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Report on the Pilot Study: Lesson Plan Review Form for Student Lesson Plans in Mathematics. New York Collaborative for Excellence in Teacher Preparation.

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The New York Collaborative for Excellence in Teacher Preparation (NYCETP) is a multicampus project designed to produce well-qualified teachers of science and mathematics. As part of the formative evaluation of the NYCETP, evaluators have designed activities that support faculty development and intercampus faculty collaboration. The pilot study of the lesson plan review form for education mathematics methods courses was one of these activities. Although small numbers of faculty and student lesson plans were involved in the pilot study, the study provides data related to the two main purposes of the pilot study: to determine if review forms could be used by faculty and whether sample lesson plans met the goals of the NYCETP. The report includes a description of procedures, summary of findings, case study examples of lesson plans and ratings, conclusions, and implications. Ratings for 2 sets of 10 lesson plans each are analyzed, each set rated by 2 faculty raters. For one set, rater agreement was 85%, and for the second, 56%. Rater disagreement was a function of adequacy of lesson plans and different use of rating categories. Disagreement could be reduced with rater training and, in some cases, improved lesson plans. Four appendixes contain some supporting information, a glossary, and tables for 20 lesson plans. (Author/SLD)

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Author:Scheiner, Estie; Tittle, Carol Kehr
Publication:ERIC: Reports
Date:Dec 1, 2000
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