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Report says European wary of technology in banking.

BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-May 15, 2019--Report says European wary of technology in banking


Global Banking News - 15 May 2019

The seventh annual ING international Survey on attitudes towards financial technologies has indicated that Europeans are wary of technology in banking even though they appreciated its conveniences.

The survey found that 65 per cent of Europeans have never used fingerprint or voice recognition for banking and that 52 per cent consider face recognition as secure. Only 35 per cent of respondents feel that voice recognition is secure. The survey also said that 70 per cent visit branches to conduct banking services.

In spite of the inherent caution in adopting newer technologies for banking, about 73 per cent of respondents agree that banks should deliver the latest technologies to their customers.

The survey also said that there is room for new players in the market even though customers are more happy dealing with a single bank.

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Publication:M2 Banking & Credit News (BCN)
Date:May 15, 2019
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