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Report on diversity now available.

Released at the Congress of Cities, the 1991 Futures Report Diversity and Governance is now available to all NLC membership.

The 25 page report is a product of the Advisory Council's Futures Process which identifies and develops major themes regarding emerging concerns of cities and towns. The report looks at the implications of America's changing population for the future of local governance.

Diversity and Governance contains background analysis and recommendations on major aspects of the broad diversity topic: (1) regarding leadership roles for city officials, (2) effects of city structure on the ability to govern diverse populations, and (3) promoting diversity in the municipal workforce.

It explores in detail the various ways in which cities are diverse and the implications of different types of diversity. Ethnic backgrounds, economic status, age groups, sexual preferences, religious beliefs and competing needs of neighborhoods are just some of the ways in which cities are diverse.

The report includes specific examples from across the nation on how cities and towns are addressing various diversity issues through local governance initiatives.

The theme was selected at the 1990 Congress of Cities with then-Second Vice President Glenda Hood. A "Call for Presentations" was issued and a series on Diversity and Governance appeared in Nation's City Weekly. Background papers were commissioned, a "Futures Forum" was held on the topic at the 1991 Congressional Cities Conference, and major discussions were held at the July 1991 Advisory Council meeting.

The 1991 Diversity Futures Reader, a compilation of articles, papers, studies and speeches, was produced after the July meeting. It provided much of the foundation for the 1991 Futures Report.

The Diversity and Governance report as well as 1991 Diversity Futures Reader give cities specific examples and experiences from across the nation and on how and why diversity issues need to be addressed. The 1991 Diversity Futures Readers is available for $10.00 to members of NLC and $20.00 to non-members. The 1991 Futures Report: Diversity and Governance is available to members for $5.00 and to non-members at $10.00. To order please write to the Publications Office, National League of Cities, 1301 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C. 20004, or call (202) 626-3000.
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Title Annotation:1991 Futures Report: Diversity and Governance is available to National League of Cities members
Author:van der Merwe, Shelly; Barnes, Bill
Publication:Nation's Cities Weekly
Article Type:Brief Article
Date:Feb 10, 1992
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