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LHC displeased over failure to submit inquiry report of varsity paper leak. Oct 5, 2017 299
Deep dive into digital habits: digital expectations of students and parents in 2017. Joly, Karine Sep 1, 2017 620
Report Finds Flagship Universities Becoming Instruments of Social Stratification. Jun 13, 2017 921
Egyptian Students Less Likely to Study in US. May 2, 2017 250
Supplying The Services Of Url For Online From Submission,url For Generating Hard Copies Admission Forms And Challans Through Secured Access Control,consolidated Report For The College Both In Hard Copy And Soft Copy Of Each And Every Upload Of Features A. Apr 23, 2017 137
'Admission committee sending its recommendations to PMDC'. Nov 22, 2016 531
Australia : Release of the Higher Education Standards Panel report on Improving the Transparency of Higher Education Admissions Processes. Nov 16, 2016 178
Optional, flexible or blind. Stewart, Pearl Oct 6, 2016 1223
Education Department urges colleges to reconsider asking about criminal records. Morris, Catherine Jun 2, 2016 530
SC seeks residency certificate in medical college admission matter. Jun 1, 2016 269
Students' headache over poor advice for uni applications. Jan 28, 2016 727
Cooke Foundation Report: Top Colleges Should Create Admissions Preference to Help Low-Income Students Overcome Barriers. Jan 11, 2016 997
New Study: Increased Pressure on Higher Ed Admissions Teams Drives Aggressive Enrollment Practices for Both Non-Profits & For-Profits. Jan 14, 2015 1169
New National Study Finds Use of "Holistic Admission" Policies Across Health Disciplines at Universities Has Overall Positive Impact on Class Diversity, Student Success and Academic Outcomes. Sep 30, 2014 823
Considering Practical Uses of Advanced PlacementA[R] Information in College Admission. Research Note 2014-1. Shaw, Emily J.; Marini, Jessica; Mattern, Krista D. Report Jan 1, 2014 455
'We monitor closely the diversity of our student body and the fairness of our admissions process to ensure that barriers do not exist' The Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission report shows that the figure for young full-time undergraduate entrants to Durham University has fallen. The university's pro-vice-chancellor for education, Professor TOM WARD, explains what it is doing to remedy the situation. Jun 19, 2013 646
The Relationship between SATA[R] Scores and Retention to the Second Year: Replication with the 2010 SAT Validity Sample. Statistical Report 2013-1. Mattern, Krista D.; Patterson, Brian F. Jan 1, 2013 454
How Useful Are Traditional Admission Measures in Predicting Graduation within Four Years? Research Report 2013-1. Mattern, Krista D.; Patterson, Brian F.; Wyatt, Jeffrey N. Report Jan 1, 2013 314
Are Residents Losing Their Edge in Public University Admissions? The Case at the University of Washington. Schools in Crisis: Making Ends Meet. Blume, Grant; Roza, Marguerite Abstract Dec 1, 2012 265
Improving the College Scorecard: Using Student Feedback to Create an Effective Disclosure. Morgan, Julie Margetta; Dechter, Gadi Abstract Nov 1, 2012 394
Kaplan Test Prep Survey Finds That College Admissions Officers' Discovery of Online Material Damaging to Applicants Nearly Triples in a Year. Oct 4, 2012 775
As SAT Test Taking Numbers Level Off and ACT Numbers Increase, Kaplan Test Prep's Annual Survey of College Admissions Officers Finds 18% of Colleges Report An Advantage to Applicants' Submitting Scores from Both Tests. Sep 24, 2012 632
Kaplan Test Prep Comments on U.S. News & World Report's Just Released 2013 College Rankings. Sep 12, 2012 394
Entrance for pupils to college by points system is set to get the chop; GRADE-BASED REQUIREMENT FAVOURED BY UNIVERSITIES. Aug 2, 2012 773
Oman : 45,000 students for technical colleges. May 14, 2012 301
Nearly Half of College Student Treatment Admissions Were for Primary Alcohol Abuse. Data Spotlight. Abstract Feb 7, 2012 256
University Admissions. Policy Note. Number 3. Abstract Feb 1, 2012 296
Students turn their backs on university; Applications from region fall by 2,000. Jan 31, 2012 754
College Prep Skills Development Programs for High School Students [and] Colleges and Universities Using Alternative Admissions Criteria and Providing Support for Students with Academic Needs. Research Brief. Report Jan 1, 2012 304
