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Reporting Aboard.

Many years ago, when I was student teaching as a phys ed major, my elementary school instructor watched as I lost control of my class. We were in the gym using scooters. The kids were having a great time going fast, driving hard, and playing bumper cars. It was chaos and an accident waiting to happen. Unfortunately, that's not what my lesson plan called for. My instructor simply said to me, "Safety eyes need glasses."

It's amazing how a dearth of available teaching jobs and a recruiter's promises can steer one's life. As I fast forward, I find myself as the new editor of Approach. In between, I had a career as an NFO in P-3s, doing everything the recruiter promised. I had tours at NAS Moffett Field with VP-47, VP-31, and VP-50. There was a stop at Mather AFB to be a nav instructor, where I flew in T-43s. I was with Carrier Group One, in San Diego, on board USS Constellation and USS Ranger I also had a NATO tour with SACLANT here in Norfolk. Lastly, I was the officer-in-charge of the Naval Air Warfare Center, Weapons Division, Detachment Albuquerque (put that on a ballcap), where I chaired the nuclear-weapon Systems safety studies. All in all, it was a super career, with over 3,500 hours of highly coveted special-crew time, lots of travel, and promises kept.

I now have an opportunity to put my safety glasses back on. My goal is for Approach magazine to help you get home safe. With your help, we can continue to keep safety at the forefront of naval aviation. The articles you write are great and right on the mark; keep them coming. If your article doesn't appear in the magazine, check the Approach vault on the web site.

I'm coming here from Albuquerque, N.M where I did get my chance to teach phys ed at SY Jackson Elementary School.
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Title Annotation:new editor
Author:Stewart, Jack
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Date:Jul 1, 2001
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