'. Feb 23, 2018 604
Major study shows antidepressants are effective. Feb 22, 2018 511
Major study shows antidepressants are effective. Feb 22, 2018 507
Australia : Draft code targeting FIFO mental health open for comment. Feb 19, 2018 142
Thousands of social housing tenants 'caught in downward spiral of poverty affecting mental health'; A study shows half struggle to pay bills and feel driven to depression by the worry while more than a third said they had to skip meals to make ends meet. Feb 18, 2018 273
TAWEL FAN FAMILIES DESERVE ANSWERS; Anger as report into mental health unit scandal delayed. Feb 15, 2018 237
Minister vows to make loneliness a 'national priority'. Feb 14, 2018 574
Pets can help people with mental health condition. Feb 10, 2018 266
No one to listen to problems. Feb 1, 2018 148
Instagram worst social media platform for mental health - study. Jan 28, 2018 378
Poor childhood experiences linked to mental illness. Jan 22, 2018 404
SLOW RECOVERY; 'We've still got a long way to go,' admits health board that's been in special measures for more than two years. Jan 18, 2018 497
School mental health plea. Jan 18, 2018 136
Sleep Deprivation Is Affecting Mental Health Of Most NYC High Schoolers. Jan 18, 2018 515
Project tackles mental health; NEW APPROACH. Jan 16, 2018 325
SLOW RECOVERY; 'We've still got a long way to go,' admits health board that's been in special measures for more than two years. Jan 13, 2018 527
SLOW RE ECOVERY; 'We've still got a long way to go,' admits health board that's been in special measures for more than two years. Jan 13, 2018 527
United States : Senator Hassan Cosponsors Bill to Strengthen Mental Health Parity Laws. Jan 13, 2018 333
United States : Warren, Kennedy Introduce Bill to Strengthen Mental Health Parity Laws. Jan 13, 2018 622
Birdsong, trees and sky can boost mental health in our cities. Jan 10, 2018 215
Trump's Medical Test Might Provide Answers To Mental Health Allegations. Jan 8, 2018 649
United States : Senator Hassan Cosponsors Bipartisan Bill Directing VA to Study Veterans Crisis Line. Jan 5, 2018 346
Early puberty in girls may take mental health toll -Report. Jan 4, 2018 589
Selfitis. Jan 2, 2018 924
Mental Health Issues Increasing: Survey. Jan 1, 2018 232
Technology Providing Mental Health Help in India. Brief article Jan 1, 2018 254
A path forward for community-based mental health: New Hampshire once shone as a national model for success, and it can do so again. Couture, Jay; Evers, Peter Dec 22, 2017 681
People Who Take Lots Of Selfies Might Actually Have A Mental Disorder. Dec 18, 2017 421
Childhood spanking could heighten adult mental health woes. Dec 15, 2017 605
United States : Interdepartmental Serious Mental Illness Coordinating Committee Releases its First Report to Congress. Dec 15, 2017 435
Autism traits increase suicidal thoughts in people with psychosis. Dec 14, 2017 326
Here's how to talk to someone about their mental health. Lurz, Nathan Nov 22, 2017 484
Deliveries Of Medicinal Products For The Needs Of "center For Mental Health" Prof. Dr. Ivan Temkov "- Bourgas" Ltd., According To The Attached Technical Specification. Nov 17, 2017 103
Mental impact of diabetes laid bare in report. Nov 14, 2017 597
Concerns scandal-hit Tawel Fan staff could 'escape natural justice' 'They will have been on full pay for 31/2 years before action can be taken'. Nov 11, 2017 467
Being Unpopular Is Bad For Your Health. Nov 7, 2017 525
PCOS increases risk of mental health disorders in women. Nov 6, 2017 423
Study: Elder financial fraud prevalent. Wahowiak, Lindsey Nov 1, 2017 123
Close high school friendships can improve mental health in adulthood. Krisberg, Kim Nov 1, 2017 192
NHS NURSES CRISIS AS UP TO 1 IN 3 QUIT; 51% rise in number of leavers. Oct 30, 2017 332
2 MINUTES ON; Teenage girls in mental health crisis. Oct 30, 2017 217
United Kingdom : ABI comments on Stevenson/Farmer report on workplace mental health. Oct 28, 2017 166
Self-harm higher in teenage girls than boys. Oct 19, 2017 498
Call for mother and baby mental health facility. Oct 18, 2017 824
Re-open vital mother and baby mental health unit, report urges. Oct 18, 2017 1024
Government is 'failing city's rough sleepers' mayor's report into homelessness finds benefits rules must change to help people off the streets. Oct 4, 2017 707
Lack of sleep and mental health problems. Oct 4, 2017 849
NIH-funded research suggests need for new treatment strategies to help veterans recover. Oct 1, 2017 540
