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Reporting the War: The Journalistic Coverage of World War II.

Resplendent with an intriguing picture selection - many coming from a National Portrait Gallery exhibition - this book is a virtual Who's Who of World War II journalists as it concentrates on the personalities.

The first profile presents the moviestar-like Sigrid Schultz who headed the Chicago Tribune's German bureau during the rise of Hitler. On close terms with many in the Nazi hierarchy, she often wrote under a pen name, John Dickson, and with datelines from outside Germany in order to deceive the Nazi authorities as to the origin of her stories.

There is a chapter on the right to know, featuring Byron Price of the Office of Censorship and Elmer Davis of the Office of War Information.

Chapters also deal with the war photographers; women war correspondents; "The Worm's Eye View of the War," featuring Ernie Pyle and cartoonist Bill Maudlin; "The African American Press in Wartime;" "The Mavericks," with the likes of Ernest Hemingway; broadcasting's Edward R. Murrow and others, and "Artists as Field Correspondent."

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Author:Ward, Hiley
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Date:Oct 22, 1994
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