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Report on Pollination of Date Palms.

Muscat, March 14 (ONA) ---- A strong relationship has linked Omanis to the date palm since ancient times as they pay attention and care to date palms, which reward them with lots of fruits that constitute their living throughout the year, using their fronds to make craft products handed down through generations to be an additional resource by selling these products, mainly linked to agriculture and dates harvesting, in the markets.

The pollination stage begins in the Sultanate during the very cold season as the pollination begins for some varieties, which are famous for early "Rattab" stage in summer like "Al Battash, Al Miznaj, Al Manhi, Al Qidmi," etc.

Choosing the appropriate pollen is very important for pollination. Selection of male date palm with many flowers that produce the pollen is essential for successful pollination. Farmers avoid pollination in rainy days because the rain ruins the whole process of pollination.

Pollination takes several days, depending on time spent by farmers. Some farmers prefer to wait until all flowers unfold, others pollinate flowers separately. Late pollination might cause failure of pollination, like in "Al Naghal" date palms, except with some types like "Al Khunaizi and "Al Khasab." Descending is of two types: either to bring the brunch to the level of the leaves or below the leaves with a rope, plastic tape or fibril made of the leaves of the date palm.

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After almost four months of the second stage, harvesting season begins, whether "Rattab" or fully matured "Tamar" that could be stored later.

Pollination stage takes more than two months. The second stage called "Inhidhar" or descending. It means locally bringing the bunch of the date palm down to a level that can be reached by the farmers to reap the "Rattab" in the future.

Pollination process varies depending on the type of plant, its quality, and type of date palm, nature of the climate and humidity of the place.

The pollination takes place when the farmer places an entire male flower spathe in the crown of the female date palm, or packaging them in a certain way with light tape so that to gradually open with the growth of the bracts to finally liberate themselves .This technique is used with certain type of date palms like "Al Khunaizi and "Al Khasab" with long spathes.

The annual giving journey of the date palms has begun these days and will go through various stages, starting from pollination to dates harvesting to store dates, eat them in winter or sell them.

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Publication:Oman News Agency
Date:Mar 14, 2015
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