Telemedicine Coverage Soaring: Report. Oct 1, 2017 215
Qatar-Based Journalists Work with Wish and Carter Center to Improve Reporting on Mental Health. Sep 26, 2017 1227
Lightbulb Moments: powered by librarians: a personal report from the Joint SLA/CILIP YLG 2017 Conference. Band, Barbara Conference notes Sep 22, 2017 914
Maximizing depression treatments with therapy. Sep 20, 2017 743
Facing up to a growing mental health crisis in the workplace; The UK is facing a mental health crisis in the workplace. Around 4.6m working people - 7% of the British population - suffer from either depression or anxiety. In total, 25% of all EU citizens will report a mental health disorder at some point in their lives, writes Kate Isherwood... Sep 12, 2017 847
Bisexual people prone to developing mental health issues. Sep 11, 2017 383
Heroin Deaths Have Skyrocketed Since 2002, New Government Numbers Show. Sep 9, 2017 713
Joint custody kids face less psychological symptoms: Study. Sep 8, 2017 315
United States : National survey reveals the scope of behavioral health across the nation. Sep 8, 2017 737
United States : Study shows transgender students are at significant risk for suicidal thoughts compared to non-transgender peers. Sep 7, 2017 500
Using multi-condition assessment to optimize management of mental health in primary care. Daviss, Steven; Hurowitz, Gerald; Culpepper, Larry Report Sep 1, 2017 2268
Report: Lawyers' well-being falls short. Pudlow, Jan Report Sep 1, 2017 1052
Hearing Voices Doesn't Always Indicate Mental Illness, Study Says. Aug 31, 2017 602
HEALTH NOTES. Aug 29, 2017 287
Andrew Gregory's HEALTH NOTES. Aug 29, 2017 287
Why is it important to have 'good' friends in school? Aug 22, 2017 674
Counselling for Welsh youngsters wins praise. Aug 21, 2017 408
REPORT FROM The Florida Bar Board of Governors. Aug 15, 2017 902
Helping A College Student With Suicidal Thoughts. Aug 13, 2017 759
The Color, Filters And Content Of Your Instagram May Reveal Whether You're Depressed. Aug 8, 2017 530
CNS Therapeutics Market to Reach USD 128.9bn by 2025, Grand View Research Forecasts. Aug 8, 2017 360
From DND comes the report and recommendations of the 2016 Mental Health Expert Panel. Peate, Les Aug 1, 2017 104
The feel-good diet: Foods that may help ease major depression: research links certain dietary changes with reduced symptoms of major depressive disorder. Aug 1, 2017 788
Health and social care under strain. Jul 24, 2017 456
Our priority is to ensure we have a modern service to protect all of the city's children and young people; council told to improve. Jul 8, 2017 497
Children's services ordered to improve. Jul 8, 2017 514
Canada : The Surgeon General announces findings from the 2016 Mental Health Expert Panel report on Suicide Prevention in the Canadian Armed Forces. Jul 7, 2017 210
Arab Americans reluctant to seek care for depression. Dotinga, Randy Jul 1, 2017 652
Fears for mental health patients sent 100 miles for treatment; Doctors call for end to 'failing' system. Jun 29, 2017 731
Climate trauma. Jun 22, 2017 484
2017 Behavioral Healthcare Champions. Valentino, Tom Jun 22, 2017 2436
5 findings from the SAMHSA Behavioral Health Barometer: alcohol misuse remains an issue. Miller, Julie Jun 22, 2017 320
Time to Take Time Off and Turn Your Health Back On: A Guide to Staying Healthy and Stress-free While on Vacation. Eckert, Julia E.; Klumpp, Elizabeth A. Jun 22, 2017 2546
Canada : Improving post-secondary students mental health. Jun 21, 2017 744
1 IN 4 ULSTER KIDS LIVING IN POVERTY; Concerns over harmful health effects of poor backgrounds. Jun 15, 2017 421
Mental health in mining takes centre stage: research study gets overwhelming response from miners. Kelly, Lindsay Jun 1, 2017 769
Texas legislators pass bills aimed at maternal mortality, postpartum depression. May 23, 2017 652
Working to increase the employment rate of mentally ill. May 22, 2017 414
Instagram impacts on youngsters; health. May 22, 2017 166
From the National Center for Health Statistics. Lessem, Sarah E. May 19, 2017 164
Report: Texas falling short on police safety during mental health crises. May 16, 2017 2720
Dads can give baby mental boost. May 10, 2017 281
True scale of mental health hell. May 8, 2017 147
Two in three are hit by mental health problems and younger adults are most vulnerable; After Prince Harry came out saying he was close to a 'complete breakdown' a survey has revealed 65% of Brits say they've suffered a mental health issue. May 8, 2017 652