College Prep: A Timeline for Leaders. Johnston, Howard; Williamson, Ron Report Jan 1, 2012 309
Improving the BC Transfer Experience: Feedback from Students. Report Jan 1, 2012 340
2011 Admissions and Transfer Experiences of Students Continuing the Studies in British Columbia. Report Jan 1, 2012 481
The Relationship between SAT Scores and Retention to the Second Year: Replication with 2009 SAT Validity Sample. Statistical Report 2011-3. Mattern, Krista D.; Patterson, Brian F. Jan 1, 2012 454
U.S.News & World Report Presents: "Create Winning Applications" Teleseminar By: Application Boot Camp. Dec 12, 2011 842
The roles and activities of honors directors: similarities and differences across Carnegie Institution types. Schroeder, Debra S.; Bruce, Marian; Bogue, Edith Report Sep 22, 2011 9802
Available for Interview: Kaplan Test Prep SAT and College Admissions Expert. Sep 14, 2011 576
Integrating Cultural Perspectives of First Generation Latino Students and Families into the College Admissions Process. Rosso, Ryan R. Report May 1, 2011 339
State Policies to Improve the Effectiveness of School Principals. Issue Brief. Abstract Apr 26, 2011 272
Assessment, accountability, and honors education. Snyder, Christopher A.; Carnicom, Scott Report Mar 22, 2011 6647
National survey of college and university honors programs assessment protocols. Driscoll, Marsha B. Report Mar 22, 2011 5555
Oxbridge boost for Valleys comprehensives; RETRO REPORT. Mar 11, 2011 284
Internet services in Nigerian private universities: a case study. Anyira, Isaac Echezonam Case study Feb 1, 2011 3645
Reconsidering criminal records. Horan, KeriLee Feb 1, 2011 441
Shades of Burnt Orange. Jan 2, 2011 1394
Evaluating the policies that lead to substantial tuition variation at public land-grant universities: certain state policies relate in consistent ways to relatively high, or low, tuition rates. Burgess, Brent Jan 1, 2011 5094
English Proficiency Requirements at BC Post-Secondary Institutions: Challenges Posed for Students. Research Results. Cooke, Jim Abstract Jan 1, 2011 124
The Relationship between SATA[R] Scores and Retention to the Fourth Year: 2006 SAT Validity Sample. Statistical Report 2011-6. Mattern, Krista D.; Patterson, Brian F. Jan 1, 2011 471
Catalog of Research Reports. Jan 1, 2011 297
Kaplan Test Prep Survey: Growing Number of Business Schools Accept the GRE - but Nearly a Third of Those Who Do Say Applicants Who Submit a GMAT Score Have an Admissions Advantage. Dec 1, 2010 919
Kaplan Test Prep Survey: 90% of Medical School Admissions Officers Say It's Common for Applicants to Reference Personal or Family Illness in Their Applications, but Most Say It Makes Little Difference in Helping Them Get In. Clinical report Oct 6, 2010 744
After devastating GAO report, for-profit colleges pledge to alter recruiting tactics. Sep 6, 2010 721
Exam 'grade inflation' criticised. Jul 6, 2010 176
Surveying the transfer process. McClure, Ann Jun 1, 2010 244
The use of impact factor in the appraisal of academic librarians in Nigeria. Okoye, Michael Onuchukwu Apr 1, 2010 3706
Internet access and use by students of private universities in Ogun State, Nigeria. Salaam, M.O.; Adegbore, A.M. Report Mar 1, 2010 1640
Admissions Funnel Benchmarks for Four-Year Public and Private Institutions, 2010. Noel-Levitz Report on Undergraduate Enrollment Trends. Jan 1, 2010 328
University bosses admit standards must rise. Oct 1, 2009 209
Despite Widespread Concerns, Most Colleges and Universities Achieved Their Fall 2009 Enrollment Goals. Sep 29, 2009 572
Kaplan Survey Shows Many College Applicants Consider Admissions Officers Fair Game for Facebook Friend Requests. Sep 17, 2009 752
Getting to know the neighbors: library support for study abroad programs. Connell, Virginia Company overview Jun 1, 2009 7150
Environmental Scan of BC Post-Secondary Admissions: 2009. Heath, Nick Report Jan 1, 2009 488
Unequal advance: success in the matriculation exams. Report Dec 1, 2008 517
Funding shocks and optimal university admissions and financial aid policies. Nagler, Matthew G. Sep 1, 2008 6732
Report of the Commission on the Use of Standardized Tests in Undergraduate Admission. Report Sep 1, 2008 405
University quality claim. Aug 12, 2008 193
New Research Finds Increased Interest in Science, Engineering and Math among Latino High School Students. Oct 11, 2007 799
Experts Available to Discuss College Ranking Report. Aug 21, 2007 535
An Analysis of Tuition, Admission, and Attrition in the Dental Practice. Aug 7, 2007 191
An Analysis of Alternatives for Gaining Capacity So as to Maintain Access to the University of California. Research & Occasional Paper Series: CSHE.5.06. King, C. Judson Report Mar 1, 2006 184
2004-2005 Annual Report to the Ministry of Advanced Education. Report Apr 1, 2005 281
Inclusive Higher Education for Students with Disabilities in Taiwan. Ho, Hua-Kuo Abstract Dec 1, 2004 424
Support Success. Services That May Help Low-Income Students Succeed in Community College. Opening Doors. Purnell, Rogeair; Blank, Susan Abstract Nov 1, 2004 459
Fifty Years of College Choice: Social, Political and Institutional Influences on the Decision-Making Process. New Agenda Series. Volume 5, Number 3. Kinzie, Jillian; Palmer, Megan; Hayek, John; Hossler, Don; Jacob, Stacy A.; Cummings, Heather Report Sep 1, 2004 209
Changes for Homeschoolers. Goff, Karen Goldberg Aug 1, 2004 743
University Eligibility Study for the Class of 2003. Fact Sheet. Abstract May 1, 2004 198
University Eligibility Study for the Class of 2003. Commission Report 04-05. Abstract May 1, 2004 199
Selection through Individualized Review: A Report on Phase IV of the Admissions Models Project. Rigol, Gretchen W. Jan 1, 2004 259
Are graduates ready for college? Brief Article Nov 1, 2003 135
Alignment and College Admissions: The Match of Expectations, Assessments, and Educator Perspectives. CSE Technical Report. Herman, Joan L.; Webb. Noreen; Zuniga, Stephen Apr 1, 2003 262
The Effects of Using ACT Composite Score and High School Average on College Admission Decisions for Racial/Ethical Groups. ACT Research Report Series. Noble, Julie Report Mar 1, 2003 308
Admission Policies and Attrition Rates in California Community College Nursing Programs. Background and Summary of Findings and Recommendations of the California Postsecondary Education Commission. Commission Report. Seago, Jean Ann; Spetz, Joanne Feb 1, 2003 280
Percent Plans in College Admissions: A Comparative Analysis of Three States' Experiences. Horn, Catherine L.; Flores, Stella M. Feb 1, 2003 303
Admissions Decision-Making Models: How U.S. Institutions of Higher Education Select Undergraduate Students. Rigol, Gretchen W. Jan 1, 2003 332
The Impact of Flagging on the Admission Process: Policies, Practices, and Implications. Research Report No. 2002-2. ETS RR-02-03. Mandinach, Ellen B.; Cahalan, Cara; Camara, Wayne J. Report Jan 1, 2002 434
The Utility of the SATA[R] I and SAT II for Admissions Decisions in California and the Nation. Research Report No. 2002-6. Kobrin, Jennifer L.; Camara, Wayne J.; Milewski, Glenn B. Report Jan 1, 2002 251
Best Practices in Admissions Decisions: A Report on the Third College Board Conference on Admission Models. Conference news Jan 1, 2002 238
Changing Demographics, Changing Educational Needs: Report to the Illinois General Assembly on House Resolution No. 892. Jan 1, 2002 331
The Stanford Bridge Project: Maryland Community College Extension. MacLellan, Ann Merck; Gandy, Kathleen House Jan 1, 2002 301
Report on Admission of Students under the Age of Eighteen (A.R.S. 15-1821), FY 2000-2001. Nov 1, 2001 268
Report on Community College Classes Offered in Conjunction with High Schools (R7-1-709), FY 2000-2001. Report Nov 1, 2001 268
Diversity among Equals: Educational Opportunity and the State of Affirmative Admissions in New England. Charting Educational Pathways. Coelen, Stephen P.; Berger, Joseph B.; Crosson, Patricia H. Oct 1, 2001 304
Lesser and Greater Expectations: The Wasted Senior Year and College-Level Study in High School. Briefing Papers. Miller, Ross Apr 1, 2001 253
Differential Validity, Differential Prediction, and College Admission Testing: A Comprehensive Review and Analysis. Research Report No. 2001-6. Young, John W. Jan 1, 2001 739
Report on Alternative Admissions Criteria Study. Report Oct 1, 2000 326

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