Scotland -- Nearly half of the respondents to an online survey on teacher well-being rated their mental health as "poor" or "very poor," with 15 percent saying they take medication due to their professional struggles. May 1, 2017 120
Digital doctor. Andrews, Crispin May 1, 2017 1989
Youth with first-episode psychosis face higher mortality risk. Henderson, Gina L. May 1, 2017 514
4 Hacks To Grow Your Brain Cells, According To Science. May 1, 2017 556
Tackling mental health crisis in our young people; A North East doctor is calling on business leaders to join him in helping to tackle the crisis in young people's mental health. Gateshead physician, Dr Clive Kelly, tells The Journal why he is taking time out from the ward after 27 years to focus on social action. Apr 27, 2017 719
Concerns raised about care of Welsh mental health patients. Apr 18, 2017 559
United States : Higher death rate among youth with first episode psychosis. Apr 7, 2017 560
Youth incarceration, adult health linked. Krisberg, Kim Clinical report Apr 1, 2017 179
Oregon Agency Proposes Behavioral Health Changes. Mar 30, 2017 416
Climate Change Harms Mental Health, Report Says. Mar 30, 2017 512
The Dangers Of Smoking Synthetic Marijuana. Mar 14, 2017 544
Good Posture Can Stave Off Depression. Feb 2, 2017 418
Northeast Indiana Coalition Makes an Impact on Improving Mental Health. Yoder, Mindy; Johnson, Kristina Feb 1, 2017 918
Bringing relief to veterans: Tyler Hooper explores the promise shown in a new study on MDMA-assisted psychotherapy to treat PTSD. Hooper, Tyler Feb 1, 2017 1533
Chest binding has positive mental effect. Krisberg, Kim Feb 1, 2017 197
Linda's list: Linda Rosenberg, president and CEO of the National Council for Behavioral Health, cautions against Medicaid changes. Miller, Julie Jan 1, 2017 1332
Kanye West In A Bad Mental State, Report Says. Nov 24, 2016 320
Mother's depression may affect kid's brain development. Nov 24, 2016 298
Canada : Ontario to Open First Dedicated Mental Health Unit for Female Adult Inmates. Nov 2, 2016 244
Mental care lags for black, Hispanic kids. Krisberg, Kim Nov 1, 2016 190
Improving emergency care for behavioral health patients in rural Nevada. Washabaugh, Melissa Nov 1, 2016 1038
7 Mental Illness Myths That Need Unlearning. Oct 10, 2016 713
The stress report. Oct 9, 2016 1546
ECONOMY TODAY. Oct 4, 2016 251
Workers have to suffer in silence. Oct 4, 2016 161
Attention to drugged driving growing among safety advocates: science needed to set limits, create tests. Wahowiak, Lindsey Oct 1, 2016 1151
Low caregiver self-care linked with depression, anxiety. Craig, Jessica Oct 1, 2016 323
Report shows how cancer takes toll on sufferers' carers. Report Sep 28, 2016 205
RL praised for proactive mental health approach; University study finds cultural change in professional players. Sep 23, 2016 313
Australia : Government response to Senate Inquiry Report on mental health of ADF members and veterans. Report Sep 20, 2016 271
Search for 20 more victims of mental health unit scandal; TWO REPORTS INTO ABUSE OF PATIENTS DUE IN SPRING. Sep 17, 2016 430
Australia : Review identifies improvements in mental health processes. Sep 15, 2016 238
United Kingdom : Mental Health and Learning Disability Bed Census. Sep 14, 2016 270
Childrens Mental Health And Well-being Learning Labs. Sep 3, 2016 354
Louisiana State of Mind: women's mental health after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Averett, Nancy Sep 1, 2016 922
Racial Disparity In Mental Health Treatment. Aug 14, 2016 428
Stress levels at GP surgeries. Aug 11, 2016 191
Sex offender to undergo mental health tests. Jul 29, 2016 162
Racism Is Bad For Your Health. Jul 28, 2016 366
Initiative takes aim at mental health problems. Jul 25, 2016 624
Childhood trauma affects mental health of adults. Jul 4, 2016 505
Mislabeling the military's mental health. Puterbaugh, Dolores T. Jul 1, 2016 2281
United States : Marquette, UCSF Study Shows Poor Reporting on Mental Health Interventions for LGBT Community. Jun 18, 2016 354
50 per cent Kashmiri adults facing mental stress: Study. Jun 14, 2016 275
United States : U.S. Commercial Aviation Community Targets Pilot Mental Fitness. Jun 10, 2016 822
Mental illness stigma hampers help for Calif. Asian Americans. May 13, 2016 543
More training in suicide risk assessment needed. McKnight, Whitney May 1, 2016 792
One in four 999 staff 'has considered suicide'. Apr 28, 2016 402

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